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What on Earth is a Flickering Pulse?! | Guest: Mark Levin | 5/23/19

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Hour 1: American citizen-turned-Taliban fighter John Walker Lindh is due to be released after spending seventeen years in prison …Are there certain crimes for which you should never get out of prison? …Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls those who took her claims about humanity's imminent peril due to climate change seriously as having “the social intelligence of a sea sponge” …Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer appeal to President Trump for $2 Trillion in infrastructure spending …Why are so many on the Left fighting for high-speed rail? …Stu says that, even on their best day, trains just can’t compete with planes. Hour 2: NPR updates its guidelines for talking about abortion …It’s all part of a larger effort to deny science by downplaying the significance of a fetal heartbeat …How often do “partial-birth abortions” actually happen? …Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) claims that the new abortion laws being implemented across the country “criminalize women for simply existing” ...“Pregnancy kills, abortion saves lives” – That’s not satire, that’s from The New York Times …Why has the Left been completely overcome by science denial? What on Earth is a “flickering pulse”?! …Caller asks why brain activity isn’t discussed in abortion debates – If someone is legally dead after it stops, why isn’t someone alive when it begins? …Many individuals who call themselves “pro-choice” have a stricter stance on abortion than Republican lawmakers. Hour 3: Mark Levin, host of LevinTV, joins the program to discuss his new book ‘Unfreedom of the Press’ …There is almost no freedom of thought in newsrooms – The news cycle is nothing but groupthink …President Trump has not attempted to manipulate the press through abuses of power like Kennedy and Johnson did …Pat is tired of America being “the world’s policeman” and attempting to introduce democracy to people who don’t want it …Managing war is an exercise in central planning – Such exercises usually don’t work very well …Three cheers for Chick-fil-A and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott …Jeffy Fisher is living healthy in 2019, but the same can’t be said for another Blaze Media host …Kamala Harris continues to harp on the “gender pay gap” as part of her campaign, but she’s hiding something in that regard.

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This is the Glen programme. Woodlands. Do all this week. Will glint Tripoli, seventy seven easy gay. We got some, fascinating. Guidelines from NPR. We'll talk about that later on today, but also Olano MAR and Elsie have some brilliant things to share with us will get to that and much more coming up about sixty seconds in Spain. Stu for Glenn. Or you can hear my show pack least weekday mornings right before Glenn and and to larger eyes. I mean it's Incredible, I listen to every day at work and I I and I love his mix of the seventies. Eighty ninety sent today do like the all request lunch. I hate the horizontal shower yeah yeah, because aside these people who call up and they require songs that are in the sixties or tomorrow. But I want seventies, eighties, nineties, to thousands and
and for your convenience we do have traffic and whether, together every ten minutes before that, that's gotta here yeah, it's getting so that's great aright amiss Taliban, we just released so there, exciting news, because I'm I'm pretty sure is totally reformed, total are you. You will no doubt yeah, there's to be a little teeny bed now though, releasing a morally. So really after release him after twenty years, because that's what he was sentenced to write and no matter how he feels after those twenty years. You still have the letter. Yeah, I guess that's true! You don't really have to be reformed, they don't know lobby. Go through your entire again our sentiments right I mean, if you like, to think you would be or are kind of the point of it right, but I guess if you come out can occur. You in prison. If you get, It's a twenty years, and you say you know what I still pretty much like terrorism. I guess I won't do it baby, but I am still advocating for it and
They come to the end of the term. Canada's legislators have to let you out, I think so because seem like he's reforming their nor to end its only seventeen years, so they could keep him in. There are three years longer feels like there are certain crimes, Pat in which you just don't get. Out of prison. Ok, this is a small subset for me I'll, give you Apple John Hinkley, the EU. Oh and you shoot the President of the United States over Jody Foster never! Let me out of prison. Well, yeah he's like pretty that it be visiting his parents on the weekends. Any doubt right, I mean like you, you know that I feel it there's a line there. Yet another one is treason against. Country. If you're going in your fighting for an opposing force in a war you just idle no twenty years. Doesn't seem appropriate to me and the fact that he's only serve. Seventeen is is kind of a big deal and then going on going past that
it doesn't seem like he's reformed at all, and you get these every once in a while, and we ve had people on the show in past years, who still be terrorists and had seemingly had reformed and were now speaking out against terrorism like that, there's a few people who have actually on the show that kind of meat that profile? But that's not what John Walker Ireland is doing here. No, I mean it appears, have he's still kind of excited about the whole time earth thing. Well, Did he said in twenty fifteen about ISIS, twenty fifteen. He said that ISIS was doing a quote spectacular job after it be edit a U S journalist Ok, I say the image: destruction? Worse description was please. What we can win hired. You will need to be had a: U S, journalist technically, I guess They were doing a spectacular job done though I somehow I would describe it. No, I feel like. Maybe
a little bit more hesitation in your praise, say, might think. Ok! Well, that was twenty fifteen in they have twenty. Sixteen Lynde continued to advocate, global jihad and a right and translate violent extremists texts. He so told a tv news producer. He will continue to spread. Extremism and violent acts, We must Islam upon his release. I didn't seem good to me. Why are we letting this guy go early? Saw this bizarre, I just don't understand it. I mean it's it's one of those things that, like this is a difficult like is Thing to figure out how to deal with a terrorist in these situations that we were talking about, the his wife's right, these women they go over, they get married off into ISIS, God only to infer multiple. There is, then they all feel kind of bad about it you know hey like I I was I was young. I need,
the money what we find here. They both be fun, like some other they're like well, I I was act to see in person. Them burning people alive and these cages, because it felt somewhat effort than I when I watch the video on Youtube of them, where I am alive in school, rising like I can't do that now and so the day the conversation has Do we bring the ices wives back to the United States in and have them retreat I didn't they want to gathering, should stand trial, although worth treason. I feel like that most shows that I've heard can on the conservative sort of side or people writing about. It have said not like these people are. Are it's a war? and on the other side of this war, and they should be treated like anybody else and on the other side of the war, which I think is a legitimate position. However, if you're, if we have a law about treason, its kind, it's it's a big,
You're right I mean this is a constitutional principle right and look it's hard to to it envision a more clear example of treason. Then going over and assisting ISIS in the middle of a war against us right like I just I mean how do you get more clear than this Yet we will not. We never use it. We ve just basically, We all decided, you know what that part of our history, that you know what it's like. It's like, Halloween, three season of the which does not part of the series we're just gonna, ignore that had happened. All the other ones are Michael Myers. Theirs is one where masked attack everybody's head on Halloween, and it was maybe not the best movie in the world it, but that's the only one, we're just gonna kind of just disregard they know that one didn't happen. That was not part of the series and like this, like treason, what other? Even though that is it enjoy your Walker, Lynde, wasn't even charge for treason. Right and that's. The problem had turned on his reason. He would not be out of prison now there
you know this is the type of thing that that is. Is they call for potentially execution, for? This is that this is a death penalty. Situation and treated as such? If you are going to go and remember it's not just that, he went in fought with the Taliban. He also was involved in the death of the first american servicemen in the attic. Stand war. Guy MIKE Span, who will you I see a member who was killed in a prison riot and that prison right? It was involving this guy who's about to walk free. I mean how is that producer, and certainly not justice, you, but it's it's amazing. Because of his frequently reported comments that he is not reformed, but he wants. Continue to do these things are like there's a very, very strict release policy that very very strict enough. You ve heard this He first of all is
is going to be monitored by parole officers. No, that's number one. Why I want you to think about how serious that is. Ok, he's gonna, be monitored by parole, officer and number two yeah he could go on the internet yet he can communicate with whoever he wants to, but only in English here. I've expects airbag or whatever What is it In only can kid speak that online it can only do extreme. Is jihad in English. Yes, you have to do it in English, They said he had to do it in Haiku. I might say: ok, that's pretty difficult, because he's gonna have to contain right. I goose, but now oh this is he that's the legitimately part. I was really are he can't do you can't speak any other languages has only speak English. Now I mean I
I guess, that's a limitation because we're what too lazy to translate what he's typing I want to be. And the fact that he is able to actually communicate with other people? I mean it. You know I like he's Then it wisely on the internet at a whole again when he let one went to prison. The internet barely worked, did it get out here. Imagine I mean now. You go anywhere you once you get the nice for G or Vienna. Soon, five g access got wifi everywhere. Because he's almost dial up days when he went when he got in person, It just seems like a completely crazy idea does so. Specially since he's not he hasn't. All. I am that's it's pretty clear by payments, although he he did make interesting statement too to the parole board? He be. He made a fourteen minutes speech that included had Irene is then what I know now about the Taliban and I would never have joined them. I never understood g ought to mean anti a mirror,
It is a more terrorism, but then in okay. So that's what he said to get out of jail early and then you look at everything else he is said leading up to that it just looks He feels the same way did when he went into prison. And we didn't do what we should have done at the time Jim with treason and now we're make it even worse by allowing him to to get out early there's not there doesn't to be any reason for it. Why would you let this guy go after seventeen years charged. He is with pretty serious offences like conspiracy, to kill you S. Nationals at seems like a fairly significant crime near theoretically, yeah, I'm in foreign policy magazine reported and twenty seventeen that invest it should be. The national counter Terrorism Centre found that link quote continued to advocate for global
jihad and to write in translate violet violent extremists, extremist texts end, but that answer. Those is pretty good. They said for three years he's gotta be watched like a hawk the hallway. So if you think I mean look down three years, That's wonderful cassettes the time he would normally have been imprisoned, re like Sonia when he would have been imprisoned, they're gonna watch him carefully and that is becoming a reason, be at your local, like Starbucks he's gonna be given you Duncan doughnuts as you come through and we're supposed to be. Ok with that told you in his Lama up all of a sudden. Is that what you're, now rise, Lama fall by am not in this alarming phone. I will say that if I gotta get doughnuts and I order cross out sandwich- and he heads to me any says it in like farsi- I am I'm odor ordered I'm going to report him he's only supposed to speak in English. Heavy very upset if we set up
