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WH Press Sec Karine Jean-Pierre Should Focus on Tupperware Parties | 1/20/23

2023-01-20 | 🔗

Filling in for Glenn, Pat and Stu discuss the uselessness of the White House press briefing, as Karine Jean-Pierre continues to be one of the worst press secretaries in American history. President Biden finally addressed his classified documents scandal. The Democrats are trying hard to defend Biden while condemning President Trump over classified documents, but are Americans buying it? Jeffy joins Pat and Stu to discuss Alec Baldwin's recent involuntary manslaughter charge and how his gun control beliefs are being used against him. The Supreme Court's Dobbs leaker investigation has come up with no suspect, so Stu and Pat speculate their own. Is CNN turning over a new leaf? Leftists don't care about the climate; they only care about personal enrichment and power. Why are gas prices fluctuating so much? MSNBC reports some horrific updates on China's handling of COVID-19.

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this is the glen back programme what then stood it s coming up we garage gate to deal with a little bit it's kind of fun to watch cagey peace squirm every single day if the person in that white house press briefing room wants answers about the classified document situation she's not answered a single question see if she can continue the act also joe biden talks about it himself
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quick start again it's relief factor or eight hundred the number for relief relief factor veal the difference right so i don't even know why they do the white house press briefing anymore completely worthless ah adventure where where how else is cringe and pierre going to show us her outfits are well yeah that's true what's the most important our everyday she's got a new one every day it's very expensive everyday i assume we're paying for it so when i was your volume i dont know what she makes his white house press it's probably round the hundred and seven four thousand that everybody makes in congress right it's probably i would guess she's dead she's into six figures right there not pin twenty thousand dollars ear but yes i think you're right were probably for every single outfit but hundred eighty thousand hundred and eighteen yep
congratulations because you know not by i will say the work definite rules should be making a hundred and eighty thousand dollars a year she so good her job and so qualified for it did of course she's making that much pat obviously she deserves every penny and what is she twelve for twelve years old for teaching again she she has the brain of a fourteen year out of actually fourteen but she is legitimately terrible can we all agree yeah we first of all time jas know you just about generosity format it got great not agree that not historic press secretaries and she was obviously lied all the time and did the things oppress secretaries do but was so much better than current jump here it's almost impossible to describe wasn't again but saki was not good she's issues that historically impressive suppressed
secretary she was average to below average but current jump here is so much worse than her i swear they picked current she specifically select the current jean pierre for this role because she knew how much better it would make her look aha coach jen psaki was like you know what i'm leaving you have to give it to erin jean pierre she'll be great doll worry about she'll be fantastic and now everyone back as a cash gent saki was way better than this it's the only way she could really get that sort of review she's got me help review now for you five stars because everyone's like at least not grant job here who do you think was the best i i really like the airy flasher now especially our own at a really good relieve the irish flash or not eric airy flash or was he was solid he was solid i didn't like a lot of the bush era now ass pressure you guys he was one of the best ones i would say a reflector was pierre i believe the guy
you know i'm out he wouldn't gimme cayley makin any i think a lot of people like she's pretty good jobs are you know dana per annum in that category yeah she was and i think quite good you know the the democrats have had it again like we're not talking about the the actor see if their claims here they're all all especially democrats just like constantly but on the road look inside people like tony snow when he was a remember his former fox news guy near it wasn't my favorite but dummy neither the but then you ve had some really but i mean it the ones that were in the obama administration were terrible that the whole slew of them what they were all awful while but out again i would say all of them better than current jean pierre yet and here she performing her magic from yesterday tried to not answer any other questions that are being asked her
he chided the former president trump for having in his possession classified documents he called it irresponsible perceval do you think it was proper for president biden to comment on an ongoing deo j investigation so i'm didn't say this and keep it really short today as it relates to this particular issue as it relates to an ongoing legal matter i am going to refer to the department of justice department of justice without that special big as it relates to anything that you want to ask us about this sir this legal matter i would refer you to the white house council office i'm gonna leave it there gonna go into further i just i just commented i just commented we're moving on go ahead go ahead go ahead go ahead no go ahead i already answered your question
i hated sir it's your opinion is there anything in its european that is your land can now they're getting pistol because she this is what she does to them every day no she just stonewall some because all of them some answers on the document think its course they do right but this to me strikes me pat as the it is strange and telling her she's gotta stop answer questions about this because she so bad at it so just say d o j and move on just say white house council let someone who's competent at either one of those organizations answer the question because the ear really terrible weak fire you because the only reason we hired you rob where it was because of your skin color and who you like to have with and you and your gender and she fit allow those so she had all three of those points the correct side of those three points so that's why
she got the job obviously she's not qualified for obviously she's not competent so proud we the best move for the white house is to say stop answering the questions you just left i don't know they she ever answered any i i think as soon as this thing started she was doing the unlucky to get ahead of the review dry and you won't have a gun an investigation cosette sounded negative right so i'm not gonna get ahead of the review yeah i'll get there doing sure so from the beginning i don't think she has answered a single question on this she's just bumbled and stumbled yeah and fumbled all over the place and now just refer to the d o j and tell him to shut up and that's what you do and that's why i honestly for her that's wise yeah geez i mean the better approach would be the approach where she just doesn't come in what she said you know what i've got gotta tupperware party i'm attending that's my friends
if they've got a lot of tupperware to sell been a while since anybody has held a tupperware chair i feel like i like legged heads very true but you know what advice is probably coming from joe biden who thinks it's very current to orianas again like your press secretary is supposed to help you right she does she does not now i'm not exactly telling the truth that the press secretaries exposed to as a public employ in form the citizens of the united states of the ongoing so the white house is not an end joe biden is not an employee of germany campaign this person is we ours and this person is supposed to help us understand the inner workings of government that is not what occurs with his job at all as for shirt so the the to the modern day press secretary is opposed to lie to make their the president look better than he is and she's really bad at that so
the best solution is tupperware perhaps she should just go visit anyone who is having a tupperware party police and here you horror your your cards of of of welcoming and your invitations to corruption at the white house and then each day she can say i'm sorry i couldn't do the press briefing i'm going to bill thompson's in in in albuquerque new mexico his tupperware party it's very important to me and is important to bill because he's got a lot of tupperware needs to unload yeah and then give her like a per dm two by tupperware all over the country this would be much not actually having her show up to these brick press conferences because it's embarrassing will you do wonder why do you schedule the press coverage everyday why do you want there's a law that says you have to do trump didn't have have him for a very long time yeah so just eliminate that and then you don't have to even bother with it and then she doesn't have to look so bad every single day i guess it's just the
earn her keep the hundred eighty thousand dollars or banner he's doing it again i like this the same pimp thing people say about people to judge all people i just got to come in he doesn't even show up to work good i am at two hundred grand and make them stay home the pay of the two hundred thousand dollars just to stay home because every time he touches something it explodes when he was on maternity leave it with some of the grip yet asked transportation policy times of our of our nation he shook him in his husband dusky poppet kids out like crazy up i want of home all the time and the good thing is considering you know they're not actually in of giving birth to these children they can have like five a year yet just just keep positive and be on maternity leave and never come into work because when you come into work things get worse this is the thing the binds the same way he's in delaware all the time what time never at the white house doing anything and honest
the only times i can remember really bad things happening is what he is at the white house doing things he these people are terror what their jobs and they keep score everything up here encourage them to shop to work well biden did yesterday and he actually since they're not getting any at all free corinne jean pierre they actually asked joe biden about to his garage gate situation worry we're put the classified documents in the garage next to the corvette and people earl little concerned about that and he was asked about it yesterday hears it ask as we found we found a handful of documents were fails over files are the wrong place remit we turn them over the archives of is just one fuller why are you looking for together this resolved quickly and anchored fine
there i have no regrets following what nowheres told me they want me to do exactly we're doing no they're there let us be the judge of if there's there there i gets the american people who are going to figure that out night you of course to you there nothing there near we should also remember the skies terribleness job too when he was ass the first time a cabin i locked the garage where the corvettes that was really is no answer so it was like fort knox and nobody could get into a lot garage that's impossible it's never been done no one has ever broken into a lock garage never happened especially with expensive car why why would why would anyone want to get in their way out of anybody but easy so easy to go off hallway of moral logo to find a broom closet that has a padlock on it and get in there get those documents that's easy you get past
secret service as well on your way and of course you gotta do that right forget the secret service obviously mar a lago has areas of it that are public you know to the club so not public for immune support club but in people or their written me known you having dinner and drinking thanks and playing golf trade steel try to seal around a gulf pricked her to steal the eight do the fifteen forgotten play it to see if you can walk on the course and just start playing and see how long that will last so many holes you get through before he caught trying to steal coke pro steal a diet coke from mar a forget the files in a locked closet just a private area and private area try just still steel and mozzarella sticks see how that works out for you really well i bet go really well be very easy to get access it's the at this whole thing is so stupid i think there's of ties to the biden corruption
