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'We Are Losing Our Humanity' - 6/21/18

2018-06-21 | 🔗
Hour 1 Parent fraud at the border?...Flores vs. Reno...end family separation...sudden explained rush in 2014...Obama kept them in cages, too ...Glenn Beck's New Book: 'Addicted To Outrage'...Hands On History... on YouTube/TheBlaze ...Protesters disrupt DHS Secretary dinner ...Actor Peter Fonda advocates for kidnap and rape of president's son...'We are losing our humanity'   Hour 2  A violent cartoon from Occupy Wall Street...shallow and empty ...Noticing the growth of 'hatred'?...why do we hate each other so much right now?...politics, power, money and ratings? ...Google 'death panels' coming soon?...Socialists and Islamists working hand in hand?...CNN's act: Journalism? ...NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he's suing President Trump over border detentions   Hour 3  The state of Illinois is about to collapse...financially, nothing adds up...the fleecing habits (overreach) of all politicians, like Barack Obama and Rahm Emmanuel? Bitcoin & cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari joins the show to educate us on the bloodbath in the crypto market right now...big change coming to Bitcoin in the next year?...'massive opportunity for wealth'? ...High court rules states can force online shoppers to pay taxes ...Starbucks to close 150 more stores...backlash?

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The blaze radio network on demand. Well, all of the outer edge this week has mainly been focused on one thing: the evil trumpet Ministration and its minions, who delight in taking children from their illegal immigrant parents in throwing them all into dungeons, separate dungeons, mind you separate now that makes for a really nice and easy storyline and one The press can take their teeth indeed do because they think I this time we ve got him. The whole world is upset but the reality is a little less convenient, most or can seem to agree that separating children from their parents, even if their parents and the? U S illegally is a bad thing. I happened to agree with that, however, what, if that mom and dad are trying to keep the kids, and they're, not really their kids.
Now. I know this is hard to believe, but in today's world fraud actually happens, weather. Plenty of heart breaking stories of parent, simply seeking a chance for a better life for their children. Here in the U S, thereon are also corrupt, abusive human traffickers who profit from the. Illegal immigration, trade, and so we have to sort all of these things out because we're fine. To now, because we will not enforce our border laws So we have all these people coming across and we have to now become judge and jury on everything this week. The department of Homeland Security said that since October, twenty seventeen over over three hundred children have arrived at the border with adults aiming to be their parents, they turned out, to even be related at all. Ninety of these
Fraud. Cases came from the Rio Grande Valley alone, too. Seventeen DS, reported forty six causes of fraudulent family claims thereof. Already been won. Britain. Ninety one fraudulent cases this year alone, The homeland Security Secretary Kirsty Nielsen pointed out that this is a three hundred and fifteen percent increase the new. Four times was quick to give these family fraud cases context. By note, That they make up less then, one percent of the total number of illegal immigrant families apprehended at the southern border, o o live it's less than one percent, but we care about them its total sense from the New York Times. Remember if you're in the upper one percent, they don't care about you. If you happen to be a child who is being, taken by someone that claims to your parents, but aren't your parents, not even a relative, but it's only one percent- I guess it.
Makes sense. Thank you New York Times for being consistent. We don't care about anything, involves one percent now for the, most of us. We due care and I hate to throw this in their face, but if It means we save one child from slavery and and child trafficking. Maybe we should do something about it is any one laughed concerned about human trafficking, see the whole the really the most infuriating part of this whole conversation. This week, if you can even call it a conversation, I don't think you can. Is it sides have an angle. They can defend. And while everybody's busying busy, yelling and making their case, children are Being used and abused. What if we just tried, just tried for two seconds to love mercy.
More than we love being right. Do you think might change things just a bit It's Thursday June twenty first is the Glen Back Programme last night I did. I guess I did a chalkboard laying all of this out and I think it's really important, because nobody is giving you context on anything and if we're they have a reasonable conversation than we he D have context. Need to know what the truth is and right now I mean. Now we have Governor Cuomo. That is suing Donald Trump in the administration. Where were you before we're we're? before everybody is at each other's throats and I dont want apart. And yesterday I was so angry and I just don't that's not gonna help us.
I know history too well. This is going to destroy us so yesterday afternoon on our tv show I try just to show the facts and lay other facts if there are any thinking reasoning people available anymore, and I am now sure there are, but if there are in body whose looking for wisdom and Truth- let's start here- The media will have you believe that all of these problems began when Donald Trump was elected. Everybody else wants you to believe that these problems really started with Barrack Obama. Neither of those are true they want to say that this started twenty eighteen with the zero tolerance policy for illegal entry. Well,
That made it worse. I guess, or did it make it better? I'm not nor are we enforcing the law or not enforcing the law the law mean anything anymore? According to news, weak points, Obama kept more than double the number of children in detention centres. Then the Trump Whitehouse that's a core two Newsweek, but you're, not here that, from anyone this all start. Well The outrage is totally fake and we know this because political activists began sharing a photo of the children that were detained in these cages and at culminated on fathers. They weaken when the outrage went into a frenzy. Now these pictures, as you know, we're not real but they saw how quickly they came viral and soda
I have decided here's a hot button. We have to exploit now those picture that originally went viral. What happen those sure they went viral were from twenty fourteen. This was happening in twenty fourteen, but it's not about Barack Obama. Just like this isn't about Donald Trump. This is about border problem. And specifically about families on the border. This has been a problem spanning decades and has involved, the last four presidents we'll take my word for it. I want you to do your own homework, and I want you to look some things up. President Obama, when he was dealing with it, he said that Congress. To act, pass a bill
He pushed it off on Congress. Now that the present is unpopular with the press. They are making sure to let everybody know that only the president can fix this. That's untrue, bra Mama was right. It belongs to Congress now Here's what nobody is explaining this comes from a federal court case, settle in nineteen. Ninety seven! it was a nine year long lawsuit against the government. Bennets old, Flores versus Reno. I want you to look it up. Don't take my word for it don't take anybody's word for anything anymore. Look it up and please go to the original sources, don't go to donate I'll. Just trash me Don't go to the blaze, don't go in from a second source go to the original source.
Flores Verses Reno, as attorney General JANET Reno. She, under President Bill Clinton and the settlements stated that on a car we need minors that enter the. U S illegally must be released without unnecessary delay too. They're, a responsible party which was extended family, member or a facility, so in other words in this case in nineteen ninety seven, the supreme or mandated that it was unlike full to hold an illegal immigrant child in federal attainment facilities. Now this is really important. Why? Because If you come with your family, by law. With this law suit, that was settled by the Supreme Court a Flores verses, Reno, now eighteen. Ninety seven, you cannot hope. The children, they
to be released to a family, member or a facility- ok oh what happened well when that happened, and we started splitting families away under Clinton. George Bush I d fix this because what happened we see we seeing a rise in human trafficking with children. People would come and say yes I'm a relative and they weren't, and you started to see a number of children that were being human trafficked. You saw We'll come over the border, saying They were their parents, they would be released and the children would go to trafficking? Oh president, Bush signed It's called the Wilberforce trafficking victims, protection reactor Reservation ACT. What did that do that cod, I'd, Flores, verses, Rien, Reno, now
everything was going along? Fine, we, still separating children and families from The Clinton administration, during the Bush administration, and the Obama administration, but then there was this sudden unexplained rush to the border in twenty, fourteen well what happened all of these unaccompanied minors started rushing into the country we to detain them present. Obama put them in cages. I was there, it was awful they were not only just detaining these kids and putting them in cages. The reason why we brought food and everything else down to them is because the kind Bree wasn't prepared, they had the they didn't even know where to keep these kids.