in Farsi it's bad enough. Do for Glenn this week more coming up in sixty seconds. Stupor Glenn triple seventy seven be easy k get some wisdom from Alex. Because your Cortez, where she really kind of the wellspring of all wisdom lately, she Olano Omar have really shared a lot of it with the United States, and I appreciate it. They done a great job so far? They have I'll say that in fact, in forming us us clear. Deniers that we have only twelve years before the end. Of the world said on mental multiple occasions here, not just once they have. You were just I'm making a random comment. If you were mistakenly summarizing some in depth. Piece of evidence from the. U N Ipcc. You may be surprised
here they do that multiple times he continually doubling down on the same claim nom. She said famously million millennials and people. You know Genji and all these folks that will come after us and we are looking up and were like the world is gonna end in twelve years. If we don't get to address climate change and you're busy biggest issue is, how are we gonna pay for it and that sort of attitude has been repeated multiple times she. She then, Double down on it when us and saying for everyone who wants to make a joke about that, you may laugh, but your grandpa it will not, which is interesting, because if the world is ending and twelve years, what how my having grandkids I'm in earlier MIKE is a pretty my kids, We now pretty utterly young, so be difficult for that to happen. But maybe I guess, if you're saying someone who already has grandkids or whatever may be, they could into a twelve year period, would happen costs
Cortez later flipped, her position in early May, referring to the twelve year deadline, is merely dry humour in sarcasm. Now it's interesting as you couldn't. You could say. Causeway words has not humor, not humor, not sarcasm, and you could say that she's, just a dunce and just Renault skirted up, which is low likely explanation for almost everything she says right, he's, not not the not the brightest bulb. However, the system has been repeated by many of the democratic candidates for present No better work has been another bandwagon multiple times and to the point where they act. They had to start fact checking this. You know that go to the actual scientists. Who did the report we are talking about and say: hey you guys the world's gonna end in twelve years, and they said no, that's not what we said and they set basely like Marilla glad to have a chance to clear this up No, we are not saying that the world is going to end in twelve years. Did the people
RO the report, the referring to our say that now just the that's how ridiculous this claim is again. They are very alarmist on the climate, it's all young people who were who are saying everything's gonna be fine. There saying! this danger. But what they're saying these claims are completely ridiculous, so the Cassio Court as later on went on to say this is a technique of a GEO, P, trinity, church humor and sarcasm literally in fact check it like the world in twelve years thing, you'd have to the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it's literal. Well, Just get me very surprised to hear about a recent poll talking of talk, by Democrats and whether they believe that the Eu S has about twelve years to aggressively fight fight climate change for the non whole world ends. And there would be disastrous and irreparable damage the country in the world sixties, Seven per cent of Democrats
these social intelligence of a sea sponge according to Catch Cortez, his own own definition, two thirds. Democrats say that yes, twelve years is how long we have and Of course, they said it so many times. It's not surprising that the democratic voters would believe it, but dear that it was some joke or some we know anything other than a typical Cassio Cortez moment we now gotta be ridiculous and in her her attempt to get out of it called two thirds of our own voters morons or see sponges at that, which is a dead tad problematic, I guess, but also accurate! I feel that this is the one thing you know every once in a while, we we can come across something workers. Cortez nailed. It agree, yeah yeah, it's important to point that out. I think- and I think people doubt as and when we say hey if, if these people we disagree with really strongly say something that we agree with, will give him credit now and we
giving her credit might like eyes right, she's right they have the intelligence of a sea sponge. If you think it's in the world is gonna end in ten years you have the social intelligence overseas bunch and we agree with Abkhazia. Cortez on that, I mean Finally, she's nailed something here and we can sit here and deny just because she's from the other party cause he's from the other side of the Isle. We can say no democratic voters. What have the social intelligence of a sea sponge but she's accurate, describe this year and she's right on it there are others, do and who are we just because she has a d after her name to say that these wrong. That's the democratic voters have more intelligent than a sea sponge. What It would be wrong tat. We are We are all about bringing people together. How we have this Glenn talked about all many many bringing people too from both sides of the Isle. Here's a cause you Cortez, outlining in extreme detail with incredible accuracy,
describing the intelligence of a democratic voter and she nails it. And what are we gonna do come in here and say all you know what we don't like. We don't like her policies. Disagree no, we agree with her right now. If like to change it and say that those same democratic voters have all the intelligence of a bathroom ball brush, I'm willing to into that is? Well, yes, your open! You have an open mind. Yes, I mean they did oh for her. Many of them and so we could look into that, statement as well, if she ever makes it, but for now it's the cease punch thing and we agree unbelievable. I just then The idea that there is another thing that came out derivatives CNN sent out one of their family fancy alerts on the phone and was like worst case scenario. You see levels could rise by blob law by the end of sending an activity epochal. You know thing you ve heard.
Hundred times the claims that everyone's going to die and at least this I'm being included were case scenario around it, because this is what there was doing. They cite the worst possible thing that can happen. They act as it's the only thing that can happen and then plain that we're not taking any action, what Lena what peoples believing you when you say the skies fallen and I want it. Doesnt fall. He bore like well, I don't know Maybe what many of you don't really believe them You know I'm going to try to do the same thing with ease. They had these tornadoes that benefit the Midwest and really devastating. Missouri was a big when I was there was a there's a lot as well, but I mean and when you look at the the global, trends in the in the: U S, trends for tornadoes. There is a slight d. Greece over the last hundred years, but they will still watch the news tat, you will see them blaming. He's tornadoes on climate. And expecting you to button or leave it, and I don't know,
Just feel like the american people have a more intelligence, then He sponge. I could probably pick up the accuracy, but was a mistake Patents do for Glenn other Glinda peremptorily. Seventy seven be easy. Gay must be really fun for the president. To meet on a regular basis with people who absolutely hate is just hate everything about him and you have to sit there and an attempt to get along with them menacing, Chuck NEA, does he always says that he likes Nancy and chalk, and you have done some right. I kinda he because they obviously haters guts and that surely, at some level he hates theirs as well, though he tries to to keep up. Is it a face of that relationship? At the very least right like you, a kind of say. While you know I get them they now I understand I've dealt with people like that. My whole life I get who they are certainly demeaning way of saying in an open, and he likes that, but also
Think there is something there were. He thinks there so transactional there. So you know there's some trend. Parents when it comes to the stuff that they will tree need, though, do the horse trading of of what they were for what the other side wants there, they could be theoretical deal makers if you don't mind giving up a cup a trillion dollars, Ino Majestic Will it really it's just the two trillion, though? That's that's why I am asking for a lot of money. Now two trillion dollars to is a really small number. It's really small! I mean this there's only one Mordred brought her to number smaller meet right right now, and I am now I I do like one of the smaller numbers which is zero trillion
I am a nice, I'm I'm Domini time zero trillion be. I am too, but I was devastated yesterday when I heard that they got into a little tiffin we're not gonna, get her two trillion dollars of infrastructure spending. Well, let's helped us up the egg and they don't find a way to come back together on that gives its bad last time they met his friends. It went from one trillion two trillion he, so I don't want them to be friends not even like. I can't believe these people can work together. Look what happens when they work together. Only bad things extra trillion dollars now. Look. We do needed Berkshire spending TAT. I was just traveling now what you Raveled B, I travelled. Is risky not by air we have by air. Oh my gosh, you found it airport that wasn't crumbling well. I must say that, unfortunately I was at the airport and, unlike in its inaction, adventure movie, I was running full sprint, as the entire airport was collapsing, bahamian just missing the backs of my heels ho and I added I did have to jump over. Allow Shazam,
where to tell you I was there. I shall not across our chosen Israel a mood I did not you didn't. I didn't do that. I bought a time I have no time to shout across the jasmine just leaped across the judge. I did leap across the chasm and I did turn back just at the moment to see a sad Taco Bell, employee sucked into yet his they lost what they have one of those airport taco bells, and that thing and I I did save a couple being burritos, but I was unable to save the human life that went into the chosen. I mean we act as if we are like there's an old aerial, ass thirteen republic. We are not aware poor, yes and have no technology. No bridge is no airports. We're just crumbling everywhere and it's like how often do we have? Is there a certain requirement for a huge being in their life to have to fall for that.
How many times are we can we supported it in all nine ends? seven hundred and eighty seven billion dollars rushing to delegate forty, yes or afterwards, and then, after maybe a billion or more, are two trillion. Excuse me. I think it was over a trillion eventually and that didn't get. Better infrastructure, we did get us some shovel ready jobs. I saw some signs about it. Oh yeah, that's assigns about that particular infrastructure spending, and now here we are now one president later it is this term and we need another two trillion dollars of infrastructure spending like that no like. That is to say no to say now, so I'm glad I too would like. I can't believe it can't work together. Good. The last thing we need- or people like you know now- see policy in shock, humour to work with when you work with people like Nancy Policy in structure, you wind up on the shores of the stick every time because she's gonna go out and call you Satan,
of every camera. So why me with her I right before their meeting she's talking about this massive cover up, that is responsible for ETA, just a part of me and it's a small part pad, that has little scepticism as to how real these events actually are. Like does DE policy really expected a pleasant meeting with Donald Trump went right before you walked into the meeting Jesus he's covering up in peaceable events like come on. You She's doing this intention, she's going to do a fight right. Yes, she looks like she's weak with her people because she has not endorsed impeachment. Yet so she's now. This is her effort to appease our base looked out. Look tough! Then I'm gonna see there's a nice chunk of this out of the trap administration as well as she's says these things in front of the camera: theirs was to meet up then after that he walks into the meeting says: look you know where you're going to be.