i know for sure if the documents in the inner in and of themselves are specifically tied to what by in hunter have been doing i think there's a risk there because of all the stuff that they were doing we talked about this on helen for glenn on his tv show this week and we went through a lot of the time might suffer there's a lot of suspicious stuff here i don't know for sure that the document are tied to that but regardless like we can act as if this is easy to access right the the moral at like it's just not easy but it is not easy to break into joe biden garage either but like if you're going to say the word thing that has ever occurred in human history is donald trump having these documents a locked closet inside of a club where
couldn't steal a diet coke let alone go into his personal files and the secret service is all around there we can act as if you don't get both sides of this the democrats want to both sides of it and they don't cry trump was horrible but our guy who did the same thing is perfect and i don't know i don't think people are falling for that i dont think the american people are falling for i think there's a chance that people fall back to neither one of these things really matter and that's probably the best case scenario for the biden administration at this point they just stop with the critic some of the trump stuff they just back off of it act like it never happened put it down the memory hole and hope every one forgets well though the reason republicans and conservatives are making such a big deal about the biden scandal and these documents is being as they made such a federal case out of the trumps stuff admirer logo and you if you're if your
wing to get crazy about trump having classified documents when he can declassify as president and their claiming that then i can do the same thing as vice president which isn't true but there are some exists he'd have order that obama signed the boy it's still unconstitutional for a vice president to do that but if you're gonna make such a big deal out of it with trumpets gotta be the same kind of deal with biden and there but they're just like well you weren't this upset about the trump stuff i know but you were ok so we're just trying to keep you consistent zat possible at all of course answer's no more coming up one minute now of course life is busy and something switching from one mobile carrier to another sounds like kind of a big hassle but also
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can stationary the patent stupor glenn on a glimpse program you know one of the things that we know about joe biden is that while i grew up in a porto rican neighbourhood right he grew up in black church in a porter can neighbourhood i guess and in so he he should be super comfortable at a black church right i mean he he knows them like the back of his hand because he's been there are so often mean pages add that he went to you went to come mass every morning through high school in college seven thirty seven thirty every morning knees there are sitting in a pew enjoying mass and then of course you into the black church so
to multiple churches per day every year we do believe that pat off well he said it didn't so there are no sooner if he said and i don't believe that rightly basically the way the safest way to operate with joe biden by he was just add a black church and i couldn't help but notice how comfortable he seemed really oh yeah because he so used to it yeah no again for demi went their everyday annie practically lived at a black church and so he knows what to do the black choir start singing and mona starts jam in man he and i feel warnock at a blank
to get comfortable or mine i don't know what you're doing a lot less credible swimming around as a second where did they ice cream drug right nowhere you need so bad but does that not emphasise how true his stories are that you know of the black church and be in there all the time he he seems as comfortable as like i said is in his mother's kitchen or somethin cause you know to do it's funny of africa can voters are largely responsible for the june for joe biden winning the candidacy for the democrats
they came in big and south south carolina and were very the it's good number is there was saw her i notice that saved him saved him and then he continued to you know utilise high percentages of of black voters to advance through that field and you just i why i don't know of all people i just don't understand the connection there he doesn't he's never done anything for them obviously has been a complete failure and everything is ever tried to accomplish in is tired life in quite the opposite he's said things that are just flat i'll raise racist all over
romania's his big closing arguments of black voters was if you don't fall for me you ain't black that was as big like a now you're gonna vote for me right that was his big moment in the sun it's amazing really incredible tripoli seventy seven be easy k more patents do for glad coming to glenn back programme american financing in the middle of one two three four w w w back every mail less consumer access dot org these sometimes to take things we have in life for granted if you're a homeowner it's pretty good bet that you have felt a lot more secure about your financial future maybe a few years ago than you do today and action is obviously a monster growing fatter under the watchful eye of administration whose really doing nothing but feeding it and every day the american economy looks a little bit bleaker than it did the day before there are ways to fight this and american financing knows those ways inside and out where can financing is so
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i spend stupor glenarm limit and joined by jaffe for some reason why he came in here are you guys down the hall of us that by now remind you to listen to my ship chewing the fat all you have to show by cadet neither during the fat available were bigotry but guess who still surprisingly yeah so is it your those at a retroactive effect that roma that do not let me ask you this what now exists belong to breathe a sigh i have you been able to keep the price low
have you been able to because i know you ve been fighting for a long time you have no idea how i know behind the god i think you do they want to charge i have rightly very here for your podcast guarding them every step of the way is still win success at forty four the listeners right now today we have right now today i can promise you subscribe for free while wow what a part of the new article carnival your come to pay so did you think of our ally baldwin be internal involuntary manslaughter charges to or two thirds of the voluntary manslaughter along with the hand of a territory the armor she definitely should go down for it i mean it's her somehow gig but i having to be on alec baldwin side
it's not even having to go we have to be on his side because i love his work i've always loved his work but he's such a good actor and elitist douche is that it is a huge subject just maddening because it drives me insane but should he be charged with this yes no no i think had he not been innocent or of guilt willy nilly about him i don't have any response billy i didn't hold the gun i didn't pull the trigger and write a name it i didn't do anything yet really the lying hurts him he s dog now because he came out and said he didn't pull the trigger now of course we don't we see the video out but the they did any didn't pointed a real area which is obviously possible it is not the right of a gun i mean i know what i think we want shows all the guys don't just shoot themselves we watch shows all the time we're guns are pointed at the camera there pointing out people all the time and i know that there's protocols and i got it
everybody supposed to okay it's empty adapting empty attempting there's eighty thousand protocols to go through before we shoot a scene i got it does that happen every time well of you probably today it does but prior to that no i don't open jaws because its hat before it happens to write it did have before you d write deanna brendan lady dear and so then now how many years was it until it happens now we heard about happening again so you know maybe protocols got lackadaisical region within thinkin about a right but that's not i'm sorry that's not alex it's really hard to blame the guy who gets handed a gun old that it is not have a bullet liability it for and if you pull the trigger i honestly think that if he has just said that it is our divine i i i hadn't gone with that i that is there was i was told did not have a golden our would that was a cold gun is what they call it a cold gun i did not think that this will
possible i was told by two experts that it was not possible support other goes out i feel terrible instead he was like bar i wouldn't i said i would never point a gun and squeeze it at at someone it's like well wait a minute we've we could pull out movies where this happened one hundred times of course when he's drunk he's drawing the line between real life and fantasy and trying to be honest i'd never point a gun at anyone yeah but he's it onset like which is ridiculous obviously you have to do that and it would be okay to do it you know it which it is doing right so you know you have an armorer on a set for a reason to make sure the only let's go let's garner blank rodya and you know so that person is obviously responsible one of the things are doing with him though and i think this is as evidence of it of another phenomenon but he but he they saying well he's a producer of the movie so therefore he's responsible for what goes on set now we all know now followed when is profit the producer and this movie in name only right like he's
easy really managing the ins and outs of of of every single person that's higher higher on this i know he's managing the do people around him yeah do any of em you know he's probably working on the creative parts of the of the project but he cannot look he's not allege the vienna is now is a producer in name only that they give these titles two stars all the time and that's burn him here in some ways i think this is reverse phenomenon of what we see so often where a famous person gets treated super super well and and somehow gets off when you and the hunter biden thing we would never get away without jeff you ve done all the things under by this done you'd never get away so many war with so many more at what you would never get away they found your laptop odyssey somewhat of a police officer finds her laptop you're going to jail for centuries but thank you jeffrey for not being naked anywhere near as many times as hunter by that you haven't seen though neither than i thank you for your cousin we dont want but i think this might be an example of the the alternate here where he because he's famous there
we throw in the book adam i mean well the charges limit his justices leaders do shit like okay water charges yeah i think because he lied because he went on tv and ran his mouth like an idiot which obviously every attorney would tell him not to have done i screwed himself up they brought more attention to this thing and i think so they're going after him i mean the one of the charges is eighteen months in prison but there's a fire escalation on it which turns out not only from eighteen months of five years but makes the five years mandatory well one of the satisfying parts of this i will say is this the type of thing he be all for that he would be a far gone and rule of law the gun to make it impossible for the person who makes a mistake as a gun swell well escalated there and make it five years so we can yell at the gun owners who we're this happens all the time that it wants a burning liberals all the time the people get affected by gun control laws are not the law abiding citizen in rural you know by iowa who
