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WAKE UP DEMS! Surging Gas Prices More Important than Jan. 6 Sham Trial | Guests: Ryan Kelley & Salena Zito | 6/10/22

2022-06-10 | 🔗

Glenn summarizes the televised Jan. 6 committee hearing, and none of it was groundbreaking information. So, what was the point of it? Reporter and columnist Salena Zito joins to discuss her article "Rhetoric vs. Realism" and the rising gas price crisis. Bill O'Reilly joins to give his weekly news recap, including the televised Jan. 6 hearing and the recent murder attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh being suppressed by the corporate media. Author and host of "YOUR WELCOME" Michael Malice joins to recap the week's news, including the murder attempt against Justice Kavanaugh. Ryan Kelley, Michigan gubernatorial candidate, was recently arrested on a Jan. 6 charge and he joins to tell his story

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When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment program, like I say so many revelations last night in the january six thing emma Jane there was produced by abc television president. Anyway, I mean why I couldn't get past all of the facts that they dropped on America. We're gonna have to go through them, because I think you're gonna find what the Democrats and liz mean found shocking. We'll do that in sixty seconds. Who prepare yourself goes its really factor. Summertime is here that beans backyard fought in the sun for many of us burgers, grill, kids, you know your family's swimming around in the pool. Perhaps the pod life threatening game of long darts, which I don't understand, but we have to we have to get out and enjoy our families, because families really all it's all it's really about. If you are dealing with aches and pains- and you just can't participate the way you want to. Please try relief factor created by doctors to help your body reduce inflammation, which is the major source of most of our pain. I take really factor every day, as I still take it three times a day. Breakfast lunch and dinner relief factor. Try the three we quick start develop freely. Ninety ninety five: it's a dollar a day like a trial back hundreds of thousands of people have ordered really factor. Seventy percent of them go onto order more month after month, it's relief factor, dotcom, call, eight hundred number for relief, eight hundred for relief relief factor dot com
feel the difference. oh my my god I was shocked, shut and horrified. Now I'm gonna be real honest with you. I'm probably one of Only conservative talk show hosts today that will, actually admit to you, I didn't watch the damn thing I'm just gonna be straight up. I mean I read all the reports and you know I watched the cliffs, but I wasn't gonna waste there, nothing new here You know all the way from you know all way from that we eat The Democrats, taking just a couple of minutes before they went into this is the clan This is this is exactly how it happened with the clan This is what I mean. This is why we fought a civil war to end this kind of stuff. This is why are our own, this, democratic are oath, says to protect,
and defend the constitution of the united states, Excuse me. I had a hard time had a hard time digesting that coming from a democrat bud, there was nothing new there. Yesterday we had dershowitz alan Dershowitz on, and he said you have to do is try. To play the prosecution, because there's nobody that day agrees that it, even in that room? There's no but they're all convey. This is a judge The lawyers ever even the the defence. Ernie! If you will the side of the defence thinks, trump is guilty as hell, and it's just the republicans are completely out of control. So You get from that. You get the agenda, you get a really boring television show
you get a lot of tweets from luke skywalker sitting there is black jammies eating popcorn, looking like ie seven hundred years old, and I am shocked a guy that works for, disney. Now. I am shocked that that guy a hollywood elite his sword. He suddenly. Against the republicans who had so. You didn't learn anything, but What should you have asked? Well, they did oof, and this is going to take you by surprise, and I I am the first to admit I was shocked to learn. there was a riot at the capital on january. Sixth- now I know I know if you didn't see it, you, you deny that, but there were some things that were happening at the capital and people were doing
they were being more than naughty. Let's put it that way, now the question I would have is Where was the intelligence? Where was the FBI. Where was the an essay we know their spying on americans all the time We know that they're all reading social media so Where was the warning? Well, let me help you out on that fbi. Intelligence warning that january six protesters might violently storm the capital target. Law makers and blockade. Democrats in tunnels was never sent to frontline police commanders and officers, buddy, quietly emailed the night before to a top aid to send majority leader, chuck shimmer, oh wait a minute.
so chuck humor knew the night before. and he knew it from fbi intelligence and we have the document to prove it. happen there. We have a failure here. communicate capital police, deputy chief sean Gallagher, email that shimmer aid. Now these Senate's a deputy sergeant at arms at nine forty p m january fyffes saying he wanted to provide you visibility to new intelligence that an fbi threat analysis centre had received from a website owner the information explicitly warns the demonstrators head detailed maps of tunnels systems around the capital frequented by law makers and their staff, and they were plotting,
to create a perimeter for potential violence and define democratic members that word where they could block early from entering the capital. In point of entry. The rioters we're talking targeting was the library of congress The owner of the websites emitted online tipp to the fbi into yo, see that actual threat operations centre stating that he has noticed a significant uptake in new visitors do his website. We ve identified numerous open source comments. dictating groups with intentions of finding the tunnel entrances and confronting and blocking members of congress wow. So what Did he do with that information? well nothing. I mean it was only one source. It was just you know the fbi, I so he didn't do it and what was he gonna do is already nine thirty everybody was asleep, you gonna get
the phone and wake people up and say hey. Maybe we should you know you know, do something and you know maybe plan for a riot. No, he didn't do that. He didn't do that. Now. There another little pesky problem here sure you have the f b. I say in that, but who trust the fbi yeah? They chuck Schumer drugs. They have the upset, so official capitol police timeline now validates trump's account. It shows Democrats seemingly being a little illogical. The pageant on raised the possibility of sending national guard troops to the. U s capital four days before january. Sixth, setting into motion a series of rejections by capitol police and democrats that after vulnerable that were left vulnerable as threats of violence were rising,
an official time line of the january six tragedy assembled by capital police, shows defense department official reached out to the capitol police deputy chief sean Gallagher on january second, to see if request for troops was forthcoming, but the author offer was quickly rejected care, carbon d, o d tax? U s? U s c b, the capital police, Sean Gallagher, protective sir miss bureau, to determine whether the, u s e p, considering the request for national guard soldiers for january sixth, The following morning, the timeline states Gallagher replies to deal dv, a text that the request for the national guard support not forthcoming at this time after consultation with the capital police ha Now this is weird. This is weird capital,
these internal emails and documents. Show information began flowing that in that there were some groups expected to attend, that we're talking on social media or fringe websites about tactics like blocking tunnels, but that It happened way way back in December, who of even remembered that the capital police was warning about this in December. He was a whole year later, Ben, Ben. You know in december of twenty twenty annie. Was January six twenty twenty one and when it happened, can you be expected to remember things that long So on january. Third, just out that's
one. Twenty one, just hours after Gallagher rejected pentagon's of initial offer, the capital police issued a new and darker security assessment. its commanders and executives and to the two: Political appointees in congress responsible for security quote dude. the tens political environment following twenty twenty election, the threat of disruptive Actions or violence cannot be ruled out supporter. of the current presidency january six. Twenty twenty one is the last opportunity to overturn the results of the presidential election. This sense of desperation and disappointment may lead to more of an incentive to become violent with twenty four hours they had. change their mind and began seeking permission from the political powers nance Policy and chuck tumor now wait a minute Wait a minute. This is january. Third, so january. Fourth,
chuck Schumer gets a briefing where they, Ask him to deploy the national guard as a preventive measure? Ha So what happened? Chuckie walkie? What happen. Nancy Wincey now they send an email out and say the request is denied for the capitol police to bring in the national guard They hissed. You know they just I need it. They're fine So that's good! That's right! really good, so this goes on over and over and over again. where were the questions yesterday It seems like if you have this amount of notice and your oath of office, and you it seriously to protect defend the car
The petition are the united states of america, and I know you nancy in shock. You love the constant, while I just hu, I dont know what it is coming over me on that I know you guys love the founding fathers in the constitution and you will do everything you can to stand up for what is right, whether that is you know, fire bombing, our cities or ignoring security concerns. You know at the capital. I know you just want the best now Gonna give Nancy Pelosi a break because maybe her husband was hammered and we face down in her pointing five thousand dollar refrigerator. just face down and all that ice cream. Anyway, are you sure.
