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Too Old To Go | Guests: Daniel Di Martino, John Solomon, & Yael Eckstein | 4/30/19

2019-04-30 | 🔗
Hour 1 Too old Joe announces his Presidential bid for 2020. Wilfred from Florida calls to give his opinion on lunch bucket Joe's bid for President ...Climate Change years are like dog years. Beto lowers the deadline for us all to 10 years Hour 2 Are Maduro's days numbered in Venezuela. Daniel Di Martino from Young Voices joins to give an update. "It's too early to call this a success" ...How the Obama White House engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative an early boost, TheHill.com John Solomon joins to explain Hour 3 Stu lays into Joe Biden's lame apology to Anita Hill. Then there was Clarence Thomas ...Securing Synagogues with Yael Exksein, President of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

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I'd be concerned a little bit. Are you think, maybe a little bit on this about a speech that he gave yesterday where he was he was slurring his words Abed. And he starting to sound like a very old man? Listen to this, one of the richest, the count executor rail, get account executor debate here and all of my time in public life, I've gotten involve the country wasn't Bill by Wall Street Bankers, seals and huts five men. If the enterprise hit hard times, everybody took a hit, you workers, the? U S w, took incredible see their future. The rather pensions in the left to get GM working fell so got that last year in Friday, cut. Wages will freeze wages for the people. Today the same is happening because of this big hospital system. I regret to rethink.
How we define what constitutes a successful economy. Folks, don't think that children have the same standard will be nay had. How can a person if we maintain This is why they do that. It means investing much more and medical research to convert to conquer, devastating disease like cancer and addiction and all time so God bless you all and may God protect our true out. This was with in front of the Teamsters yesterday in Pittsburgh. Again. I don't think he senile or anything else, but he is starting to slur his words like my grandfather used to that doesn't instil confidence. Yet you hit a wall there, maybe where it's just not happening, the here's issue with Joe Biden as he's not a delay, speak speaker right he's not the type of prison professor, where he sits. I can speaking in market tones. You know is that that's that when he does, he they conversational guy. He too
to sound, like everything he says is off the top of his head and that's been are the charm I guess of Joe borrowed. It might end if, if you are an archaeologist and can find the charm, that's candidate, rioting, conversationally, gonna, go that way it gets harder and harder. I think, as you get older if he's having issues with this he's haven't changes style. You know you as a death, damn yeah really be that's gonna, be tough. I mean, look it's his first speech in a long time may be of real chalk this one up to his little rusty. He can make that argument. You know I mean I'm just a useless, tired or whatever. But I, if I were on staff, I would be concerned you can't, but you can't pile. Speech after speech after speech up like this now well and gluttony. This is, if this is your campaign. Logic can't be. This is This is not a I'm tired, especially after it. You know I have for you running with well, you know against Trump trumpet
A machine has only limited energy when it comes to the sky, and he I mean I was. That was probably the most amazing thing about two thousand. Sixteen I'm the guy ran was recalled. Seventy two: seventy two years old and he is he's not in shape and select. The guy's worked out his whole life. Now he eat my Joey's Mcnally's at Mcdowell, severed and right, and he is just a machine he just doesn't slow down. I remember we did one weekend in Iowa last year earlier last election, remember this and we're just going around its you get off the plane. You go to a car. You drive for forty five minutes. You get out of the car you're you're wist around. You know where you're going specially like an already been glens, the one making speeches undressed Kynaston there behind watching, and but you know you your meeting budget for the first time and you have to be on and every one of these moments, because you know you it's an bees are important interactions are having and wish you think they are, and then is this
second, it's John you're running to the car, it's cold, you're, driving to another place, an hour and a half away to do. Essentially the same speeches, different group of people. We have the same interactions and you're doing this. We do this for a week and they wanted to kill myself. I gave an imagine what it's like to do, that every single weaken their I think it in the way that sort of redesign that process this process is I got my big jet with my name on the side I land. I talk. I leave and I think as part of this Vienna Brill, of of the way he approached it, you know Everyone else's go and door to door and meeting nine people at about a place. You know whether serving eggs and Bacon he's going to be big venue, and so he had let less appearances, but still talk to as many or more people. It's a smart way to do. It may be biting, can pull it off, but in a field of twenty he's the ending, there's no celebrities in it. No binds level. It's not like it's not like the second run for Obama. Remember Obama
first time ran like around me. Had huge venues and you know, could fill stadiums and arenas the second time, if you remember, Couldn't Phil Arenas, Donald Europe is still feeling arenas. So we he still running with the same kind of electricity in the air. We that didn't happen for Barack Obama and from has the ability to that. I dont think Biden has in that Prompt can say, look I will show up when ten thousand people are there or I won't show up. And no one's gonna say: you'll urinal, Ediths, well, yeah, of course, he's in the latest he's got he's, got a gold apartment. Yes he's an elite us because he's actually I mean he's pretty much admitted that he's been like. I don't know why everyone says it led us is so bad. It sounds like a good thing to me. I mean where, bite and is doing the exact opposite pitch. Here's a guy who's got tons of money, tons of employers. Look at the shows, go back and watch them, though Ukraine one is out there right
for free on Youtube at the Glen Becker Channel, go there what he's done in Ukraine, how much money flowed into that family mean Billions of dollars of deals were going through the company through with his influence. They got plenty of money, they got plenty of influence, but trying to pitch himself as middle class, Joe, which every one calls him. If everyone is Joe Biden, he calls himself middle class Joe. No one else calls him that he's lunchbox Oh he's, the guy out, I'm a union guy, I'm out there. I'm he's basically acting like he's a construction worker running for president and, of course, that's not true at all so he's a having to lie about it and be but you can't run the trump style when you're, I'm a guy who wants a shake everybody's hands because I've got my sleeves rolled up bite in style is not conducive to the Trump approach in the Trump approach can be easier on seventy plus year old person, so he's got my sounding like this on day, one that is worrisome firm? So let me ask you this
I saw some some people unless a trump took the bait, he's gone after he's, making Joe Biden the candidate, which is great Joe Biden agreed for the Democrats, and I thought and I'm not so sure not so sure that Joe Biden is it the end all be all I mean Who, who do you think, would be the best, Candidate the ones who have a chance. The best care to run against her doll drop out? If he done from could pick his candidature pick his cat in a list Beth Warren if one has a chance now she's in the tops machine that second tier of candidates, at all I mean she's. Around seven percent Bernie Sanders come Allah Harris Joe Biden me. You know, PETE Buddha, Djibouti, judge. Bob Franco Rourke, I think, he's tubing Theo
he is he's tanking. As we speak, I mean I think, Bernie Sanders would be. The best would be the ideal choice, I think so me Bernie Sanders. Another thing about Bernie Sanders is: there is still a percentage of this country that remembers what socialism actually, as that is not a social network. It's not how you interactive parties. It is something that killed a hundred million people in the century that they lived in a mean and when you got a giant black book filled with a hundred million dead bodies that are all sponsored made that are all from communism and socialism. The older voter, looks at that and says even if they are free only to the policies. The word is still scary enough to remember waiting This goes wrong. I like universal health care, but I do these things go that far and all the sudden wool where, where we gone, and these things go down the hill fast, they remember the stuff wait until went into uses special, it's happening to Morrow night, it's free
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it is I mean it is torn right when you hear it the way it talks about democratic socialism and democracy and we have to convince the people that they are. They are they are in need of pure direct democracy. And you see what people on the left are saying right now, it's the same thing, but this document shows you why there's These things and it's a way to flip a country, and it was done by the former Soviet Union without a shot being fired. They flip, a massive free market to come, in ISM, three years ago, already three years into this. Socialism, a warning from the dead make sure you watch it it's again free tomorrow. Special event on our Facebook page. Are you two page and at blue
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of the line changing the industry. Simply safe back dot com go there now please, safe back, dotcom you'll, save ten percent on your already really inexpensive system, its Please safe, back dot com, second station idea. However, so we have Wilfred on the far below yes. Well, I wish Wilfred I'm calling from subsidies Ford. Yet how are things we haven't heard from you for a while spoken before he, yes, yes, we have heard. I heard your voice coming from the radio Box and I wanted to call it ok, because I walk
Joseph Joe Biden, junior speeches, yes and I'm an undecided folder in the democratic primarily are you are you? Ok, it's Europe you're, an undecided voter ears, and I have a lot of questions. I most interest in pencil rate in the Commonwealth, yes, and I'm having a ball of cream of wheat time yes and I'm drinking a cup post. Yes, I got it. I got it while I'm about to have my mere relax, I'm thinking about. Do I want her to prepare like a lot of other people, I am very concerned with healthcare. Yes what what is going to be?