who would be in our aid convention there they're usually young minority people in cities who wine in burned by all these gun control laws because maybe they're not all that well versed their young they take a garden from somebody they know they do something stupid and they wine of getting ten times the penalty because of liberals throwing them in jail at eighteen years old until their thirty but in this situation is kind of like the laws that alec baldwin argues for the law might put in in prison for five years that is why and i got it i got it all those you're almost could visit almost convincingly that i wanted to do that is you gonna go to trial probably not probably saddle rightly probably it probably settles for europe your probation and pays of big fine and everybody walks away from this right yeah the terrors reed you know probably goes to jail does some time
i am she desert that needs to happen yeah she's the armor or as a and it's interesting because there's three people here that are the one guy already bled out yeah that's how i was going to get to which is interesting because i think you could make the argument he's the most guilty here he's the one that actually handed the gun he's the one that said it was a cold gun when it wasn't now she should have responsible enough to sure there was no light isolation onset but she as far as i understand the story did not act approve this god s call to the design it was these is the director who did that and he's the guy who's now going testify against baldwin and he got six the probation right you can get any jails have at all and i do think you could argue he was the worst one word is the same the inhabitant enron the guy who's the guy who came out of the other side was at all testify against my co workers whose andrew fast now he got the least of the penalties and he was i in my view the most guilty this happens the freak untie the one thing i do what though no i don't think alex would be
it should be tried and i think it's silly but as long as work is going to happen i want the perp walk oh yeah i want him being and i m sure it shouldn't be like the the purport from the car to the building it three and a half mile per person they should just will drop em off in the many reciting every from his house in vermont who makes it has and then you don't laughter that let him now you don't you read out just a purple walk from from from new mexico back to this house that i can get out more that i think i could do that when we have fought my lot i want someone driving next to him with a webcam i've got the street you know and we get to all just tune in over a multi week period as he tries to make it home for new mexico that's the law our legal systems work also but if he goes up the river from five years for this can we maybe it seldom did him just being a douche bag would you say ok yeah it's probably not much
that's exactly justice but it's good enough ass you are not a good guy he's never when it called is eleven year old daughter a fine rude little pay i did you know shimmer that just about yet was just about that she's pregnant now she's a baby he's all happy that he's gonna be a euro zone have a grand daughter i think and i was thinking out over brought i was reminded of that phone call and i played the whole thing it bad terrible and i guess i asked different now he's going to pay for we're ok your guy we're ok with each other i don't know how you ever get over that though having your parents do that to you as a child as an eleven year old child over higher repair lashes she's talked about that before ireland ireland baldwin she's she moved on long time ago
i don't think so she said i know that balloons have done a long time ago i mean it's tough look i have never i've never heard anything like it though now it was one of the worst things i do for sure and of course there's horrible physical abuse that's worse than this but i mean when he was just absolutely you know out of control out of control at this point and i never say things like that to your children now hopefully he doesn't do that anymore it's been a long time and volatile like that he is you just never knows why don't you get a snap by theirs the chunk of me that just doesn't believe his story on the sino you now and i am enough that's fair but it's like he's so erratic if so if this woman a pistol for some reason
it totally see him lag totally seat is happening in a way that it would explain these ridiculous charges and they may be they have more evidence than we know you know maybe they have maybe we witnesses that are going to testify that actually he was waving the gun around a radically he was threatening he was angry and that's what this is gonna work maybe that's why they want these were if that's the case then finally many areas have even though again he he probably didn't think he was going to kill this person if you're being that it if that that negligent a lot of times it doesn't matter what your intent when you're a baby i mean we we have to get the testimony of the the other a person that was shot right that the director with that was shot that wasn't fatally killed like lena hundreds right so he was there and he would be the one that would be will out or witness to what actually yeah and i'm really had a few witnesses there right beds movie seen you had
while they were others into some sort of practice seem though that they were going through to get the scene right yeah so i think there i think they were the only ones there at the time is that what they originally said maybe they weren't maybe that above they do have more fact than that if this was like the movies scenarios that still was talking about yesterday where they used movie footage tragic tragedy on the sale and then just put him maybe we have something somebody i killed anja in the middle of the shoot they just use it for the promotional materials that british guy got eaten by a shark they exchanged the movie the the name of the movie to shark and then and then literally through the mean that guy the bloody cn on other crucial voted shortage yeah no that is clearly what hopefully is only why wouldn't you do that i that i would we're honouring as work first of all our order his work is legacy cheerfully nine hundred thirty yards triple eight seventy
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you know we had another celebrity death there's been a ton of them italy has no other has and i was hoping that you did haven't of delicate the entire show to have i know how much you loved up all crosbie eva crosbie loved dead at last stills gnashing young just can't get enough of them by only one mighty only one of the royal you're ok good good man i know you're in love me sir david gradually in some still in some nash young neely great star some wedding i if what happened he was eighty one done hair was drunk down the gains of his life he's gone to go to rehab but he's gone through a several livers for idea is that the east bathroom
for five years probably true yeah really sure as hell lost him yeah where else in peace was surprised to see that red hastings residing as from now let's see as cosy of that legs out of pretty incredible it's been a strong ceo for them yeah brought him a long way so i mean netflix was his baby really here yet he did try to sell to blockbuster for like eight dollars and blockbuster said enough kind of a big mistake mistakes by blockbuster but also would have been a big mistake by reed hastings at the time the answer as it was not eight dollars but it was like you know a couple of hundred million i think it was a really small amount malformed compared to what it became it became at the time it was a you know it was huge it was would have been big thing i mean i know it's tough being i see our in a huge company like
but when one would think that perhaps there was little behind the sands business going out from red just step down like there does that mean louis on the scene or a bitterness or volley with those ceo step down like that out of the blue well business going on be about i think netflix has gone through some struggles over the past couple of years i'm gonna leave tat was all right rolled out all night yeah the way we should try to be informational information speculating as to why you should not sue anyone other than jeffrey if you want to read we love you we love your program and we think you're completely politically devoid of well any problems or scandals in your life bright but jaffe has other all other thoughts apparently as yet the glen back programme american society of healthcare pharmacists services the group that tracks the production of medications around the world they d
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what you are about to hear his diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment this is the glen back programme stupor glenn today this is great news the investigation into the leader of the supreme court decision is over now and they reached a conclusion so let's get into that will tell you about that and and more sixty seconds what's the one thing villains throughout history have all had on their side when the time came to spread tyranny it's the same thing that the world economic forum has on its side this week
davos that thing is complacency enough people will do nothing for them to succeed what do we do when the next bad guy comes along just sit there really own nothing and we'd be happy about it well where does it all and what can we do about it we need to educate ourselves some long term project and our kids need to know the fundamental foundations of our country and our belief system where the two twins come in their new book the guide to modern villains shows how twenty two modern villains people like now rose to power the cell the launch of their new book entitled twins have their whole guidebook series on sale right now if you go to tuttle twins back come and get these boats right now on sale this week only total twins back dot com get the books that will teach your kids important lessons mike it's love these boats we read of together all the time tuttle twins back dot com the
so the investigation into who leaked the information on their roby wade decision hoo hoo leak that if they ve investigated and could not figure it out i kid leave it i can't believe that's what they came back with it's incredible it is really be that hard to figure that out i mean just i bought this for a second how does this document get to in the hands what is it politico i think that actually printed it has to get in their hands wasn't like a reprint like where someone type d doll out like for example may you're in front of a computer you see it there you're some staffer you take footloose photos with your phone of a computer screen and as i can see the text send it over there they reprinted right like that this was the actual document yet so yes this talk it must have been either pulled off of dr sent
by email or some other form or printed out and a physical copy removed from the supreme court offices pretty much it either way or a hack which as they did not out they did come not completely rule that out but they do not see any evidence of back so which ever method that use there's gotta be traces left behind that you can track i would pray says oh how did they not track it back to the person who did it credible now maybe they were so loose with stuff that bunch of different people had copies of the document and one of them brought it home made photocopy and that was it you know it's possible but if so that's a real problem with security and the supreme court may not again i just flabbergasted by how how this is all available should not be possible to do digital way would be traceable you think if you're in
if you're on the system of the supreme court you have this document unless they're just emailing it around two million different people how could this get out and then they can't come up with anything new no leads nothing no information they really came up with a giant zilch after all just a year of not owing who this is what happened in everybody's waiting kind of with bated breath to find out ok when are we going to do i thought we'd find out the only of a yeah before the actual decision came out before the officially released at that they're gonna find this person and we're gonna know soon and we still don't what was it march was it marched when that happened or may it was either in march or may hard to believe then here we are going into february yeah we investigate confining so let me ask an important question are we there are we at the point where we get to start wildly speculator the conspiracy theories can i do it