You know, tell me that I'm involved in a cover up and then have this nice meeting with me about infrastructure spending. We're not do in both of these things. At the same time, you now get out He walks out, which I like, by the way which I like it at yeah. I want to say that all the time, whether she's, whether she says things in front of the cameras or not, because I dont want to spend another two trillion dollars. However, then he walked into another the other side of the building and has a press com. It's all ready to go with a priest who sign about what it's about at somehow they were able to printed. It is public dated vaporous signs really quickly authority, us the other. They ve got a really good printing team and he's I look. I'm we're not gonna do both of these things, and I was these investigations have to stop you there is a part of me that thinks that this is just all above them playing to their basis. Here's what President Europe had to say. More quite well. It turns out on the motion for- and I think most of you would agree to this and the most train
sparing president, probably in the history of this country we have given and I would chant or a hoax. The whole thing with Russia was a hoax as it relates to the drop administration, and myself was a total horrible thing that happened to our country, it hurt us in so many ways. Despite that we're setting records with the economy with jobs with the most impey, most people- today that we have ever had in the history of our country. We have the best I'm a numbers that we had in the history of our country, in some cases, fifty one years, but generally of the history of our country, companies Moving back in Things are going well, and I said: let's have the meeting on infrastructure will get that done easily, that's one of the easy ones and instead of work, happily into a meeting, I walk into look at
All that I just said that I was doing the cover up, I don't do cover ups, doesn't do cover ups, so, look it on the enemy. So you don't want to go down this road, which is disappointing, because I was on my way to work today. Oh, my God, over collapsing bridges did you don't get through that, I value. The idea of having bridges are, however, I was driving on the highway and I noticed theirs as large silver thing to my right. Real is a train that come off the track somewhere was just beating down the highway without eminence. Let's that shouldn't happen now we that's why we need these extra isn't going over the train, and it's not good for the pavement now a rip up the pavement Isley seriously, which is already ripped up near a lot. You can barely drive on yeah. True, especially when other bridges are collapsing around their yeah, it's a problem. It is a problem of a guy. I I have this weird thing which
as I am concerned, about the twenty two thirty trillion dollars and debt. We currently have in the hundred to two hundred trillion dollars a dead that are already scheduled and we have no way of paying for the idea that word announcement an extra two trillion dollars, because afterwards you know shocking Nancy can have a by partisan moment. No. Thank you. No thank you and we we can't even come up with the budget. We have come up with a budget in time years has not been a national budget. Since two thousand nine got these continuing resolutions that run the country and operate our government and can't even so much as sit down and decide what we're going to spend every year and entreaties spend just what we have there is no reason to be doing two trillion dollar anything's. Really we can't afford it. We can't afford it.
And we're just putting all of this burden on. Georgia are children and more likely our grandchildren and great grandchildren, because you can't you can't pay this debt and pay I am of the opinion of the four great school of thought, which is anything pass great, great, great great grandchildren. They get to fend for themselves, You know all care about my children and my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, so we're talkin third great. What I think, the third grade. I will care about it when I great Great great great grandchildren- look figure it out. I don't know a long time. You know whose something for yourself in out I mean yes, I made where my spending money. They probably they won't even pay back sure Yes, I mean how responsible my supposed to be. My that's about this by that time figure out how to live on another planet and go back to zero and the budget guy. I don't have it Get allotted to get all the time there were taken for five generations b? You gotta show little ingenuity out. That's comforting,
but we ve actually got people working on that we actually happen. Working on living on another planet. Yeah basis is very excited about it the lawns and then once the Yankees they're, both in that world rich brands in that world- and NASA is apparently getting into that world their talk about putting a permanent based on the moon so that they can eventually go to Mars and beyond, and then start all of these civilizations on other planet, that would you spend two trillion dollars and infrastructure of the moon and that's a whole. Another question. I feel like that aside, that that we could be, we could talk about either going to get together on that maybe because I made it look at all this go every week if we had dug in Elysium type of situation where any point we can just kind of escape the earth.
And there's some nice infrastructure. There may be a high speed train or some sort to get around the predators like every move. There is high speed train inside the five hours or the moon or wherever we happened to land. I love that their their criticising trophies at all. He really looks infrastructural. What about the California train situation? Are you still pushing for that? Didn't the Democrat? Didn't Gavin, Newsome cancel its. I mean us because it was way over budget, even Gavin. Newsome said no to this train thing drive me crazy. I just don't under why people are so infatuated, freaking trains, trams. These I had to write them every single day when we lived in New York and they below layering terrible weak they had. This situation Fournier, where they're going to spend it, was initially we like one point five billion dollars and then have initially gotta. It got up to a hundred billion hours pretty quickly. Now they basically cancel that
I saw a hundred times more than started I'll write at sites like that, but I saw an article from there. I think with Japan or China can remember there they're going to launch in the middle launching like this incredible new bullet train like this bullet, brain is amazing. You know the headline said: it approaches the speed of aircraft. You already have aircraft the aircraft. We mean it approaches this. What is the better than other train that go slower than planes planes dont? Only I have to go between two specifically designated areas. Is the great thing about them anywhere. You put a frigate airport, a plank land, so if a new populations that are opens up in the middle of nowhere, you can judge a change of lake. The same day, you could say that they were now taken this plate over there instead as critical, faster and have less problems, then the tray eve It was a lot less expensive. Yeah then the year
it's not almost understand what it is. They never in some cases its right so pay more to get their slower racket We can only do it one at least thirty billion dollars to take people no way too we're Sacramento or say Cisco it over us and when they have a hundred flights going back and forth. Anyone there already ready relatively inexpensive Eureka seem any money going into strange. You're gonna get there in ten times the amount of your life, it's good constitute ten times the amount of your life to get there and there never gonna build a thing anyway and by the time, it's done it's gonna be going to some area where people are no longer living, I'm guessing you're, not gonna, be doing commercials for Amtrak nodded model. That has not happened and patents do four Glenn on a glimpse programme. Privily. Seventy seven be easy, Kate little discrepancy, in how much of the border wall has been built. Now yesterday we had a story that would there
One point seven miles built one point seventh we're almost there along the borders of a two miles it to now, maybe just us it just a little bit longer than that of its like two thousand miles of actors at who in it that there is a two minute, so you're, pretty close, and so the way Us yesterday said- and Sarah Zander said that was that was not accurate, it's too and then the figure twenty miles came up. Ok and then Sir Centre said none of those were accurate. It's a hundred miles and their staff. On track for five hundred by the end of the year. If that's true, that's not bad. I'm units you think if they can do five hundred miles this year of of new border wall. I think that be ok, I mean as a good sign,
young. I need an audit on that area because, like to see, we have heard a lot of claims and the minimum administration is done the several times in which they said repairing existing face, yet it doesn't down new fence now that automatic Genoese account now. No, that's that's that! That's not but they kept me promise, wasn't going to repair the Venice authority that we're gonna build a wall unlock it. I can't did. I have you can't do it by himself and right and the Democrats or kicking and screaming and fighting in every step of the way near, and I guess so far they have compiled all together about. Two billion dollars for this and that'll paper supposedly for five hundred miles, so they can do that. I'd be happy with what that as a good story. I'm not yet. We ve talked about this work, not thrilled with the whole emergency thing so non cuddling. So when I know your other than by ETA, most people are at, but I mean it is a huge concern as far as what's going on in the border and in addressing it is, is important and obviously you're gonna get anything out of shock and Nancy.
That would be an easy one right like its infrastructure it. This is a legitimate piece of our infrastructure that is crumbling right, where they could go in and spend some money to to protect the borders, and they want to do that. They want to do that. They want to make our airports have wifi inside I, it is hard to take it seriously yeah. But what should be the priority? I dont know: let's stop the flow of drugs and illegals, gas. Is the Glenn Back programme without Stew for glimpse. By the way you can catch my show grandly, should we d mornings right before Glenn, right here on the blaze, and you can actually listened to it anytime. You want on the pod gas there they'll, but where we can get pockets, Tripoli. Seventy seven be easy. Kate
our taxpayer dollars or being well spent degree when we funnel them into the national public radio NPR. I love new guidelines that were published by and PR on how we can properly use phrases while reporting on the abortion debate. I am fascinated by this, and I know it's a there's, a central sort of thing going on where I've never noticed this before, and here it is happening. Listen to this. This is from the New York Times. I have mentioned this previous broadcasts. The fetal heart beat. It is now a thing that is no longer a thing. I m I theirs argued that a light. What his life's start. I don't know what is it start? Well, ok, it starts when it's when the babies born or starts at conception or starts advice ability other just said carton.