They were wrapped in foil, blankets for awhile, yes, and that why we said we need clothing, we need pajamas, you need blankets. We need food, we need toys because these kids or coming with absolutely nothing, and they being thrown on a cement floor, sleeping under tinfoil blankets, I thought that was wrong. You did too millions in this audience new then, it was wrong. That's why you raised three million dollars, and that is Nobody, nobody on the conservative side did that No one stood up like this audience. Did you knew it was wrong then, but what happened the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals? Now this is the
crazy court in California. The most overturned court? all of american history, the night sir, court of appeals. What did they do well They decided because we had sixty eight thousand unaccompanied minors, flooding the southern border and The Obama administration, didn't know what to do. They relaxed family detentions. So what Few came across and said Europe family, you were supply, just be released. Well, the problem, but that was once you were released. Nobody was coming back for their trial. We were just adding more and more people, we didn't he. Any idea who these people were. We also had no idea if the children were being trafficked all you
the do was have some kids and say they're mine, and we had to let you go that didn't work either. As floor as verses, Reno, minors couldn't be detained, and if you think that this is U S policy, I want you to read this quote This agreement sets out a nation wide policy for the detention release and treatment of minors in the custody. Of iron S and shall supersede all previous. I S. Policies that are inconsistent with the terms of this agreement. The agreement shall become effect if upon final court approval, that's it This is a nation wide policy of what the country can and cannot do this policy and the
Strawberry surge of children flooding the border back and twenty fourteen eventually lead to the images that are now being used as images from today they weren't they were. From twenty fourteen and as I said news: weak news, weak reports that brought bomb. I had more than double the number of children in detention centres. Then current being held by the Trump administration? That's news weak! That's not me look it up for yourself. So all this anger! All of this vitriol is really coming from what it's coming for, a system constantly putting a bandaid on a major wound Our wound is we have.
A lawless border, Nobody knows what to do. As there are no laws. If you come here who need to be detained and go through a court and let the court decide, are you really truly a refugee that needs the port China, the United States or are you coming over foreign nefarious reason: are you being over, because you just a better life? If you are refugee. We need to take you in. If you want to better life? You need to go through the front door. If you are bad guy. Your coat back or your arrested, but the court system is overwhelmed. Why? Because people want it to be overwhelmed This is causing a crisis and then offering the solutions to that crisis which
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sort out where were headed as people and I've I've kind of done it! I've I've worked harder on this book that is coming out in September. I think harder than any other book of ever written and its call dumb addicted to outrage, and it it takes us through how we are being manipulated, Antonov. You saw this, but they announced yesterday that the right, controls and Botz are exploiting the family separation thing there pushing stuff out again on twitter on both sides. And just trying to stir up and get us toward anger, and we are addicted to this right now, but has this comes out. I think it's coming out in September. As this comes out. This all we're gonna, be launching a a few new initiatives and were really excited for you to come along and one of the things that we
us, launched his hands on history an hands on. History is available on our Youtube channel. The blaze Youtube Channel also oh, it is some available, if you're a subscriber to the blaze, but you find it at Youtube. Calm, slash the blaze hands on history. They run about five minutes It is the truth about history using the artifacts that we have and build a story today is is really about dreaming big inspiration, and I'm gonna be doing its available. Now at the Youtube General Youtube Dotcom, slash the blaze, but the show I'm gonna be doing a special facebook live and take it behind the scenes at our latest hands on history, episode, dream big it'll, be after this, broadcast on the blaze, Facebook page don't miss
the Washington Times discovered covered. What happened last night on the news and why it matters, if, if you don't watch that show every night, you're missing a really good round table of discussion of the news, and why we think it matters there's about five of us that to get together every night and we talk about things for about half an hour. Then we go online and if your ablaze subscriber especially last nights line episode about another fifteen minutes of the show without Turk commercial interruption in it, Sir that was really is quite intense and pretty funny. But anyway we cover the the news and try give you some context, and last night I talked about how you know any of any intellectual honesty is just dead is just dead. Can we play the audio.
If I was renamed Kirsten Nielson who we know is from Department of Homeland Security, the woman who went out and eight mexican food. That's you she's in the middle of imprisoning children. That brain them from their parents, energies, eating a baby, burritos five offensive crazy that it was it. I was so big points of that was one of their path. Wiser, I'm still well. First of all the big- saying that these are all asylum seekers will all the asylum seekers are coming from Mexico. There are coming from Guatemala and other El Salvador out of the door and the Like you're, just what lumping them in as the same I've I thought that would be something that you to criticise us for yeah, crazy areas, calling them all Mexicans all people south of you or Mexicans- is that what you're thinking, not software, that works nuts open, so she's, she's enemy taken restaurant and she's just having dinner, and here come these, Social justice warriors and they decide that they are going to wreck.
Everybody's meal, and here is the scene. Now, we are ruining your dinner. She and the language area, children apart from their family every day they want them. They sell their blankets mare along these can never be reunited with their hair and Nielson reunited with their parents or been joint and I've been no gallop, Arizona. Those kids alone, bearing pages, they argue that peanut butter on towards you. Their given who sandwiches and we still have a higher than man- is that the kind of environment you? What why your kid,
gonna warm the police will try to live in trying to give them a better life. Then why? First first of all sorts. I've heard these people before and if I can, and just I mean we are all very familiar with them now: I please play the audio from the last protest, where I saw them Garbage and that's what she is in a refuge for grounds or if we want brow so the queen of thrive, Queen up, fails weighing less than the romish fell. Well, we ve seen this. Is we ve seen this before? I was not outside a Mexican? Oh, no! No! No, but you can go ahead and bowed or if you want
and in that case she was not feeding tortillas with peanut butter on them to grounds so d I regret that I have event then, to my children. I got banana too yes, gibbeted put peanut butter banana jelly on a tortilla, frickin amazing, now had the jelly, but I'll I'll. Take your word for it. It sounds amazing and what is wrong with that? What is wrong with that, and by the way there there there feeding them sandwiches that still have ISIS, still are partly frozen, ok well wait for a couple of minutes: and they won't be frozen, any more mobility predicting the future. How do you know that it is in Texas, it's gotta, just a very short period of time and believe me, they'll, be toasting. Walk outside for eleven secondary religious Andy we live in crazy, listen to what their listen to what she is saying here. She she,
Starts with no borders, no walls. Ok! Well, I'm I'm sorry, but if you want the United States of America to prove I'd services for people which I don't I don't. I don't want the guy providing services for me for my family or any one else lie last resort services. Yes, last resort. You can talk to me about that. The open to that, but That's not what we have now you in either have no borders and no services or Are you need borders and services you cannot have both cannot have now the borders and services, because you can't afford them so which is it do you want?
a big glorious state that provides everything for every body or Do you want borders? You can't have both, but new, nor about the fact that oh borders, no walls sanctuary for all rhymes You didn't you are right. That is a very good you haven't you any oil! Is that no, it is good. I'm gonna leave that to the poetry section of our broad matter. A little later think about that. That's what they're saying is not we need. Stop separation of family? Oh by the way this is it the democratic Socialist of America by the West, which was I need to see this clip run on cable news, because finally, it felt felt honest. It was like here click on the very up upper right hand? Corner Derek, Socialists of Amerika was like because, like a lot of the sourcing, comes through their yeah, but we don't normally hear about it. It's nice to see that their actually put the name on the screen for once, but borders, no walls, sanctuary for all is not,
incense solutions to parents being ripped out of the arms of others of their parents. Child or whatever, it's the opposite. It's open borders, It's no borders, there's no walls and sanctuary for all. That means you just opening up in everybody's running across whenever they want to, and if you want At that, as an argument go ahead, but dont send on tv do the same. Since that were making these arguments, We just can't have these separations, it's just inhumane a totally different arguments in the audio you're playing. And you know it and the audio that you're playing. Can you imagine- and I don't wanna play this game- I'm tired of this game, but can you imagine, had the tea party behaved that way with when, when when what's his name, was actually running guns across the border, can you imagine if we would have interrupted his dinner. Ah, may we racism we Luna been racist, we would have been horrid. You know that
CNN order. The reporters on CNN said ass. She shouldn't be eating and a mexican restaurant, but me there's no swedish food and now Washington excuse me: excuse me you're them all. What Lincoln Mary JUICE and meatballs on the vessel that I did. I do food. How do you mean you? Gotta? Assemble furniture have again it's not on anyway. I mean this ridiculous and mocking this making joy books and light about this June. Yesterday we had not only Peter Fonda threatening the life of Baron now action had that done? Had that been done to one of Obama's kids, the it have been the greatest scandal of all time I would have said what Peter Fondest said, and I never would of I never would have to advocate
for the rape, oh, my God, a twelve year old kidnapping yet and the rape twelve year old, who have, to be. The son of the President of the United States is so far over the line of sanity than theirs. Almost no hope. If we can't agree on that not only did that happen, but another guy who was a a a volunteer for the Democrats. And worked on many democratic campaigns. His facebook pages all the Democrats. He also threatening the life and said, one congressmen I coming for your kids and I am the kidnap? Your kids keep him in a cage and kill them now he's been arrested. But what why? Why aren't? What? Where is any one calling for com.