oh my gosh. She might have been dealing with that. We don't know, we don't know now chuck humor, I can't give a break too, but Nancy, she's, been dealing with some really hard things in her in her own home You know a husband who I mean, let's be honest: he only drink Because he's married to her, I'm just saying I'm just saying. So now what was this really all about? What was is really all about. Well one thing it was really all about, and that was make sure orange man bad. make sure republicans bad. They really prove that I mean you know they did a one sided hearing. So that's one side too bad The other side was presented by Liz cheney, so
Why was this really all about? Well, I'm gonna tell you what it was, truly all about in sixty seconds. First, Let me spend just a moment telling you about the tunnel twins books. Yes, I have the pipe in my mouth right now and I'm sitting in an o draft share here in the law, a brewery, and I wanted to tell you about some one rouble books that will teach your children everything they need to know and now do it in a non snotty way which, as us not myself, I dont think I prepared taking these classics reiner make them understandable who children? Oh my gosh, they ve done it
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we ve got all the roof. Rough out looks please take ten seconds to catch our breath. So what was this really all about now? I know I'm gonna say some things that I think you're gonna find confusing your you say no way, Glenn back, that's not what it's about boy! just stupid tell you what it was really all about. Look over there squirrel Moreover, in California, where there paying eight dollars and five cents for a gallon of regular gasoline. If you want proof. Me, I'm its aid. Oh nine! You want diesel its nine dollars in nineteen sense k. That's what this about don't see what that's crazy, Oh here's, another one
yeah this summer, when you flip on a light plug in your phone or turn on the air conditioning saver? It says the washington examiner. A recent report warns that two thirds of the united states willoughby. Hi or elevated risk of power outages over the next few months. wow. Really, we might power, outages, yeah, yeah, and the federal energy regulatory commission study predicts electricity prices could skyrocket. As much as two hundred and thirty three percent? from last year's super low energy prices that task dig rides, but don't worry we are moving at such a rate. Right now, having Biden will tell you that yeah as things are tough and you know we're having to pay a lot for for fuel and energy because well
getting off of all fossil fuels by twenty thirty five, and so we've got to move in this direction. Okay, okay, so we're gonna go to wind power, which is also very reliable and solar power which pay seattle. Don't worry about it, you're totally fine, but we have to. store all of that to a battery of sorts view. renewable energy developers have delayed or scrapped several big battery projects meant to stir Electrical power on the grid scuttling plans to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar energy. At least
doesn't storage projects meant to support the growing renewable energy supplies have been postponed, cancelled or renegotiated as labour and transport bottlenecks, soaring mineral prices and competition from the electric vehicle industry crimped. supply my cautious that evil. You know that What it is. It is evil, elon, musk and tesla, who is taking and buying up the minerals and buying up all of the resources and buying up all of the batteries for is evil electric car. That, causing them now, not to be able to buy enough minerals and enough labour to be able to get those gigantic batteries out by the windmill.
Well that's what my gosh that's what's happening. This sounds like an emergency. We've got to do something. Don't you think yeah? Well, they are John Kerry says we need to shut down our coal plants at double the rate that we're currently shutting them down. So don't worry america squirrel january six. There was a riot look over there. back programme. Her eyes? My pillow My is not just my pillow to your pillow, it's all of our pillows, it's a collective pillow that we can all layer. Heads down at night and take it collective nap. Now, I slippers. they're, not just my slippers. There you're slippers to this. Slipper is my.
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calm, slash, Glenn, promo code is glad to save ten bucks an arrogant and welcome to the glare back programme. I mere congenial housed blend back. It's weird because stew and I are both wearing tee shirts on ice. I I'm telling you, I think it tells you everything you need to know about stew and about me It does. Does us do what your t shirt say there on the front of It says Nancy penalties or sucks Nancy Pelosi sucks. What is my t shirt say love thy neighbour. Yeah. I mean on the back it
It also says: unless he's Nancy Pelosi concise glad, I think that's all we need to know. We have the marching ban at the airport in salt lake city for for your arrival. This afternoon's you're gonna, come to my art, show I don't know. Why? But you want horny and on everything- I guess yeah well recently, watching a youtube. Video of of that bank see auction where they shredded the paintings and am most inspired to make a trip. You think ok cut I don't know what that means. Accepting selina Zito is with us salinas veto. Is I mean this? This is a reporter that actually gets it, because she doesn't sit around in the capital and in what in new york city, she asked He goes out and talks to people regular people, so she has her finger on the pulse better than I think anybody else in the media selina? How are you
good morning sunshine on swell? How are you It hurts I haven't, heard anybody use the word swell in quite some time and by the way selena you could find all of her work at selena, Zito, dot, com, salina, dot com is where you can go and find her work selena. I was reading an article that you did a couple of days ago the rhetoric, verses, real ism at the pump and you just had such a great handle on things. I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that, but also along with january six than this thing that happened last night. Do people care about this? you know I do. no leg, part of being a reform that software. leave it though it was happening wow until
one of my colleagues said hey, watch? the hearings tomorrow that tonight- and I said wooden earrings I've been hearing about my wife. Is it on prime time? That literally makes no sense. Unless it's going to be a spectacle, and then I mean I, I concluded that it's going to be a spectacle and I'm like spectacle. Yes, see there was produced by a guy who is produced television for abc They cut a kind of a giveaway, so Selina what is actually going on in the country as you go across and talk to individuals. What are they actually thinking about everything it's going on right now well did you think it again. People can check out everything. I do it's late, the veto dot com, but ah because I have threefold ripped off, but
no matter what your political party is the same concerned are across the board with regular phone Are they, and what do I mean by regular folks of the folks that aren't I'm involved in politics either for a profession or because they have an illness? They have to watch it all type, but you know people only here is a crime that I don't know what your gas station, which, by the way it all the time for them always on about growth! Are you don't hear someone caused added If I am a bit odd jack mainly regards club, the allies You know the average cost now to fill up an average corner is about it. two dollars. You know that takes that. I put. I put three gallons of gas in my car yesterday- three gallons annex me over eighteen dollars and a
a word that shouldn't follow. The word holy was uttered at that point, I mean your key look at that- and I thought that this is insanity insanity, how are people doing it? is what they art show. So what we're doing distorted fake pretend they're, not getting gouged. This is where we put the gatt with twenty dollars worth of their tag. The add that this is a proper weak edible. I can't get to go with you oughta, I'm not going anywhere, but it isn't. It What did there trying to not h reality? They just they just have to find a way to me. Added to reality and that's what it wanted well what did come down to, but so the other thing, is really important for people to understand to the impact of the cost of diesel, because diesel is well how we get every.