There are thirty, two rather gay the really a lie, or of its thirty two years or thirty, two and thirty two idea we can't be president, so thirty, five I've got thirty five. Thirty five years old, I went online, begins interested in this. That goes on for a long time. In some people say it's gonna heart starts beating it's pretty logical one right here. We know where the heart stopped, beating its gently when we say there's no more life right so to say that, like it's, The most insane approach, choice argument to say until the heart is beating it's not an abortion. Rightly I it's not my position, but it's not them extreme pro choice argument to say that I think we both agree. Life begins at conception. Yes, however, like, if you were to say, ok, well, you know what you got the first six weeks until the heart becomes out, certainly cut down our abortions dramatically yeah, it's what Alabama basically trying to do, but it is an indication of life when you have a heartbeat, will the heartbeat
In that line has been part of the Congress, for a long time. When does life begin now? We have come to a point where the heart beat may not actually be a heartbeat. Well and this responsibility. They can't give that ground If it's a heartbeat, clear, that's life, you ve, gotta heart, its beating you're alive. And that certainly the strategy of people who are pro life right, look like hey, recognise, there's a live thing on its arsenal: science out, it's also biology. It's also reality exactly solicited this and we found this multiple times, we ve been hitting it over the past few weeks and I'd never noticed it before the past couple of weeks the new laws that prohibit abortion as early as the six weeks of pregnancy have been called quote, heart beat end quote: legislation by supporters now there
you could say maybe there's referring to the name of the bill, that's what they put it in close now. I've seen him several previous articles that we brought upon the programme and on the news and why it matters in other shows that it's not just one. Referring to the name of the legislation there saying like it's a reference to the fetal, quoting quote: heart, beat and say what what what else is like what that? What are you saying it is the New York Times has attempted the explanation here today. I think I'll go can appreciate. This is accordingly heart, beat a reference to the flickering pulse that can be seen on ultra sound images of a developed embryo, all the flickering pill flickering pulse, and now my thought was deed. I mean do you think it's a straw blazes like what is it exactly t tease heart light right can be that turn on your heart, like it could be one of those lights that when you're in a boat, and if you put it in water, starts flat flashing, like you know, tat, to get people's attention like one of those marine strobe lights. Couldn't that could be a rave going on inside the womb out. Perhaps
the party in those vivid, their glow sticks in theirs. Flashing black from a club. It's not a foot, bring pulse. It is a heart beat. This is not some that was again we're told Here are the ones that are anti science and they're. Telling us a heartbeat is a flickering pulse. What the hell, flickering pulse it's not a flickering pulse is the beat of a heart as its developing and we ve seen this now in utterly amazing form when when the the abortion procedures and terminology and rights are discussed, I and pr that you brought up, I am Blown away reading this and there are certain levels of Of denial we can get into rightly you can. But when you're watching a movie with a crazy plot, you have to go into that. Yet, if they like take that break from reality- and you
after kind of except well. Yes, some people can fly. Some people can shoot lasers out of their eyes sometimes, our joint monsters but going out of the sea, and obviously I know Godzilla real, but I'm saying generally making these things are real end that there's that system suspension of disbelief that you have to have reading this NPR I am almost to the gods Zilla level with it. It's so unbelievable movie, the details of it in sixty seconds you forgot another glimpse programme. And PR has new guidelines for what their hosts. Call certain abortion terms. Now this is what they They say they say one thing to keep in mind about this law. Others like it? Proponents refer to it as a quote: fetal, heartbeat law, that is their term. It needs to be attributed to them if used and putting cos t marks if printed so. This
actually sort of explaining this conclusion. I've had their just because the heartbeat beat under the name of the bill there, acting as if it's a concept, not understood by science gets a heartbeat. Well, that's what they're calling it, but I mean that That's the college mortgages accurate writer! That's wrong! It is let me yes, It does make it a powerful point about life. It does it is a reason and part of the reason in there it is to convince people hey this thing that you think you're but on quota boarding is just like that. You're ending You know me that that is it. That is part of the reason they are targeting the heartbeat, but it's like it's in a way a moment of of come. Together I mean I want zero abortions. Zero k I just wanted to believe, You know when they say: hey the. What this new law, your passing, is just a trojan horse for getting rid of abortion. It's not a Trojan horse. I'm telling you it's:
there that's part of the plan. I want that to be the future and we'll get there. However, there in a way to compromise from the right like it. So Who is it get someone who thinks you hey this? life in your ending life. You problem, then I'll give you six weeks is an isn't the ideal position right. You want life that begins at conception. To go to the end of the pregnancy. However, at six, Is it really good step in the right direction and it's a really good line and make sense either a democratic and say? Ok, will look. Let me think about in the way we actually talk about abortion a woman has unprotected sex or gets pregnant and some in some fashion, and realizes they ve made a mistake. Then we know wants to abort their baby. Well, this guy them six weeks to do that in May, keep saying: well, they don't even know if their pregnant will they have morning after pill. For reason like this was this is when you make a mistake, like that. If something happens that you do, I shouldn't have done that. That was a mistake. I can have a baby right now. That's why
the morning after pill. You know we ve talked about this before and I like sensible world the left my position is the morning after pill where it is in a world. Now, look I Should we know abortion at all, but like in a sense but world with debate there wouldn't be nine months or right after birth. You could still aboard the kid. It would be all right if you made a mistake, before we even know that you're pregnant you have a chance to top whatever is going on, and we don't even know if there is, if anything, even happened, where we don't even know, if you would, the person was pregnant, we don't even know it's like it. It's like lean the blind firing squad very like you know every there's like twenty five feet, the guy's got the blindfold on and there's like twenty five. But with guns and no one knows who shooting the real bullet in the black right. It's like that sort of concepts like I'm not saying it's a position under saying that that would be a Vision that would be should be extreme. Her society, like ITALY, but it's not it's like the it's the very beginning of the pro choice argument.
So you think that there be some room for something like that, but that is that is part the reason they do it. They go on to abortion procedures and terminology, and I mean this partial birth is not a medical term and has no exact parallel and medical terminology in, Dilation and extraction is the closest description now, of course, that extraction, right extraction. Think about what extraction means right, why it sounds like a doctor term and that's why partial birthday shouldn't exists because what it does is it describes what's going on and then, like that, also it is not correct, and this I thought was interesting. The one point, those side of maybe the pro life he in there, in this peace, Also, it is not correct to call these procedures rare it is. Known how often they are performed minute. But what we would call partial birth abortion. They always say: that's rare, you know get this from protests
from time to time the like. Well, let me come on now: it's what is it one percent of abortions to pursue? Abortions are, term we keep talking about that yeah guess we should talk about the seven or eight nine eleven that happen every year, because Basically, what we're talking about? One juggernaut like ninety, I third term, a late term, abortions, nine- a month ago, She somebody's partial birth procedures, which they use hence our earlier than nine months, but still like we're talking to tens of thousands of babies that could have been a could be born and are viable and could be We know many people are many. Babies are born and live at that point and the art. As wants you to use the lake term Abortion term either. Now that's bad words. It carries any illogical baggage, stew and matters. We We don't want the ideological baggage of late term. Abortion is reliable,
I mean this is so partisan. This is sold nigh. Yes, I love this by its citizens. Together the partial birth abortion and gives impression that abortion takes place in the eighth night month. Fact the procedure called intact dilate. And extraction is performed most often in the fifth or sixth month is the second trimester which, by the way, ill overwhelmingly unpopular with American, the american people, the sector. Mr is not considered late. Pregnancy. Thus late term is not appropriate an alternative and let this roll off your tongue packs. They think you, if you're gonna, say hey our the drug about later abortions and said say as an alternative. You're talking about a certain procedure performed after the first trimester of pregnancy and subsequently the procedure and then give the technical name it later, they want you to use. This is a quote cow but a certain procedure performed after the first, I master a pregnancy white. Why colossal trimester that, only though after the first one and subsequently then say
the actual name of the procedure. They also will not use the term abortion clinics, they say medical or health clinics that perform abortions. I mean, if that's, I dont know what it is. No one's disagreeing with a medical or health part of it sing all we'd. We are against Sata malignant. No one saying that the point is not to use abortion before the word clinic. The clinics perform other teachers and not just abortions. While you know I mean, I think if you say you know Mcdonald's is a hamburger restaurant. Yes, they also do serve ethnic muffins right, they do serve, they do serve salads. Call it a salad. Restaurant would be wrong right. They don't seem to have a problem that It's also wrong to say, George Tiller, the murdered abortion doktor, don't call him and abortion doctor and said should say: tiller, operated, a clinic, we're abortions are performed and this
I think the most clear example of bias the term unborn- implies that there is a baby inside a pregnant woman, not a foetus. Babies are not babies until they are born bizarre, quoting Well, they're, fetuses incorrectly, calling a feed a baby or the Unborn is part of the strategy used by anti. Abortion groups, to shift the language, legality and public opinion while and then. Finally, this This is amazing, because this one maybe more direct on the air, we should use abortion right, supporter or advocates case of some on the pro choice, side, Abortion rights supporters are advocates, and you could say abortion rights. Opponents, however, it is acceptable to use antiabortion rights, but dont use probable Turn rights.