Why are we just being ratcheted up over and over again I'll? Tell you why? Because of clicks and ratings, I could ratchet things up. I could I know how I know how to, either the american people what they want. Right now. What they want is anger towards the other side, and I could do it. I'm not because wrong for the country I've Always tried to do the right thing for the country as we have got down this road and I see us getting sick or in sicker in sicker. I have made made aware of not only my responsibilities and my feelings, but the failings of, All of us, especially those in the media. Where are they
Bull that will say: wait we have to back off from the edge here. This is bad they're, not because they see this as a way to win in this. The case any win leaves a country that half of it feels like they have lost stay focused on what we should be focused on, and that is our humanity look at how people are saying they don't care about children and we have to be human and decent. If we're going to be Americans, and so I think we should kidnap- and rape and kill the child of the president. Is nobody recognising what's happening? How can you keep your
humanity, and even miss that even just say? Well, that's just him. That's! I don't believe in that, but there is a problem. No. No our number one problem is: we are losing our humanity we are losing our love for one another and all people unless they think exactly like. You were Did we go down to the border in the first place in twenty fourteen. It was to remind us that these are not just political debates. These are people They are not just objects of a policy the Is our children and at that I'm, I said, look there's gonna come a time. When we're just gonna wanna tell Each other apart, and we must do everything we can to exercise.
Is the muscle of charity and good will and decency. That's why we went down. What we found there was worse than what we thought it still is, but let's, let's keep things in separate buckets There are those that believe on both sides v, the extra in Libertarian that says, I want no borders and they can make a case for that. Then the socialist that as I want no borders. I dont believe they can make a a intellectual case for that because It least libertarians or saying, while we're not gonna, provide stuff for everybody, and we should be free to Rome. Ok! Well, it least it intellectually consistent.
Socialists usual he turned into communists and then borders become very important. That's one argument: the other argument, is what are we doing The separation of the children, ok, we're gonna- have that. Let's look at the law it is the law say if we don't like them, Ah, then, we need Congress to act, but we can't get Congress to act because everyone in Congress as each other's throats, and no one is actually trying to solve anything. I shouldn't say that a few are, but the parties are not The parties need us at each other's throats. So, we are either going to be ponds and we are when a play into this and we are not going to recognise that Russia sees yet another opportunity and, as was revealed yesterday, are back in the game there Botz and
servers are going in and they are dividing us again trying to stir up hatred. United, we stand divided, we fall. They know it. So does the media so to the political parties. But they win in the short term by getting ratings, Or money or winning elections. Only losers. Here are us we must repair and focus on our humanity? But I see boundaries as we get excited. Peter found us New movie coming up. Let me take out twenty seventeen baby be heard more than five thousand complaints about alarm companies that puts homes security in the top ten percent of the most complained about industries, that's crazy! So what do you do to fix it? Well, you go to simply:
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Did you say: Lou Peter Fonda Movie is opening this weekend. Garral excited you're, going to see it boundaries now high. He knows no boundaries, and now he dd it's ok. They're still release it on the Sony Pictures classics was there been criticized because of these tweets are here, you gonna, get rid of the sky. Like it's kind of a minor role and we think that tweets, are abhorrent, but he's apologize for them, and you know it was pile of minors of kidnapping and threatening to find pedophile to rape, the president's son, that's a minor role. It would be unfair to the other people who little Kay Glenn, okay, so yeah. We're. Still, though, is that all right back warning. This programme is really inappropriate for anyone who just wants to engage in knee jerk anger is addicted to
rage and wants to be fed more or those who just likes sound bites and don't really actually want to lie. Sin or learn so. Look. I think we got rid of the riffraff now. Let's talk about cartoons, cartoons remember one Our tunes were happy things now a separate. What am I up to say with the first amendment, I am not Or banning any kind of speech, I do not want any kind of speech ban. I am a firm amendment absolutist, now, cartoons? Every panel oh, you know took on a tiny little journey. You remember watching reading the Sunday newspaper and that's the section that you wanted as a kid and, if you Lucky and had some silly putty and the Sunday comics you could press it on the paper and then you'd have one of those little boxes there on your silly body, and you could stretch the faces, it would carry you
Two unexplored places in understanding, comics, Scott Macleod Rights quote the comics reader ask us to join him in a silent dance of the scene and the unseen them The bull and the invisible Dance is unique. The comics, no other art form gives so much to its audience, while asking so much from them as well. This is why I think it's a mistake to see comics as a mere hybrid of the graphic arts and prose fiction. What happens between panels is kind of magic only comics can create. Quote now when that magic is manipulated or politicized it can. Devolve the art form into a baseless thing. Yes, They occupy Wall Street, publish the perfect example of lowbrow deviation from the art form a six panel approach at satire which
imitates the instructions panel found in the net cubbyhole behind the seats on aeroplanes. The cartoon is take the recent news about the immigrant children being separated from their parents after crossing the border, and it is a step by step guide on oh to murder, you s, emigrations in customs enforcement agents,. Should you have the right to do that? I guess so. Yes Should you do that? Do you have a responsibility to strain yourself? I think you do first panel shows a man shoving, an infant into a cage meant for Pomeranian, the following five, if panels, feature instructions and include pictures of a cartoonish murder. The panel's read as follows: first, one even ice agent tries to take your child at the border. Don't panic second panel pull child away as quickly as possible by force third panel gently tell your choice.
To close his or her eyes and ears. So he won't witness what you're about to do panel four grabbed the ice agent from behind and push your knife into his chest, with an upward thrust, causing the agents sternum to break five each into his chest and pull out his still beating heart. Six hold is bloody heart out for all the agents to see and tell them that the sea, fate, awaits them if they f with your child again now. Finally, Comics are nothing new, we ve been dropping safes on. You know the coyotes head forever, but mode the time they remain in the realm of invented worlds in other enough. Words not in ours, not with a reference to act, people, let alone federal agents, the mainstream media made game of crying racism every single time. A single cartoon depiction of Obama was ever printed during
this presidency, but also during his tenure as senator when the new, worker of all places face scrutiny for picking him in muslim clothing, holy cow you'd think the earth had stopped life was a minefield for political cartoonist during the Obama era this year we saw the left is outrage regarding the Simpsons character. A now. So you know apple. Who is a cartoon representation of a highly respected, though cartoonish led depicted cartoon character on a car, to show composed of cartoonish Lee depicted cartoon characters. We all remember, Charlie Hebdomadal, which, like many let's have used cartoon satire to criticise Islam. They feel the wrath an air of people unable to see the tamest representation of the prophet Mohammed. Now,
Charlie Abdo, was not doing the tamest depiction of the prophet Mohammed. It is interesting, isn't it occupied? All street publishes a cartoon that advocates murdering of federal agents and critics. Oswald told to lighten up Meanwhile, the mirrors depiction of Mohammed has resulted in riots and murders throughout the world murder riots in terror on an unprecedented scale. Now the protection of islamic comics is complex enough to have its own three. Our show so we're gonna leave that for now, although we should maybe make reference to the depiction of Barack Obama and how you, could lose your job or your position if you had depicted him in ways that the Twitter I don't know what to call them mob decide. Did they didn't like it worth mentioning the comedy.