thing that we want in our hands every day whether its food there are order britain, amazon or wait there or the we and the fresh vegetables that we want from a farm or any of the energy that we need to heat our house or lighter home, all kind of is derived from diesel. So what does that mean? everything in our lives cost a lot bore because Gisela you think gas is insane. The number so is gazed up, but the other things that thing that people are really deeply concerned about is crime in in there is not just a new york, not just in chicago, not just in Washington DC, by the way, the ball The scanners are for many of those cities, it's just as a horror movie, but you know you don't see that cost true. The crime wave is in state and a wider that has to do with two years ago, starting to sort of place, police officer
There's no way over here of import. Can never again in our lives and end at the direct result. Is that the step? these are literally have their hands tied behind their back in the things that they pursue and criminals and they lived literally get away with stealing things right, underneath you doing that there are no consequences. in here and here's. Another point on this: there's a story out today: michigan county limits in person response to nine one one calls after blue going through their gas budget. So now Here we are in the middle. even in the middle, of of june and they've all, eddie blown through their gas budget. So now don't call. Jobs, because they can't come. That's
downloading. Is it those bastards the streams of crossed? So not only kid, the police, the department for the gas look here said the police out to respond are you do with the other thing? I think we really bis the significance of this, but the boy, If you know when people in the news, in particular in the news organizations that don't cover the crisis at the border, they think of it. As a sort of this re racist reaction to people of different colors or different a hip place,
is of origin come into their country and that's why they don't let them cross it illegally. That is not a. We understand that most americans understand that that is that, indeed, thrived would be american and be free. However, what is also coming across the border is crime and drugs, fentanyl best and weirdest fence, and all that coming from it's coming from china, and it goes to south america and it goes to mexico, and then it comes not just to a city but it's coming to suburbs. It's not just a white appalache, improbable betty bore the city of philadelphia. Witches majority majority has the highest rate of over those death due to fat, know it better than any other city of the country. That is now just not a white, appalache and problem. There is a problem that is affecting everyone So let me ask you: when will the or are they already? I saw some the pole numbers
with eighteen, twenty four year old adults. He said down by ms at twenty percent hispanics record lows for democrats at same with blacks, when do the american people know that this gas price. Is not because of Vladimir Putin, it is because of s g and these energy decisions that the financial sector and the Biden administration and the left have made when are they going to tie together? the food shortages and the diesel shortages and the crime. When you gonna, say enough is enough of these kinds of crazy policies, You know that approach just doesn't they know that that's funny thing. It's reminds me much authority can, when I was following
is that midterm election and the Democrats held power and and John Bain god bless him. He said the most simple thing he's a character around that said was What's that? What is this? You know, what a worry woody republic is all about. His turn around and just her whip at least said where the jobs- and it is as simple as that. that you know there is a mid term election over his stroller for a proportions that happened. I think it's eighty, ninety two or ninety four, I can't remember I did do a great well, let's just say my story is great. I did a great analysis of that midterm election. Where Democrats lost one hundred darting heat, one hundred and thirty six hope, I'm not I'm not a gig yo can go check it out. It's late, ezida, dot com, but similarities between what was happening in America and I what has happened?
In amerika now there are extraordinarily similar shall I think that all of these charts all of these gases? All of these, you knew this leans riotously glad all of them are not going to capture the about the adult the breadth of the wave, the democratic going. We all know about their just. Not they dont, understand and part of the problem is so if you go again, No, I'm sorry about delay, so please just keep grow and if you try to get her up, just keep going. Thee will finish your thought finisher that Worthington The largest part of the problem is, is that reporters
the Democrats and even republicans, don't understand how big this is because often times they're not having conversations with people in real time in their real lives and people are not always completely honest with a politician, a reporter, or especially one that from new york or DC, because they don't want their name in print because they dealt with people coming after them on social media, show, so they say nothing or the or they just shrug But if you really know people understand people which is more I do not, because I'm spectacular because I live in the middle of appalachia right. People have asserted says of trust of somebody. Shares your values and and It's gonna be monster ass. Well,. Alright selena, we need to talk again, probably next week cause. I learned so much from you and I just love your articles and
very insightful, and you you use history too, to show the parallels and I'm gonna go back, read that about the election of what was it one thousand eight hundred and ninety, which one was it Was it was grover cleveland cleveland? Second, carry a big case that mid term elections. Was it the was it the silver election the wonder, was about the end of their yes. Silver was part of them Thank you no give young area they ve got before that. Try bigger right before the year that will genetics bright red for president thirty six. Yep. Ok, thank you! So much selina. I appreciate it. You can find all of her work at selina, Zito, dot, com, Selina, Zito, dot com. If you really want to handle on what people are actually thinking that you're not seeing in mainstream media red Selena Zito back in just a minute. Our sponsor this half hour is patriot mobile today
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to employees at a mars food processing plant in pennsylvania needed to be rescued after they fell into a tank of chocolate. Yesterday,. the pair, fell waist deep into a tank at the candy giants facility in elizabethtown at who p m? now. They say the chocolate coated victims, weren't hurt, but they couldn't get out of the chocolate tank on their own? Why try? sincerely. Why try. The spokesperson for the mars candy company said we can confirm both people had been taken off site for further evaluation work. streamlining grateful for the quick work of the first responders. They came in and they found the two standing in the big pool of chocolate and they are ok. Today, little upset tommy. You know
But it's good to see good, things happening to good people, I'd like to have property, would your day be a little bit better? If you were like you got home, how was your day honey? I fell into a giant vat of chocolate. It was up to my waist. I couldn't get out for like an hour and who I couldn't eat a bite. I couldn't Bye honey so skip dinner, that's a good day. America! God bless this country. This is the line back programme. From the friday, wanted to tell you real quick. Let me just give you a quick history lesson. If you don't mind, if I may back, some time ago, your dogs grew. Great great great great grandfather was wolf and then wolves, eight other animals and people that just couldn't run fast enough, both of which were chock full of all the nutrients that that you know old,
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january, sixth, hearing as far as the populist story is concerned last night, but cabin intrusion where this loon shows up in a taxicab armed and then says he was going to kill his cabin. Ah, I mean that's pretty close to January sixth, so I think maybe it's a tie this week Well, I'd start, let's start with a january! Sixteen, let's get this over with direct. Would you think I didn't hear anything new to do worse, did you guys get a new out that no. ok. So, let's run now, what we know is cheney, hates trump. Please Cheney is a
to quote from trumpet she leaves out the last line which says: go home in peace leaves out. What's my cache? Woe. Yeah so she's a deceiver all new guy. It. no all new stuff. I dont think americans really saw any of that coming and they also pointed out that there was a riot on january. Sixth, There was nothing new here bill, yonder, What's the point, so I to a little bit of it, and then I had my staff they go over and I read all the wires and a big headline: the big headline: mom. Said, maybe hanging mike pence was good. I read if you know our trump. As I do, you suggest like that, all the time it
It has not had the feds I expected. Actually buddy, I worry through. Haven't you send grew, so we was mad. Perrier parents wouldn't do what he wanted and not certify the alert you so some people if chatting or married parents and trump turns around to who birds, I might not be a bad idea He says not like that time sorted how harry better read so, in absurd right. its serious because all of these people The committee anyway drop. With anybody who just dislikes him all hate him
And the networks we do. To put, on this thing. When they know I didn't have anything. They didn't have a thing right in order to take trump off the board for running for president again that's what this was all about, or is all about. Ok, so boo so bill living at. Let me ask you a because you been around. You are therefore the no hearings on the assassination of of lincoln and so you seen this a lot have you have you ever seen something produced, like this. This was in a b c television producer. produce. They have newsworthy hype right work for a b c, I a correspondent, as you know, I work for me