better policy on deal. Dark where the government pay for my cremation Is this sort of thing I'm we're talking about? Ok, as we vote, are liable how the new Medicare deal with my gout right soap, this policy of this nature will speak about it. Can we go back to the to cure for livers? I viewed back to Joe Biden and I was thinking about all these questions in one got kept coming back to me. Yes, it's that job, I didn't is too old to be present he's what is just too old. Speak right, I dont, even he says, interact about what is in, That's that's that
the language speaking it for many years, Sir, what is a by hospital? You don't know what to buy hospital. Is my listen. What's a hot and run selling a hard years. What does that tell? No, I I don't know, I'm not saying I had my dictionary right. Ok, my dictionaries very large print. I can really now who know gay aright concerned about the fact that this bad is out is just to elderly to be president of United States. Alright, ok! Well, Thank you very much, Sir Wilfrid idea. What's your policy on catheters back, I don't have a job now. Thank you so much for calling Wilfred from Sun City
while still, I was an interesting phone call, their know how to deal with older voters them, and it is this. That is a situation where I can get such is all funding gains in your talk in Alexandria, cause you Cortez and most your photos or fourteen years old and can't vote so now the saying that they, because before they wouldn't say that they were capitalist and All coming out. Saying up socialist gather. The thing they were doing that for why, or at least denying denying no knowledge like this thing illegal. Are you a socialist or have us? Well, look, I think capitalism, but there's a lot of problems with it. And we need to make sure, were solving these problems and moving towards solutions. I don't think these labels mean anything to people. You know, as I do think the label mean something, and I think that means that you are just running for your lie, exactly running for your life, pandering right in not pandering to people like, while their pandering to left, they want to show the left their friendly to socialism. It's the opposite. Their pets, bring to the middle. There say
if I say I'm socialist, I'm going to lose a giant chunk of voters that are never going to vote for a socialist, so I better come out in the middle, because the same is so true, if you don't say that your social she'll lose some of the Alexandria cause Cortez people, but in the end there so far what are you come over and vote for, Donald Trump? It's the people that job and was talking to yesterday, we is going to make the decision on whose ex president most likely will in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, who are free enough to Donald Trump policies that they supported him last time, but from the enough to Barack Obama's policies that they support them the two times before that all I need to do, turn a decent amount. I mean that, but the enough about forty thousand spread over three states, forty thousand well who switch from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. If they had the opposite aboard the other way because it is your president, so that close. It is here and if that
or to occur with jobs, president. Can you get forty thousand people in those three sweetness? Three states? A switch aim is a good chance of at least that's that's the on paper argument for Joe Biden. Now he's out there slur and words and falling asleep in the middle speeches. It's not gonna work. That's gonna, be a problem. No Donald Trump is able to tell us what has been Donald Trump for as long as we can remember him in nineteen. Ninety five, he do an interview in sound just like he does today I mean that This might be a little bit different. Differences there may be talking about something else. But the bottom line is he be here He feels like the same person and feels that you're getting that transition from Joe Biden. The vice president, too, oh bite in the guy who's struggling to get through speeches. That's gonna be signal. In every single they're all gone tv today and deny it, but every single democratic strategists understands that they're gonna go to it. It is a it's an optics thing. People start to feel that he appears old, they will
to punish him went with their votes and but we're Trump hasn't had that issue. I think we're We have to be really careful on this because I mean look at you. Why didn t you are not Joe Biden Battle. People said for a while and he was an Ex John F Kennedy it's gonna, be this juggernaut, yadda, yadda, yadda people put tens of millions of dollars bind his campaign here and think he's flaming out definitely feels that way, as early still showed what it feels that way for sure. So you have to be careful because people are fickle and the experts know nothing. I would put myself in that category year, lessening TED Glenn expert or nothing. Well, it's the same burger same box. If you are in constant pain, I want you know: you're not alone. I know because I have tons of friends who are in constant pain, Pat now palaces.
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Drug Free, natural way to ease your pain and get your life back. Try it just for three weeks rather quick, start its relief, factored outcome, that's relief factor, dot com, tomorrow is made egg, and that night is the special. It's gonna be socialism a message from the dead ways: tv dot com, Slash Glenn is the place to go: use a promo code, Glenn let's go to Go to Pat gray from TAT Gray Unleash, let's who has a problem, his bigotry, his bigotry, his blindness to the real plight of those who are suffering here in Amerika. Well, he's like, oh, I I'm the Saudi Arabia's, beheading homosexuals. Ok, yes,
but but can bring real though the real problem is. There are bakers in this country who will not bake gay wedding, cakes right, they ate mongering. They cake mongering hatred, are there? maundered cakes. They won't do it and well that they will make the cakes they just don't want to participate in that particular exactly ceremonies, although cell well Sonia cake Ben Ali, Should they sell me the king? They should perform the ceremony in my mind. I think they should prevail in this year. I dont know if you know they should they should supervise the wedding night. I dont know thing we'll. I don't know it was not, as was the last part of the policy of supervising the wedding night you know I mean I like they're they're kind of directing you know their sort of the director of the evening,
just like a wedding cake. Now they need the direct the fund so that guy willingly land around the fun. Why don't they? Why don't they unrecorded just so they can learn. I know how I think they should have to participate. Ok, Let me say that I think I personally wars to participate as envy and pay a hundred thirty five thousand dollars for the honor. That's what I think here.
But for the four or five people out there, who think that we should be dealing with the Saudi Arabia situation. We are not against that. We just feel that we need to solve the when Ireland first priority is. We were prioritizing air and once we finally solve this problem these boundaries- and I tell you something- we all know that America is the leading problem of homophobia. Isn't yes farming? We realized, we change the cake policy. Thank you. Saudi Arabia will drop the beheading polish well, we should also, probably, as the photographer policy too before we get to Saudi Arabia is a beheading was soon is as soon as everybody is participating in gay sex right, then we'll when will blame over then Saudi Arabia will just fall, but our way to might by participating, you mean literally participating. Oh yeah, yeah yeah. I know you ve got a. We will become homosexuals, yes, With the nano, no no, we are all homosexual in
After to be born a homosexual, yes, society just puts the. Heterosexual standard on everyone. So if you true as right, Won't you have sex with a woman. Are we do need to sort will will get that sorted out as well? actual. Some of us are just conditioned to be heterosexual. If you They decide to do that. But I now identify as a woman. Yes, he is error, heterosexual or that is it still dissipating lawyer, a hater freeze in bringing that, but I am we asked, but I won't have sex with a woman. We do need to sort will, will get that sorted out as well before we stopping the murder because lazy ass in saudi rate, because we have to protest. We have to protest a conversation like this. We have make sure that this conversation is known for its hate mongering. If we can show shows down like this one
That is saying Something is big, it is what just pack just said: wait a minute. So fine, gay and I decided to become a woman. I am I am I still in a homosexual relationship. How this More shod till I was stopped. Does right got to be stopped, then then we can get to the eye renounced. What I said a moment ago, I renounce it whole hearted. Ok, well, apologize without necessarily going to stop the position from happen all its lead, nuts, I'm gonna go anywhere near as urology is not accepted salaries, nor should it ever by the way it has ever been an apology that has been accepted. We should lament history to see if this is ever occurred, because my real Joe Biden is going around apologizing to Anita Hill when he did it,
by their way of looking? At that case, pitted apps, ultimately, nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong. Now, I think you did something wrong because he should be apologizing to Clarence Thomas in and Jenny Thomas, but that's a whole different upset of apologies. I mean idea that now Joe Biden has to go around and and and act as if he did something to violate Anita Hill? When he did not, I mean I don't know, I don't like Joe Biden, but he didn't do anything to Anita Hill. That was that was wrong. In fact, he helped that along every. The way go through this next hour, because the revision is history on the Clarence, The situation is disturbing No, they found no actionable evidence. Authorities have a disability rizzo while they have they pay
They had rumour of pubic Kara only did not. Enemies is just that it was rumoured yes, so yeah. Well, there was no ever they didn't find the can and the hare itself. But why should we listened to you because you rat already dive discredit the discredited yourself every while soon as we discredit Clarence Thomas completely, then maybe we can consider standing up against the beheading of gaze in Saudi Arabia. Well, not until after we stop this show What do we get to git wedding cake thing? Moorland bakers are not forced willingly, participating or their lives will be destroyed in the marriage, consummation right, then we stop. This show bouquet Then we do the other thing Clarence Thomas. Then we can care about the people. Maybe maybe it'll be well, we have to stop bench appear from speaking colleges to all my definitely debt. We gotta stop. I know you do of them there
knows all climate change, climate changes pretty important. Well We owe you know cause I don't love. You know this better came out, so we only have ten years now. By virtue of the ten exempt from twelve to two and in a year, but remember, climate change years are like dog eat dog years except there, just like dogs, acres, except they are movable. You just never know how much a year is worth. You know like dog years? You know it seven years, climate change ears like dog years, just don't know you could be, seven could be. Seventy could be, could be one. I don't know, we don't know, don't know we don't know better got fact checked on his claim about when he may say even saying it's been twelve years until the end of time for awhile climate, in fact checked by the guy who wrote the study, and he said yeah. No, that's that's not true happy to clear this one up. Was rarely wages executive towards ten years now, it's five. That is not what he said at all. He