We satirical website the onion which featured a highly offensive cartoon of all of the major religious figures except Mohammed, noting follow The publication of the image above, in which the most cherished figures from multiple religious face word depicted engaging in lascivious sex acts considerable depravity at no one was murdered, beaten or had their lives threatened Worse occupy Wall Street is free to polish that publish any cartoon that they like this is America, but We do not understand our responsibilities that go with our rights. We are going to lose them because at some point somebody's gonna say somebody has to make this stop. Although there have been several instances in which violent cartoons were ruled to have violated the yelling fire in a crowded theatre limitation of the first amendment, posting it to Twitter
is another issue, because that's not the government. I honestly do not want twitter editing. People speech either, but they Or a private company and as a private company, surely this, occupy Wall Street cartoon shoving a knife into the agents chest, so you could? open his sternum surely is a violation of its current content policy, but expire. Ryan's tells me that nothing will come of it ends I guess this commentary is and the old, goes on a school. He shot of a receipt from chick filet causes outrage and the head of twitter install apologize for it, but a cartoon
vacating. The murder of federal agents gets nothing again back to understanding comics Scott Macleod concludes today the popular with the possibilities for comics or, as they always have been endless makes offer range and versatility with all. The potential imagery of film and painting play the intimacy of the written word and told its needed just a disease are to be heard. The word to learn and the ability to see crew an awful as the Occupy Wall Street Comic is the best thing we can do is nod and look elsewhere for the hour, That will open our eyes. That will inspire us to be better people, let the law it takes draw what they want, let them stu in their own flawed double standards,
otherwise weary shallow and empty, as they are, and nothing good comes from that. So just at me went to recognise the world. We now find ourselves in growing more and more. Unlike anything, we ever would have wrecked nice ten years ago, but the best we can do is smile and keep moving forward, big As the history of mankind shows us that things are getting better, they will get This too shall pass the best way to make it pass faster, is to show the world how to hear how to learn and how to see it's Thursday June twenty first, this is the Glen program,
Florida. Enforcement officials arrested a man yesterday who alleged We called the Office of Brian Mast Brian masses, a Republican from Florida The man that was arrested had threatened to kill his kids over the media's recent hysteria over the child separation immigration policy. I believe that this is the egg Zack example the media has been looking for the media, tried to look for any time. Anyone did anything violent at all or threatened violence, because the words that were being expressed by me Bill O and others on Fox news. They blamed everything on us, but nothing. You ever came from any of that. They didn't stop them from looking, perhaps just per head
the media should look at itself now. Let me repeat, he threat to kill the congressman's kids over the media's recent hysteria over the chair held separation, immigration policy, more key is his name. He is accused of calling masts office for honey and seventy eight times alleged he's telling and in turn in the office I am going took, I'm quoting. I am going to find the congressman's kids and kill them. He can t allegedly saying if you're gonna, separate kids at the border, I'm going to kill his kids end, quote quote: don't right. A fine to me because you won't. He was arrested. Keel Julie, told investigators that he never threatened to hurt mast. Children but said At mass should be separated from his kids.
So who is he well a quick look? this social media pages, so that he is very politically active. He volunteers regularly for the Democratic Party of Martin County and has volunteered many hours for plan parenthood. According to a friend of keys, my aunt, your thought, but perhaps its unkind, is if he spend so much time, were volunteering. Time for plan parenthood. Perhaps he is used to killing children and what means less to him than it. But to you and me, but again that's unkind, mass The doll daughter in two sons there under the age of eight they are safe. Today, however, is the president's son, safe. This goes to peer Fonda. Peter Fonda suggested on twitter that we should be able to kidnap the press,
and Sun and turned him over to a child molester to be rich heatedly raped honey, a trump. Who is never getting any love or respect at all. From the media had to call secret service in report it they are on it Peter Fonda's, feel free to walk around in. Say what he wants he's. Also, Free to release a new movie this weekend Pictures is decided not to pull the movie. They say he, lays a minor role in this and he's already apologised to the first lady in the first family. Oh ok,. So why is this happening? The thing that really intrigues me on this whole business.
Is, we are missing the point We are missing something that I haven't heard: anybody talk about. We are missing one critical piece. Then, once you understand this one critical piece, we should all say a cramp. What are we doing? What we arguing about give it to you when we come back first, Let me tell you a little bit about gold line, a couple of stories here today did you see the diner? cut its outlook, a pair Blade Daimler has just come out and said there lowering their earnings potential for the year because of the time. Perhaps for U S vehicles to the chinese market, so they are now expecting that
where a g, is going to lower their earnings, because these these tariffs our going to hurt dinosaur here the United States, they dont work and in conservative has no miss for a very long time run. Reagan was for free, Trade, and I know there is an argument that you know some trade. Is is unfair in some countries. Yes, it is it is, and we need to do the best that we can but trade wars always workout horribly for everybody. All we have to do is look at history now we are looking at history and we are seeing some really disturbing trends. The stock markets are down the move. The investors are becoming panicked, because not only of the trade war, but also, more importantly, because the rising inflation. This is eating at
earth savings? inflation now is rising that their expire expecting there, I'm the FED is fine with a three percent inflation. They said to, but once it had three there our final, that too now the is what happens when you print money like we did. And the whole world did it not just ass. The whole world did it. This is before it happened in Germany. Also one of those countries was Zimbabwe, line would like you to know that history and be able to show your friends are gonna. Give you a z. Albion, ten billion dollar bill just for calling and How can one of their account executives about the benefits of old, owning gold? You have it billion dollar bill in your pocket from Zimbabwe. It's not worth anything Then again, maybe the? U S green back, isn't worth very much at some point: future as well, because its math and it always ends the same way now with
malaysian or when currency becomes worthless. Others eight instability, that is when gold skyrockets, called today and see how easy it is to own gold or silver call. Eight six, six gold line, one eight six, six goldmine, read their important risk information and find out The gold is right for you, one eight, six, six gold line or gold line, dot com, so what is it that everyone is missing? Well, what does this story that his consumed us and is caused so much hatred, have you noticed the growth of hatred in the last well. One was fathers day four days ago, have you noticed the growth of hatred in the last week, it's off the charts. So what is
all about, why do we hate each other so much right now we each other right now, because we, Led to believe that One side wants to keep children. In cages or grab and take them away from their parents. And the other side doesn't ok. Well, there's a couple of factors here, thee Republicans didn't really have a problem too much with it. Some did this audience did back in twenty. Fourteen, but I think that mainly because there was no information on it. We I mean we we rang the bell, but nobody it was really ringing. The Bell and then now as nobody showed it under Obama law. The Democrats Leave that this is something new and their come edible in that knowledge, no matter, no matter how much you,
offer to say no. No. This is a new that doesn't help. They don't want that in nation. Hey everybody wants to live in their own bubble, but when We actually look to look at it. What were asking is: should kids be taken away from parents The poor numbers are clear stay, seven, say No, we shouldn't sixty seven percent of us and said eighteen percent say yes and in at seventeen percent? I will bet you that a lion share of that seventeen percent is safe, well, wait a minute wait a minute. I dont want them to keep keep the kids in an adult prison. That's that's not really healthy So what do you do with that at seventeen percent say you know. Well, we we we, we gotta, keep someplace cause I dont want them released out into the wild goose. Who do you know? Where do they go?
sixty seven percent those when their ass do you want to continue or should we abolish this practice of keeping them separate from their parents? eighty per cent say Abolish it so I ask you: what is it that were arguing about? What is it besides politics power, money and ratings What is it we hate each other about this as the Glen that programme, want to go over when I go over a couple of over a couple pieces here that I think are important last night eight you know, can we play the? Can we please play thee?
protestors? a Nielson the woman who was out it's for the age S and she was out having dinner and a mexican restaurant, and the democratic, socialist and antiphon disrupted everybody's meal? To do this, now You no border no laws migratory, sheltered apart from their family every day by day, Blankets marathon can never be reunited with their parents we have with yesterday CNN, you know, talk a little bit about
This, no nothing has really happened to these people at all. Noble really speaking out against them and on an avowed euro. Who is a, I believe, a republican aghast. However, that means anymore, sheep, tweet, she's from CNN? Are there no norwegian restaurants in Washington DC? Byron, York, road appeal no authorities intervene to stop abolish ice antiphon harassing the DS security secretary, DC restaurant last night, meanwhile C and ends on anti viral suggest Nielsen afford a native should stick to our own ethnicity in choosing restaurants, I they respond first of all, Thank you, Byron, I asked CNN and out of own, can you stop minimizing what is happening here? every word, for instance, target as a threat.