he's a correspondent under ruin. All knowledge may remember that name, it was the golden tyres abc jennings was the anchor O Reilly was one of their top correspondence and we reported the news in a fair way. Was there a liberal culture? Yes was crazy, intrusive, like it is now. No so a former abc president james goals, thin. Producers, this dog and pony. Oh, what is I tell you what I tell you my goal to use a quote from the godfather What does that tell? You tells me rebels can win. So if you don't get it now, you never gonna, get it I'm talking directly to your listeners back, you don't get what, This is now you never gonna get it cities are contrived thing, but there aren't. Odin elements to what we saw last night. If you would like to know them, yes go
So there are some on the right are diminishing the right at the capital. That is not good, and the testimony of caroline Edwards, a capitol police officer, was very compelling. then you can tell at eighteen months after this that woman is so deeply affected by what she won through, because she was on the front lines of those People who are out of control storming the capital that was the most important takeaway away from the whole night. Was a very serious act. not be diminished and somewhat wait a minute it right so but bill that not something you discovered last night or I discovered last night. Ninety five say I would say ninety lois billet speak over generous to the other side, ninety percent of americans, I don't care what
Walk of life you were when you saw that on January. Sixth, we all were lockstep go, and this is a horror show. This is god be stopped right now, so this is not a new thing. What You were trying to do. I were there, you and I absolutely were there, because I remember talking to you about it. So you and I were somehow to go on this- can happen in america and there's no, the vacation, rationalization port, but there are people commentators on radio on television who have tried to diminish its important by saying what about? the riots after George floyd and when I hear that I go now, the right you have to join the wait, wait, wait! way. I don't I don't I don't. I think, you're misinterpreting that because I will say the riots of blm and I
I mean like hey, you know this was into this. Wasn't bad, is that, although it wasn't naturally etc, etc. It's still in the very very bad category be a lamb riots worryin what I was when I say that I don't, I don't try. Dishonesty january stated as a very big deal You know I'm saying that you networks why that was self and when you said it I have to explain that we haven't. You were saying that when you hear peoples. You know no, your iceman creators, dunaway march, that are trying to take the horror away somewhat. Pointing to another horror, and I don't think that's right. That's the only point I making the hall. Of the sword. I worried riots in that its
not the same bill, because what what people are saying is there is, no justice I wanted that stopped, and I want people on January six to pay the price not over pay but not on, your pay, not when you could be a lamb riots, the the political people in the democratic party, including our vice president bay, those people out sk uses. So when I say a lot about be a lamb, I'm saying equal justice. That's what I'm saying, That is absolutely right, but that's not my point by point. Is that some commentators are using the george Floyd Hora, to diminish the horror at the cat. But I want you to know that happening. You have heard it yeah, so common. It is like you and me who honest archer
do the american people Neither situation is acceptable and then there are problems on both sides: the lack of enforcement during a vote. Lloyd riots was a scandal, a scandal That was a local state issue, the enforcement in some areas of the capital The scandal as well the difference and I'll say the same thing. The left thinks that John Donald trump- and I do too that donald trump response on that day was despicable, despair. Despicable high. They re always made diminished it. I disagree with I know what had no no you're gonna like this, that you're gonna like this
exactly what happened, because I have excellent sources who are on the scene in the white house when that was happening, and I have talked to the independently, and therefore The information that I have compiled worm and I'll write a column about on sunday on billow rarely dot. Com to me is honest, as is going to get so happened the day we shall die. And to this day sincerely believes that that election was fraudulent. that's what the man believe I can use While that belief is a right to believe that, if you want No you don't have to agree with it all right. and obviously the court's down, because it's been no successful litigation, so donald trump rings, in a belief that I got a job on the election Emily. People show up to
agree with him in washington He likes those people. Are you win so far. All young people show up drop approved. of them being in washington, that is Absolutely what happened then He gives a speech and the speech, if Listen to it does not provoke at all. It says what he believed. I don't think the election was fair. Thank you for agreeing with me, okay and let's protest, peacefully. He uses the word peacefully. We shall now loose change like overlooks guy there small segment of the million. who are militant crazy, loons storm the cap.
What did not know or want that to happen, because it hurts trump if it happens The problem then came where he didn't know what to do he's sitting watching the cable coverage of this in the network coverage watching it and fifty people, our yelling, at him to do different things I don't know whether he panicked, but he didn't know what to do, because it was his supporters, Doing this terrible thing, so he froze for an hour and forty eight minutes. That was his mistake He should have immediately went out to the front lawn and said: cease and desist.
but he this is why I said that his his behaviour for an hour and forty six minutes was despicable Hence the prisoner university railroad guy. You knows exactly what I you know. I know I was horrified and everyone, I know, was horrified yeah, Hannity was well wishes. to drop waste which taxes tribe and calling saying get off your butt and get bearing condemn this john out, he was doing ok but trump panniers, so yeah That was a severe mistake but despicable I wouldn't label at that. Our awareness, which gears to the security of our of our elected officials in the security of our supreme court,
justice. Here's a group of people that will damn donald trump for what He didn't do for an hour and forty eight minutes, and yet there something much worse, because it's not an hour and forty eight minutes. It's days and months after We ve had a threat on the supreme court justices and then somebody shows up and see policy acts like oh yeah. Well, we took care of that. No, you only took care of that because he found the police himself. and said I'm worried about my mental health, so we're gonna go with that. Bill o Reilly did too continues here in just a minute standby. First really factor pain is your body's way of letting you know that something is wrong. Most of the time. What it's trying to tell you is, you have inflammation in your joints or inflammation somewhere in your body.
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author of the book, killing the killers his latest out now new york times best seller bill, o reilly and belarus. Lee dot, so big Let's, let's look at what happened with kavanaugh this week. You probably situation, because Nancy policies stalled a piece of legislation in the house that war apply draconian penalty used to people who go to the houses of government officials to demonstrate and that? Don't let's play a little bit of that audio here and here's the audio from Nancy Pelosi. you don't like it
This is not just that of their staff and the rest. The justice general even double down a job in armed bands out the urge to write about working together on the bill that they will be able to approve, because that's what in past one. He wanted to be able to pass the senate talking about, because evidently you haven't seen what the debate is it not but what the languages the bill, but nobody isn't unbelievable because they are she's. Talking about this but she's just trying to make sure that it could get passed in the senate. They pass it it that outrageous gun bill. That is not going to pass. The Senate anyway bill your thoughts it's an excellent point back, so they,
throw a gun billion. They know is not going to pass a senate by the knocking you know put in what they believe is necessary to protect supreme. justice is another government officials. Mine you know this woman, I've said she's evil, and maybe this is overstating it, but I don't think so watching her for decades. I just think she's an evil woman, a woman it was power. Who has no respect for others with whom she disagrees, no respect what she did to trump you try to undermine him, be impeded? fiasco here about america all about. How are you know and it it makes me so she didn't go ahead. when we come back, I'm going to continue the conversation on this, because it's important weave
These these supreme court decisions coming out the next couple of weeks. It's really important. Why are they treating it this way? What's coming next, more with bill o reilly coming up the gun? The programme also we talk a little bit about the gas price, it is now over five dollars, a gallon as an average. If we just hit another record, all time high all of history. in the modern world, like ours, were cybercriminals or work in really hard to overtake your regular chris, overtake the regular criminals and be the dominant species of knuckle dragging thugs You have to be really careful and we're really not. We share our information all the time and it's not secure online. It's just not protection,
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I agree with bill O'Reilly and the biggest news stories of the week and january. Six, I don't think is the one that is penetrating most of the most of america. It might do one side or the other and cap it is a story that should be logically. All of us should care deeply about that. And there's one other story. So let me just finish up with with bill on on cavenaugh, and then I want to ask him about the other story. I think is the biggest of the week. Why Why are they So uninterested in protecting and slowing these people down, because I don't think it's just about riots just about marches there is no precedent of a supreme court justice before something is released being killed.