if team, how many, how many years is twelve years and in climate change years. That's great question and science is still working on. The answer to ok are like the metric system. Nobody knows, there's no wainwright I'll give ten kilometers, no eighty thousand miles or five inches. I don't know I don't know, there's no reason to another you'd Odo another. You know you are another country and it's like kilometers in our new, like Ireland agree, there are no time, maybe I or rather we need to really high. Oh, no, I'm not I'm going. I'm going. I say to my wife: you drive a second car. You go twenty miles an hour. I'll go a hundred miles an hour. I don't know which is right. This is a report by the: U N, entered intergovernmental panel on climate change and drawn from the hut works of scientists uses twenty thirty as a prominent benchmark, because signatories to the Paris agreement have pledged emission cuts by then it, but not last chance and neither outlined for the earth quote glad to
clear this up. James, gay culture, the report and professor of sustainable energy at Imperial College, one until the Associated Press, the panel quote, did not say we have twelve years left to save the world. End quote, I must point out to this idea and it's: why did you have to point out his sexuality, Don't play very beginning James, gay now strange tat he may ie eight is his name. Not. James, you may be folk, I think, a little well. I just would die think we need to stop this also re happening before we get Laura beheadings in we're just trying to prioritize. That's all or do that's our do, that's it. So let me ask you something: if you were, if you believed we only had ten years look ay, first of all- and I mean this sincerely pat- If you believed that we only had ten years before the earth became
so hot or so called that we couldn't live. What would you personally be doing Paul? I completely changed my lifestyle. I wouldn't take do our travel, I would by the car. What else would render air conditioner wooden room. Air, conditioning I'd, live in a closet hut. And I would watch tv hey. My life would be over essentially is irrational fears or things you didn't notice. He didn't say you would need ice cream because I'm waitin I'm eating eyes. I meeting ice cream advised her ok, I say as it gets possible, so yet we just have to have more wives and more children to turn the butter and then make the ice cream. I was that you definitely be vague and write em we needed a hundred percent would be vetoed. You know what I would be doing right now. Sincerely I would be. I would be hiring somebody to figure out how I could live underground. I would be figuring out. How can my life go on it?
too hot or to call on the surface on the surface. How can I survive underground? How can my family survive exactly with the Venetians did when their planet was ruined? They all went underground that from Venice. Yet no Venus people from previous night on the planet wasteland, and I think there are things went underground, add two they had took us The plan is described by relax a different story. I yelled out any less and less saga and enable worry about gay people being beheaded in Saudi Arabia. Smith. Then I ask: where do we? Where do we place the gay people who are being be headed in IRAN? Are they before or in after you well how or had our first before we care about. First, we have to decide, are they being behind in and around or thrown off the top of roofs so, which one takes priority. I mean that's the thing we gotta decide that, because I worrying and do something there is a possibility
If man flaps his arms fast enough, he could fly before we care and choke any interest whatsoever in the as yet will serious thing happening to actual people that are alive in a country that our guy, we will take it so nonchalantly that you will think we're mocking it we'll tickets We won't even we, we will just so disregard human life that yet think that we don't care at all and that everything else we say is a lie. That's that's how we're going to treat the the guy he's being headed. He headed in Saudi Arabia, you'll see said anything we say about, you know gay rights with got to be
just a power struggle or alive, and that's the story. Media media matters is writing right now, right here right now, that's why we have to be stopped. Yes before we start the beginning. I thank you so much peppering welcome Pat gray unleashed available. Of course anywhere you get your pop guests. Mercury real estate, the housing market, is on fire. All over american interest rates are falling. This is a great time to sell and by a home, if want to sell or by competition It's gonna be fierce any need somebody who really knows what they're doing I want to introduce. You a two were one of the best agents in your town. Where ever you live? We have done our homework for you and we have found the right agent to sell or help you buy a new home it's real estate agents. I trust dotcom. We have scoured the country looking for the experts in your area and then
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the Obama Whitehouse engaged Ukraine to give Russia collusion narrative at an added. An early point Andy to help boost this. He leaves out. If I'm not mistaken, I will talk to him about it. They were billions, A white House was instrumental in the manner of fort stuff and they were encouraging it and and working with Ukraine. A little nuts I may view you want to find collusion. You may have just founded with Obama we get John Sama cause it's a very confusing story, and I'm not sure if I have that right, but will we'll talk to John Solomon about it in a minute real journalist who has been doing a lot of work on this together, he worried the Washington Post an ape he for twenty years See, I know, he's very well respected Must it now there, but now they're, trying to discredit him as an appeal
in Guide, because they don't like what he's writing but he's a trained journalists for twenty years, a p and washing imposed among others. So it's pretty. It's been a pretty interesting journey to war. This stuff develop because hey you're, starting to see it with all these candidates out their people are starting to look back at bite in history, and this is one of the reasons why you thought. Maybe he won't even run because when people start looking at this they're going to start finding it and the job It could have been in Retirement occasioning on wonderful islands. He don't I don't think the fear that what will stop him is the fear. But that his children will go to jail because His children were part of this maize cross the line out. What is it I did a rally. On the view is Ahmed ABC he's announced via the video he is in the race. He's in the race. These are nineteen candidates are gonna say he's the big dog on the block we gotta take him out. How can we
come out likely was just here and we talk to about it and he said he had not heard anything about any of this stuff and that's the problem without press doing their job. It just disappears. Was it yesterday. They were saying that talk. Radio is the head of Todd and John Vainer here Chuck taught in John Vainer they're talking about how, Och radio gave people just too much information, people. Dont know what to do with too much information. Excuse me talk radio did that not the internet and in their argument was essentially, we used to be able to do what we wanted to do here and not get bothered by everybody, and now it's hard yeah. Well, I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. Now pretty sure it's not be and will give you too much
information, so you know exactly what's happening in Washington, we'll do that coming up top of next hour stemmer. Thank you so much I came here to get my since it issue with the brick union in a very exciting us, what everybody wants, how ya there is out there that that's the audience to. Let me talk to you a little bit about american finance. American finance. Is this great mortgage company that I've known for a long time the only mortgage company I do commercials for entire company in the car Erika country, because I know these people so Stu he's had great experience with them. Yeah I do is buying a house, and I went to within ten different places to shop around. I want to be sure I got the best deal on a mortgage nausicaa for something very strange, something Mechlin mixed Fund of a lot and so what I want to the people at american financing and said: hey, look, you know, this is the deal that I have noted down to. You know you guys and one other place. What do you think we're mean that they could talk me into
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a very bad idea- they tried to kill Hitler and then take over the army and project Valkyrie gave the army the right too. Take control of the country if Hitler was lost, it failed because of timing the reason I am telling you this story is because project Valkyrie is happening right now in Venezuela. They began a few hours ago and we're gonna get an update on what's happening and what we need to look for and pray for, the good people of Venezuela because they are trying to get their freedom back. We'll talk about that, and so much more in one minute. This is that the land back programme I remember as a kid of working my grandfather working on his truck. My grandfather
and the neighbors you know coming together and working on the tractors, etc, etc, and they have pull over can part out name, you know rebuild it or they buy another who go to the euro boys or whatever it was the auto part store and we would get apart and bring it back and put it in that happen in any more you can't work on your own car. More still. It is a computer chip and when those computer chips go, I mean it be a thousand dollars. It could be as high as three or four thousand dollars its knots parts and labour now insane. If your car doesn't have its warranty in place, please extended vehicle protection from car shield? I have for my use: trucks, they're, not gently, pre owned there, you, whose trucks and I don't want to take him in and have them fixed. I brought him in foreign oil change what about a year ago, and
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percent. Now, if you use the code back car shield, dot com go to car she'll, dotcom, use the promo code back or call them. Their toll free number, eight hundred car, six thousand This is the scene from Valkyrie, listen to them, So, firstly, Madam President, ices have secured the telecommunications there are repeated stations. Tell you I was just broke. I suppose we need more Matthew. My best, your friend is with Us Vice COP Potsdam, commonplace all available, etc. Control. You have your man told me. We have controlled government quarter at Berlin, yet this is what is happening right now in Venezuela. They're trying to get the broadcasts are trying to get the government