says it ok i'm good at it is that this is the ok out yes do you while i do ask why would you like to hear i'd love to hear ok if let's say not an aid and in turn not just somebody who have the janitor who works in this report if it wasn't one people and let's just say it was actual supreme court justice who just email that out of their account to somebody to poetic no directly let's just i mean for justice speculation beer since but we're doing let's say that person's name was sonya sort of my or gay but to say you just picking the name i now of the nine i could have said john smith you but i would like to start my hour and johnson
if there isn't a supreme court justice that wouldn't have made it wouldn't have made sense either i just came up with the first name that popped into my head one yeah let's say clarence thomas an hour i don't know i don't know i sonia sotomayor the name that fits this particular john roberts no mil let's say so new soda my or emailed from her gmail to political mandate just put it in the in their publication and after this restoration that's exactly what they found but just say that happened ok this would be enough readily damaging to the supreme korea wouldn't it because it's not just some aid trying to get attention or try this is some s the reveal of such pathetic in blatant ideology that the person would do such a thing should not even beyond the simple majority in english it from the u s supreme court yes and the i think let's just say you had
situational list like john raw so called what have you again making up names no john roberts june and it just so happens that age and roberts happens to be a visa the chief just are you serious gloria i understand we haven't i don't follow that name i don't follow it oak so let's just say when the investigation came back the person who ever maybe was in charge of john raw birds says this would do to me damage to the court we need just throw this in the trash i'm not saying that that happen because as i said we are in a complete speculation period here we're just making up conspiracy theories an end to be true about it i don't have evidence that this occurred i you i'm gonna make me i'm not just our easily regulation along those their eyes speculation or on those lines and i do not find it completely implausible the bosses what happened i don't find it at all
implausible a it's more plausible than yeah we just find anything we're fine you re party i will what happened it's more plausible than that it really is it i from the beginning guy was very very suspicious of of soda my aura and her aids right off the bat in a she is again in a different category than other liberal justices she is an idiot yeah she is not she is not on the same she's not the same universe as alina kagan who is very liberal but very smart and as this this is taken has made some rulings or been part of rulings that really surprised me a couple of times but that almost no happens with the liberals in the core totally it's exactly what the situation is she even she's an embarrassment she really is she's an embarrassment to the court sort of my own
some sort of my or not yet taken again this liberal but a respectful at risk but you can respect alina kagan and some credibility you can't do that with sony it so to my terrible i just terrible machine issues she's encouraged she's just a she is your the run of the mill boilerplate huffington post editor who's rushing on the supreme court is exactly like she is just that is who she is and you know it's it's embarrassing it's embarrassing and i so it fits exactly with what you'd think so you so to would do in this situation having no respect for the institution of just a liberal activist who found herself in a lifetime appointment in it she should not have that's who sonya said it so to my or is i dont know if tangier brown jackson is that i don't think she is i don't know that maybe as talented or intelligent as lena kagan by she seems to be small
than sonya set of my or by leaps and bounds again i m so to my or is special and she is a unique in her terrible no yes you are terrible yes she is uniquely she is not the normal liberal judge you can't just put them altogether she is different and i donno respect leaning on her bending the rules i don't think he's crazy speculating on her thinking in her head oh well this cause is too important i must do something blah blah blah she's an activist who she is and so i don't know any of that is without without reason it's not wild speculation for the point is there's no reason to believe it like if you were to say like people there are some people out there so no i think it was elida why the hell would a lido do this this makes no sense what the hell would samuel alito ruin his own early wouldn't doesn't make any sense at all they keep trying to come up with
suffocation why conservative would do this and no one should do it if a conservative did you at first of all its really dumb move because you put the entire thing at risk but ok if that happened those people should be punished as well i just you know again its complete speaking but soon he said oh my are probably just email this diplomatic i ve always allow totally it's what else can we do not deliver realized i would not be surprised might yeah it did definitely could have happened the official rowing yeah we can't find any what you did this so ok hats he'll keep weird there was no trace insurmountable really good did this i keep coming this patent and knows no one who relates this more than you every time pad ray roles through a stop sign
there is a cop there to catch him viewing it yeah like this is what happens yes tat is had been pulled over sixteen times just since we ve been back here in texas sitting down times yeah and honestly like your pace is slowed at the beginning it has it was like eight times in the first year it was really a lot i think it was literally right around there really was incredible but like i that's what i feel like it happens in my life if mess something up if i if i speed if i a role through stop lying you get caught i'm kind one day tat i was coming back from a dinner in us to late at night on friday night came back home streets are empty now people around i pull up to alight do i role through it a little bit good taken while i'm taking my right we live in a little bit and the reason i know that is because about a week later i got a picture from police officer in the mail that said you
blue through this light and then it linked this is real to a video of me rolling through stops and taking a right on red with no one around yeah we stop that access by the way which is awesome though they did some of these issues in taxation and as the red light they don't use the cameras at the at the lights and more good no other i'm getting ticketing rightly yes i know that that anymore but like if i can get caught doing that number one how does no one find without this a number of you how to write replied and get away like having sex with nine hundred prostitutes while doing crack on camera how does things happen and in how did joe biden get away with saying i've never talked anybody about business with hunter including i've never talked to hunter about his business don't even know what he does how does make a living i don't know how even cnn is admitting
yeah he here he had meetings with business associates of hunter biden well thank you for lee for verifying that because we ve been saying it further several years now really amazing you either reports airily they played in the format above it was a proper from cnn and an yes they did say that but i was actually pressed by cnn foregoing into some depth on this ain't no kind of amazing there is a change at some let's see then we can maybe talk about this a little bit today because some is going on there whether you think they are actually trying to be better which is a big statement from me and for my anecdote new writer is chris licht chris licht here he did he said from the beginning he was going to try to make changes because he didn't like the bias yet and he was going to get rid of the bias and of course we all looked at him and said
i don't believe you break up we've heard that before let's take a break first we'll come back on the other side with a cnn report i think all of us love convenience everybody does comes to feeding your dog of course the cable food is the easiest way it's easy it's not necessarily expensive it's cheaper but thing is your dog isn't getting the nutrition they may need the factory bakes in good out of the food so it's you know that's going to last on the shelf for years you understand why they do it but it's not the best thing for your dog rough greens can help this it's not a dog food is a supplement developed by natural pact perfect doktor dennis black that you sprinkle on the dog food its chock full of vitamins minerals probiotics antioxidants you name it if its healthy for your d it's probably in rough greens and most love it and will go crazy for it i know my dogs do i have a dog at two hundred and seventy four years old president miles and i man here this rough greens and i bet your dog will as well the folks at roughly
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is that joe biden did in iraq with some of his son's associates while serving as vice presidents although it's unclear exactly what was discussed one example the republican site mcgough al anon magnani a mexican businessman and son of the former president who hunter trying to woo and twenty fourteen all amendment ninety and his dad we're photographed at the white house within the president biden analysed or email hunter biden reminds alimony monotony of they favours he's done for him we haven't talking about business deals and partnerships for seven years i have every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the fbi white house and the vice president's house and the inauguration hundred biden bluntly acknowledge the power of the binding name in a memoir writing that the ukrainian energy company brezhnev which put him on its board considered my last name gold but that they did
they did yeah i mean that is more in depth reporting on this matter than you seen almost anywhere in the left you are in the mainstream media right that wouldn't be elected in particular shows that like hunter bite and we ve talked about it you don't talk radio but like have you heard that anywhere else out of sight of conservative media pointing out that this guy said not only if i done this one thing for you i've been doing these things for you for seven years to win over your business and you ve gone completely silent and we by was past yes because he was using his name in his influence to secure a bit his dealings and in this particular instance it didn't work and whose frustrate about that job don't trust doing this yeah you know it's been making it look like can't sit here and say that like you're like oh my gosh they're gonna be a great conservative network what there's not ever benevolence news they're not to be up you know want to hear your side they're not gonna do that but i am i am of the belief that a
a cnn that is not completely incompetent and straight out arm of the democratic party is a really good thing for america i actually think like it we could get cnn to be mildly competent just not horrible all the time that's the stand we're looking to beat not just not horrible every second of every day if you can get to that that's a movement doesn't seem like too much to ask now it's been you know how they ve been this wait twenty years or more hate you to be the cnn was a place where he could just go get news and you'd probably it would probably be liberal it would probably be left leaning however it would not be insane and i would think right into to focus maybe put a finer point on this pat it's really the trump era thing that needs to be reversed everyone