You can use antiabortion right. So you someone who's on pro life side is against rights, but you can't say pro abortion rights. Now, if you are so proud of the right that you're too, king about. Why? Wouldn't you wanna use pro abortion right, I mean these are daring. Antiabortion rights and pro abortion right, you can use one, but not the other like. That is a clear example of how they want to do everything they can to control the language, and when the argument is old, guideline could have been written by plant. Parenthood might as well have been with you study of saying that late term abortions are rare, lengthy. We actually have no forget idea if the rare, not, which is an amazing admission from NPR yodeling, yet, is blade, seventy seven be easy, gay of course, Olano Marr stands? Where we're coming from on the right. She sees right, throw us
her eyes, pierce armor disguise. Yet we are so transparent under her steely gaze, frightening, really the right I'll so vulnerable. Now, here. She is from the house floor talking about the, religious right and our pro life viewpoints. Religious fundamentalists are currently trying to manipulate state laws in order to impose their beliefs. Is on an entire society, all with complete disregard for voices and the rights of american women, but also your goal that we have. It is interesting that in their son, Elena MAR the metal it. She is never saying these things without reading them but she every speech I've seen of her, where she's making these controversial statements as you're about to hear. She's always just reading it word for word. She can't take your eyes off of thee,
many tampering wrong. I mean, as what was the what was there IRAN's courtroom, affair, member but though he s situation on courtroom, fair level with absolutely no knowledge of the topic. She speaking of that's it at that. But she's always reading it, and we obviously someone's writing these things for her many times she's reading it. For that this time in front of people, that's. Why a lot of time she's just like that she doesnt seem to know what the words arch doesn't know, what the references are its it there's a weird thing going on with her, in particular not out, and because you Cortez speaking at the top of her head a lot and that's what leads to her continuous mistakes or Mars, always reading things, not just notes word for word staring at the paper the entire time. This is going on to give you the mental picture here, aren't going their recent efforts like those in Alabama,
in Georgia are only the latest in a long history of efforts, to criminalize women's women for simply existing many women now we're gonna Shaath, siblings those conform to their attempts to control. This is asinine better, because it's happening here with the support of the ultra conservative, religious right. We call it. Religious freedom is simply unthinkable. Let's just be honest. Looking beyond for their religious right. This isn't, employee, simply about their care, more concern for life and we syllables if they care about seventy or were concerned about chill Then I would be concerned about about Mitchell rendered detained and those that are dying dying in camps across
border issues, it is going to stop reset it cross border. This is an interesting point now, Pat, I remember when, when two thousand fourteen, I believe it was Brok, Obama present it states unit and a little trip to the border. Do you remember what you did there? Was it to build new camps that have now it wasn't? It was out of concern for the kids that were at the border and we brought them Christmas present. Nea and when you, when you build a wall, menu increase border security. What is your intent with something? I know? I know it's racism but other than racism. What does your intent? Would it be to stop people from entering? the place in which they could be detained by law. Yes, that seems pretty logical. Yeah seems like if you were to build a wall or an and secure the border, you would have no problems at all with children coming across our eyes of them, yet to be solely non. If it obviously it's, nothing could be perfect, but rather be as few as possible,
Do you care about children actually do yes again, it kind of doing do now and we are pretty central to the entire thing on both issues by the way. Yes, I mean, you know how the compassionate part of the border has become, let em all over here, run run through the desert, with no water, an asinine. It is the exact reverse. Of what is real and it's like saying, babies, aren't babies and encouraging it is, is bringing more people across the border who die in the desert. Of Arizona Texas. If that's not the point the thing to do, but still the deliberate programme glens back on Tuesday is we're heading in a three day we get here with Memorial Day, who is really nice and because you ve got a little three day week here. Still
three week last week to analyse its been no net true you're doing a full four day week, which I'm not happy about you shouldn't be here. I don't know how you do it. I really don't know I do it's basically sacrificed for the american people. I just put I pledges Mary Oval above my son, unity of vat and you get. It says something that I do people am I a hero, yes, but so you would say yes What's a message ass, I was not ass if I was a hero, but I would say yes, if asked just trying to be clear, arrogant, evil when you're here, of course, Eric Canadian sport celebrities. Well, I as a hero, so that's I mean that's a lot in the lot. That's me it is you. Are you feed at the girl, most people are now familiar with the Babylon. Be right. Have you England talked about it much yeah here they ve done some really funny. Articles had, like I say, almost like a conservative, onion
the way is a really good description of ok with the other day. They did this thing but a gay man who into the chick filet, took one bite of this and which and instantly became straight now, yeah daddy, and then he went to Burger king in a changed back. But really stuff in really well written yeah. They do a good job and I will say too, I feel like when they first burst out of the scene. I remember thing: Some of our way, but it was a lotta hitter- must have lately. I spent the last couple of years honestly they had been pretty on all over it and impressive. They have a great one and about the abortion think today, its title Pregnancy kills. A boy Shouldn't save wives. Prick pregnancy is a life threatening conditions. Women die from being pregnant? We have known that thousands of years. Lindsey is dangerous. Abortion can
life saving, Alabama new law claims that it does not prohibit abortion. If there is a reasonable measure, medical judgment that the prey he poses a serious health risk to the woman but pregnancy itself, poses a serious health risk, including risk of dying at losing all bodily functions, a woman's health are at risk from the moment that pregnancy exists in her body, whether she wants to be pregnant or not, Maybe all of this is moved? Perhaps the goal of the Alabama law, in addition to trickling, deal a legal challenge to rovers wait. Maybe scourge, doctors from even practising medicine and the state less they be accused. Performing an illegal abortion and sentenced to prison for the rest of their lives. Perhaps the vague this of the law and the fusion is the point of innocent confusion are tools of tyranny. The intent of the hour
I am a legislature and its new law is clearly to prohibit and prevent abortions from being performed. Now that does it this particular, Babylon be story. Ass is less funny that it is outrage yes get. The content is funny. I laughed lines in their re partially. That could be because it's not from the Babylon VIII the serious column written in the New York Times, that's amazing. Pregnancy always made on abortion. Saves lives, is the freaking headline now is bizarre is this is because, like you can make this hour, you mean about anything, for example, should You ever eat food Eating food yells kills because we know you're much more likely to choke on solid food than a drink so Why are we not all having protein shakes all the time, plus how many p?
get heart disease from the food? The thank you, millions, millions millions die a bit better diabetes dies in that will for Brimley. Doesn't I Venus diabetes is cause, that's another one right I mean every one getting in a car right is it kills? It doesn't do anything good. It just kills the it's ridiculous way of looking at it, but the study think about this is, if you ve ever taken the time to actually reach, you did the rovers his weight decision. This is their justification for it, this exact column. What they are saying in rovers, has waited spelled out directly. You are more likely to die when you get than when you have an abortion. The above is something
and this is look we're by the way somebody always dies during an abortion. Yet what on earth and eighty whose being aboard unless they fail and then just let them die on the table? That is a little bit of a difference right, but yeah you're right always so happy. Ninety nine point, five percent of the time I mean this, this line is it's incredible, in our pregnancy prove itself perfectly poses a serious health risk, including the risk of dying in losing all bodily functions. You mean, like the baby, every single time in an abortion like Every single one of these, the desire of the procedure is to make all bodily functions. Stop that's the that's. The intent of the entire if a pregnancy is not to do that to a woman we know and its much much better than it used to be, but it does a key. Killing, someone a woman does die in practice, used to be really high. The percentages and we ve got come a long long way in stopping that from occurring, but the idea that that is something that is an argument for
abortion is completely upside down, but also the central reasoning of rovers his way, that's what they said now at some point or maybe a reversal of that right, would they would? would then the laugh with this abortion doktor happily give up abortion rights. At that point, if we get to a point where you know what trial birth is now, there's no deaths from childbirth, but there still gesture of abortion. Would they then say that abortion should go away, my guess is no no cause. It's got nothing to do with what they're saying it's a lie it big ally is anything in the Babylon be which is intentionally telling you it's a lie. It's a satire site but this is a real article. This is the stuff I mean we talk about this. All the time. Tat there was a time in which, and they still exist. Proprietress people had what a man wanted to seemingly sensible arguments and rash our positions from the idea, at least they seem like nice people, they seem like
people who were like not denying reality. They just you know, look they had indifferent opinion or whatever. We are now to the point: where we're talking about abortion nine months we're talking about about abortion, is a lifesaver can like that. The intent of it is to end the life. How can it be a life saver It's it's one of these things where we ve gone so far in this debate. That role versus Wade seems like something some mythical like artifact from the past. A move to Robert Wade is a move to the right we talk about. Overturning rovers. His weight, if we can get back to rovers, is waiting to be a massive improvement from where we are right. Now massive- and we talked about yesterday on the news and why it matters as well, but this idea that the The aid is now occurring. In the ninth month. The third. Try master eating the second trimester which were born are over unpopular in the second trimester entered trimester from all american people.