control there trying to convince the army to switch sides and go away from the door right now. It looks like the National Guard has taken at least one air base, its happening in multiple cities, but her hasn't been anything yet on broadcast broadcast is still saying. You know this the coup and its being put down, but you have to remember: Maduro controls the broadcast. As soon as they get the broadcast facilities that could accelerate things. If they don't get the broadcast facilities. It may die Freedom may be lost again for another God only knows how long we have, Daniel De Martino, who has an update on Venezuela in real time I Daniel what's going on, I learned. So
what happened was unexpectedly today, because tomorrow was forced to be a big protests in Venice were since she was my first and that's what the president said. Why do? But today we woke up to see a big chunk of the military uprising in Caracas watching other parts of it. And she would weigh down on as well as for the farmer. Cooperation are now free Nepal, the lovers who had been in jail for a long time, and now he said so we're very hopeful that this will be that Madura will be overthrown soon what are we? What are we looking for for a sign that things are going, your poorly or going well. Do you know Daniel? Yes, so I think that if this is
except for, will see my Douro and the rest of his regime members fleeing the country because there that's what dictators doing these kinds of issues now, I'm still Skype call us. I don't wanna say that it's you know successful when it's not because we have had this type of operation happen. Forgotten. So we really have to be careful in what we say. We have to check what information that precedent, Why, though, is showing on ass? You said especially to inform Venezuelans inside when as well they have shut down, most social media you to be shut down to trying to shut down twitter and Facebook before yes, communicating send invidious through. What's up and HU! We look for them to seize the banks and the gold. Do. We know what the situation is in Venezuela about any remaining gold. I know he has shipped most of it out of the country to to Turkey. Hoping that their study gold left syn
they took it over a long time ago, but which is why we need this We have a lot of natural resources, we have people who are willing to work. We need the freedom to do as you very well know that countries only natural resources even to to succeed there, you see the free market, and hopefully this is what we get. Ah, I think that what the international community needs to be doing right now supporting. Why do they need to express their support and also stand ready to two? No actually take action is wider requested, because if this is not enough, as you said, is might be the last chance to get freedom in Venice. Were on the same terrible humanitarian crisis which, according to you, on seven million people at risk of dying at any time. We don't get humanitarian aid in tune. Unbelieving Daniel, Thank you so much from young voices as Daniel De Martino, and please keep us up to date, even as the showgirls on today, we'd like to would like so you know mercury.
We won has already stationed itself on the border. We have Many of our allies groups there waiting to go in waiting to provide aid. We just the green light, and we could certainly use your support. If, if you would like to help those in Venezuela. If we can get in the soon. As this thing is over and we can get in we're going in with the with the soup kit. It means a blazing We know how dire the situation is. We just can't you in the moment, but we are stationed there. We are also station with the natural and operational you are right at the border as well. To try to find those children who have been taken from there. Parents and have our being smuggled out across the border,
We need your support. You can do that by going to mercury, one dot, Org, that's mercury, one dot, org or I wanna come back ranting quick break, and then I'm coming back with John Solomon on how The Obama Whitehouse White House engaged Ukraine too If Russia collusion narratives an early boost. You want to find collusion, it looks like John Solomon may have found it with the Obama administration and will give that you in one minute blinds dot com continually getting stories like this one from people who listen to assess what comes from my Tommy in Florida. He says The blinds were perfect. I save money I felt they were higher quality than the box or product are windows brand new with our blinds dotcom order, several other window blinds at need to replace and we will definitely be using blinds dotcom. Thank you.
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Looking into the new fair stuff that has been going on in Ukraine, with with really pretty much every buddy, it seems he was at the top of these parties. Biden is one of them and now, if we're looking, Four collusion: John DOE, we believe we founded in Ukraine with not the trump. Ministration, but the Obama administration we we currently have a growing body of evidence are gone, and I think it we wind go back a little bit about a month ago, I reported that ukrainian officials acknowledged that there, had released a black ledger book during the twenty fifteen election designed to turn poor man affords reputation and as part of that, They they admitted, The goal was to help every continent. The evidence is pretty clear. There's a court ruling in Ukraine that says,
the ukrainian government wrongly releases document in an effort to sway the twenty sixteen election. And then there were the tape recording released by the court and by a parliamentary member that in which a top, but will you call the FBI? Ukraine, is called Nabu they he was captured. Kate, recording bragging that he was tripping trying to help Hillary Clinton so from that we try to roll I can find out. Why do that happened? We were wit. What was the genesis? What gave the idea of Ukraine to go? Look after our to release him dirt on Paul manner, during the middle, the twenty sixteen election, hoping to hurt Donald Trump and help every continent and what we found out was Ukraine officials were summoned to Obama, White House in January, twenty sixteen. This is just as damage was beginning to rise in the balls and start to win his primary victories one after the other, and they brought these plans computers together, including the very agency that leaked documents,
gave them a mandate saying hey: can you go out and help us find some dirt on Paul man afford and it was meeting in January twenty sixteen that gave rise to this sort of ferries. Then we have. A foreign government now but meeting on the record that it tried to intervene in the twenty sixteen election. Government wasn't Russia, it was Ukraine that's unbelievable now. How much of this is real added to what Joe Biden did with his son and holding back all of that american aid. I mean What was that involves it all and are not saying that was part of the deal just these. Flexing of the muscles that they knew if we don't help America out, they could cut us off at any time. Yeah! That's right! it's funny. Both the man afford case end the Biden case. What we call the brief my case. Both came up
January meeting, so the Democrats had two needs that they had from you. Brain that part of the reason why they took the extraordinary option of bringing them overseas brain a white ass, normal prosecutors from a foreign government, don't go to the White House. It's it's a rare episode to invite them into the White House and enter Bab a discussion about what really eternal cases in Ukraine. The first Baseball man afforded as we just described, but the second one. According to the attendees at the meeting. The Obama White House also ass. Could the ukrainian authorities step down on their own investigation of a company called very small holdings? This was a company that that hired a hunter Biden, Joe Biden son, to be a board member and from what more than three million dollars, was paid in consulting fees, the Hunter Biden during the twenty fourteen, twenty fifteen timeframe for this can request at the meeting was first of dirt onto Paul Manifold and Donald Trump. The second request was: could you,
I stand down on the bereaved investigation and, if so, the FBI I'll take it over trust. Us we'll do a good job. Investing and that didn't happen, the Ukrainians wooden back down. So then, two months later, what happened? Joe Biden shows up in Ukraine. Says if you dont fire, the prosecutor leading that gave I'm going to cut off your foreign aid and, of course he got what he wanted so that why Us meeting had a dual purpose. According to the Ukrainians, one was Biden, one was manifold, so John one They work using Donald Trump of what Excepting a phone call from the Russians saying we have information and the trump no campaign, said: ok, we'll meet you. Let's talk about that They had no information, This is much worse because it's the Obama Whitehouse reaching out to Ukraine and saying we
need your help to fine dirt on these people, that's exact right I mean it is now it's an overt ask as opposed to a path of receipt, so a few feet. How did episodes of Drum Tower meeting it was sort of a passive event. Were the Russians take the initiative. After come in and don't deliver the goods, Here you have the Obama administration, making an overt request the Ukrainians, and, if not the only one, We remember, but you go back to January twenty seventeen so long ago, now that we ve forgotten, but political, reported that around Time is this meeting that I just documented at sea Obama White House that the democratic, Echelon Committee in the form of one of its consultants, was seeking dirt from the Ukraine Embassy and I'm gonna? Have the new regulations on that, but you have the DMZ going into the Ukraine Embassy in Washington asking for dirt on Paul man afford you, ve got the White House,
asking ukrainian authorities? They often restart the case on poor man afford these are not accidents or not coincidence, as there was a concerted effort by Democrats, both in the government and in the political party system, try to get Ukraine's help in trying to make the case that Donald Trump was agent of Russia, which we now know, isn't in truth. So now you up camp are involved in a pretty clear overt act being made by Democrats of a foreign power to help them in the election. Do we have any one in journalism at all, looking at this: besides, you while I the Good NEWS that I've heard from my friends in Ukraine meant that the Washington Post in the New York Times have been in country in the last few days? Asking questions so hope Springs, it more people will pay attention to is, I think, ass tat goes on. The more important element to watch will be what
attorney general bar does he's taking a look at the entire. Intelligence communities behaviour during the rush investigation and part of that could very well look at what was the source of this information who solicited who is pushing the flesh on this, and I think when we get those answers, I think his inquiry, almost certainly will lead in some directions towards Ukraine, but Ukraine was curly playing and our election. They have admitted it now. And the question is who is complicit if on the american side, and I think, were beginning to get a little a portrait of who the Bay Conspirators complicity People were in the United States, okay, so but the Ukraine not like a manifest I mean they had nothing. They had no love lost. Four manifold metaphor was I mean he was a bad dude for Ukraine. He was on the right. He was corrupt and he deserved what he got. I think YAP.