two thousand free rein to you know a few months ago yes became so easily seen and so they just we're like msnbc but worse i always expect to get a liberal tilt from cnn now i mean rush limbaugh used to call the clinton news network this is not new information but we just need to get back to that level and i think that would be much better than where we are today and if we could get it something that is just like kind a sane were used things were there when once something really egregious happens on the to someone like joe biden like this hunter biden scandal they actually cover it they show you the emails they show you lips in the book that that's that d prove what they're saying is not true i don't need them to be my purse new source but someone could be mildly trustworthy some of the time and be great they'll be great and ended up there have been some moves that have indicated this could be happening at least at some level stevens tasking who is
and on students america bunch times i think he's been another radio show is well he's a guy you on the website the reload he is one of the what are the premier garden journalists in america where's the second amendment and gun news better than anybody who legitimately is a great report on this knows everything about everything he's one of those guys he's a type of person no way they would allow him on cnn but five years ago for weeks three years ago they hired as a contributor now i but the scene combat often on cnn yet fingers crossed but that the they actually hired him and then took a huge beating from the last up is a good step and more of that type of thing would actually be a good thing for the country and right now i don't know if this would be a good thing but they are trying to follow fox news is great good filled move their try to get it comedian to do a news programme be less irritating i don't know
a person it could be and finds the right guy but they're talking about bill mar trevor noah would be awful our city hall has already said is not interested in that john stewart i think is already under contract to somebody so tomorrow assume the largest resigned but that but amar is an interesting profile where yes he's very liberal but at least at some times he calls out the other side that is all he does whatever you do don't be completely insane so well what are we asking whether we had better the glen back programme have you ever thought to yourself i'm just so tired of being tired you can have a feeling that year you get when you staring at us killing counting sheep or waking up with recognise from tossing and turning all night want to tell you about a new product from relief factor it's called relief factor sleep just like regular really factor that you take for pain really factor is sleep is one hundred percent drug free it with his blend of
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conservative voices at place tv dotcom use a promo code glenn on patents do for glenn on the bed beck program seventy seven be e c john kerry was at davos i really love the eve full court press right now on the climate change situation i don't know why they seem like they they seem like really confident that they can get this stuff done now they seem like ok we're there we need to really press and just tell me yeah we yet we we need a hundred trillion dollars hundred trillion commit to fix this problem you're gonna are you really going to change the climate for a hundred trillion dollars cash i think you're just going to be throwing good money after bad and it's going to be a disaster and you're going to wreck the economies of virtual
every nation every capitalist nation on earth and the climate is going to do what the climate always does and that is it changes it goes in cycles sometimes could be a little bit warmer sometimes it's gonna be a little bit cooler ah that's just we have right now it's warmed is a point nine greece celsius over a hundred years give or take ass right around there there is of course a margin of error and that number yeah which more than the projected benefit of these climate policies policies so big if the margin of error is wrong we might wind up with the same basic number that we have now even if we succeed it of us and i love the fact that the catastrophe right now on that point nine degree increase is that we have more food one a catastrophe stop it because happens when the climate warms a little bit evil girl more food i mean what is for
is he called you're not gonna grow any food or very little of it and that's why people have problems in the middle ages because it was cold or during the middle ages they headed up what call a mini ice age and you know what happened they grew less food not in turn out good for people not it did you're out well yeah we're because when i go to the grocery store the refrigerated sees section has tons of food and so with razor section there's lots there so you're saying that cold weather does i think there's evidence to support it you know you're right like having one of the he's in where we know that like when when the weather heats up it's usually better for people right there yeah we usually as is because a lot of the more people die of cold than they die of heat in the world by a large margin so when when you have temperature rising unifying people and cold
butchers dying less often and you have and even if you do have some people who are dying more frequently in and in warmer temperatures off set by the other side of it that equation is more than enough to cover it instead four times as many so that's me again we are talking about just human life generally speaking and anyone says this for multiple aids into the future lies lay the overall consequences this stuff is probably a good idea it's probably because you'll see less people dying of cold you'll see certain areas that are highly populated what ending in situations where they have more temperate climates food can a more easily obviously more co2 in the atmosphere more seo too for plants good thing for crops and and other related food items so
a lot of this is like it and i get my days they say then it's going to get worse and we're all going to die and eventually this turns against us will see we will see on that one because you know you i just a segment a few months ago about this but china one day just announced okay i m not he didn't make barely made the papers here in the united states for all these kind of people's gretta every time she gets arrested it's in the papers everywhere once in the video there like hey by the way we're going to reverse one of our previous coal cutbacks or an increase our call consumption this was like i should the exact numbers but its it was enough to iron out almost every programme we had going i ain't that any kind that we would get from sacrificing wiped out why does this one announcement in this one country of guy this one dictator and we have no power over whatsoever in fact anything he seems to have power over us it's just amazing to me and it's no one even noticed it because they don't actually care about this
yeah it's got nothing to do with the climate there are people there are scientists who are legitimately worried about the climate there are some activists might believe that when you're talking about politicians you're talking about people like al nor as he screaming at everybody in davos we can realise what he wants personal enrichment yup and personal power and large overarching government system to be able to control not just america but the entire world policies that look i heck of a lot like them product socialism there are those who say that he is a climate billion her and that he's been a billionaire because of his climate activism because he invent in the things he talks about and so he pushes those do
remember how people greeted glenn when you talk about gold and they said very very soon got will carrying says on every commercial horses invested why the same with al gore and it's a lily it's it's much much worse with al gore i'm launching error because i think you're right it's fair to say he really believes in these climate causes really believes in solar panels for example him investing a solar panel company is not something as a capital i can really criticize wholeheartedly i can criticize his hypocrisy on it yeah but like honestly like if you believe that solar panels are good and that they are the future you invested then you invested him and you make money fine i'm fine with that problem here is with people like al gore is they get these these prominent roles in the climate movement they make these speeches they make the documentaries they make the appearances and then a new solar panel company comes in and they say hey i'll one you talk about our company were
don't you want we want to put you on our board we're gonna give you equity in this company to show that you support our solar panel company you know this stuff happens all the time with figures like gore don't have any details on a specific contract with gore but this stuff happens all the time with big time activists like this they get put on the board and they get equity in the company so they're not even investing they're being gifted large amounts of equity at either zero or very low cost so that their investment can't fail unless the company complete we collapses which so many times in touch sometimes it does it and if you sell butscha solar panels and you see no because you're sitting on a board giant amount of echo equity in this company and then they sell it that's how you become a climate billionaire it's not by like all my four or one k is invested in yes g funds that's not how this occurs so we for sure how much money he has but it's
by guaranteeing that the law to put it right around a billion dollars i mean just from the sale of what was dumb network called whatever he sold current yes current sold current for five hundred million dollars to the united arab emirates you might recognize that as a big opec oil company country incredible and eagle i he personally didn't it put off that in his own bank account there were other investors and what not but he made something like two hundred million dollars from just that sail when which once again that the network is a complete failure it didn't even work and by then they belong earlier it was wasn't any harun al jazeera al jazeera the al jazeera america which then failed yes sardinian turn into anything you remember the affair if the idea for current tv do remember that they put it on the air it didn't it went up event we being like a typical left wing news network but what
is put on the air it was essentially youtube it was like if don't send in your own video view doing a report on your local town with some environmental scandal that you ve uncovered and you'd send it into them it has put it on a ghost i was really the design of it initially that didn't work didn't work i want you to work dear but i guess like when you you have a choice of ten billion videos you might find something good were on current they are just there's only one to look at and it was not usually good but is so that these people i mean that's absolute hypocrisy that's not being consistent when you benefit from an oil rich company when you're absolutely whole heartedly opposed to every every oil investment or every oil company and you don't want anything to do with oil and gas and a new benefit to the tuna hundreds of millions of dollars heads of theirs that's a problem although he doesn't have
based those problems because nobody talks about it you know that mainstream media just left it alone there like i yeah made some money on the sale of current good for him so these people or are making plenty of money and they're just the hypocrisy shows all the time and at davos john he's walking down the street and you ve got the same route leaders who went after albert bore le from pfizer on the streets of davos ask john kerry questions about his air travel here's what happened circle harry carry do you think that the high price of natural gas is actually a helpful thing to get people to transition to a green economy i love to talk about
but i sorta justify being here with yourself take private jets can you answer that you taking a private jet people will be taking the project forward to collect the climate climate change award you have done that i fly commercial suicide and paypal no it is not an thinks i know it is not he takes private jets often and he was asked about that in the past and his response was other good of april the defence of verbal air travel ok i just showing what an elite is t is well that answer is being you are on the defence your sounding very defensive are not being defensive really are here and you're just broke proving the guy's point there as i do i do take private jets but that's because i'm better than you are yeah that's the right way better than you that is the real answer that's the real and he said he said this and i think we played it earlier this week on the show where