As something that needed to stop just six years ago. Every single word was a dog whistle for racism or violence. Now, This happens p her Fonda threatens the president's child, their guy in Florida, threatens the life of a congressman's children and you're, making jokes. Intellectual honesty and integrity. That is our main problem. Today there is no intellectual, honesty or integrity. Everyone just once to win for their side and and winning now is even morphing into just rip the other side apart ass. To make him pay. I got it a tweet response at twitter response from somebody who said really your telling people to calm down the guy, who
wreaked everybody out with FEMA camps, death panels in world war. Three: okay! Well, let's to take those forceful FEMA camps, we dismantled the theme of camps- and I dont mean physical FEMA camps because they never existed. We d until the lie about FEMA camps, I debunked those. I know everybody says I promoted them. No idee bunked, those with popular mechanics also. Debunked the nine eleven conspiracy theory with popular mechanics when it comes to death panels, Well. I just like to remind you of Charlie Guard and Alfie Evans and the case here with a guy who could actually speak and was actually able communicate saying no, don't unplugged me I'm alive, but hospital decided that his life wasn't worth it. That is a death panel. The worth of the beginning of that. Let me just give you this article today Google's Artificial intelligence can now predict your death with ninety
Percent accuracy it now shows it will earn a warning. Each person will earn, earn an early warning score. It will be used in hospitals. Ay. I will be able to protect, predict mortality twenty four hours after admission with ninety five percent accuracy or whether you think that means that means, don't argue with me, Of algorithm, the Google algorithm says you: dont have a chance to live, so no help for you. That is a death panel. I stand by that and work or three he specifically mentioned in his tweet that I say that is lobbyists and, and those who are part of and too far and the communists and the The socialist will all work together, not coordinated, but two chaos to the world, you can't see that Kay.
As is happening in the world right now. What what? What just happened here at the at the restaurant is that not chaos, Is that not promoting hate is that Something that you think we should be doing is that something done by. I dont know in his lost no. A socialist? Yes, Antiphon, yes, is that making us healthier That brings us to a place where we're at each other's throats. How what's the socialists and the Islamic working hand in hand on the israeli border? It is happening. I'm sorry that we haven't had World WAR three yet but Mark I words. If we don't turn around, it is coming. It is coming The last thing is what difference I dont care. What you did in the past? I really don't
and you be consistent to get today. For instance, let me show you something that Brick Baldwin said no, I don't have praise for brick Baldwin very often, but it is as if she got a clue yesterday. Right Baldwin. Has been part of this region of the media. That is just trying to make this into something that Donald Trump has done. No, it's under Clinton it went to Bush, then it went Obama he had more people in these those those those blankets, those silver, foil, blankets. Those pictures are, Oh Obama's term. And now Trump has you could say, made the situation worse. How? by following the law, this isn't something that he is doing, because he hates Mexicans or anything else he's enforcing the law. That means because of
Supreme Court, you cannot keep the children with their parents. So what do you do? Well, we are supposed to go to Congress and work it out, but nobody in Congo once do. Why does nobody and hunger swan too because they have a winning issue? Why do they have a winning issue? Because the price sees away to hurt the other side not to solve it. Nobody cares about these kids. Make no mistake, you might care about those kids. I care about those kids. But nobody really cares about them, what they care about, is the next election, the fundraiser the ratings, that's what they care about. Because we rarely see things like we saw from Brook Baldwin yesterday, which is in turn actual integrity. Listen to Baldwin as she a democratic senator! Where were you in twenty fourteen last?
How many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages and the thermal blankets and the facilities housing? These kids they were all there. In twenty fourteen, under President Obama and my question to you, Senator Baldwin is: do you speak up against them, then out on this issue and that we will see get into moment where we're making progress. When it I've. When it stalls running, we turn around. I think we need to continue to be focused on it and press it through with the american people, need confidence, stock and solve Ok, so we know who as intellectual integrity. Here I have to give Craig to where credit is due Bruce Baldwin, she, the intellectual integrity. She as somebody who is complaining about it. She knows that this has been going on for a long time. Where were you, then she the question question is not answered. She didn't it
Spectre, you see she wasn't prepared for it. You didn't expect anybody in the media to actually say that, so she wasn't me prepared for it. Well, I you know weep move for word and then, when we stop we, Am I on with Fox NEWS what happened here? intellectual honesty and integrity. It it allows you to sleep at night, really, does you don't have to think what you have to say, because your can distant. However, it does require intellectual honesty and integrity. Does choir you to compare. What you're saying about one subject? Not? to yourself in the past, but also on other subjects, for instance the woman who was screaming there at Nielsen Machine, screaming about how horrible it is to take. His children and Ripley Apart from their parents, these children have,
no chance of making it now. Are you saying the same thing about plan parenthood? No, because that's a choice. Ok, all right, I disagree with you, but I'll give that to you how about what and plan parenthood was taking these children and they Or cutting them up and again, The law selling them for Bob there. Body parts did you have a problem with organ harvesting is clearly against the law. The answer is no Will you play one more? This is this is Governor Cuomo, who is now suing tromp for border detentions, and I want you to listen to this carefully quickly, explain the basis of your lawsuit against the Trump administration? those travelling revolving go buffalo. The
basis of the lawsuit is very simple: it is a violation of the due process of the parents and of the children, our federal constant. Ocean provides due process rights. To citizens and non citizens on document that people want The fundamental rights is apparent right to care custody in control of their child stop and that has been violated. Stop so he is very upset because parents have a right to care and custody of their children? Ok, let's go, let's start but Let's go back to due process. You gonna fix this. Here's easy way to fix it. Tat crews has the fix. All we have to do is a point I think it's we have two hundred and some judges that are on this. We need about eight hundred judges to be able to handle the influx that way. In turn these things around in. In the end two weeks. Everybody
then fourteen days will know whether you have asylum here. If you have to go home, we also have to know if these really are your children or not, we can do that we have to do is higher more judges. We can do that. They're ready to do that. All the to do is vote on it in Congress know nobody a vote on it in Congress. Why? Because it stopped the argument of due process. Well. Here's the governor saying that that's what the problem is due process this problem, is he says that the right to the parents being violated, he's stages, can't come in and take your kids. You have to the care you have a right due to the key? your children with you really governor, really freely Where are you were Where were you were you fighting for adjusting peltier? Were you fighting for that girl
Are you fighting for the children that are being taken and there The parental rights are being taken by hospitals? Are you on the front line. Speaking out about Charlie Guard and Alfie Evans. Were you on the front lines of that saying? Look. These are parental rights and I know it's another country, but- are going to be facing these same kinds of issues, because we are moving to a socialized healthcare system here and we need to answer those issues. The state cannot take the right the parents away. So the problem is when you're, just when you're just trying to win its great eat you, You don't have to think about any of those things but when you want to have intellectual integrity, you must compare what you're saying here. Does this opinion work with all your other stances any. If therein,
conflict, then one of your stances is correct. That is what we all need, to do, and no one in the media or in Washington are willing to do it. The question is Will you do the hard work? to save our nation. Sorrels, maybe a sign that more institutional investors are starting to get interested in crypto currency, venture capitalists founded by the Rockefeller family, then rock getting into criminals now Rockefellers have rumoured net worth of a trillion dollars holy cow and thereby into their big into early tack through Van Rock Apple, entailed and made a lot of money, a lot of we're getting into crypto currency and a lot of people are freaking out because it's taken a bath. Well, that's why
got together with ticket to worry. He is with the Palm Beach letter and he has an awful lot of credibility if I felt really bad form. Was a review in some Crypto Magaziner Crypto online thing that was talking about the Smart Crypto course that were offering they it's getting good reviews and it's really good and useful. The oil problem with it is Glenn back he's. You know, he's a conspiracy theory, so he hurts the crypto world. I'll! Look! Ok, sorry about that Tita! I don't have anything to do with this other than I asked he could have put it together: Smart Crypto course, dot com, if you would like to know what a chain really is about how criminals work why it is the future. What's her, Many of you have money. What's happening. Smart crypto corps dot com or call eight seven, seven. Seventy seven l back eight, seven, seven Pd L back. I will tell you that I asked you to come on today because