Leave us in the air it. He was helping. The party that was the Russia Align Party that got thrown out of power and twenty fourteen he collected a lot of money- he's not the only one remember Obama's White Ass Council Gregg Craig has been indicted for taking money from the same party, helping them and then not properly, accounting for the reporting of here. So you had both manifold. Greg Craig Republican, a Democrat playing in this you can in field on behalf of the Russian Back Party in and the Ukrainians, didn't like either. What's interesting. If you read my stuff you'll, find out that when the Ukrainian said hey, we not only have stuff on Manafort's. We have suffered great Gregg Democratic, menstruation set out on our not interested, I just just keep that yourself. So you can kind of see the selective nature of what went on between the? U S, government and the ukrainian process off the subject? What is your take of? What's just happen with this new president, whose a comedian do any good
gauge on him on where he's going to fall on things. Well, There are some that his name is olinsky's a first time political newcomer, whether the most famous comecon. Ukraine tolerated me resorted be. Would we would consider Jerry Seinfeld in the nineties to Ukraine eyes out of the prison that will be presented shortly and I he has made quite a few soundings in the last few weeks that he wants get to the bottom is he wants Ukraine to get clean on this? I think you're going see a change in leadership and all the officers, including the prosecutor's office. One person there's a lot of speculation in Ukraine about becoming the next attorney general. The next prosecutor, general is a guy named cubic and cool. It gives one the people I've talked to several times on the record, who have Qana, told this story, the Ukrainians were playing in the election that we got cut off and the integration of by me. If he becomes an experts, general. The american administration will have a very strong counterpart
so to our delegation. Well, thank you, Sir much further on doing all this work. John Prescience, John Solomon, the executive vice president of the hill and a journalist, even though the left he's trying to discredit him say now, he's an opinion guy, twenty years, a p and washing and hope that makes you an opinion guy he's backing down the facts without the opinion and the left just doesn't like what he finds year, lessening TAT Glenn Bank. Never sent a postcard for tax days. Here's my address Here's fears, Mario, my so security number and here's Much I made why, wouldn't you do that, Do that because you know want people looking at it. You don't see dealing at confidential information. Stealing it you think it against you, you know, taking all of Europe
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tomorrow, night socialism, a message from the dead looking at how socialist countries have turned and real capitalist ones in very short time. Please Tita coms life going, but it's free everywhere. We, really do need to say a prayer for the people, Venezuela, lol the esa you would help them out right now and stands steady because it is it dicey. Today, the Europe Was operation valkyrie, if you saw that movie with TAT Tom cruise, that is, happening right now in Venezuela, they are, they are true. To gain their freedom back and as every hour goes by and Maduro is still in control, it gets dice, ear and dice ear for thee the people who want their freedom happening in several cities this is overthrow socialism.
This. Is socialism? Make no mistake, you know the lid New York Times had day I had a headline recently was in March. I'm sorry, it was in New York. It was political and in article? The headline was how Bernie could save socialism from Trump The king, Donald Trump, the enemy of socialism, amen good. Well, you ve got my vote. The headline turned out to be the team is part of the article. Listen to this. Sanders should deliver a detailed speech that chronicles exactly where Maduro went wrong and why He doesn't deserve the moniker of socialist. This is such revisionist history, which stew is gonna, get into here in just a second a revisionist history. Shove, as already When he left office, when he left office,
Venezuela was already number one on the misery index in the World Kay already falling apart. This is What always happens with socialist countries? Remember we're not talking about Canada, or Sweden. Those a free markets. We socialist underpinning. So in other words, you know socialist medicine That's not a socialist country the free market. Venezuela is a socialist country? The government controls everything. This is exactly what democratic socialist are looking for and we have me really really clear on this. When they're saying heeds. While he's not a socialist he's a dictator. Yes, that's what happens. Well, that's what he had learnt. Hitler wasn't socialists, because he just took power. No, he was dead.
Critically elected he even gave the people a chance. He then broke the constitution by by killings. How many people in the night of long knives, but he went to the president and the President forgave him and the people forgave him. Then he took power, he became a chancellor. Well he's still was a socialist. He just became a dictator, Venezuela, is a socialist country, but one These guys start to lose power, then they don't air about the democratic process anymore. A few days ago, the New York Times Red another article. This one was: can we please relax about socialism. No, I don't think we should. Only in America is the word.
Heard used with such perceived menace, not check out. Definition of democratic socialism, demo Riddick socialism, is briefly put a noble tradition of civic consciousness. That was. Store. Equally afar grew degree than any of its champions tractors today often care to acknowledge, grounded in deep christian roots really really. I mean. That's an argument I haven't heard before it's ridiculous in the author. Never explains it, but it sure sounds nice. Then we get this in countries where, since world war to the principles of democratic socialism, have shaped public policy basically everywhere. In the developed world, except here the lie
of the vast majority of citizens, most especially in regard to affordable health care, have improved enormously well, it turns out the New York Times specializes in commentary about socialism in March, the article Bernie Sanders scares alot of people and quite a few people of them Democrats captures the anxious that democratic, so MR causing Here's listen to this a word of caution from the New York Times the United dates was founded as a contradiction to not an extension of Europe. So the four alliances to Amerika what fraternity is to France, part of its core, the Americans, base, still a so on european conjures in Americans, a bristling independence of spirit that wants government out of their lives but other than that it Ex all the socialist boxes, socialism is not. Journalists did says. Intellectuals politicians, armed with a policy agenda as Mark
angles understood this. It was one of their core insights. What distinct Them from other socialist thinkers, every ready ever ready with their blueprints is the workers who get us there. Who decide what and where there is. That too is a kind of freedom, a socialist freedom. Here's the lie, and here The thing I'm gonna give to you tomorrow on a special of course, that we have made for free. I don't. Member a broadcast. We have worked this hard on for this long. Special wonder, given good job. If I know smart, I had to fight to make this one free. Like given the especially this has been wildly expensive, but I wanted go out to the widest possible audience, and I need you to watch it and to share it. So you can walk on blaze, tv dot, com
You can also see it on our Facebook page and also on. Are you two page tomorrow live at eight p m Eastern, please these share this with a friend. It is, all about socialism and a warning that we have found from the dead. Now. This They plan a blueprint, and as the New York Times said. It's not you know. Socialism is not journalists, intellectuals or politician armed with a policy agenda. It's the people but in the intellectuals blueprint it describes this and it talks about how you have to have demur courtesy to get their Ellison in all nor that the reformist democratic way to socialism be complete their hats.