Just Republicans, the idea that The debate is shows how extreme this has become. This is this: is Great out denial were putting quotes or, on the word heartbeat, were calling it a flickering pulse. This is insanity. There is no connection. Reality anymore. When it comes to us that while the left have become science deniers, they used to accuse us of that all the time. Because of the climate change thing, and they do nothing but deny science now in the abortion debate. They deny science in in gender debate, they deny science there just not about so it's any more is thrown at flush out completely down the toilet. Now now I'm glens last book addiction, religion addicted to outrage had a big part about it is about modern ism and a lot of it feels like you know, look at some. Damn thing that some college professor, Now it is teaching
twenty year old, who comes out, thinks there really smart right like it stinks of that, but it's so central to what's going on now words that mean things no law, nor mean things the heartbeat. It's not a there's, not a disagreement about what Heart beat is Now we have two quarts around it I don't know, is it a flickering, pulsars heartbeat, isn't a baby or is it a foetus like a fetus She just a state, a baby, is it? That's it Is it not so you get, it doesn't turn into broccoli. In turn into a reddish. It doesn't. Turn into a volkswagen. You know it is it is we all know it's. Just a stage of life was what a fetus it's what an embryo is it's. What a baby is it's. What a human is, what an adult is it's. What it can to child is what a teenager is, what all these things are: their stages of life. And the idea that now we have it? We would, though, like I would love to the MP our guide says: don't use a baby, a baby isn't a baby until its born
when he tells us NPR referred to a baby bump. How many times MP, art, you know, she's having baby? How do we know It's just me is how do we know she's having a baby? We don't know your speculating there. Who knows what it turns out to be a glow. Stick, router beggar, it's some kind of pulsating light a racket. It could be, you know, there's a new sequel come out to men in black could be those men, a black things going off the flower yeah that make everybody loser memory. Maybe that's just constantly happening out a beat all the time inside the womb, because there is flickering pulse going on. We used to understand what that was. I know when we went through a really my wife did most of the work here but childbirth twice I remember the expert who worked at the place where the Maybe doctors work. Tell us hey, there's the heartbeat,
Did you hear the heartbeat? They ve never called it. A flickering pollyanna here on a flickering pulse not ever has not understood so flickering pulse you're your feet is either. They say that your baby and it's not That'S- that's a duck you're, saying that may not that right, just the right wing ghetto extremist. This is what doctors, Oh just a crazy are known. We all know crazy and like it's just I can't get over the fact that, instead of Troy, to justify these ridiculous positions. They just act as if the correct megawatts at flickering pulse when you talk about, of course, the flickering posit science it? What do you mean science on a false. It is a hard b. We all know the heart beaten the reason you own admit it's a heartbeat is because you have a different agenda. You want to protect portion at all costs? It is in absolute religious tenant at this point the EU can, it has
knit is, abortion is a religion. It is two to the left and when is a dark one, man better a dark freak in that is like guys in the temple of doom, you know they're dead, in a cave somewhere, ripen hearts out of people, that's the kind of religion. It is you mean flickering pulses. Ripping flickering pulses out of people, still for Glenn, Tripoli, Seventy seven be easy. Gay covered up in about fifteen minutes or so we'll be talk, do Markel event, but his new book on freedom of the press which is a number one New York Times, bestseller, no surprise there, of course, by Visa Howard Stern book. I didn't really here wow yeah sheets, makes huge yeah he's coming on, obviously is hosting voice tv as well. If you have not subscribe, and you like, Mark Levin and you like her pad and and and in the whole crew here subscribe please tv unharmed, slash Glenn! If used the protocol Glenn, they say ten bucks, its definite worth your scooter
burden. California, hey Robert you're, on the Glinda programme morning. Gentlemen, how you don't don't get him You really concerned making small time among the cannibals, by your last segment. Wanted me to go down a couple rather hold, but I'll try to get straight to the point, if you're legally dead, the brain activity stopped and they can pull the plug. Why can't you defeat any arguments based on religion or anything else, and so you are legally alive when a brain activity starts it just so happens. If you do, the research is about forty two to forty five days after conception. Six weeks, So the heartbeat lie on the brain activity kind of the same so it takes emotions out of it. It actually solve some problems and some politicians might be out of a job because you're actually solving issues this goes like it. It's an interesting point, Robert, and this goes back to what we are talking about, how far they debate is moved. I have a friend of mine whose approach
at a guy. I really like and hee hee like well, you know look. I don't agree with you on this, and he said you know. I think it's time, it's cognitive when that one than cognitive tilities begin is when I would take life begins and, as is the car points out, this deciphered six weeks of her ten weeks for that, but its very early in the pregnancy where that actually begins, and it's interesting in that, like people, who now consider themselves to be pro choice, are making arguments for more extreme than ninety percent of Republicans are making when this republic, as are trying to ban it, twenty weeks states Alabama an exception. Most them are twenty weeks, but the about six weeks law, basically lines up with my friend who considers himself broach choice. Greece is amazingly, is amazing. How far removed it is and theirs? I think the six states now that have hardly bills and then to others that have limited to
like early in the second trimester, Utah Arkansas Limited abortion, I mean that's just really. Tiny little we step upon indebted a little baby step there did just to take it out of the third time stir into the second trimester, but the rule really impressive heartbeat bills and then, in Alabama case, the almost total ban on abortion. It is really bald and has pushed this is pushes debate, I came to the public forum and that's. Why were able to talk about it again, on such a regular basis and that's why they do crash or so the left is just out of her mind on this, because we are engaged again we're activated again and we haven't been activated like on on abortion for a really long time. May we ve been talking a little bit, but this is it's a different level. Now we're we're in a completely different level
yeah like it's one of those debates, this uncomfortable to have its an uncomfortable conversation. But you know maybe it's worth and uncomfortable conversation when you're talking about sixty two million people. That should be a lie that our it maybe some people think that's important gap seems like it's worth it. It's worth it and as far as women's rights, Half of them are a little bit slightly more would have been women had they been allowed to to be born. So I partly been given up in just a few minutes is that Colombia programme today. Would patents do for Glenn, Tripoli? Seventy seven be easy game coming up in about sixty seconds. We're gonna, be speaking with, Mark live in what is new. On freedom of the press, joining us is more club in from the naturally syndicated radio show from mob blazed tv from live in tv
and it is a new book- is on freedom of the press. Mark welcome at area my friend doing well thanks. Is this book- couldn't be any more timely, especially with the news of NPR coming out with their new abortion language, a pretty amazing, while, basically, what tried to do this, but I wasn't gonna write about the press, but it's kind of in your face every day, so they keep claiming they represent freedom of the press. I decided to take a look. I looked at the hick history, the press and I ll tell cycle through throughout the decades. Suddenly there's trends, it's gone through, and I just want the public to know you feel this. But when you look at the history of the process, the lowest point, the media's ever been call it, the mass media, the mass media, different than a free press freedom to something that belongs to in the first amendment. This is what the founding support for the fight for Comcast
four times. One time wanted to fight for these guys. Tell these guys- free to do what they want. Nobody sank in others it should interfere in the governments, not neither the President but we need to be honest about who they are, what they're doing so. What I do is, I lay out early in the book who they are and what they're doing you look at the incestuous relations between the Democratic Party in the media, a minute overwhelming people who move between the party and administration in the medium back and forth, family members look at where they live. The vast majority live in and around Washington DC in New York. These are hard blue communities they socialize with each other. They party with each other, there's almost biodiversity diversity. In terms of our terms of thinking prior there's, no independent thought and this new round- and he can yet and survey after serving pole. After all of them will tell you there not there's nobody, no news when really major news from much that's right.
Or centre there all pretty much the same, that's why we put these montages together. I'm sure you guys to where there are saying the same thing. I read every news platform there's a reason for that cause. It's group! Thank you. Take pack, mentality, but it's even worse than a terrible I'll. Tell you why they push progressive I mean that's been gone on really often on for about a hundred years, but now their social actors that's new in the last twenty or thirty years These young and younger, so called journalist who come in and they're being taught this there's number of journalism, schools and proposes who push this philosophy. They say: hey, look the civil rights movement, the right to vote. A care all these things would not have happened, but for the progressive ideology. So you wash the news, through the progressive ideology to interpret eight you analyze it you promoted, that's what we need to do, and that is what they're doing so there there we creating events
reporting on these events. I we'll call my show and they say why won't the media admit they were wrong for two and a half years on Russia Collusion, that's it wrong their participants. In other words, who do you these people were leaking through at the FBI and these and these security agencies, and so forth, He came to the New York Times CNN and a lot of personnel apologize, our mission, and so I walk through the book. I go through these different issues. I have a chapter on news, propaganda and pseudo events early on proper. Ghana, the during the year, Woodrow Wilson Administration, pseudo advance you know Trump cards them fake knows he's right and Brian. And he was format. Storing university Chicago was heavily, can elaborate kind, was Boyleston, but a whole book on similar events- and he has most news- is about suitably that what
see or tv is mostly unreality. Has nothing to do with your life, and this is a big problem, particularly in a republic. That's relatively free, means that the press is in giving us information that we can use in our lives by giving us information legitimate asian about the governments we can hold an track. Its point, agenda that's, why there's not a times with a difference between the agenda. The democratic party in the agenda of the at the agenda of the media and I I would point out in one of the chapters call collusion, abuse of power and and character leisurely They had Trump on look at american history. There ve been presidents and others who it'll be fine governments. This one has there been present, literally boost power who shut down newspapers, who blocked up journalists who views the IRS against their political pilots, FBI C, I a recent president like Canada. Like Lyndon Johnson among them. Now that's an abuse of power
There were done anything like that. You talk about character, they could keep tunnel, Stormy Daniels among disclosure agreements since he's been as an end in the oval office. Has there been a whisper of a scandal now, and yet we approve toward women coming and going left and right insurance, all kinds of bank. That's that's about Trump, so there, unreality were being said. The pushing this agenda there was no collude and then they push obstruction. Then they put constitutional crisis now that pushing and payment. I just feel like Thomas paying and I think, back to appear Glenn. Does this allowed to? We had the early pamphleteers and the colonists and they spoke to each other and they informed each other. We to do that. We need to do a hell of a lot more of that. So I view this book on freedom of the press really as a modern day. Pamphlets and I wouldn't be boy hoped to read it- to pass along to discuss it, but here's the Good NEWS in a sick.
While these companies are going out of business ceiling has no ratings. Have no ratings wherever the New York Times was going broke until this Billina from Mexico, telecommunications Minded bought seventeen or twenty percent of their stock pesos bottle. Item posts which was gone bankrupt for the core rebellion. Doubt it's not just picked out, yellow that's crucial, changing the landscape are changing the landscape, because people are turning them off. They have options enough. They have us play Stevie, they have radio programmes, but you also have other on the internet. I know people try the unit, I don't try the internet. There are in order, perverts and had end and evil people everywhere, including on the internet. You gotta be careful about, it should probably in your community, yet I'll show you gotta be careful who you hang out with and careful what you look but I have you a lot of this as the new pamphleteers, the competition that's coming and I think there's gonna be future technical.
We platforms we haven't even thought of yet that will again create new and better competition, I have a strong belief and freedom of the press and I, The very negative view of the modern media today during a market in the book, is on freedom of the press market value your shorter time here, but before you go is he had this kind of transformation from journalists to activist who talked about you talk about how it's sort of falling art for the mainstream media? Is that why it's getting so much worse is? There is sort of like a desperation, their seeing their power go away, and that's why they're acting out even more extreme ways than earlier. I think that's why they're not after trot They had this in the bag, they pushed Hilary, they were trashing him and they lost and there and they're trying to fix it from their perspective. Ok, just because Eighty three million Americans Vodafone doesn't mean we can't disenfranchised them, and so that's that's why the things that drives these people not you raise another point that very, very important the mixture
lose an opinion, and that's that's really the key problem here and now Forty two there was a report put out by the media about the media and they warned about this. They said we're gonna, lose the faith and trust Our view is- and I look nice if we keep doing this with the ability to destroy people We the ability to be positive, with ability to lie with the ability to tell the truth. We can combine back with section lose with opinion, we're going to destroy our credibility. Will they destroyed their credibility because eighty China republicans do not believe the media. Eighty percent are Democrats, do and so you want to throw in with a political party. That's why the dishonesty of this, as you know, about that one thousand seven hundred and eighty two about one thousand. Eight hundred and sixty we had the political party press for the press, lined up a one party or candidate or viewpoint or another and they're very it's bad about brutal, but they were transparent. Today we have the party press, the Democratic Party Press, a one party press and that's why they can.