You have Antonin Scalia who died and then his vote didn't count after his death. So you, don't know what the president would be are they that nefarious more than a fairy s mean these people, who are pro abortion, a violent in a segment of the population is violent. I you know the media ignored the fire bombing of a clinic in buffalo this week were eleven right. Female medical people were simply. Advising for free, poor women who are pregnant and part the agenda. They have is adoption, but they also of abortion. Okay, that was fire bomb by this gene outfit which to credit ford, got no coverage at all. Imagine if a parenthood clinic was fire bombed, it would be fun.
Page lead on all news. Ah, and this is what I all the suppression of the news, so. There is an element in the press. abortion world that violence, You know, bite scream and white supremacy, bright, supremacy, extremism, merrick, and why is this? Not extremism? Is this not the same or worse so oh yeah, eliminating europe aren't dream, me? Let me ask you bill: The why won't they release these things early? They should just release them. That would help and Second is I I believe they know who the mole is and they're not gonna, do it until the last day of the court, if they use, if they say it out loud by if they find them all. They gonna be
condemned or they to be hired by MSNBC obey the same thing: the people your upheld by the border lobby Wilson a break. I would assume, there's gonna be. In a rest, and then the people who, like the probable and people will condemn it, just ain't, it and by the way, lives cheney last night, just to deviate a little bit because we did mention is he's in my home. You know that she's through should I be re elected, Who's gonna higher back MSNBC, see in Andorra, we see and hear and see and- and I think that deals already caught- yeah yeah and so we live in an agreed. So let me tell you know that guy
we give. Let me give you the other story that I think is the biggest story, the one that everybody doesn't have to be told by the media, what to think ask price is now officially over five dollars a gallon yeah. We have blackouts in California, they're up to nine dollars a gallon. The inflation numbers have come out they're way above expectations. It is eight point, three or sorry, eight point six percent, but if you could the shadow stats the way we use to measure inflation back in the nineteen eighties. That puts us down at inflation of seventeen percent highest. b I, since nineteen eighty two real wages, have been down thirteen months in a row. The government is still talking about like s, eye hike, they're talking about. Giving more money to more people. I mean you do with us. I saw you have to keep it. Reno
People don't starved to death, but Where is all this coming from and where are we headed? and Biden goes on Jimmy kimmel. It says the economy is strong, the strongest in the world yeah I mean I'm sitting there and then chemicals tried right, pray, tried and the stock market melton down back It's my own down So we are in a catastrophe economically, but happened back had to happen, because this is the death now of the progressive movement, you are seeing it right now, somebody in firing in several years ago was the There's one but americans care at all about your family. your children, yours security. If you care at all you've got
No. This is the progressive laugh, it vitally period that putin, did not do it. I'm so angry. I I know I know. I hope that people here that message and and no it What do we do about you and I, How do we? I would do it? I would do it oh yeah, I tell you the is the the really the most incredible thing is that they are saying it a leaders groups and their hinting at it on television. You know hey, we gotta go through this pain to get off of of dirty energy, but it is all coming undone and and bill, I this I fear that we are dealing. With a cornered animal
They know this is falling apart and who ever tax over it. First, Stop it back here. He's got I worry that lets say that the Republicans get in that a there. Now smart enough to figure out. What's really going on this, can thing is he'll start doing it through executive order, cause he's doing it all through his administration and congress is not going to have the guts to cut off the money. I hope they do. They control the purse. strings, start grabbing their power back but they're going to do this through executive fiat and in whoever tries to stop them. These guys have nothing to lose any more. Nothing we're lucky awhile, but people remember the trump economy they remember the one point: four percent inflation rate under tromp and now
You pointed out it's in the teens. They remember and you know, is going to lead the way to destroy the progressive movement. He knows, gonna leave the way hispanic boulders his spam, if voters, are going to turn en masse against the Democrats. Because, most Hispanic americans are hard working people we now being put in a snake because they, the pay three times. This much for gas and food and they know it. I'm gonna guy white, now back cotton, my lord, he's a hard working guy and he's. hammered and his Americans are going as hard against the democratic party with a you already that we have Never seen- and that is the and of the progressive moment. It just go
be cambridge Massachusetts. Oakland I warn you and your right that bite me so bad, so bad that it gonna take longer for us to recover, but people are not going to forget. I will tell you build it. I just want to echo your sentiments about hispanics. I had a guy who, when I was redoing my house, he watch me paint and I would watch him lay floors and we had this conversation about how every passion really is art form. If you look at what you do is an art form. It's different In the end he said I said I e we can't get. People who are americans to do hard work anymore. Any said brother! I'm first generation. My son doesn't want to do this
he said so, it's it's all the same. When you have luxury, they want to go and do something else. That's That's why we need immigration. We immigration and we need to foster that and we need to foster a work ethic from our children where it is fathers day next weekend, bill o Reilly has its new book out. I want to give you a chance to plug your new book for fathers day. But I want also people to consider your book great reset and then by my book, killing the killers disfigured organs, terrorists and present both blocks to dad That's not deserve thank you for your notice, it if you go to bill, o dot com and you by killing the killers Roma's we'll give you killing the mob free and this is actually true. I told my staff we do in this, because people gettin hammered the cash, is tight. So let's make easier for far
thursday and as we know it and then, if you put great reset in there- and this is this- is important mac you give dad three books now say dad is annoying. Dont really wanna hear a lot that you given the three book than he's out of the box for two weeks, oh yeah, it's easy to ask if you look at the actual dad, will like three books. But if you don't like my dad, will be quiet for awhile bill, o reilly from billow riley dotcom, we'll talk again next week bill. Thank you so much I mean by that alright, let's see by the way Michael malice. Coming up next hour, when so much really great stuff, that you don't want to miss as close out the weak aright sponsor, this half hour is legacy box lake.
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and I told him just finishing- that a real I'm an hour away before my next event is the art show this weekend in park. City park, city, fine art and he's got butterflies. I just got the same feeling I had last year, cheese, I dont know if anybody is coming- and you know any of this stuff, gonna sell and its it's so weird to be to do. something that you're. Not known for doing and yours, you know I am by far the most talented artists that will be there in the swedish media hide others anti. Definitely a grimbsy. Do will be there, while a single and you wonder if anyone's gonna come- and you know I will be there and that's in a really what friends are for when you are feeling stress, and tension and you're nervous about something big and important in your life. You want to have someone like me
to make sure I can come for you and me you feel, is as good as possible. One mock me, I know what's coming through, we have worked together for twenty one. Twenty five years. I got it. I got it. I know exactly what you are going to bring to the event. I don't that's what you're not going into the gallery. That's the problem lucky, if any one walks through the front door after you ve been there. I think it can be its actual excited. I ve never seen one of your shows like this before. I am really excited to see it, and I know that you now these are the these p and unfortunately you actually have become a really good painter, which is annoying to me, because I would much rather mock you for being terrible at it, but the with these things have become very they're, very valuable and they go for these high prices. Not everyone can afford them, though I know you have some options for people to get prints and stuff of them, but it's like
With what s interesting about this? Is people come in? They buy these paintings, and then this goes to preserve history. I you know that all the stuff that you wind up showing people these doc, It's these paint these paintings that some of the left, to destroy. This is how our preserving them- and you know your work- is going wrong. I just I just bought that painting of george Washington, that was up in the portland museum, very, very famous painting by Rembrandt Peale. I bought it.