To be, of course, a denial of the basic condition of the possibility of agree for socialism of the dictatorship, Our state has decided for socialization in the democratic manner that to say at the ballot and not through revolution or dictatorship, thus solving the problems of transition from capitalism to socialism, breaking the debt Bert Resistance of the bourgeoisie of X, x, proper expropriated, the desperate resistant resistance of the capitalist private car This production into socialist production on a large scale on a large scale, should be possible without the direction of policy by the way class without a dictatorship just by phrases about some sort of pure democracy in
words, revision and denial of the basic maxim of Marxist marxist Leninist theory of classes and class struggle. So they're saying: look we if we won do this without revolution. What we have to do is Vince the average person that you need pure democracy because but will vote for free stuff. So we it pure democracy. We can do without a strong arm of revolution or a dictatorship. Then we have it as it goes on then The vice comes down there. We have it and we hold them. This is how they flipped other countries. Blueprint they were going to show you to Morrow was one that was smuggled in from behind the iron curtain, into the United States in the nineteen sixties and then this lost, and people forgot it and I'm not so Anybody is using this as their blueprint,
I'm just saying we're getting to exert clearly the same place there doing eggs. Directly the same thing as this blueprint written in nineteen fifty and used on Czechoslovakia they're using the same tactics so whether they know it or not, it doesn't matter they flipped Czechoslovakia, their flipping, US, and you need to see it. You need. To watch it with a with an open mind. That's tomorrow, at eight p m Eastern, the kind of stuff that nobody in the mainstream media is going to action. They do their homework. It's not spirits see theories? It is the truth, I make that case tomorrow. At eight p m, don't miss it socialism, a warning from the dead,
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To understand the minds of the people who were engaged in this kind of fur. Socialism and where it always leads, and it is, it always becomes a death cult. It it it. Best strangely becomes anti semitic and death called sat. So strange, though it's not strange of it. Every time. I guess he's not getting a guess. It's not strange, because it is all about the collective. It's never about the individual. Let me think about it, if you're looking to overturn a system that has pulled billions of people out of abject poverty biggest miracle that has ever happen to HU this to the earth since a very famous. Look in some stories- and it looks like this- is a big deal. Capitalism is a miracle guy. You want overturn that,
you are going to really lay yourself on the line to do it and we ve seen it over and over again and revolutions, but also in some elections or an over the way you can do it without revolution. Tomorrow, night on this, usually them a message from a debt write. It still requires ten thousands, if not hundreds, of thousands to die well yeah and because people just won't, do it right of usually had that at the beginning, but it gets worse later on and what but this is usually you have a period. We saw this a little bit with with before Madeira, I was not really true, but there was it. There is some prosperity for some, at least at the top right, because the people at the top had a great life for a little. While can you can use everyone else's money for a while, and then you run out of it and when you run out of it, we'll get upset and when they get upset. It's because I think of the philosophy that brought you to power, your Opinion of the world is, you are the shepherd they are. The sheep you are you are. You are
controlling them, because they don't know better. So what They get upset and sort riding in the streets you say well, they have interesting concerns. Let's addressed them, you can't say: well, maybe we're not doing a good job, let's give up power and go back to capitalism. This is your whole life. Your life, is on the line here. You ve risk everything to change something to socialism, so when the people get control your only opportunity, an opportunity, an option that every single one of these people take is to crack down and that's where the dictatorship and the murder- and everything comes from you say, will in my book of of I don't see and dust capital where they're gonna murder, all these people, which it can finally some of these documents. But let's just say I really mean book about socialism in its happy- and I dont see they murder will the boy Isn't reality when you put the boy the things that are in your book into action. You have mentioned
this control the people. Then you must get back patrol of the people, which means murdering the ones who we or aren't listening that's why we have we People turn about the measles right now, there's one seven hundred cases of the measles infectious disease. It is killed a lot of people and still is killing people around the world, especially when they're, not whether we know the vaccinations are happening, but I mean we're talking with the exception of infectious disease, communism has killed more people than pretty much any and if you only in people and essential and people will say that it was not communism, we're talking socialism, and we're. Not talking national socialist. We're talking look here the scale, freedom or totalitarianism, I don't care if it's a religious, totalitarian state com as to TAT doesn't matter to me, are the people free Yes, they voted for socialism. Yes,
socialism always takes them down the same path, the guy who were basing this special on his words, his knee is your Kojak and the guy who was part of the planet, for a new social estate enter politicians and dictatorship in Czechoslovakia and he said that they, created a situation to wear convince people to vote themselves into slavery by using what he called pressure from above and pressure from below I've? Always about it is bottom up top down. Inside out. That is, That is the basis of the plan, but I'll show you what has to be done to have a flip and we're almost there gang that's tomorrow. Don't miss this special everywhere
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We said to history rise in one minute: the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment, this is their Glenn Back Programme, tired of religious history, tired of this Anita Hill garbage. This is garbage Anita hill was somehow another victimized by Joe Biden and he asked to apologise and his apology is enough. Its garbage, its revisionist history, that nobody is willing to set the record straight on we'll do it in one minute. This is the Glen Buck Programme, so this is pretty amazing. We ve heard the stories
good guy uses a gun and then guy with gun guy with gun, get in trouble for it. I am shocked that this is not happening in California this week, because everybody will tell the story that this is a success. A border agent, supporter age he was, he happened to be at the synagogue, any apparatus another. No. No! No. California, they kip they can carry guns in California, unless Europe, Fatty, a former federal, official or federal official or for cop nobody else is allowed to carry guns because the sky was a former or still is, I think, a border of guy. He was. Ass by the rabbi. Could you please carry a gun. Because he knew nobody else in the synagogue had a gun, so when the bad guy comes in and says I'm gonna kill. All of you.
He takes one shot, but guy who is in the back, who have to be asked by the rabbi. Could you please carry your gun when you come. He saw that and he too the guy out. Now. Let me give you another story. Billingham Washington, mice, MR, was in the three On Sunday. She was just going to see what do you call it an game. She sitting there watching endgame and a guy top there's more details now that are out. Guy gets up here as a backpack, and he starts ranting about how you're all worshipping false gods- and he picks up, is back pack is right towards the end, and he said I'm on it hope you get to your God a little early and he's got a bomb
or so everybody thinks well. As it turns out, he doesn't everybody pair. Ex might my sister said she lost her son in this he was trampled. It was It was chaos, pandemonium is held of the papers are describing it p. Demonian is people are trying to get out of there She called me on Sunday night and was so upset. Well, the guy, It was caught right away because There was a citizen with a gun and he put the gun out, but kept it behind his back ready to shoot the guy, and he but he didn't put it, but he pulled it out and they kept by his back because He didn't see the guy actually doing anything except speaking out here. Calm. He was rational as the I began to run out of the movie theater this guy citizen with a gun.
Follows him out? That's the first time he takes the gun from behind his back. Tell the guy. Stop. I have a gun shows in the gun, says, get down on the ground, get on your knees, hands behind your back. Until the police arrive, It was good guy with a gun. Two times this weekend, good guy with a gun, now the people who protect these people or the USA their dedicated to allocating training, legally protecting Americans, just like you, and this week only they're giving a free guide and audio book about exactly what to do. In these situations. If you are in a synagogue, if you're in a movie theater, if you are in church. No matter where you are, it's called the camp, it concealed carry and family defence guide. It's a hundred and six. Four pages of life is saving information, come
With an audio book, if you want to just listen to it in its one hundred percent free see attackers before they see you how to survive a mass shootings scenario, the best tactical place in look areas like restaurants, churches, dialogue Get a free? U S, Ccs Home Defence checklist, but only until the the week. All you have to do is text. The word back Beck to eighty eight. Seventy two to right now claim Your free guide, mice. You called me on Sunday. She was so upset. She said I ve never seen people like that when she Everybody just turn: in the animals it just as they were. They didn't air about anybody, but themselves mom's were screaming for their kids and I screaming for my son. She was so upset.
I didn't know what to say to her. We preyed on the phone and then I said. Honey, you're, safe. And we know how this ends. The world is going insane and it is. I want you to learn how to defend yourself text. The word back to eight seventy two to right. Now, let's be easy k to. Two to two right. Now Alright. Stew is very upset, as am I, but stew is just he can't let it go every day he comes in so bothered by this Joe Biden. Apology
who Anita Hill and now Clarence Thomas and how we are changing our history. I'm telling you right now, please I thought about this earlier and I didn't say it. I should have. Please keep a note book. Please write down the history of the day show things that are changing, as they are being changed thing: are being changed in our history and our history books lie This Clarence Thomas now is is being convicted. And anyone who Even we will stand up for Clarence Thomas now. Binding just stood up for wait, a minute wait a minute. Let's hear this guy out did It even do that. I dont know that he even did that glad. First well, let's start with Joe Biden and his latest now, accelerated, amplify
I'd apology to Anita Hill. This happened on ABC with Robin Roberts. I believe She has recently said when you asked if she felt it was an apology that you had extended. She said now that she said I be satisfied by simply saying I'm sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real mobility and real purpose was. I think she told me I was grateful. She took the call and And one of those rare and want to get hard no matter how many times you apologize, nor how sincere it is, it will never happen I believed her from the very beginning I, but I was chairman, she did get a fair hearing. She didn't. Get treated. Well, that's Myers! fonts and I can tat that I am determined continue the fight to see to it that we basically change the culture in this country, where a woman
put in a position where she is disbelieved. As the committee chairman, I take responsibility that she did not get treated well, I take responsibility for that. It take responsibility. I take responsibility because I was a child I was unable to figure out a way to how to change. Is there was talk, apologize IP, his eyes again because look here's the deal on she just did not create fair across the board. How I think that the system did not work, how and what's amazing about this- is first of all the energy is a currency with no value. There is just it. Does it matter. If you apologize there, never going to accept it it's one of those things where you don't show by two can say he sorry he could escalate the apology now to now he's responsible and then they will say that's not enough and they because they don't care about the apology. Nobody cares about it. It's just a it's just a dance at this point, and no matter how many times you apologize them are how sincere it is. It will never
any value set summer one. Here too, there is nothing to apologize for in this particular circumstance. There's something you address declared Thomas for with Theirs new partners to need a hill, for it is its revisionist history and we can go on I'm of I'm very annoyed by this whole story, but the main thing is about the apology or whether Joe Biden did something wrong to need a hill to x chapter the narrative that bite should apologise, for something is lifting the narrative that Clarence Thomas did something wrong there. Before you go any further. I to lay this one groundwork. Just just let me put a cornerstone in the foundation that you're you your laying listen again water talking about em,
knows that we're gonna have to make sacrifices will have to change our conversation. We're gonna have to change our traditions on history. We're gonna have to move into a different place. Stop. We are changing history right now. What happening with Joe Biden stews. Actually write the. The apology is meaningless. The polish. The apology is a Is it it's an old radio trick, so no radio trick. If I say this, I learned this from Scotch Annan. Z, one hundred New York, the second past radio station in all of Amerika. What does that imply? that's the first bus station and Olive America. That's what You think. But what does that? imply what does that get? to automatically accept without questioning, I will say
but your number two, whose number one correct right. So you automatically assume that yes It's true he's number two, but then something over one bright, and so you debate about number one what's happening here. He's Allah arising. He won't apologize. He isn't apologizing. That policy is enough you're, automatically accepting that an apology is do because There has been some grave injustice right, you're convicting Clarence Thomas, without even thinking about the killers, trying to remember correct and that's what's so important- we need to Clarence Thomas- is an incredible supreme court. Justice he's been task since the minute he walked in there and the monopoly and that we cannot let them turn him into what they try to turn him into back in the day. So let me go I could review heroically in one minute.