of what's happening with crypto currencies last week I was talking to him and he was he happened to be here, and I said: ok can you can you? tell me because I'm freaking out a little bit and he said don't We spent about twenty minutes talking about it and I felt a lot better cause. I had real information. I want you to You're his conversation he'll be coming up in about ten or fifteen minutes from now, but courses available online now at Smart Crypto course, dot com or It seven, seven p b. L back gland back where we started a new video series that we would love for you to share with all of your friends. It is called hands on history, its available on Youtube on the blaze channel. It's really go there run about five minutes long and it is. It is us explaining a principle using many objects from our museum vaults here of history, and we show you what happened in history and today
pursued is about dreaming big right after this radio show in about an hour from now we're gonna go on Facebook on the blaze channel for Facebook, we're gonna go live and every time you share the newest episode on Facebook for hands on history. You register to win, assign copy of my book dreamers, savers back after the shooting back. I just want to talk to really body me body who is it would just this sit down and fix reason to her seat here for just a second and not play politics, an all out, progressive think that Obama's you know the Obama's are, you know a gift to the world, but I think they are it is kind of a metaphorical kind of gift it doesn't. It then too helpful, tangible things like saving taxpayer Money Illinois now has approved two hundred and twenty four million dollars to pay for street and transportation upgrades around the planned site of the above
a presidential centre now ash is that the Illinois taxpayers gonna have to cover two hundred million dollars of that cost for presidential museum? Ok, the people have to decide, It is that worth it or not. It could bring visitors in it. Could you know help business is all around it may not. But that's up for the tax players to decide and taxpayers should check their bank account first, eight years, multiplying the national debt wasn't enough for Barack Obama look where we are now. But fleecing habits with all politicians, are they die hard? another two hundred million. Especially when you ve got a tribute or a presidential museum to pay for its all Alan good and every state can decide to do what they want. However, America we are going to actually be on the hook when Ellen a collapses, because Illinois
not even fund its own pension system. The state has a one hundred and thirty seven billion dollar funding shortfall. That means that every person s a person in Illinois owes eleven thousand dollars for pension. And there is no plan to fix the mass. So what's another two hundred million. Unless Illinois progressives have discovered a new kind of math, it doesn't add up, you can't on the pensions, but you gotta figure out a way to milk, the public for another, two hundred million dollars to cover the cost of a library hard to imagine who, in their right mind, would think this will be money well spent, except for maybe The mayor of Chicago the former Obama cheat
staff Rama Manual, who said quote the States investment in infrastructure improvements near the Obama Centre on the south side of Chicago? Is money well spent? Well, if it is, then the city of Chicago should do it and not the state of Illinois. The spent it has already been signed into long, even though the Obama Library hasn't received construction approval, yet part of the hold up is it. The first post site is on public land in historic Jackson Park. Not very progressive. I mean it's a historic district and Jackson Park, but you know for some president's we'll go the extra mile so presidential overreach last longer than others and this precedent has over reached that is gonna last a long time as long as the citizens decide to keep paying more money. Here's the thing about:
taxing the peasants so the king and build a fancy monument to himself it's wrong. It's fleetly unnecessary. If the sick- can show that it will actually increase income, make the case and let the vote where's decide, but you We'll have to be really clear with the voters that you are hundreds of billions of dollars in debt with no way out the Obama, have the richest friends on the planet. They could fund this entire project in their sleep, the world, simply must have a tricked out Obama, museum. Good. Then do what we do in Texas. Let private citizens take. Their wallets vault terribly as the Mercury Room Museum proved just this week and it is possible to build and exhibit with,
amazing artifacts that can attract a ton of visitors, don't cost the taxpayers a single, thin dime, it's Thursday twenty first. This is the Glen that programme. So, a long ago was is still a few months back. We have take a two hour. He come in these from the Palm Beach letter and we asked him to come because we are investors do, and I are just you know: amateur investors in crypto currencies and the things were starting to get a little dicey and we're like ok, We need to figure some of the stuff out, as we talk, and a teacher. He is he's really good at explaining things and he's one of the long term experts on this and has made people very, very wealthy, crypto currencies, and so we we had him bill
day, I'm smart Crypto course for us disclosure, he is an advertiser on that but he's also a guy- that we asked to build that for you, because we thought that we needed it. I'm sure other people do its currently getting you know four out of five stars by like ninety five percent of the people are ninety seven percent of the people who are using it. It's really amazing he's really good teacher he's on with us now hello ticket how're you doing great? thanks rapidly on the shelf you're? So just give me a little bit of the background, so the audience knows you know that you have some credibility in this the sure she might. My background is usually from Wall Street. I started working for Lehman brothers when I was eighteen with the youngest brokering the firms history. When I was twenty, I became the youngest bp and firms history so did that for a number of years and started it this fund in back in our three and then started getting involved in krypton
Aren't she in in twenty sixteen and among the petty drop for me. When I really understood the value this new asset class. I just the guy. Just all I could do is talk about crypto currency I've been writing about it than heavily involved in. It probably have relationships in just about every major vc firm hedge fund. And development team in the world in terms of crypto, okay, so when one of the first thing I asked you just last week was a bloodbath go on what's happening This is a fear of heavy handed regulation and every time we see the crypto market sell off, you can always tie it back to this particular of regulations for the specific specific fear is right, The commodities futures trading, Commission, the sea of t, say they're kind of the cops of commodities futures, so they need pricing data from crypto exchanges,
in order to make sure that their bitcoin futures apprised correctly and Sunday approach several Exchanges and ass with his beta and the exchanges As you know, we don't want to give it to you, which was in our shock to the sea of t, say so in this display of regulatory chess thumping this year She said oh yeah, what here's, what we're gonna do and they opened up a price manipulation investigate shouldn't just about every major crypto exchange. And so this created this knee jerk make selling it and the reason is: is it a common fear among crypto investors? Is there regulators will shut down. The entire space has always been the biggest sphere in this sector. But if you look at the facts, the fear doesn't square but reality so far, regulators have been looking for ways to bringing the crypto ass a kid into a regulatory framework that will allow the asset to grow. In fact, Jesse
Did I restored announcing from a Trump official might moving he's: yakking director, consumer financial battalion hero set on Wednesday that we need a white cod would regulation. You can't overregulate this asset, because your stifle innovation, so I'm seeing that security across the board with money regulators and I'm speaking to their telling people what we all want to kill. This thing we just make sure that doesn't get out of hand, and yet you know the rampant fraud we ve seen in the past right and I think that I think that's really good, but but my concern is, I mean I'm sitting here with a headline in today's DE dollars, Zation escalates Russia, serfs cells off record amount of. U S, Treasury bonds, yadda yadda! You know there is a problem with currency and the banking and everything that else is is going on, and these Central banks are not just going to let go of their power, and, quite honestly, I can't imagine that the governments
are not going to want all of the information from crypto currencies because that's it, another reason why crypto currency is so good. Is the government has no right in my business as long as its legal. They have no right in my business, and so I can move my money anywhere. I want to go, I mean if, if we have enough I'm living in China, I don't have to worry about taking money with me all. I the deuce sneak across the border and I've got the digits at my head. I've got all my money. How do these Iraq that how do these? How do these countries not when they see to collapse. Grab onto this It's been a centralized nature of crypto currency, really prevents it from governor naturally taking it over the same way that governments don't like a fire. Sherry Services, there's no
way to shut them down. The decentralized nature makes these acid incredibly valuable, credibly resistant to external forces such as forced confiscation by governments as one of the beauties of Bitcoin Glenn a few protection, private key. No one knows you have that the coin, and no one has the ability to check that Bitcoin from you is there any a country that is thinking about going into this and just saying look out, I want to build our own. We just to ride on the back and and and will use? This is currency. When I would imagine that Venezuela Gunnar would be smart to to do something like this, what Bitcoin is the unofficial currency of Venezuela right now? It's really how much in the population is is feeding themselves.