to preserve it. The fall of the paintings, if all of them solve this weekend, won't cover that one artifact and that's what funds these and, along with the money that my wife yells at me about so help us preserve american history. Why? the
when you are about to here- is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. The program
hello, america, it's friday and America's favorite anarchist, Michael malice, to talk to us about guns and what's happening in the supreme court and sixty seconds? But first let me tell you about rough, green, sometimes being good dog owner means realising that your dog isn't given all the things he or she needs in the food that you feed them, that dry People dog food, its. It has almost no nutritional value whatsoever. He does he believe it or not. It may be worse than a mcdonald's hamburger you now you can set a hamburger up on a shelf and as long as there's no catch up, I will, ever mould yeah does there, nothin alive and They'Re- not nothing so
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really know of its america's favorite anarchists, because I don't know how many anarchists there are. You know in the running about Michael, is my favorite in august and the host of your welcome great great pod, asked you can find wherever you get your podcasts or michael malice com. Michael. How are you, sir? I am absolutely fantastic good morning to you so the biggest story of the week, for you was what well there's a few things, but certainly the attempt on bread, cabinets life and the fact that It has been set up on the rug by the corporate press. especially in the context of a centre Schuman comments about. You know that there's gonna be consequences for their behaviour. It's just amazing and you and I talk about this constantly how over narratives just switch off and on when it suits the purposes of the
in and when it doesn't a pale and very famously you know, assuming the new york times, because they alluded to the fact that she used language like cross there's a metaphor to encourage people to to shoot at rob s. Congress good moment gap giffords was shot as yet it later and not as a concept, but here there's a kind of a dynamic, her connection, a new york times, as puts it on page eight, twenty and remember here's the thing I won't people new york times and age? A one above the fold which is the best real estate, had an article about some kid from west virginia. Why, Spanish appear videos and then became radicalized and then became on radicalized. So that's why the centre Supreme court, just this life, endanger a twenty. I've never seen anything like it, Michael and you know I think, that's why the january six hearings fall so flat because they are trying to make this mountain out of this, and I think, if they would have reacted
logically cause. I think everybody was outraged by that they would have real. Did logically and in that and consistently like their acting now with january, six would be a lamb. I don't want anybody to sir serve more jail time or as jail time. I want them serve the jail time they deserve, if any, if there breaking the law and there's no credibility on this january six thing, except for the left, because their narrative, it's what they want and thinking other side is saying: look you have no credibility at all, because you are not only dismissing be alarmed, you ve also this week dismissed a threat, on cavenaugh life. I think they're freaking out going into the mid terms, because their very little things to run on I'm specifically showing my age and remembering very vividly in two thousand six, when Elizabeth dull, who had been senator at the time was
head of the republican Senate committee and she was arguing for why they should people shrill republican. In the mid terms and her argument, sickly was well george. W Bush kept a safe that nothing else to really run on and not only where they wiped out, and you know that off your election, she herself lost her seat. This was there last win. This was the asked, oh, my god, the writer terrible. You know UKIP, what what can you put on republicans or can serve as a model of the right wing in flight and what's going on in schools, Ukraine go down the list of news now. You might say this is implied by the swell that sort of self worth, but you can't blame on and Kevin Mccarthy earth, You know miss connell any these things, so I think they're panicking. I think november is far closer than people real. Eyes, and I don't think they know what else to do. we're toda, Michael malice, who is an anarchist, but he's not like a black block. You know, I'm gonna go take a club in the streets and burned down cities.
and it's why we get along. We disagreed on things politically, but a lot of things we agree on, but we both disagree with violence, and I do have that right. Right, Michael, oh, absolutely, yeah you're entitled to whatever, we're gonna get I just how I could go desiring when a major and The Thing you know, anarchists from the left that are violent, and they are they are the strange- they call themselves and are the anarchists, but they are actually more communistic in their in their viewpoints, and I'm afraid, Michael, that those people have nothing to lose. They ve ever been this close, and this election period and after the election. If, if I can't have it. No one will.
am I a misguided? Yes, I would say that so because I would say, if you can the damage that all of anti for and the black black people could do, if they had their druthers? If you compare that to what the federal government and state governments have been doing to peaceful since for the last two years, Doing now, and other countries around the world of busy lockdown quarantines? Will you have the floor? and safer- would never as hell have the power till the justice department to invest your parents as domestic terrorists? So I think you know either if they had sought Wheat machine guns, it was so never come close to the systemic damage. That's done by them. The government and the agencies, like the new york times, mind you so I I agree with you, however, maybe at this level of new ones, I'm I, I don't know how exactly to say this, but I There are anarchists marxists revolutionaries in
the government and though so the ones I more afraid of it, because they will use people like the black blocks to create and be alarmed to create problems on the streets by They will only use it to in Hence their power cut cause. chaos, cause all kinds of emergencies that only the real government, can fix and so they'll step in with our answer that What really frightens me- and historically been room for this but I would point out that it was, I believe, in or have the summer of two thousand and fourteen when there were the rioting in ferguson and is a Because of this, the republicans got bigger congressional majority said they've had had since nineteen forty six, I believe so. Yes, it's always the case that the federal it is more than happy to have unrest in the streets, because that is, great excuse to you know, got two peoples
and things like that. You know: I'd have all sorts of infringements and liberties, because it's something taught since were kids. That is bad people doing things somewhere. Therefore, it means You personally are going to have to you know, enjoined restrictions on your freedoms as a complete lie, but that is the claim that were taught. from a very young age. So Michael, other thought here, I'm I own a ranch in the mountains and I'm on it right now and every bit of energy is. Being created by solar and wind power right now. We are be very careful and it is cost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it, no No regular person could ever afford anything like this. It's way too expensive it's not practical. You can't really live the life that you are used to, but it's hundred percent green and everything else, and I
that I had a choice of running power lines here. it would have cost me a lot less, but I chose not to take those power lines. I care about The environment or about independence. And I believe, I'm a good steward of this land and the animals on it. Now. there is a split between people who believe in green energy. Believe in you know, let's help the planet, be, let's be good citizens those who are anti human and the the push for green with this administration is I believe Anti human. They will destroy all of society for our goals are people on the left. making up at all on seeing hate you gas price, which is going to destroy your
economy and our economy is happening because of the green new deal in the bill back better in the e s g stuff, I I no not at all, and I think people on the right are oblivious to this as well. I would point out that Margaret thatcher was the one who introduced the warming into the uk, Barry Goldwater, who's in us as consumers, when you can get. It was wonderful people in politics to start talking about environmentalism. So this well. This is why it's a smart move for the Democrats and and when europe, the green parties are getting ascension as the social democrats Labour party's respectively are losing power. Parliament's, because this is something where there is broad political consensus, the people more seeking power, dont care about tat people they don't care about the environment, they don't care about blm they care about what four tool is the at their disposal but they can use as a ladder to increase, their power to maintain their power. So as long as there is a concern by partisan consensus on any given
should that will be leverage as an excuse to increase the state at the expense of the common person. I heard a speech given by no can't remember his name is the the ensuring that the left loves. He said you know with the world economic forum, he wrote homo homo sapiens I just heard a speech he gave where he said I'm played on Monday. He said, and I quote, the real issue here is How we're going to deal with all of these useless humans And his suggestion was drugs and video games, because the future that they are creating right now I agree with him. What we're gonna have problems, but I dont look at people is useless humans and