Sleeping through you know, Adam chef or never. They bring guests on politicians on professors on so called experts on who really a mimic their own viewpoint. Mark. We know you're pressed for time the congratulations on the success of this book. Sorry number one and evolving he pissed off Brian Spelter at sea and end, so you ve done something right. Thanks life for being here, it's on freedom of the press Parliament takes more like a guide, Cadillac great stuff, great stuff, and I wanted ask him, but we didn't have time about the convention of States, Korea. He kicked into gear back in what was it two thousand thirteen or fourteen issue as you like that long of your team states on board. Now, that's right, that's
that is moving along well yet is, and we should also remind your course markka. Web Levin TV is part of blazed Edi and down. You can get that as part of your subscription. When you go to blaze, TB, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, he's promo code Glenn. The show when the pack issue, which is a fantastic on as well. The news and why it matters that were all on credit together, so not emergency. Crowded, somebody, others, others. It's great line up so set aside up blaze, TBD Com, Slash, Glenn, promo code is glad that Linda programme. Glenn is back on Tuesday, because Monday is memorial day we Three day we can look forward to triple eight. Seventy seven be easy K. Is Israel practice practicing some new crowd, control methods that man we could learn from what is a big there's blotted developments in the Middle EAST, where there's a supposedly a plan of ten thousand troops? Five to ten thousand? groups to be sent to the area If iran- and that's him- they're they're talking about the reporting a strange on it, cuz they're illegally,
the story, but then there saying it's going to be proposed today, kind of signals to me. It's not probably not decided yet be exactly William were certainly stepping up our game with IRAN as of late, and you know, I don't think anyone wants to go to war with her. I don't trump, especially when he was a guy who ran really is probably the most. We know aunt high international involvement republic? In the least I can remember, I mean it goes back a long moves at my lifetime for sure thing, which I like the way I ain't gonna tired of being the play, the world yeah saw getting involved, especially in me the eastern nation building regime change in nation building it doesn't work out. They don't they have the same mindset and mentality in love for freedom that we the we They ve got a different sort of system over there and they like their system, and when you reply it's the leaders that they have usually
replacing with somebody worse, sell stuff. Look out that well, you know it's part, it's not the trump kind of comes at this from a different perspective, but its consistent with the libertarian argument on war, which is basically, we as governments socket everything and wars included in that its eye. That's the libertarian analysis, basically like this. Indeed, I haven't, I think, to be no, I don't always agree with libertarians on matters of law and order. But of policing, it's the same sort of argument like we are not good at doing things through the government. You know the international war is something which had through the do through the government. We don't do it the right way. We don't use the right process and when we get in there, we screw it up, because, as even if we act, times as if these things are like easy things that were messing up because we're incompetent, while their hard to do what we just had out as it has senator. That said, there were two strikes and it's over it in a war with IRAN not come on. That's that's just ridiculous nonsense. I mean
look, that's not gonna, be an easy one and I don't wanna go near at hand. I honestly that's gonna, be, would think much more difficult than of Afghanistan or Iraq when they're much more delay of society within was heard militarily lot more people, it's dangerous than ours and thought the weight was in world war to an hour is not an. We wouldn't fuck That way, if we fought it that way, you know, maybe you could get it good resolution, In a recent resolution, a reasonable amount now it would be a terrible resolution that we're talking about probably low level of thousands of people, metals and innocent Iranian who don't support the regime. At all I mean that there are not very popular there. Just no way. There's no way making this work and that's kind of we're. Both of us have landed over the years. It's like. I supported the a call back in the day. Now, I'm sorry, I certainly believe that weapons of mass destruction therein and we know story all played out, but I
over the years, have come, not necessarily because of of that war, teaching me some lesson. It's really more about under standing the capabilities of human beings and especially when they gather in government theirs Even these are capable of many amazing things, and obviously our troops do incredible things when they are put into war but manage that war is a central. What is an exercise in central planning and we know, as conservatives as edge exercises in central planning, don't work out that. Well that often now there's another big sorrowfully Europe in the Middle EAST as well. This one in Israel, where all orthodox Jews have been protesting all over Oliver, Israel and many really are complaining that they are causing disruptions to commerce their stopping traffic. There are doing all sorts of things. They know what they're upset about Yeah, let's see they sleep again. Read this earlier know the actual
protests of this article or normative another one, I'm not sure, but I think the real focus here they're they're, not here a nuisance. Well, yes, these people today I say the thirties and yeah. Maybe I can walk, I mean we're trying to drive home and we can't theirs, the situation many years ago, and- and this happens all over the place, but when people will protest about job situation or the environment reverend they up the walk out into the middle of a busy road and stop traffic, and I said to myself like how can this work but if you're trying to win people over like you're just ruining their day and make us at Cancun hand and not a fat enough for their families, like told the story about about the janitor strike in Houston, when I was there and the ESA you, yeah from Chicago and they would have trucks filled with in the back. They were filled with garbage go through an intersection like a main intersection, and then somebody would push all the garbage out in the middle of the inner sick installed trap
right to say that we can get me on your on the side of the channel now sought help, and that is what the point is like. This is what would happen if you read it is rightly, they drive trucks through the idleness dump garbage in the middle of the street, but I mean they sense. Doesn't that doesn't help me be sympathetic to your cause? pisses me off the air. So this then I guess they were there, one in Israel. There are some protests in the Eurovision song contest that these are, very a very good resolution, song yeah they that was held in Israel, which isn't by the way in Europe. It is becoming. Scenes of vision applies So that's all that's where game here there? Yes, so they went in there they went to a protest, are starting out. Johnny become an issue. They ve tried like police on horseback and all these things to break up these rallies apparent the new tactic. That women have decided to go topless
Apparently under modesty rules, these men are forbidden to view erotic images of women other than their wives and in some cases to view women at all is really retiring posters are periodically defaced if they contain images of women, and some newspapers won't run any photos of women. So the idea is that women will now start taking their tops off fishing to break up the protests, because there are not allowed to see women without their tops off, so they will, they will physically be at the protests yes and take their top and take their tops off and once they see that they leave, which theoretical oh, it's gonna work as an interesting tag. It does seem like attacking together of the left, often in the United States, like I love that their own, like these are much these men. These are our bodies, we're gonna, go to this place naked and guys, like mere swell. You showed us, you ve taught us a lesson. This guy's hate it when you don't wear clothing. I just want to see that general
speaking, just look. This looked down upon by guys all over the world. Now, in this particular case, I think it is actually looked out upon. However, I've always amazed by that here in the United States as well as women are like our well I'll show I'll show you, whose body this is gonna go topless guys like now, you're proven a group point right now and your teaching us all the patriarchy. So do you realize what side the patriarch is on? They convinced you take your top off. Do you realize that are the wrong side of the patriarchy when you're protesting were with Europe with your clothing off, it's not a good direction for you to go, they do all the time, though, I see the one where they do it. A lot of times is, and if it is effective, when done this way, is they take their clothes off? But it's the people you don't want taking their clothes off. Do it yeah, that's the protests and then that does break up a crowd. Yes,
Billina dunams of the world can break up crowds like nobody seen given the right about clothing, which is not so it's possible? I see where they're going with it will work you updated on whether the israeli protests are really can troubled by top was I want you to know that works Libya, fascinating thing? I want you to know and still more Glenn, you can catch my show. Pegrenne least we do mornings right before the glint Beggar radio programme. The blaze, radio and television network, then you can listen to the podcast at any time at your leisure, which you can also with Jeff Fishers, Podcast Jaffee joins or our broadcasting What is your dumpling wheels? I remember never viewing the fat even though, is my name to begin with. I guess that's a segment
The EU is on our shall at it is on my. Shall I stole it, then you stole it. We thank you appreciate that you in the phantom Geoffrey and regularly charges I presented and whereas that podcast available could have any plans for the five guys are available in part. That's all you can't get a wherever for five gas or sell. That's an amazing thing about doing raising this amazing. Congratulations are in order, though fora elegy generous I know you were wondering if she was going to continue on a talk show. Emily was inserted. I heard you know nothing about the other day, but she has signed a new deal. Three warriors are few. Having such he's gonna be silly back on elements. Sixty one now, while the minutes Look I know she does not. She looks great three millionaires. Llewellyn amidst the Ellen brand is worth about. The five million now somethin like that, so she's about she's, doing ok, yeah she's dead. You know she's really likeable. I think she problem there in the late nineties, when she was cut of preaching people on her show when she came
as gay which everybody knew if, like the big surprise ever networking television, woe ass, she had either was that she admitted live up to, but then it got kind of preaching- and I think people didn't really like that and now she's not preaching about a man she just fun and- and so I think, people- kind of shows you that no not home phobic, which you know we just one be beaten over the head with stuff right, loving,
mean. I dont be people over the head with my heterosexuality just oozes right as it does just that. He has just why. God hath not sit down. I girls ass hard and I can't it's hard to ignore what he s so good news for you to do a very review. Bad, I mean I know how much you guys enjoy Taco Bell Day. We are opening a luxury resort in palm springs. California, taco holder we go to Hell, is Taco Bell said the reservation Zog and open in June opens up August night. We really have a gift shop, exclusive apparel based other restaurant salon, they'll art, Aristotle, styling services, all inspired by Tucker. We will have other returnable food there really stuck out here on parliamentary experience. I don't want anything else that they're talking about, and I don't want my hair due to disperse like talk about, but I I word it would do no other than Nobel nails were now on your nails.