Underground economy right now. That is completely built around Bitcoin. Now there are other countries that are looking at floating a version of their own currency in a crypto format like a crypto fee at China's talked about Russia's talked about it. Even Switzerland's talked about it now be putting if you take paper money and you just digitize. It is just the same thing as paper money, it, can be created at will? It can be confiscated at will. It gives the government a total inside view into how spending more money, so a lot of people have a fear Glenn what happens when the dollar move to a digital format want that make the call the relevant. I say no and that you make that point more valuable, because Bitcoin gives you the privacy and gives you that custody of your own that you'll never have which the money,
Together we have this period wherever one kind of mere became excited about crypto currencies, they obviously went up and ate their up a ton from me now just a year ago. Still we're gonna lose sight of that with the recent drop, but if you like for this to be a real thing for to really change the world. At some point, we're going to need to see applications that people can actually interact with it can't just be Paul using it. As you know, digital gold or whatever it needs to be something where people can only interacting with it or we're, seeing real improvements in people's lives because of it is that coming around the corner, coming around the corner. I think, if you ask the people in Venezuela our or places where they have capital controls, already, seeing their life be improved by crypto currency,
The internal improvements that you and I will say there are several technical things that are happening behind the scenes with currencies such as Bitcoin they're gonna completely. Transform. You know most people right now. Looking at the kindness saying all this thing down, sixty percent you know did I buy the steam car up blockchain revolution. Minor errors, their ideas. Real right. So you know a lot of people asked this question back in O three with Apple computer, and the problem is: is that the perception of technology? did you keep up with the pace of the actual innovation, so the same things happening with Bitcoin the pace. Innovation is moving faster than people's perception of it. So again the prime example in two thousand three applicant Peter was valued at a dollar and noble, you realize the value of the innovations that they were making there were things like
I pods, and there I o s, system of fast forward its now two hundred dollars a share, so the same thing is happening with with with Bitcoin right now. People view. Bitcoin is being slow and Bitcoin is being expensive, the body this year is going to be a technological. We called the lightning network that will allow Bitcoin, handle thousands of transaction simultaneously and it will take us from over a dollar a transaction down to of a penny, writes a functional criminal gangs. Dial up modem, fiber optic broadband in a year, or so it's this technological leap that the world is not grasping right now with Bitcoin and I've seen that play out going again and again in a lot of different tax stories where people just didn't understand
They simply innovation. I've only got about a minute left. Can you just talk about me? You know you. You were trading in tech stocks. When the bubble burst- and you told me, you know you panicked and you lost million, of dollars yourself. If you just would have had the courage to stand. You wanna tell that real quick. So this was in, as should the early Ninetys in nineteen. Ninety most the textbooks talked about eighty five percent. There was a trick and was tremendous fear in the market, and I remember owning stocks like our call, and it was trading it that's, but equivalent of twelve sense. I was down eighty nine percent got scared sold a lot of my class it's sold and then not just article a bunch of stocks, and then I went back and I get it back test on that. What would have happened if I would have held I've made a witch Wait: three million dollars a time. I was twenty nine by the end of that right. So on this,
Why? I'm so fervent about this? This is early innings. The entire market spaces tiny, very well respected people in the space exe. This to be a twenty trillion dollar market, its under three billion dollars today. The opportunity is still matter the transformation of wealth in the space to get. Thank you so much take a Tory firmly Smart Crypto course. Dotcom were also doing something. I think it is July. What is it the nineteenth or something Tita July I think that eight p m truth about crypto currency Start Tom. We ve got a special event. It's gonna be great and I'm gonna be hosting it. I want to get your questions in fourteen we're. Gonna have a really no holes Our conversation about truth about crypto currencies, dot com- you can sign up now for the free webinar, and that is happening in MID July truth about crypto currencies. Dotcom, take a thanks! So much Let me talk about our response to this half hour. Homeowners you're may gains homeowner.
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owes income tax on these companies and they can force out of state companies too, to call because that is the big ruling there, which is going to past. You know it's not just going to push the price of each product up, for we know these companies. It also now means. That they have to have a a legal and financial team that can handle all of the tax codes for all fifty states? You're gonna be filing Reno taxes now and returning taxes do all of the states. The the cost of this is gonna, be outrageous Those couple dangerous precedents, I mean: can you can apply to stall source of stuff and makes reality makes me kind of nervous the idea that listen, This is far from the ruling today, the Your net revolution is made. The original error My previous ruling, all the more
reducing harmful, but the court did not have before the present realities of the interstate marketplace, whereas the internet's prevalence and power have changed the dynamics of the national economy, how it as we heard that argument be used as a defence right like, while the the founders didn't have the internet problem. How could they have given the first amendment? We should change it. Ok, but they do have all these weapons other they have now when they came up with US We should change it enough, though this is really this. This is frightening, especially on free speech, because read that sentence again at the court. Not have before the present realities of interstate, the interstate market place where the internet's prevalent in power have changed the dynamics of a national economy, just change national economy to national dialogue and as the internet has greatly changed the national dialogue and does, open the door for now speech to be regulated,
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Agent in your town, real estate agents. I trust dot com you're. The things that gland that programme there's couple things that we think is a society need. I know I do, and I know my family does, and that is a lesson on history. Actual history. And the history that can teach swear we're going? either in a good way or a bad way and also three. That would show us principles and why a principles matter and today is about dreaming big and working hard, and it all takes real effort not just a dream, but the doing part. That's hands on history this week. We release them on Thursdays and even find them at you to dot com. Slash the blaze again. Its hands on history today on the blaze, Facebook page
I'm gonna be doing something right after the show. Every Thursday we spend about fifteen minutes after the show on Facebook, dotcom slash the blaze and you behind the scenes for that episode of hands on history This time this week few share the newest EP episode on Facebook. A time you share that you'll be entered to win, assign copy of my book dreamers and deceivers live right after the show on the blaze. Facebook page don't miss it and share it bunch times. Okay and a couple things do that I just run down quickly? Have you seen that Michael Cohen, stuff
a little bit yeah. I mean it's so I'm so in other media, so bad at reporting on Trump and the inner workings of that. Now that I'm too, I don't know whether to believe it or not. But while this is coming from, Alan Dershowitz and Ellen Dershowitz speaks with Trump quite off and he's saying that he thinks it Michael, when his panicking The ascending the trump signals that you better help me or I'm gonna start too. And the reason why he is under criminal investigation for campaign finance violations, bank fraud, wire fraud, illegal lobbying, Possum, while other crimes and in their looking to cut a deal he may be looking to cut a deal here just hired a firm that is known for deal cutting according to Dershowitz, again, who is on trumps side,
Apparently the fees, his legal bills are bankrupting him. He is apparently a little angry. That tromp is not. You know, helping him out on, though, on the legal bills at all. And ass interesting. This coming from Dershowitz cause. There's a lot of people who are trying who put a rift Yes here there's been a lot of reports from unnamed sources that are saying: hey, yes, ill. You do that treaty really badly by my doll, Travis, Michael Cohen, he has always really mean trying to start trading is right. I was stuff here, and so I dont believe in and I'm not gonna spend a lot of that's all the timber to spend on it, but I thought it was interesting because it's coming from Dershowitz, who is act we try to help the president. Also just an update from the Washington Post. Russian trolls are, splitting what surprise the rift that is happening you're internally in our country on the border they are there
for sending out all kinds of fur stories that are, you know pro people in cages and against. You know, detail meant and they are playing to the fringes and they are milking it everything it's worth, we are being manipulated again by the Russians, be really careful and I tell you that were being manipulated on several fronts, and this is really kind of what a portion of my book that's coming out the cept addicted outrages about is how you are being manipulated. How outrage is being used to get you to buy things, support things walk you into a group gets You two were just March in lock step Everybody involved knows there doing it now we're being used by the Russians. Were he being used by the meat? Is social and and regular mainstream media? Being you
