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When Did It Become a Crime to Be a Pro-Life Christian? | Guest: Rudy Atallah | 9/26/22

2022-09-26 | 🔗

Glenn explains why it's the Democrats who are undermining democracy and society as the corporate media is attacking Italian politician Giorgia Meloni. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the Left's attack on America's youth and the further collapse of our society. The FBI raided a pro-life man's house and charged him over an alleged altercation, and he now faces 11 years in federal prison. COO for the Nazarene Fund Rudy Atallah joins to give a one-year update on the rescue operations in Afghanistan after President Biden's botched withdrawal. Stu gives Glenn an update on the 2022 midterms and the lies being told by the Democratic Party to gain votes. Glenn reviews some mainstream Democrats' backpedaling on radical leftist ideology.

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when you were about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment programme
the hello america, I'm going to give you some analysis. I don't think you're going to hear elsewhere today, why? Why is the press so so hell bent on destroying you destroying what's happening in Israel, destroying what's happening over in europe? Destroying what's happened just this weekend in ITALY? Why? Why are they so afraid? Oh I'll show you in sixty seconds. at first carol wrote in about our experience with relief factors. She says I had pain in my hands so bad. I couldn't even close them to make a fist carol. I know exactly what you mean. I couldn't hold a pencil. I couldn't I couldn't write a letter writing. My journal, like I couldn't do anything. Nothing was hell, she said that
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they are now fearmongering about democracy. Accuracy is at stake, democracy, it Accuracy itself is on the ballot. I agree, however,. I don't agree with a Democrat saying that, because I. don't believe I No because you ve done our homework? We actually read what they right. We read their plans, and we listen to what they actually say. We also watch what they actually do: democracy, he is at stake, it is on the ballot, but it is not the Democrats that are defending. they're not defending our constitution or the republic, now they may want democracy, but we're not a democracy, because democracies always fail.
Why did Hillary Clinton said this over the weekend cut. Seven I remember as a is a young student, no trying to figure out how did people get basically drawn in by hitler. How does that happen and I'd watch newsreels, and I see the sky standing? their ranting and raving and people shouting and raising their arms. That's what's happened to these people. Why do you believe that you saw the rally in Ohio the other night. possessed ranting and raving for more than an hour? And you have? These rose of young men with their arms raised. I what is going on? Well sure there is a real pressure and I I think it is fair to say we're in a struggle between democracy and autocracy k. We are, we are.
the ones who are saying that, like Hillary Clinton or the way calling half of the country knots. he's not seize knots. These were socialists, they believed in the giant all powerful state they believe in a public private partnership between business and government There is only one party that feel fills that role and it is not any one who is a constitutional conservative? We are against those things. So why is she saying this? Well, Let me show you what happened in china, chattanooga tennessee, this we! This is it. This is a town with more churches, then gas stations? Look what happened
just last week in chattanooga, the legs spread for children at chattanooga pride youth day, and they had a trans show youth day, alright so should point out here that the kid in the background is what three yeah maybe that one's into that wins it stroller and the other ones are probably three or four years old, now We have to ask yourself what is wrong with us? What is wrong with us, Nothing is wrong with us. Some of the people who are there. Something is wrong with them. I dont know what it is, but they don't seem to think that this is a problem at all. to have guy is dressed in drag, grew ending on the floor for an eight year old strippers to be
watched by a twelve year old cape. incredible damage, dean being done to our country right now,. The good news is more more people are waking up. I want to show you two things. First, I want to play a song, From a group I found this is a cow. foreign media group, kay A group of musicians I love all of their music as I've discovered them over the summer. I'm listening their music and I'm like I don't know who these guys are, but they are absolutely right on their lyrics on some of their lyrics. Their amazing This one is called for the machine if cloud schwab had an orchestra they would play. this song, I'm convinced by poor man's poison.