he kind of just goes in and just says yeah enough they aren't we amazing really amazing peter do believe how meeting we are thank god we're here because if we want to say why not to save the planet isn't it amazing that were altogether able it's really is really fantastic that's really what that death it's a real opinion the real opinion they are better than you and therefore they get to do these things and thank god there here to restrain you from doing what you want to do now you little people should be living in mud huts but we we are so important we need or fifty thousand square foot homes we need that you know of course cause again were orgies better triple eight seventy seven be easy gay more patents do coming up so overturning role versus wade was really just the beginning of everything we have to do to reclaim our country from the scourge of abortion it's true i really all fall overturning rovers is weighed down was allow us to actually have an argument about this preview
to this the left was in a position where they could just win the argument every time to thank supreme court supreme court supreme court now that that's overturn all this means is now we can have the conversation now we can ass laws to choose these things but really laws will not do the entire work for us it's important that we talk about about community telling it would convincing people persuasion is a real big part of this and one of the easiest way to persuade a mother whose thinking about an abortion is suggests have her meet her child have her meet her baby in the womb via an ultra sound this is what pre born as in preparing as a great organization they save tens of thousands of babies just this past year alone just with your help from the glen back programme and in the blaze pre born can help a mother he here these the heartbeat of her child in the womb and then also help them
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only now at pre born dot com slash back the glen back programme the it's patents do for glen on the glenn beck program triple aaa seven to seven p east k as we've been saying all week please if it has to said yes if you're a person i know but and his family tanya the kids would we appreciate your purse for them because they they need it right now going through some trials and it's been it's been tough so hopefully he returns on on monday that would be my guess aren't coming this weekend is divisional round of the the nfl football players and doom
pretty excited stood eagles have had a great year an amazing year what they fourteen in three or four where they wound up at fourteen and three however with their starting quarterback fourteen in one and i of course would point on the one hand they lost there was a fluke and that's kind of interesting because you weren't a big jail in hurts supporter i'm the guy start where i hope i was opened to him being really good corbett i wasn't sure that he was going to be though i will say he's a great guy i love him as a a human being he just seem like he's like what you wanted everybody he's just the ultimate like down to business you know a guy like that they gave him a day off because they had they won the first bid the one seat and so they had often they he had a they gave the team and a day off hey go relax and he hee actually made the coaches come back in and watch film reality on the day off while and there like lie guesswork
it's a note of assembly of failing in our more bag is asking but i mean is that type of guy all the time he never six credit for anything to them he always ever when they win games he's like we should apply better he has second military mindset and i let i love that i love that player you know just discipline is improved every single year we ve been we are of him as a player and this here maybe the biggest leap of all he airy looks areas heat i still think should be the envy pay the league he was want to acknowledge he probably was winning it when he got hurt he missed two games but they lost for those games they were the number one seat in the end of sea without those games and it shows how valuable he like they needed to when fourteen games to get the one seat sorted disorder this is city chiefs patrick mahomes which would be the other guy who's being discussed here but
my home seventeen games to win fourteen it took hurts fifteen like why are we punishing miss the other two games who cares sitting good point so i don't know it'll be interesting say probably more homes will when it but i think i do think hurts deserves it frankly now the homes is obviously the best quarterback and illegal static i mean hurts i think deserves it it's going to be an interesting week and i got to deal with all that was france or on her too which is ours i mean i you know i don't normally i mean i'm a huge brock purdy fan going into this weekend at all can do is talk about brought purdy in those san francisco forty nine of the glen back programme
the what you are about to hear this usually entertainment and and this is the glen backfire and today featuring patents do apparently there are some zero eggs smuggling going on yes glad we're finally get to talk about it while a bit trying to avoid it you have they could hear what you're with big egg
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related to getting you there on time so that's why we do it every eight minutes on the forest nobody else does that and if you're sitting in traffic right now and you're looking at the cars in front of you you need us to tell you that you're in traffic yes you know you should do what would you do without us suffer suffer on free ones are you might use i eat or you might use ways as well but we do not occur wait the eight minutes on the fourth egg so we're just gonna keep doing it and not try to figure it out so tell me about the egg scandal that i'm not familiar with well it's really napping israeli jews that no no no pat no egg smuggling smuggling now our border we're having a little bit of an issue here at the border i don't know if you've heard of this the what southern southern border of united states problem yes because andrew my arcas told me the border the border was secured gap as is his exact words what secure mean do we know is that has anyone ever explained they ve shut it down it's almost airtight airtight air can't even can't even escape mixed
when did you it's not a synonym for porous or open now ok because i didn't think so but no made that would explain his his announcement there right now there saying the border it we have felt coming over the border with all your potential terrorists criminals coming across the border yeah we have lots of people pat most almost all people who are just here for a better life yes running from emily's treacherous governments in mexico venezuela in honduras and such in their decision that its asylum monotony our don't forget that milan outcome at our nicaragua me yes men that won the ottawa what why are you saying it like that because that's how you have to say it when you speak english you don't have it it's true but i am an english speaker but when you come to a spanish name like that then
he had go with the man who says how does this work be like of four people were killed in writing it today in managua near our meal is fairly clear let me just go back to their regular irregular american after that i will say that is really annoying trend you didn't hear you knowing treads just say just say not one nicaragua right but they don't menachem monotony oh i just can't i can't i can't take it ok so the border the coming across and now there's a new culprit a new thing that border guards are having to look for because with eggs topping eight dollars a dozen we are now see eggs beaks puzzled across the board my god there are actually really not drugs but eggs now eggs again you that
used to get twelve of them for like three dollars not that long ago now it's over eight dollars there's more than one hundred and eight percent increase in eggs confiscated at ports of entry in the last four months according to border patrol accustomed officers have seen rising cases in last week or so where eggs were not declared or and then discovered during an inspection and this happened this could be up to ten thousand our fine for repeat offenders now the reason why you look at this across the border as you know you you want to make sure in theirs in others agricultural checks that go and make sure that some of the food is safe and in your mama blah blah blah but now there saying eggs can be sold south of the border for three dollars forth thirty peace box a thirty the container is three dollars in mexico here twelve are eight dollars wow
now one of the things we've heard from the administration throughout this inflation situation is that it's really a worldwide problem this is ill as you know part of the putin price hike vs but like disappoint price hike effect mexico does that why i don't understand why we are the ones paying a doctor's four eggs but that's not happening mexico at all only prayers are lower but they're not going up as much either in in mexico i mean you believe we're at a point where people are smuggling eggs this show idea more eminent and that's two parts right it's put both the eggs and their price going up ok we understand that part of it but the other parties it's easier to get in so people are coming across the border with the curtains of eggs but there so so infrequently being stopped if they want to get through that the word is king were getting flooded with omelettes from
for the border is another thing to look out for pat ok thank you for that data are i will be looking for i will be looking out for it wouldn't be a hardened item i would think too smuggle across the border because you gotta be so careful with bulgaria so they're breakable they are breakable that's why they will win in school they give your you know a kid an egg and yolk you have to take care of it for the weekend and in a without fail it except maybe yeah yeah that's you're right i would say eggs not a good idea to smuggle now but that that shows how high the prices are the fact that they can actually make this profitable is pretty it may seem to you that also the price of gas while it was you know sky high for while over five bucks ago in many places and then it went down a little bit you know not to know two prior biden levels but it it went down
to a much more reasonable level and now it's going back up again yes that's true actually now be ass prices in the last let's see couple of weeks and looking at the charred here now or about thirty cents on average in just the last couple of weeks as last couple of weeks pretty consent pretty significant arouses fault again is the putin price ikea now i should point out that it did to a low point for the bite administration it is so to give you credit history here it went up to about five dollars a gallon this is in summer june at first pretty consistently since then am came down to a little bit above three dollars so the national average was a little above three at three dollars area and now it's back up to about three forty three i have two three forty or so the last couple of weeks we should point out that in no other time in our seas
mrs they start goes back ten ten years now their time since cash two thousand and fourteen have we seen prices as hi as the low of the bible administration so back the obama administration we saw mid three dollar range which is about it is right now at its peak in the obama administration we saw mid three dollars it was much lower than that at other points in fact it got down to we know gosh one one sixty nine at one point rose up it was very low throughout the entire trump administration into almost mean literally almost like the day joe biden took over in between the election and the day joe biden took over it started to of skyrocket and went from two dollars a gown to five dollars gown and is now bounced back to three forty but again three forty is higher than anything we ve seen in a decade yeah it's real