the problem I mean you can believe in. You know really taking care of the earth, and you can do it better than I can that's fine, but is there a point to where those people in society to see this as anti human and dangerous Is there a breaking point, or I agree with you completely that a lot of people are humans are useless. I will quote hl mencken the great journalists of the early twentieth century, where he said the existence of most human beings is of absolutely no significance to history to human progress. They live in eyes anonymously and his nearly uselessly as so many bull frogs and the house flies. Anyone can vote any mall. Your faster place in, and the people around them, or just especially the cashiers are worse than useless, but that does not end there, but the thing is the only way we can wait. Let me I won't let you don't district Disagree that brave new world is a lot closer to reality than nineteen. Eighty four, yes
you did you disagree? I actually think they play into each other no I think brave new world is exactly reality and I think it eventually turns you have to have a cage for some, so it I think it's a hybrid. In the end, it will be a hybrid of the two, but but the way corporate media monopoly its people isn't through. Yes, threats of violence is due pleasure. What the guerrillas Matthew mokanna here at the white house, telling people their guns, because people know him as an actor and therefore there you know emotionally allow us you, young, cancelled what he has to say: it's complete deception, and but that is function of how things work as opposed to threats. Far more than the threats right, by the way. That's that's only half the story yesterday. If you know this yesterday, I told the real reason why he was at the white house. guy, who spent a million dollars the hollywood lawyer spent a million dollars to bail out hunter Biden,
is the guy who represents matthew, mokanna, hay and the issue call came in from the lawyer, two hundred to the white house and guess who's there speaking. The press, Michael thing he's so much any good plans for the weekend in an anarchist world. What would our those plans? I finally got? finally became an american and bought lifers gun this week. So it's a lovely messiah from israeli weapons industry, so I will be going out and practising Second, amendment rights: they are good, You, I think everybody everyone should a gun- and here is the reason- the government is getting more and more dangerous and you I don't have any you read this in Michigan, the police, yes, now have run out of gas money in the bank, it. So you call nine one one. You have to really prove that they should come Incredible that this. Actually
as usual. I agree with you on the first resolution under your amen, yet Thank you. Michael malice, amen, talk to you next week, Michael malice host of your welcome, follow him michael malice, dot, com or wherever you get your podcast back in just a minute with more limited about tunnel the towers foundation. I really I truly believe that- and I think I talk about this yesterday that we we have to be people of Merit- if we are going to deserve divine providence and protection, then we have to actually engage in good things, swine it's so important that we stop abortion, and we do it in a peaceful way and we are, we are seeing their helping rebuilding especially some of these clinics that are being firebombed. We to love our neighbour.
Help our neighbour and let all the other nonsense be done. If somebody else lettuce, work like Christ would work, we could sit here and bitch about the v. A the binding ministration has caught the v, a budget signal, currently because they needed more doctors at the border. For all of the new definitely not illegal immigrants. So are harder vets in our vs hospitals getting less so people who are not citizens get more its insanity. So we a bitch about and we can remember it at the voting booth. But what do we do for our veterans? Let's do it ourselves tunnel to towers foundation is a fantastic organization started after nine eleven. They take care of america's first responders and our military service members that don't come home. The first thing they do if they ve left anybody behind they.
at their mortgage is taken away, so the stress of that is lifted off of the family. The second, They do and it's all because of people like you, they build smart homes for severely injured people that, if I have done edge themselves in our service and for those vets who are living on the streets and theirs and be more and more of them, operation, homebase, they're, giving two towers is giving tiny homes to homeless veterans. It's the right thing to do. It is the saying that I think will find favour in the eyes of god. I love tunnel to towers tee to t is where you will find them tee. The number to tee tunnel. the towers dot com or dot org. I want you to go there now tt dot, org, and don't eighty, if you can eleven dollars a month but donate what were you can whatever, you can t,
Alton towers tee to tee dot org ten second station id Just looking at some of the podcast reviews, if you miss any of the shows plea, get it it on podcast and you can really help us and me. We have everything stacked against us. Anybody who does conservative stuff If you like the podcast, please give it a five star review and review it. So it's not just to give its stars if it has a review attach with it that changes the algorithm and helps new people to discover it it's hard for a show like ours that has been know doing podcast from the beginning. It's hard to get pushed up
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bold and brave and respectful and help those stuck in the darkness to see the light in a godly way. Well now, when fourteen sheila. Thank you for that reveals. That is exactly right and the file five star review that I have right now is colonel sanders. Any sidekick klux do wrap up the news like their wrapping up tasty chicken sandwiches, this one rate and review the podcast. more limited, the glen program. we are now living in a society where a person can reasonably be expected to turn his neighbour in it that person signs a show signs of being too radical. So what is too radical right now see. That's changes
and we ve already seen it changed. Twenty years ago, radicals were islamic terrorist now terrorist, our parents that asked questions in a school board meeting its these things are the scariest things we ve seen in history and they're coming our way, we are be captain of the ship, by of captain that is lost, His mind, truly lost his mind and we are all going to pay the price for it and inflation numbers just came out. It is up point inflation. If you look at the shadow stats worried about seventeen percent inflation rate, now it's just setting up your money, up your money? Please, will you do me a favor and call gold line right now, eight, six, six gold lying eight six, six gold line. Call them now, just don't buy anything just get the information on yourself directed irae or for one kay.
Sure you have money left with goldline dot. Com welcome to the Beck programme we have women drifting story that broke last night, and I want to be real honest with you. I am doing this interview, big on the advice of a friend who, I think is a real spiritual, locked in kind of guy who lives in michigan, and he says he knows our guest and he vouchers for him. I I you to do your own homework. I will do my own homework, but I want to make sure this guy has a fair hearing. Has something smells really wrong in Michigan we have ryan Kelly. He is a michigan gubernatorial candidate that
yesterday was handcuffed and arrested January six capital riot charge now at timing seems really coincidental does seem feels as though, There are real shenanigans. To put it in. The nice is possible terms, in Michigan too. straw, the g opium, anybody that stands against Whittemore let's go to ryan Kelly. Now, hello, ryan, how're, you doing good, and thanks for having me join you here today, it's a beautiful day. Where's mission, you bad, tell me what happened yesterday, So yesterday I was a I was arrested by the f b. I and the timing, as you mentioned, is not a coincidence right, as coincides with the jay six. hearings that they had yesterday along. Where did you see
The article was Joe Biden talking about. He will put his political opponents in jail and then just happened. So it's not a common evidence at all their weapon, rising the fbi against me. There are continuing this. wild goose chase england no just like. I do there not just after meter. After all, all of us that love this country that lover constitution, that they want to keep republic, in tat care they're coming for all of us,. Ok. So let me ask you some tough questions. Cause I've seen the videotape and you are yours. Standing in front of a crowd around some scaffolding and you here to be directing people into the capital. it is. Like to hear your version of this it also says that
you were among the members of the crowd that filed into the capital and banged on the door of the legislative chamber chanting. Let us in locker up You help me understand those two things so to clarify. I never entered the building must start there with that number two here there's a lot about that. I want to talk about this there's a lot of different onto the story that we want to share, but we have to wait. you go through the courts in order to bring the pieces at a story together, so you know can't make too many comments on that right now, other than you know, I never entered the building and in others, the court hearings coming up soon and will be able to share more information in regard to the full story that sure. well, I will tell you if you never entered the building, that I mean, there's half the case. The the second is ray
We have on tape doing far worse and they say re absence. Not even now even a player, not of no concern whatsoever. So how could you be of concern equal partners? can under the law right, there's no constitutional clauses in regard to that, but this was an attempt to intimidate me to intimidate my family, my wife and my six kids and to intimidate all of my supporters and I'll tell you. what glad the support base has grown thousandfold overnight, if not more, and we will not be intimidated by this. We are going to continue to move forward to win this primary and when this general election, you know this is the democratic again trying to cover up their own disastrous policies. The american people are struggling with inflation record high gas prices record high food prices baby formula shortage right now we have rising.