In one minute. I think maybe do in women have a really hard there's enough there too, narrowly and within one minute I just allow interrupt. You announced our eye frictional K mother's day mother's day is right around the corner. It is next not this Sunday, but the Sunday afternoon, right yeah. I think you're right that scary thing. You know and there's nothing worse. I mean mom's are so important, so important again keep telling my son, because my son's Heaven be no problems, he's he's team in these, like I'm a Brahms mom blah blah blah, and it keeps there is nobody you will ever find in your entire life. They will loved you as much as your mother. Do to do stupid thing You know in one of those stupid things is just not recognising how great they are this day, is here yet one of them is the brightest bouquets from one eight hundred flowers, dotcom right now get the Mai Thursday bouquet
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who tell us the history of Clarence. First of all, it set the scene before the allegation. This what the left was saying about him. Patricia Ireland from the National Organization, a women said, he's an extremist he's out of step with the majority of Moroccans and he's out of step with a bill of rights in the U S: constitution, oh my gosh the national education associations, annual convention there, passed a resolution that express the teachers unions grave concern over Thomas's concern of positions on affirmative action. Reproductive freedom and the minimum wage. Now why the National Education Association is creating a resolution complaining about the reproductive freed position is a socialist organization eggs. It's got nothing to do with teachers now, except there is some of the teachers money, praise, active efforts on its money situation, but again, like think of this policy, oh situation, they were attacking him anyway. Lemme give you this when flow Kennedy National Organisation of women quote we're
going to bork him. We need to kill him politically this. We're going to do anything they could to destroy this man when he was shut up, because they knew how dangerous he was because he was a guy who actually believed about the constitution, and it was hard to take down because he was african American he was highly educated, he was not. He was not plain thrower- he was just really smart New, the constitution, still a gentle man. Yes, he is so What actually happened when all because you remember that the crazy circus hears What actually happened. The F b, I determined that what she need a hill was complaining about had occurred, but on her own timeline too three months before she had ever met Thomas now. Listen, this is the FBI, and I just want to set this right here.
Remember what the Democrats said about Cavanaugh. Yet we must have the FBI, because the FBI has investigative powers that we don't have as soon as the F b I cleared Cavanaugh, then the demo let's change their tune and said no, we have more investigative power which they don't in Congress, they don't have more than the FBI so. They wanted the FBI with Clarence Thomas. They got the FBI and the B. I said no by own testimony and her own timeline. This happened three months before she even met Clarence mass and that's it. Is it because usually in these situations, like with Cavanaugh, you had go to. Essentially, he said she said she provided no evidence, she didn't know when this this happened. We know how weak her case was, but you kind of tat look at the cases in picket with Anita you have to listen to what she said. What she said.
Is these things supposedly occurred three months before they met as according, the FBI so going back now and try to meet this revisionist history and say: ok, there's Thomas, was guilty in Anita, held deserved and apology is completely offensive. Clarence. Thomas did not do the thing he was accused of the F B. I showed that clear detail with her own timeline period. End of story, so Joe Biden. Do something, however, that deserved an apology. Let's go back and look at that per second the chairman of the judiciary, committee Senator Joe Biden assisted the feminists assault on Thomas the Senate had confirmed forty three or judge for other positions, so there was no need for a thorough investigation. Yet by delayed the hearings until late September. It was Intentional delay remembers former Senator Hank Brown designed to accommodate the people who went after him. This Joe Biden did is known again, no need to apologize to need a hill. The apology should go to
parents, Thomas next feminist groups demand The Democrats reopen the hearings and, by complied what for? It was a circus days, testimony in which hill enumerated Thomas's supposed sexual transgressions and senators upwardly, asked Thomas to discuss them. So by Delay, the hearings that he reopened the hearings because of that Oh, that craziness led to a very famous moment in the hearings with Clarence. Most serious. This is US workers. Some national disgrace and for my standpoint, black American. As far as I am concerned, it is a tackle lunching for property blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves. To do for themselves to have Ideas. And it is a message that, unless you kowtow to an all order, this, what will happen to you.
You will be lynched destroyed, caricature by a committee of the? U S? U S Senate rather than hung from a tree We know this to be true, because how many conservatives are getting the same treatment today doesn't matter what your position is higher tech, hi tech, higher tech, lynching and it is, happening to career after career after career, and it is meant, as he said, ass. He who did there. It is meant to set a message: The message wasn't for Clarence Thomas was for everyone else. Don't step out of line. And you see that message with Conway, don't step, out of line they loved. He was a genius as soon as he said what I don't necessarily agree with all this. He was now
to be on medication. Maybe he should be institutionalized. He was they did everything they could to destroy him or shut. Him up. This is happening to everyone. Now everyone, and I have I would have Stephen crowd or on tomorrow he they're trying to go after him, they're trying to take down his you, two page, three strikes on his to allow he may lose his you tube page Stephen Crowd, while really cash. I mean it's unbelievable that what they're doing here by the way, I want to make sure business with Biden. He never close the hearings until here's a from the story, when doubts about hills, veracity started mounting bide, enclosed the hearings, even the news media backed off. So he got to a point where Everyone had relies. Ok, there's nothing really here and She does not have a case so, that's when they finally closed the hearings,
and the insinuation is, I guess that bite and was supposed to step in, because you know she was questioned by republicans in the hearings and at sometimes aggressively as you'd expect as it was her cabinet in the in his hearings here from Democrats she was questioned. She came to testify to tell the store to try to destroy a man's life. So when you do that have to actually answer questions about it and the idea is that bite and was supposed to what overwhelm these other senators, who were publicly elected and have the right to speak for themselves as well. I mean the help, the investigation and what he did was attempt. Destroy Clarence, Thomas and honour about what a radical man's life and now we're all supposed to feel like he's supposed to apologize to Anita ill and look at how much of that revisionist history, even I bought into amazing It's amazing. It's amazing, don't
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there is a rise in socialism and it is worth in Europe, but it is becoming very clear you're, even the New York Times last, He can't show you show you this. If you happen to be, I was so moved by what happened in California that the rabbi said. With firm Donald Trump being and by a dog with the face Benjamin Netanyahu by a leash and he's wearing dark sunglasses, and it looks like he is leading or being led by Israel. The dog has a jewish star of David around its neck, it is horrifying. And the van your time said. Are we apologise for that? We apologise really you didn't know that was anti semitic. Were I kind of, looks like something that may be. Germany know doesn't kind of look. It looks exactly like what Germany
it. In fact, we found a a magazine cover from Germany with an old Jew leading by the hand, Winston Churchill, its Zactly. What girls was doing The left seems to not care about it and we have to care about the people that are in China, the most items that are in China that are being rounded up systematically and killed or torture. In China. We have to carry out the the this that are being killed and bombed and we also after care about our jewish brothers and sisters, and I was I was so moved by what happened in California that the rabbi said too, one congregant could you bring your gun because he worked for the border security. Could you
your gun, so this guy would travel for hours back and forth. Just to be well to be at the synagogue and worship he had, but to be there with his gun and he's the reason that didn't become a mass shooting. These synagogues and these Houses of worship and the the Or a schools are or attack and could you're could you survive? Could you church survive if it had to have bomb proof bullet proof, glass, I mean think of the cost. Well, I was, an email on Sunday. From Yale Epstein and yet
oh, is she's with the international fellowship of Christians and Jews, her Father was the rabbi that ran that forum a very, very long time who has just passed away and last time I saw him, we talked about Can we help these synagogues are under attack. And so Ya L is with us now high yield our you high land. Thank you somewhere you're welcome? I first of all am so sorry about the passing of your dad. He was a great great man. Thank you. I know he thought same way about you, you. So we see in France a seventy four percent increase in the number of attacks against Jews. Germany, steeper sent here in the: U S. Last year alone, it's up fifteen percent. Sorry, fifty seven percent here in the United States and
you don't know how these synagogues can afford to harden themselves, it is huge, applause that we're seeing all around the world that Jews are vulnerable. I mean you see. The tax in Europe have become a daily occurrence and now that it's gotten to America withstand you go in the tree of life to Nicaragua whether people were killed. If it could happen in America to sign that it's happening even more intense in the arab world and across Europe, and so what we ve been so shocked by these attacks. That we'll just wouldn't I believe could happen, and american soil at a synagogue during or at churches that Like what we're thing round the world, it's always been the case. Glenn but when the world has gone crazy and can no longer which, between good and bad, didn't wrong in darkness and light it's the Jews who are cut
tat, the jewish people, and you can do that by donating and you set up a pay twenty the more every single day are being targeted, and so just like you said you spoke about with my father. My father came back from that meeting. Some courage that you know the fellowships donors are mostly individual who give fifty dollars a month. Go with all my and their tie the term social security to help Israel and the jewish people I remember him coming back from that meeting with you in saying it's not just the individual care so much about Israel and the jewish people and about Christians who are being persecuted across the Middle EAST and about Muslims who are being targeted People on the cap is well like one back, so thank you for standing for these,
working to issued, and they know your followers there feel the same and create that new. So here's what I would like to suggest in your father- and I talked about this- and I know you have developed if a fund, but I would like suggest that if you would, I like to help support and protect the jewish p all this is the first step. To being you know, one of them righteous is take. An active steps to protect the jewish people. And you can do that by donating and you set up a pay twenty you tell me about the page and where the money will go, since you really oh yeah, so the fellow chip jewish community. He's around the world rely on the fellowship to provide them with simple things that you would never believed that they dont have like.