so much higher than than when trump left office yet trouble left office it was about two bucks a gown and it was lower than that when he was when when the election happened so like in november it was i think about it does dollar eighty seven or something that was the low that was in the new aid twenty twenty ok now of course twenty twenty is a weird year and that that that's a really bottomed out around the peak of covert at about a buck seventy giver i ran up to about two dollars but was around there for a while and i remember they ve at that point the economy had started to write how are people we're going back to work yet there are still blue states tat have been shut down mode but most people were out of it having read states were completely out of shut down by them in a way i go look you look back at that time line midday well in a april or excuse me march eleventh is the day that kind of as i dunno thought of as is maybe this the real start of the peak of the pandemic it was the day that the
be cancelled other games in their season donald trump came out did the two weeks the slow the spread thing wished it is six weeks to solve the spread and innocent people joe could say well and that it turned into six months to slow the spread and in some places it did but i will say it access it did not i mean you know you're on a first twenty twenty i i went out for indoor dining with my family in texas may first twenty twenty that's my friends who live in like new york like we you did what i know me the first twenty was used may first many twenty they open up restaurants at twenty five percent capacity remember thinking about the stuff this twenty five percent or fifty percent capacity they stay open them up at the restaurant read out left work did the show here that day and i know you and i did the show here the entire time whenever we never had the shut down for us we were caught him that essential central employees we're just like the biggest joke in the world us ranting about nonsense that's essential become on but we
did the show here every day in my left work here my family meet me at the restaurant and we went out to the restaurant that night and that was a as long as my wife could have taken it i think one or day without without restaurants and interaction with human beings and it would have exploded cataclysmic yeah and that would not be good it was weird it was weird pat going that being out even at a restaurant then was strange it was strange but you know p did it really we won't go back to that i don't think we are i mean they're trying to build up the chinese situation area if it could spread and be bat really super bad here again because of their situation which i don't know still saying how many deaths they haven't tried it's like five thousand or something that you too i updated though that that last week and they said there is an additional sixty thousand actually i deserve six thousand deaths thousand deaths and million then that it must be
really bad and that's just since they opened up the zero covert stuff is until like two months while they're admitting to sixty thousand they do out by the way it is in the millions in reality but of course china's government is not going to tell has to be right it asked i'm craves we had what one point wonder one point two million deaths they had to have multiples of that yeah of course because everything they've done italy ate did shut down obviously a lot more strictly than than we did especially after that for six months or so well there were reports the people were being welded into their home yeah it's pretty soon and like you know we we talk about lockdown not being effective and they're not effective for multiple reasons but like if you could fit radically hermetically sealed everyone in their apartments i guess they probably would be effective if we don't know we don't allow that in our constitution we don't want to allow that the question is is it worth it right here
working for a society to completely shut down and a ruin the economy to try to make you're ok various shades we're here to absolutely words it if its aids one life that's not the bats how you big societal decisions if you wanted to save if it was the same what life is worth it ok the speed limits now three year right you disable lot alive a lot more than one more than one for sure if the speed limit was three but of course you have to it happened when you set a speed limit of three people say screw you even the chinese people said this people who are under the arm of a dictator but who know the government can punish them and make them disappeared any time even they said no they had no and said we're done with this rose up again the government and really
i know i was i was reading a thing this pretty detailed about this transition from china and the people understand how bizarre this was they were two weeks for this transition from zero kobe saying how great zero covered was how brilliant it was these protests start up make they kind of makes some noise and china's government really folds they not all reverse the zero covert policy but basically turn off the entire apparatus that was enforcing it well simple when you're in china you had to have daily tests they got rid of all that they got rid of the testing facilities they turn they they stop using the app that you have to carry around to save your positive me yet if you got near someone else it would alert them they they had all that surveillance in place and base turn it off you're going to hit the bandaid off and the issue with them of courses at some level they control the spread of the virus we don't know what that level is of course there are liars but a lot of all
people who live there didn't hadn't had the virus at all and many of them had no treatment no preparation no immunity so when they left skirting around when it comes back around oh yeah and when you have something like alma crime which really spreads quickly going to be ugly there they're going to have real real problems the cope it's the note the cobra zero thing was never a good move it never was i mean you want to argue the first couple of weeks while we're trying to figure out what the heck's going on okay you can make that argument i don't think constitutionally he could make that argument really but hey you can make the argument i think a lot of people and we saw this happen people went into lockdown before the government told them to their freaked out they wanted to get the hell out of dodge and go back to their houses and wait to see what's going on all the we know mobility data from cellphone shows there's a huge drop off a people just going to work long before the governments at anything about it terms seventy seven be easy k more in just a minute
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ministration will be sending another two point five billion dollars and security assistance to meet ukraine's critical security and defence needs how much was that they just past it was it forty or was it fifty billion and now there on another two and a half billion i mean it's like we win joke about it's almost every day that they send another package to ukraine and there is no end to it there is no end to it and so let us take this out further to we spent what a hundred in dollars so far between over that between weapons and aid area food and all sorts of when you add at all added up over a hundred billion now people like to cite other lower figures but that's just for specific category right this is for the overall donations to ukraine's effort it's been over a hundred billion now
you might say a hundred billion dollars is quite a bit of money but you i'd say that might say that but i think about this longer term the war is not over today did not end today but we'd love to report to you today that it was over it is not so going on this you have to believe that tens of bill in hundreds of billions of dollars will continue to forty ukraine for as long as this goes on or russia will widen and that's not what we want and that was that your light on its commitment to them by the way i never he was asked when he was on the run out of one of these meetings of a reporter yelled to him how long is this going to go on how long it would keep doing this as long as it takes oh wow wow wiki wasn't that excited what he said isn't really exaggerated but it was much more calm about it but yeah he said whatever it takes and whatever your position is the our official government position is we don't want russia to win this thing we want this to stop but of course it's going to drag on for let's say a couple years here cut up come on or billion dollars more the
i think we have not factored into our equation as we ve talked about this at least most people have it is the rebuilding the attitude of may or yet they believe it could be three to five hundred billion dollars justice start getting this country back in shape to where was and guess who's paying for that now we are that's gonna be ass they were to be the biggest benefactor there so this is a very worrying really rebuild another nation the ogre nuts yeah we're not even done with the warring parties so good good good luck everybody have a great weekend and we've got that going for us it's going to be fun the glenn beck program the tom wrote in his experience about really factor he says i'm eighty five i was really active until three ago when my lower back and left hip started bothering me i
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really really good and if you use the promo code the jaffe you'll save eighteen percent right now at kirksey now i know that i hear you dont solve philadelphia eagles paraphernalia now when i was your website but kinds of things could i get if i went there students marched out com try me get thieves seven joe by in senility merchandise you might like also the six twenty four twenty four years you're alleging that the press and of the united states is not fully cognitive yes all while and that's done by what district well i wish to tell you about the way i analyse that situation i looked at him and maybe listen the little man i listened to her
i mean i had to do we played the clip earlier of him at the black church and yeah i think if i were to bring that into a court of law and and the the question was is this person's senile or not and i showed that clip you'd have to say yes yes now that might not be how you medically diagnosed this condition that might not be i'm not a doctor but i will say he's obviously senile it yeah a lot of doctor i'm not a doctor i'm not saying doktor there's not a medical diagnosis buddies journal you sold me oh i know you're and have a degree in what you're saying so aright let me show you let us show you what is going on in china rachel matthau did a segment on this earlier in the week on china's current back with covered it's kind of interesting that good versions she reached as too its causing this but here what's going on there
this is just last week this is a hospital in shanghai in china last week this is not last week an e r or an impatient wing where people get cared for this is actually the lobby of a hospital in shanghai you see patients crowded together and their surrounded by their loved ones that family members who brought them in this the shot inside the part of that same hospital that's meant for actually treating people see how crowded it is barely any room to walk there somebody beds and this part of the hospital run out a room to put people in rose so they have guarantees in this hospital lined up in the hallways outside of apply closets ivy eggs pushed up against the walls so you're saying it is a tree that looks like just a summary of waiting room chair he appears to be sleeping while he's sitting up but there's nowhere else to put him yeah it's corrupt hospital in shanghai me so overwhelmed i'm sorry to say there are dead bodies