Do you
And there's blood all over the ground that we must draw a line, is breaking down a little bed back down to take em right to know you dance growing together, then just to make it clear where it really is a real fear them back down. You're gonna make it had a right to know you bend them back to the roma and the right to know you bob and that's all
or man's poison. Now Know what their politics are, an orderly care, their politics are. The theme of that song is feed the machine. Just lie to the people to feed the machine. do whatever you have to, they don't mean anything there, all just slaves. Have you ever noticed that when somebody learns how to fly? For instance, brothers, there are all over the world that claim they invented it. At the same time, please happens this way. Somebody learns or figure out how to make a light bulb and Somebody else does it at the same time. Someplace else end there completely disconnected. How is that. I believe there is a god I believe, but you don't have to believe that you believe in
In just the universe and were Transmitters were transmit were beacons and were sending out signals, and it's going. through the ether through the universe. What we think we become what we think is a beacon. what's happening right now, people all over the world are saying the same things You just heard this from a group from California lead they play a piece of a speech of the war on the left is calling a fascist today. They are literally reporting on MSNBC today fascism has returned to ITALY. I don't know anything about this woman. I know a couple people that are italians, that vote for her there. fascists. In fact,
we're always center may be left, but they've had enough. so what was the winning speech? What was her message, but People were hearing remit. they're all slaves. Just feed the machine. Keep it running. We don't care about them, this is her. Speech asking the audience Why have we all gathered here? What are we all hearing, but then I thought we'd anthea resettlement going to translate our motor vehicle like it? You can travel stupid killer. Why is the family an enemy that can offer me that? Why is the family so frightened you're supposed to when he got it? There's a single answer to these questions gets you to finish it because it defines us because it's our identity, mister temple, because
everything that defines what is now an enemy for those who would like us to no longer have an identity and simply be perfect: consumer slander and saluted our national identity they attack our religious identity, easy attack our gender identity in the family? I definitely give up what they mean. I can't find myself as an italian christian woman on another, no either way But if I must be a citizen, eggs, gender, every parent, one parent too, I must be a number because when I'm only a number, when I am no longer having an identity or routes- and I will be the perfect slay me- that's the mercy of financial speculators- perfect consumer that the reason why why we inspire so much freer and if not, why that's why this event inspires so much fear within it?
because we don t want to be number seven. We will defend the value of the human being of every single human being on what am I said. It ain't will maybe, because each of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepealed abalone singled out. That's like it or not. Looking only on kurdish, that's sacred ain't, libya equipped yeah, we'll defended We defend guy country and family laboratory enough, I mean yeah. Finally, I think that this is just people, so much money will do it to defend our freedom, because we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of a financial speculators. This is our mission. This is why I came here today that we check justin road map or my more than a century ago, when we see that Finally, it is vital that all about. fires will be kindled in turn, testify that too, and to do make for special. Woody drawn to prove that leaves our green in the summer. Will then clarity about the seniority somewhat
Time. Has arrived. Thank you see message same message. People know this. They feel it all. all over the world They know, what's going on many may not know how or why they just feel it. They may not even know who the left is being used by the corporations, and I know this sounds like a leftist message, but the leftist have deserted this message. They were right about the government and corporations they were. Correct about that!. Too many of us me, Included dismissed the fear of corporations getting in bed with a government. We dismissed it.
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So I'm a huge fan now of poor man's poison and you should listen to them. then, the music is unbelievable, and there was another song that kind of provides the, answer in some ways. Listen to this one? The
There is a role that women like you're, never gonna, make it back to back. It didn't come back. There was great big big one. Poor man's poison is group. That's hell's! Coming with me, it's
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and up having you information hacked into because nobody can prevent everything now join. Save twenty five percent off your first year with a promo code back problem Code back one, eight hundred lifelong or head to life locked out common use, a promo code back for twenty five percent of its life flock dot com. Prices are going up everywhere, but you can still save ten percent off blaze. Tv go to blaze, tv dot, com, slash Glenn, the promo code is glenn there an awakening going on in the entire world and the mainstream media does not, and I include the internet. They do not want you to know this. They don't want.
You to follow and they're doing everything they can to cover the tracks. right now after the election in in ITALY, there are saying fashion Return, fascist, its fascism in ITALY it doesn't, look like fascism. It looks like. The ending of the gods of the copy book headings. if you heard me read this before, I'm not gonna read the whole thing, but I just want to go through what this is a rudyard kipling poem written after world war one, and he saw the progressives and the fabian socialists and he's like look they're gonna. Do this again because their crazy and so- just wrote a poem about a warning. and he said let's see, they always cut further progress and recent and presently a word would come that a tribe had been wiped off its ice field or the light had gone out in rome. We have that go on.