Security, doors or a security camera, or a lock on the door and at all for jewish synagogues and school implication that we work with different official, but I can't speak about, but that I that they know the exact jewish communities on both the risk and being targeted directly by terror groups like ISIS and Kader just last year we equipped places like Norway flow, India in France in Mexico oh in Thailand, and so now what were working on is. It is to get security for location that we know they are interpreted, and there are many of those
places like Poland and Turkey and Russia at Fort glories, trades. Five hundred thousand dollars now immediately quit the most I'd say the most targeted eight locations across the world but we know that our direct threats against them and what they need are simple security, caution like anti boy, Windows, or a security guard differently stand at their gate. Mixer tariff doesn't come with a gun and so the way that your audience condone if we set up a special number. We know that your followers- Oh, I am so generous and so forth. Coming into the right thing. It help. Others in situations of crisis like the jewish communities around the world, is in right now enter with especial number one. Eight hundred to o one. Eighty three eighty three once again that one eight hundred to o one eighty, three, eight three or online-
The? U W w tat, I m J Dot, org backlash and back And yet something like a camera system that places like America, almost everything God hath it has, and these attacks still happen well in places like Katmandu, Nepal, they dont, have bad and the need of that. Thank you, sir. And we will encourage our listeners too to help out, and I thank you. So much just let us know how we can help and what we can do. Thank you, How much longer is bad, join you and praying for peace and doing everything we can to bring hope to those people who need a god bless you climb back you, your works, the extension As with the international fellowship of Christians and Jews, the eye F, C J Dot, Org slow back is where you can donate, or you can call-
all the number that she laid out its eight hundred two zero one. Eighty three, eighty three this honestly. You know my doing something on numb socialism tomorrow. And my daughter came in and she brought something that I got for her birthday a few years ago? This is my eldest daughter, Mary, and it's a picture. Of the woman. I always talk about Paulina, that was one of the righteous among the nations and Is the only picture she would only let's take a picture of her hands and we got one picture of her and that one pictures of hers and she was so shy and so sweet and. As she just didn't want any credit. She was just somebody who tried to do the right thing try to reach out and save the jewish people that,
she could save and at the very bottom of that is the core. The chief she told me the writer did not suddenly become righteous. They just did not go over the cliff with the rest of society, all we have to do is do what we ve always done. When people are in need, we act. There is nothing that will. Will give us more protection, then helping children and quite honestly, I think, helping lords people Clearly in the scriptures they are targeted. Citizens are being targeted and you know what we're doing with the Nazareth Fund, and I urge You d get involved if you'd like to get involved in that.
But here is something where these people are going in to the synagogue, how they're sending their kids to school and they are horrified. Let's hope, thee the nine when she say eight or nine different. Cities around the world that are most in danger and who can donate now at I F C, it dot, Org slash back or call eight hundred two zero one. Eighty three eighty three go line. Foreign central banks are acquiring gold now at a fast pace in fifty years. Why? Why do you suppose Russia wants to reduce its dependence on the dollar hungry, Central bank sided goals, strategic importance. As the underlying region reason for recent purchases,
the end of world war. Two America was the bank because we had thirty percent of the world's gold reserves. Today,. That number is less than five percent. Do you think that means to the world's reserve currency. The world will always race to gold when it becomes less dependent on the dollar and they're doing that are on a macro level. We should be doing it with our portfolio. We rushing back towards gold, because the dollar is eventually going to be worth less and less until its worthless. Take your profit. From a stock market heavy considered gold have you considered what life is like if the banks shut down for a while- and I know that sounds crazy, but watch tomorrow special and see how crazy it is called. Today sees
easy it is to go on gold or silver at eight six gold line, one eight six, six gold line rather important risk information find out of its right for you, but call them. Right now, one eight six, six gold line. We have. We have update on Venezuela. The president has spoken out and said that the United States Supply the venezuelan people in this coup there's some decision Bring video that just came out just a couple of minutes ago with them with army vehicles just moving into crowds just just running over people, it's pretty bad in Venezuela. Today, pretty bad and pretty bad in Venezuela Everyday net. Lately, since one Chavez I mean
You go back to the nineteen thirty there's something you don't talk about an especial. It's called socialism, a message from the dead and that transfer me Four for Venezuela was really significant in its wording as fast as Czechoslovakia, which is something you gonna go into as well in the special in that the details of that one is really scary, Venezuela, though, in a nineteen, this was one was the fourth highest Judy he in the world. It was amazing in the fifties and sixtys. Venezuela was amazing. They have their more oil than Saudi Arabia. I mean there they are sitting on natural resources like crazy, there's, no reason that country should be in this. Shape other, then socialist leadership? It doesn't work, it never works. The people, their freedom back, yeah and part of that trusting part about the oil situation and in as well as well as a lot of these big capitalist countries. Companies came in back in the day Asia, with all the
resources and said will develop them, and we know this is was it was ok arrangement right it was it was at least a foot in the door for capitalism. And then they just nationalized the companies they experience a day in all the work you put it that way. I'm really take that back and then these Put it up so badly, which is of course, what happens. Every single time is no surprise to anyone. When they are charging like seven cents, a gallon for gas, because buying everybody off they ran out of everybody else, is money to do so, and then, where are you you're here you're in a place where people are eating literally eating dogs animals out of the zoo, people are starving lost? I think what is it? Twenty four pounds in a year on average? This is this is where drew heroin, Bush was in office. And Chavez came, and he played Fuzzy's with the Kennedys up in Massachusetts and provided free, the oil from from sip go. Yet,
Anne was giving everybody in the United States free oil because their socialist country could afford it. They were giving aid, you know propaganda but aid to us when George Bush was in office hour by hour, starving to death. Today, there's an episode of parks and Rackliff talked about before, where the Venezuelans approbation come, and I got hurt their presented as a country with so much bounty. They can understand why Americans have these crappy parks and all these terrible things why're you just doing these things. It was That's it as it was a joke, but it was presented as what people thought about the time on the left, cynicism great thing: we're just ignoring and stirring it up, because we're stuck in our ways is amazing, not that long ago yeah. Let's take Glenn Bank
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