sitting on attended still inside the hospital nor take them these are setting photos were taken by near times photographer kill i shan always wondered ground zero and you say you have just heard about that china is struggling with covert right now they rested there they deliver to tell em there's really whisky damage late last year and numbers there appear to just be scared hospitals and warnings are overwhelmed officials in china so close to sixty thousand people have died of covert just in the last month alone but is key lime zonia your country that notoriously elderly are you are you in cases but also their could not apply one reason had so hard right now this is how long term in this area to the full force of full course of their work of course a vaccine let alone any new booster shots right that would target new variants
but it's also a hero to know that driving a different situation than we are when it comes to vaccines they distributed their own vaccine they didn't distribute the very highly effective pfizer genera the very highly injunctions shocks that do not here looking at this very dire situation in part such china right now is part of it's going on there that seems just are not as a threat death and so right we'd never be at risk for something getting that bad here again because our vaccines have been better song so so effective one introduce the vaccines here each shot the thing down bam the virus hit a brick wall as soon as we started administering the vaccine so but i will say this is now you when you say that is that coming from key lime he asked and he s key lime japan is the one who took the picture of the wall that
virus ran into real oh yeah yeah beautiful pierre also pie framed pumpkin chen pumpkin gently pumpkin shannon apple truncheon those all three of them we're evil to do that now it is training is via the scene was terrible she asked she is right on our right as chinese vaccine did not do much of anything for anyone and bizarre lee they seemingly value tell me what's happening here pat let's forget you think about the vaccine admire your good let's say you don't you think it's gotta help everybody who takes it aren't you have so if you want to give it to people the chinese approach was largely to vaccinate younger healthier people and not vaccinate older vulnerable people really now that would set up was on it on percent to get rid of china's elderly it certainly kind is sees that way doesn't idea does because it's a weird approach again like you know
that doesn't make any sense at all it doesn't make any sense unless it like you could see ok well we need younger people to return to work right so we need them to do that we know that we all people can stay home and they'll be protected that way therefore we want back them because we have a limited supply and i mean maybe publicly that was the position maybe but that does not make any sense if you know anything about the virus right from the very beginning i'm kind of new really quickly that younger people were much more resist to this end could put could survive it and even it yet cause even if they got it the wasn't gonna there wasn't going to kill him right that was theory that was the theory so in a peace keeping people look at ever made any sense to force people who s personal never meet that's constitutionally to force anyone to take the vaccine certainly never made sense to really go crazy worrying about me terry members at twenty six years old and nfl players at
three years old like there's a dynamic it never made any sense to worry about that if they wanted to take it fine they did when they find that should have in the approach may that should be the approach essentially to everyone but also if you're gonna make a recommendation hey the people who probably need the protection are the people who are most vulnerable to die from this but you know what's the average age eighty seventy eight thinking it's in the high seven eyes around here and really like you're too near chances of dying of covert if you get covered here in europe we know fortys and fifty's even is very very limited when you get to your seventys and eightys and ninetys it becomes really devastating now what was interesting here in the u s was that new york sort of went with china's policy on the elderly the they were just informing people who were infected into nursing homes yes which did make any sense mean without ever explained why would you do that why
we will do that yes it was explained this is the edge cuomo by the andrew cuomo is awful dot com this is the andrew cuomo scandal he d be peace i along with a couple of other states blue states like new jersey michigan michigan decided to import infected with patients in ensuring the nursing homes were filled with people who were not infected they were told in advance by the people who run the nursing homes guys if we do this we're going to have a lot of people die because you're we private rooms all these facilities their sharing room with people who don't have covert into bringing people who have covered back in and one of them of course most aids actually spelled it out one time and he said his route the reasoning behind this was discrimination they didn't work discriminate against kobe positive patients
now users should discriminate against cobit positive patients you should stay away from them that's how you discriminate against them stay away so you don't get covered right here especially in the peak of this thing i mean i know we're in another era now but it's like back then you're brought over a person with no immunity you ve never had coded it's not the overcrowded variant it's the delta or something you know much more virulent and you import these people because you're saying well if you don't now these people to come in to these nursing homes you are therefore this germinating against them you're now you're not being fair to doesn't even makes sense as it make any sense but that's literally their excuse for doing it and there i must attend and not only that they also wouldn't allow people to be tested again to a facility so your when you go into a facility a nursing home annually say that in their systems as ok we'll let them in but we got a test of first is to make sure there clear of covert they said now that you are not allowed to test them you can't
them out because of their covert positive status as a result of that policy what was the resulting death toll at the nursing homes wasn't it something like twelve thousand thirteen thousand is what i remember off the top of my head now you can't blame everyone those deaths on this policy though you know a lot of them on it yeah you know we don't know what the ep the final number would have been obviously some older people in nursing homes would have died either way and and he never experienced any sort of being i'll do to account for what he did for his actions yemen he didn't lose his job is now that will offer more tied to the sexual harassment right but i do think the cobia scanned weakened him enough for the sexual harassment to knock em out i think you need it's funny cause codes that way right like covered by itself doesn't necessarily kill you all that often if you have an underlying condition that's all weakening you called they can jakarta gave you the knock out punch i think that's almost the reverse here with cuomo where cuomo
he was weakened by the initial covert scale and in the sexual harassment was enough to push him out look i dunno i dunno how much how many times andrew cuomo sexual harassed his employees i assume it was daily and it's just me and i met my guess my guesstimate of that number but he was getting away with that for a very long time no no that scandal by itself had removed him from office i doubt it probably not i doubt it so that other stuff was important for people to know alright triple a seventy seven be easy k its patent stupor glenn on the glen back programme i see going back on monday wishing him well and praying for me and he started a company years ago called real estate agents i trust dot com and this was born out of his pure frustration over his situation dealing with real estate agents on an everyday basis where he would really have
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seventy seven back the glen back programme and spends due for glenn hopefully glenn returns on monday triple eight seventy seven be easy k than ever go a pair is there a yeah there's an electric cars that that is coming outright sort of its its it and allows mia hybrid electrified corvette and we talked about it a little bit yesterday but it goes it has the normal ridiculous the high end i think it's the c eight corvette engine just like six hundred and sixty some odd horsepower and then they add an electric motors at the front to add another two hundred ish
at zero sixty unlike two point five seconds which is that the fastest of any vehicle now cause when a half seconds to go six really fast zero to sixty is really really fast i mean that if you do take it full electrics tesla plaid would be faster that sir i must say they i think they say it's one point nine or two point one i can't remember one of the two but it's i dunno if it's fast but it's very fast and that cars ridiculously fast and and of course there's hypercars that can do this type of these types of first there's some of them the krona sagan there's some these other ones i wasn't it really interesting one in texas though a called the to see venom have you heard of us know says when in texas and largely it had been known for taking ridiculously high performing cars and turning them into more dickie leslie high performing cars like even improve them everything in them and make them even more powerful liking because there are six hundred horse power
cadillac a mill upgraded to one thousand horsepower cadillac you know that type of thing and so they but they had now have their own car called the hennessy venom think hennessy venom f five they a few different models the ass is significant color you somewhere you fifty thousand more than that all aware while yeah you might want to stretch out your payments to a hundred years on this one because that is what they want for between i think they have several different models and there's time maybe you're gonna be a hundred of these things built total but it's somewhere between two point one and two point nine million dollar mega that's like a little gaudy idiotic therein and they believe it's going to beat the bulgarian while the the river it's all electric now electric at all not even i dont even know i don't even know i mean there's no electric industry missing is a combustion monster one thousand eight hundred and seventeen horsepower
well i don't thousand thing i ever heard of it's for not why don quixote ernest horse power ever that's pretty impress as far as i know and they they say and they have not i don't think they have demonstrated this yet fully but they believe it will three hundred and eleven miles an hour so would be fastest our ever made this were aiming that there's all sorts of different it's kind of wonder where are you going to take that for a drive and test the upper limits of a three hundred eleven miles an hour where are you going to do that yeah that's great mobs illegal i guess you could drive bonneville salt flats right and that's where they test for world records a lotta yeah but outside nepal bride is like a world renowned journalists have moments do does america tonight and he said you talking to a hennessy guys in the end they they said hey you know like he asked how the tires last are you talked to or can be who makes the tyres for this carnage and how long will the tires lasted three hundred miles an hour
and they said about fifteen minutes oh wow and they said the good thing though is it's not really a problem because it will only the gas will only last for about twelve minutes so you're ok here you seek it three hundred miles an hour obviously is united we do in that that often but the cars credible i mean it's just so you're not driving it on a any economy mode not when you're going three hundred plus a stealth mode of okay so it's going to be pretty loud it's gotta make a lot of noise is going to go really fast the other thing it's kind of interesting about this is joe biden corvette because that's not electric and he loves loves loves that car and these got this big gas guzzling what is that like from the sixties it's gotta be seven miles to the girl if you're lucky if you're lucky i again hopefully glenn returns on monday meantime emigrate weaken
and thanks for thanks for being with us
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