Let's see they swore if we gave us if we gave them our weapons that the wars of the tribes would cease. Is there any any doubt in your mind, if we didn't have the second amendment that gun would be gone in america today now they're trying to do it with this you're gonna? Be ok, so begone here? as but when we disarmed they sold us and delivered us bound to our foe. the first feminine sandstones. We were promised the fuller life. That's but we ve all been promised and their promising it now, which start now by loving our neighbour and ended. loving his wife now figure this, it ended by loving our neighbour pathway What was the slogan for gay marriage? Love, love, wins, right and love. It started out by loving our neighbour and id loving his wife
Where are we now wearied transgender pop up part these at schools we are mutilating our own children. The next line in the poem is still our women had no more children and the and men had law their reason and faith than we were promised abundance of for all by robbing selective peter to play for collective paul. Were there, but, though he had plenty of money, there was nothing our money could buy Stu how's your car common. I will let you know. When I see it came. Have you thought about offering a more money? I guess have jointly bait that doesn't do any good because just still still sitting in a parking lot somewhere in michigan haha? Okay, so you have plenty of money, but Not a single car, he by we are at the last part of this poem. Now we, if we ve,
accomplished. I've been reading this for fifteen years. We are now at the point where The gods of the market tumbled are markets tumbling. And their smooth tongue, wizards, withdrew and the hearts of the meanest we're humbled and began to believe. It was true that all is not gold that glitters too and to do make for and the gods of The book headings lived up to explain it once more as it will be in the future. It was at the birth of man only or things certain social progress began. Quota the bible that dog returns, its vomit the sow returns, tour meyer and the fools bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire, so they're gonna? Do it again and we're gonna, let em cause were stupid and this is accomplished, and the bridge If new world begins, which is what the left is now preaching Joe. I just said yesterday our democracy. It's a republic are dumb. Accuracy is at stake, because what
we decide today going to shape what america is in Twenty five years. After all, this is accomplished in the brave new world begins when all major men or paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins. Are we there Surely, as water will, what is this surely is? Fire will burn the gods of the copy book headings with terror and slaughter return? that's the only thing left and depending on how far down we have gone, will mean much blood will have to be spilled, because if They are in total control, they're, not gonna. Let go. And there's gonna be millions that will fight for them, and you won't able to reason it out. We ve got to reason it out with people we gotta pull down All of the things that we know are true, dont. Do it with
eight or anger just stand up and say now not doing that. That's not true! Not doing that. Just remember what you were taught as a kid said: I mean illicit was hate, yeah yeah, unless Like Joseph girls was your dad ya mean that would be a bad. You might disregard yeah, so ok I'll just either the postal service is spying, yeah, yeah yeah. When did they began spite agency- is, our male manner, like cia operatives? Now there is also the guys I we're keys to the car to young. You now give us by it. We had another stage in sea hate and we so most efficient organisation in our country, who would be a great personal sacrifice worker, and this is what we did was woodrow wilson. Do you remember
woodrow Wilson hired two hundred and fifty thousand americans in teams, seventeen through nineteen, to go, ro people's mail, if you suspected your neighbor, why? paying people to go and look at what male they were getting worse. Oh yeah, saving I'm sorry isn't that a federal offense? Yes, it is you get into logs and you're, not supposed to know, because there were people that wanted to destroy the republic. Oh of course, we'll special times call for a special special special things: yeah yeah. Well, this is one of the times. You'd want them to be inefficient, I think, if you're gonna, to if spying on americans and that's your job, you should be as efficient as possible as possible. I'm for that. For that I mean I don't want them to do it
there. The agency I would pick like I wouldn't want them pentagon to do it. You know, like don't, have the marines spy on people and because that would happen, the poster They're still like I don't know, I'm on a lunch break right now. I I If we're back in the early two, thousands, though george bush did the same thing he was. He tried to get that yet cause. They are all over there in avery neighborhood, so you you just If you see something say something as a post office employ go ahead are milman remembering knocking on their neighbour. We rejected it. Yes, we we rejected, and we need to do that again, but we don't stand up enough and that's when Hillary Clinton came out said I tat day, god and buried gateway, desert, gray wake. I bet it's like. I got some exactly exactly letter, but you're real theory here is that that the american people have reached that point right where they they have.