Time. The borders, a mass- and this is the kind of stopped at the democrats- are focused on their not focused on helping the american people their focus. These baseless claims of january sixth, and dishonest media continues to perpetuate all of this nonsense beyond their side, but you know what Glenn the american people see right through all of this nonsense and they want somebody gets going to stand up for our republic in so that support drones substantially across the entire state, at a huge group of people from all over. The state meet me out side. Yesterday after I walked out of the court house, it was incredible I just? I just can't The timing is just so obvious and there's something else, and I don't know much about it. You had five did for an candidates from the g o p that had been
disqualified because of forged signatures on the petition. What do you know about that ten candidates that we had in the re. Send those petitions signatures disqualified them it's another. Sad day in Michigan, because during the only twenty election are secretary of state joscelyn, benson directed the county clerks to not validate the thing. Just don't worry about looking at the signatures, but when it comes to all these petitions, they want to scrutinise every single signature, because it's a geo, p primary, and so you know again the dishonest secretary of state. You know she's, politically biased You want signatures should be investigated by the attorney general danin, docile is choosing to do nothing again go figure, and you know it is qualified those five candidates? You know Glenn.
A front runner in this race. Now the poles are showing ryan kelly's the front runner and in my my political opponents, they don't like that. So coming after me, because they have zero grounds to stand on an actual value that their adding to the american people and the people here of michigan. So? What is the message that we should be hearing from the people of Michigan? What is the are they? They seem to be kind of ok with what whittemore did did you not least the laughed with wooden whittemore did during cove it. I dont think you as of past any laws to make sure that doesn't happen again. What what? Where is it just the the energy and the food prices that is really hitting people or what our people actually feeling in responding to
energy prices are hitting us all. We ve shut? Not a nuclear power plant here in the state of michigan now we're looking at having rolling blackouts throughout the summer c, o o of t energy is telling people just to turn their thermostats up and shut their electricity down for their aces. and they will have the rolling black out. So it's not just the gasoline prices which are now for five dollars, a gallant. The food prices continue to rise, we have energy, issues when we are talking about. in the shot, thou line, five, which boots petroleum and other natural resources around our state. You know that the continued corporate welfare handouts? We just handed out a hundred and one million dollars to four in cash plus thirty five million dollars and property tax read it in order to same god to this day, and they just did seven hundred million touchy about two long ago shoulder their not he coming business.
Only there, just handing out big gods of money everywhere and she's, hoping that this is going to be enough. By the election and think that people will forget She responded throughout twenty twenty glad, we're not gonna forget the people have had enough how how did she justify shutting down the nuclear power plant? How is that justified and she tried to justify shutting down line five cassettes of very important pipeline. I have no idea where the justification is she's, one of the most unreasonable people that there is look, I'm a reasonable guy glad. I understand please what they want to have affordable food They want to have affordable resources such as gasoline heat. whole gas to heat their homes. they want to have the abyss the two to move around the state without threat
it's a business shut downs. They want to make sure that their electricity is going to be on. They want to have a a place where they're going to have good employment. That's free of you know so biased training? Then these other? components tat are really plaguing our state and pushing people away. He or she such an. reasonable lady. All around me, extremes with her it? Really shown- and I think that the people of Michigan you know just like with everything with the arrest- yesterday and the j six stop people are seeing through that people see through it. As well, we're ready for a change here in michigan, It's amazing to me that detroit was one of the main cities that escaped slaves and then later after the civil war, a former slaves moved up too, because they, we're safe. There was a very imaginative city. There were weren't a lot of real problems. Until the
right around the time that the Democrats took one of the greatest cities in america. Detroit and control about one thousand, nine hundred and fifty something one thousand nine hundred and sixty, and now all of a sudden all these race problems such poverty that it's it's a disaster up there just a disaster, and it's sad to watch. Happening nationwide right now. Look at the policies that Biden's and acting look at the things that we see happening around our country. What you're speaking about it happened in detroit is happening to america, democratic policies our disaster is in every way you can think of and they're they're, trying to grasp for strong political power. You know! Look it they champion on. There their little left wing groups going out and threatening the supreme court. Justice is burning down of our cities. Are the anti The blm are there.
By their very nature of the Democrats left wing political spectrum is is nothing by, but society falling apart. I look at the transgender is under their wanting to push on her children. We wanna take healthy, children and give them her blown hormone blocking medications. Now all reasonable people. Don't want this Glen. We What these, these radical, left wing extreme ideology is being pushed on, her children destroying their lives, the critical race theory pushed in our schools. Look, I'm I'm a dad! I'm a husband, six children, I'm just a regular american, I'm a reasonable guy that wants our country back. which is why I'm learning for governor and in book I make them- happen here in michigan and just like, wouldn't Detroit was leader around the nation before Democrats took over. We can Michigan
that leader to bring that idea of our republic, our constitution, freedom, prosperity back to our great country. That's what people want! That's what I bring to the table Ryan De Kelly, dot com is the web address where you can find out end and if you'd like to support ryan de kelly dot com? I look for to the explanations and your your day in court, I will tell you, I think it's I think it's sterical that in the in the state of Detroit they odd, arresting you yesterday and hauling you away in handcuffs would work this credit, I mean, I think, actually makes politician. pull numbers go up? Usually, in places like tat, right, ryan. Thank you. Thank you. So much god bless you bye, bye.
again. I don't know, I don't know the situation. He I try to ask him if he hasn't. You know he says, for political forum. Lawyer reasons he can't talk about it, but I look forward to hearing that you'll have to make your own decision and do your own research has it's hard to judge who, Ella truth and whose not any more, especially when yet can't really trust the fbi? Ok, if you're like pretty much everybody else, you probably like just to always be able to get in your car and start the engine and go about your Mary way without ever having to worry about getting car repairs, car repairs on top of gas. Hey. It's almost like will all or nothing and be happy by twenty thirty. Anyway, your car right now Cannot afford to have your car go down can't if there's a chip. What is it
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in art I don't think I'm to let him into the gallery. So he'll be out front. You know, like homeless tramp talking to well who are waiting to come in by the way it's a free event, and if you rsvp they'll, try to get you a time slot but but still be there and you don't even have to go. You see? This is better I Did I just incite violence? You did you did I'm thinking I might just set up an easel outside and paint some paintings of my own. You don't see. Who's is better. I think. Maybe you never lie we'll see later tonight, stew and will see over the weekend of become otherwise will see you back here,
Yeah we'll see you later tonight, stew and we'll see over the weekend. If you come otherwise we'll see you back here monday. Oh, a great episode coming up this this evening on blaze, tv, don't miss, is the Glenn Beck pro friday freebie.
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