What's. This could be a potential investigation for the blaze. Maybe I, as rapporteur, should go there a good hour. We are too ambitious EU, I guess live opening. I would talk to that target resort. I mean we ve gotta crude, the crews through history covered up. Maybe we get, Mobility hauled in that comes sailor way. Dot com just get Taco Bell rang out Marta Board. There then go to Edward really get up there. You know we're here about gourmet italian varieties, giving talk over. I love you, they kept saying. I got good. It grew Trump had these big below dinners, for, although teams that would win, then that one time governments should Johnny brought it fast, food, the I'm sorry at those not mincing unreservedly, loved idea, love love it and now I he's been doing it, but reset it several times since, and I think that should just be that meet us. Many american, fast food companies, of course, as with everything else, he got hammered in the press by it. And then you heard the clumsily players are not. I was Grange awesome.
It's one of those things too. If he had given them Gore may food security recording, walked, close four hundred and twenty seven thousand dollars spent on food for They would have on the other way it whatever way. Trump is It is the way they have to go. We're talking about this in the rate of it, I already actually kind of want Donald Trump to come out, make a major policy addressed in which he says. Climate change is a serious issue and I'm protrudes, because we will immediately us they fled alma. They would all flip they'd have to have its say. Look I first of all
not just women's bodies of water rights. To have this idea that climate change is this pending disaster is totally overblown the great it wouldn't celibate. Until I'm a change and abortion, it watch with the media does oh my gosh. That would be stoutly senseless Democrats. Do they would start passing policies they be like there is our heart breed. Of course they can't be allowed after a heartbeat begin six legs inequality has, I think that is they would all completely flip. When we see the sons he has ever all issues or because it helps us, It's a trump has so a different policy portfolio folio, as they may be, the average Republican and in certain issues in particular- and you see this, happening constantly people that all supported one side of the argument for decades in the media, and now our I mean the trade, one is really interesting. You want
I mean cnn- was the mouthpiece of the union's on trade. For thirty years saying we absolutely need tariffs and trade restrictions or killing american jobs, because you'd have all these union representatives come out and say all of these things and now because from is on that side of things, they sound like Meta, Milton Friedman, right com there, basically Stephen more and Larry COD low on trade of his own, how's readable to see how that change. It shouldn't be embarrassing, but it's not it's colossal. You know no embarrassment at their best embarrassment Jean has been removed at some level. You just lock yourself. It do I'm in a battle against this other sides, whatever they say, I'm on the other side of and that is I just as a human being. I can't bring myself to co there. I just don't. I don't have any interest in that strange fishing of a fast food, although good fastfood chick below
the thanked the governor Gregg Abbot from the great state of tax policy, really he he a tweet it out to the other day about the new bill that oblivious on his desk the new, so any tweeted out on his twitter account. So what are the odds? I'll sign? The chick fillet bill, I'll? Let you know after dinner. He is a picture on his tweet was a large chick fillet drink with the chick full, story saved though I beheld heads do Texas, Governor Gregg, as does and the story girl was from the blaze. Our third go, one of the governor for Israel have been there's, never been a better governor seriously and it's not just because he featured blaze in that little post answer, but he is the greatest governor of my lifetime. Better what state I've lived in. No matter how long far back you go, there's nobody better than Gregg ideology. Now you lived in Connecticut
Thank you. My dear you're gonna go that far. I'm still gonna stick to my while statement. While you worked in New York, we re experience that young ass. It was because it protects. The time, knows: airlines, hospitality that was Coloma, warrior yeah I mean it. You have the opportunity to potentially vote prevailed de Palacio for President right, so a visa is probably get to pass up job. How are you getting they know? If you do, is you run a moat, multiple stories, you're about fast food problem? The level of the news your podcast is called chewing the fellows. I will say it sad to see opposed your heart attack that you seem to be losing weight and I don't like I don't like back ruins our chokes. Mainly. I always am I care about this- show this very show with while the hosts that's a vacation. A global and waste.
A deal about losing weight this year is a great point. We made a deal about losing weight. There's your I agreed to a yes. I've lived what one in five pound the deal was, just as we were gonna better. We were going to lose weight and I've lived not Bob to twenty five pounds laws. Now, I'm feeling good, I think, glad as part of the deal. I will say this Glenn. I can give you specifics and Glenn who said he was going to lose fifty pounds fifty in this year. Now, we are only in May how far how far to go all yes to do this extra parent last fifteen, I he, I said that I kind of like confronted him on his client made. This big deal is fifty pounds this year, like how's. That are you give your bare? Did you know?
I've been abandoned at all. No I'm still it now. Look. You still got seven money. I don't know you could still do. Maybe that's gonna happen he's on vacation this week. Usually we don't even when you start work it out and re or good about yourselves gently cosmical, just settlement, seventy five pounds and that's not bad you're, actually going in the right direction, which is nice. You did reminded you of of of czech fillet, which did a promotion a couple years ago. They wish so classic they were given away free envisages. If you show up in a cow out there can do that, what they do- and here we cited Descend Jaffee to check fillet. However, dress him up just kept him like. He is because you get others music. There is a rather there's a sort of a look alike. Situation already happening right on me to draft, and how are we to do what he walked into the store was say: move
it is equally gotta three sandwich and Sarah hearts. They did like Jack Foley that I want to thank Commissioner, but it's it's easy to look at this. As a negative- and you might look back about- is a bad memory, but then your eyes light up when you talk about the sandwich have frequently every food I do is going to pretend that was a collar think stretch really when I was pretending that sort of what we were saying you just go and as a co dear old, were you, but I still believe that an urgent help. Why are you no problem? These went inferred for a check it. Not too long to have their own year doing over apply if quit smoking. I have That's, not really represent the fact that, as the one thing they told you even more than about food where they were concerned about the diet of those will get to that smoking was number one yeah and you ve, actually cop
which is like incredible hours away. That's tough mad! It analyse tough fight. Why is it still or is it? Is it Emerson out about it? Every so often man? Well, you if I go out, walk outside the building and somebody out there smoking and I just want to tackle them and take the cigarette. Have you considered raising heavier drugs, like maybe I'm yeah, ok, but that doesn't I'll, because legislation once more, So while we regulate its complicate, I know you cover and she's just like this on chewing the fag Yoruba every day with Jeff Fisher gotta go to wherever free podcast, his old and just asserted for children. The fat and you'll find Jeffreys face on a state which is the sender legitimately symbols furthering the symbol of a show ever invented in history, but I don't know why I just seems appropriate Tripoli. Seventy seven be easier.
Are you gonna love? The hypocrisy spread think as usual by Democrats cobble Harris how hard as you been fighting for the gender gap, the pay the gap among genders too to end in its her policy that, when she's elected president, it will and finally fi. I dont know how she, how are you gonna control the salaries that people give to their employees? First of all, we talked about the gender pay gap. A million times and so the Washington Post, as a matter of fact, way not conservative, but they ve debunked. It is well it's not it's, not a real thing. It's out of it. I know it feels like it's a real thing to our people. In fact, it's one that was so pervasive I remember when we first started looking at it. I thought it was real behind me This is my leave you ten or fifteen years ago. Support why men earn more that came out in them two thousands that really goes through the details as written by a guy who was, I want to set out of to prove that it,
was it was Rakkeed. Yet he was, he was a guy who is the president of the New York chapter of the National Organisation of women, which all interesting that guy would be by He was he theory was, if women, be paid for the same work, a lot less I'll, open up a business. And higher women and also in London, but are all save when what type of money and I'll be able to beat everybody will, then he realized when he had women all working for him, that they had different priorities. Indifferent desist making processes, it wasn't always work. First, it was sometimes family for which again we'd all praise, is a decision that smarten, but it was not that the visa, way for him to run a business in the business did not work and he went on going through this and go through all the research in realising that what we see as a wage gap is almost completely disease a grades when you actually hold it up to any any sort of white. But when you If somebody preaching it that there should be equal,
already in pay and and there will be equality of pay, would have elected it kind, of blows your mind when you find out that in her Senate office and her campaign, she's paying men more than women, for the same job, believable immunity. It's not a gigantic disparity but its six percent. So, make six percent more in her in her Senate office and they make sense percent more entertaining Bain no your big issue right now. This is what your central policy burns, and you can't even figure to pay your own personnel, the them equal, it's unbelievable near she stuck believable and we support the wage gap is not about equal pay. For equal work is just about equal pay, as average they just take all the jobs in the country, and
average, the men and women and that's how they come up with a speed white wage gap. Will, when you look at it when its equal work, that the decision of the difference melt away and in many cases thing issue. Like the medical profession and and in education? Women will earn more than that for the same amount of work in our just, and sometimes women are better things on those guys. Are better things, that's not a surprise to any human being who's ever dealt with either one of the two genders, which are part of the, the larger family of nine hundred and forty four debtors. Well, if I decide after I have a baby to leave employment, I should continue to make as much money as I was making when I was still there right, but they soon I mean in perpetuity not just the six months that I can take off after the baby, but I want to continue to make that mining alot of washing take more than six months after yeah it's a year and salaries. But if you take five years off, leave the profession and then come back with the same knowledge you had five years ago and expected
do the same job, whether it was a baby or not. That Chad did that you shouldn't be making his hand of, and those are the situations that occur in that's. Why there's a little bit of a difference, but your comparing apples to oranges student work, because I don't want you to believe it sexism and it just not. Sexism there's like almost none of it, is even possible, but it could be sexism. You see this over and over again if women can earn more with the same amount of education to the same point of their careers and this in same professions. Well, how could it be sexism it it's just now. We will finish up the week together and get into a three day weekend for Memorial Day tomorrow: Radio Glinda Programme against airlines
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