for the ratings? Why Would you put people that you know Oh are going to vehemently disagree with each other and have the most disparate points of view on this. Where you putting them together. Silly could fight. Are you doing that? the instead. What do we talk about the real issue and say? Okay, so what is it? Eighty percent of us want this law to stop. Eighty percent fourteen percent say no. I want this law to stand, what it, what is it that we do agree on we agree on. We do. Want to have parents broken up with their kids K. We don't want the families broken up. We all agree on that or the vast majority of us agree on that ok, so how do we get there. See her Mean MSNBC today is claiming that Donald Trump has just made this worse. How? How is he made this well, in my opinion, you, would argue that it is
is worse. If we don't appoint judges, because now what we have just done is codified the catch and release? Now after how many days do twenty five days and his twenty days twenty days after twenty days? If we have, You haven't had a trial or haven't seen a judge. They have to be released. Well so now we ve just codified it. Ok! Well, we didn't want to do that. We need judges now, if you, if you yeah, if you do believe, but we but no, whose here and we should Just have you know, wild West borders, which the vast majority of people do believe that they want to oh who's here- You do believe that, then all we have to do is appoint. Probably While five hundred judges just for this massive influx- and this is all they do- is they here, court cases every day so can adjudicate them within fourteen days said
people home that should be homes, keep people here that should be here. It's easy to fix. Nobody really wants to fix it. Nobody wants to fix because the Democrats can raise money, the Republicans can raise money. Websites can get hits on on the outrage and the hatred back and forth and see in an and Emerson B, C and Fox, and everybody else gets ratings the truth will be, manipulation if want to play that game. Just now but going in it doesn't led to anything good. If you actually care about the kids, let's have a different conversation, and that is how do we really solve this, and the only way to solve it is to go through Congress. And actually look at what we want. As a people. Have a reasonable dialogue, and come together and enforce the laws because, Jen when you say Trump cards
change this with a stroke of the pen with a call to two sessions. That's true what he do. He could go back to the Burma policy right with a low on it. If anyone has noticed but trumped doesn't want the Obama policy, in fact you know who else doesn't want to the american people? They voted for the other guy right. They voted. Could have got another four years of Obama with Hillary Clinton and they want the other direction so, the issue here is not its that these don't exist in a vacuum. There are alternatives, the alternative of what we have done for a very long time, not just through Obama but before as well, is suited to take these guys. You people they come in and keep them together, but just release them within our borders with no restrictions. Just there friction to say: hey come back in a few months, when you have a hearing Forty per cent of them dont show so giving a giant pass to illegal immigrants in your increasing those numbers dramatically what this new executive order does is,
we have twenty days to figure the thing out when you don't have it figured out. We want there to stay together. The only alternative left, is to release them once again. Into our borders, with no restriction that only a promise to come back later once they will not hold up, and so this is not just day. This is honestly not just a problem, because Oh well, then we ve got people here and, and and we don't know they are also there is Hon of evidence that, because of the patch and release, especially with youth, that People are being used by the drug cartels. Some of them are being hired by the drug cartels. Others are being constricted conscripted, which means there being forced to do it, and these Our kids under eighteen novice, happening under the Obama administration is still happening today,
These kids are coming in and what's happening is the drug. Cartels, no, but they can't be held an adult would be, but they can't be so vague these kids to take kids for the drawer cartels across the border. Now Some of these kids are being paid the there. Trip is being paid for by their parents. Others have been taken, and there being used now in the drug trade, or they are thereby human trafficking, their slaves and there being too can by these sixteen seventeen year olds across the border Obama was holding some of these kids and holding them, for. I think up to two hundred days the majority of them, I think we're held for like seventy some plus days, which you couldn't do, but he also knew the scam look Just come back and they're gonna sit another twenty days,
It doesn't matter we feed them. We close them, they go back, they make their money from the drug lords, they come back with more kids, they sit there for twenty days and then the guy. M continues. These are the complex issues that shouting never gets us too were to even here, let alone solve. Starbucks when so I get this off. My desk Starbucks thinks, after announcing a weaker than expected sales forecast and plans to close a hundred store, next year up to a hundred and fifty unfair forming stores in twenty nineteen that's up front an average pace of fifty closures. Every year comments dope. Many things have happened. Obviously, Canada headlines for talk, radio was their bizarre handling of the people who want to come in and go to the bathroom murder and hang out in the
in the store without buying anything, and now they ve Institute at international policy is a bizarre choice but also lost their ceo, who seems too want to play fantasy president That could be coming up soon and you know these are, that is who is bigger than this there's always more than one reason is in seem to see if this has a long term effect, because now Starbucks subjects was always seen, is kind of a left wing yeah place right. Interesting to see if, when things become culture battles you almost your disloyal to your side to go inside of him, that's the way a lot people feel and I don't feel away. I'm not. You know. As we talk about boycotts and things like that, you know we d are generally don't get on those bandwagon, here's your so it more tribal! It gets the more that's real yeah. I think it becomes. This remember when West Wing was on and Martin Jean was the President. I love to West Wing, I loved it. Elliot did lead and agree with me very often for sure no
and neither did Martin Jean obviously, but I the show the love to watch it. I never boycotted it when Britain Sheen really started to go anti. George Bush never boycotted it. I am We tried to watch it it just made it really hard for me to enjoy it. Because I saw Martin gene is Martin Gene and not the president intervene and- his choice in his right to do it, but I wasn't boycotting, I just eventually just gave up on it because it wrecked the show for me now and that's. What's gonna open to places like Starbucks or anybody that takes you know either side you're gonna go, try and maybe maybe that will work for you, but if you want to be a universal. If you dont want to cut your audience and half if you dont want to cut your york,
customers and customer base in half. Then you need to just shut your mouth. You may coffee coffee, treat your employees right, creature, customers right and then let those costs mergers, see that and go you know I really like these people. I wonder what makes them different all they run their their business like this because they're all socialist, wherever ok, but if you, our jamming it down people's throats. You are going to cut your customer base in half and I dont know if I am a shareholder, I don't think that's the best. Thing to do. So cybercrime Cybercrime now has gone into dna testing, This is really truly frightening. What's happening
my son is adopted, and I want to do you know ancestry. We know genetic testing on him. I'd like to do the history stuff on me My heritage is one of those dna testing site. Well, Heritage has just announced that data breach exposed email addresses and encrypted passwords for more than ninety two million people. Now that breach vault users who signed up for the service through October, twenty six twenty seventeen last year. That was the date of the breach so personal information from a data breach criminals can open the accounts. They can file tax returns. They can buy property That's good there's lots of threats in today's connected world and it takes one weak link for criminals to get in that The new life lock identity theft protection adds the power of Norton Security to help protect against, rats to your identity and the devices that you have that you can't easily see or fix on your own. Nobody can
couple. Cyber threats, preventive identities after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but the new life would Norton Security can undercut, can uncover the threats that you're going to miss on your own so go to lifelong dot com, or you can call one eight hundred life lock and use the promo code back for an extra ten percent off your first year. Remember it's promo code back at on eight hundred lifelong one, eight hundred lifelong or lifelong dot com, promo code back, that so all quite excited? Stu is filling in four pat today, who is very, very, very, very ill, I believe, or on a cruise yeah, but I'm gonna go for the ill thing because he could call ended. In his last words might happen today on the show its vacation, but to a hospital rice or thinking as if you think of in Alaska crews in the summer is hospital ratings
actually where he is, who knows could hit iceberg? We do not. We don't know, that's happening before YAP, exactly right with our history. No, I know your business I'd so Passos Deuce filling in four pad here on the blaze radio network here and second, I'm going to a facebook, Facebook life than Facebook, dot com, slash the blaze. We'll take it behind the scenes for hands on history. Another episode on Youtube today, this one's about dreaming, big, and we have some real, some really cool things in hands on history. This episode they ate a covers, the moon launch it covers. Alice Island in the statue of liberty and a couple of other things Tesla, included and we're gonna. Give me some a little bit of extra extra footage here and if you share it on Facebook, if you share hands on history today on Facebook, you're gonna get caught. Fight. Every time you share it you'll be qualified to win an autograph copy of my books, self
History will see you on Facebook, dot com, slash the blaze. We go there right now, Glenn back mercury
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