reach the point where they will push back. They will fight back I don't I hopefully not fight, later when they got layer, recycling reminded by literal with all the people listening to pull clips, but not not for the audience. Now they want you're, not exactly what its answer. Yes, I think they are. I think that more and more people are waking up. and are standing not together yet but they're, looking at each other like And I I mean maybe we ve misunderstood each other. I think- and I think there Our people that are starting to do that, but the but the thing is that that I brought up is just happen in Sweden, it Joe as happened in italy,
It's happening in Israel, baby Netanyahu looks like he's, gonna be the leader of the biggest party. Again in Israel breaks it. It happened It happened in canada, it Happening here, people know it's the elites. It's the people who are try. It were in bed with big business and big government, Those two have been pushed together. the only ones that seem not to get it are in this gun. we are the ones who warned us about it. For years, yeah yeah yeah the Democrats, how they yelled in screamed about losing their rights under the patriot act. Now, therefore, it seems Now, therefore, it yeah they love it. They they lie. government control now, all of a sudden post office, spying on you. That's perfectly fine. That's told him to accept
you know we have to ask our friends this. We have to say, the patriot act. I remember when you were really against it and- and maybe I was wrong and I was for it are you for it now cause. You made a good case, You know I decided tenure years ago. That was wrong. Why are you for it now because it benefits them? At this moment- and that is the answer but who Emily thing with a laugh tat evening may, if they were being friends here, say that when it comes to the the leadership this the truth every single time, great manners. It does not matter at all what these Paul's, what they believe about these policies is so clear when they say. Oh, I don't want anyone between the doktor.
Had the pay. Should we just we just we're just to libertarian. We can't we don't want any role via the citizens and their mandating everything ten seconds later, yet none of it means anything to them it just whatever if it's them at that moment right. So I'm not saying that you're gonna give a speech and you're gonna win or stand up in a big room full of people. And I'm saying your friend near that have always been reasonable. That may just be blindly anti trade trump and just hey I just want to ask you I just want. ass cause we're friends. We ve always in friends were family whatever it is an ideal. Want to start an argument. I really We want to understand how Did you how you close the loop On this, you ve always been against big government and big business. Getting together can
you help me out with yes g. Can you help me out with her? look private partnerships because that's what's happening, you ve, always been against spying on people, the government, spying on people. You know that. star office is doing that now the post office, I think, tat. Member many of you being against big pharmaceutical companies yeah that who seem to be a big at it channel all died. They we have. The bank account, we have. The Feds bank account That's, not foot pfizer, but Medina has to write a check. every month to our government. What way why Did you know that I think that the biggest thing that you can ask your friends is on this transgender stuff? What come on? They probably haven't seen the books, so you
go on line and order a book and have and show it to your neighbors and say really is because when did you think This was right. You ve never thought this was right that such a hard one to deal with, though, because you can't show them in any public, I mean, I that book puts you. Wanna creepy, freakin list right in possession and shit? Well, that's a croupier list to me. Now let any parent lily opportunity outings it's a great list for you may be yes, but I mean showing the pictures that are in this book in any other contacts would get you arrested. It would write but now to defend this bizarre movement that were all faced with here. All the sudden where you can prove to some one, because it out there power. In the phrase, I don't want you to baby at banning books right. I want you burning books. We we talked about that. We oppose it right, but
that's not what's happening here, we're talking about not putting in children's libraries porn and worse and but with you can't Take that point without showing what it is. But if you show what it is it still the worse moment of everyone's today, I recommend you show into your friends, because when they see it, there is no way around it. You, you have to confront your friends and I'm not saying in a in a bad way, don't get into arguments if it, somebody who you think kind of questioning at all, get that book show I spoke to them and say: how can this is evil? This is evil. We would arrest somebody in adulthood- show this to a kid at a park. but somehow or another, and just a few years ago we all agreed on the allegory right, we ordinary other on. That's all I haven't changed. You have and you tell me what the argument is that
changed your mind and I can aren t you. They won't be able to make it. It won't be cogent and it's not good and you can't break through. You know ok guys up stop worrying about this friend because they ve already made their choice there: how to live in their own world, but just plant the seed just plant, the seed god wants all of his kids to come home. he wants all of his children and they are Children too. They are just wildly wildly hypnotized, quite honestly, by propaganda, the government and mainstream press, and I include mainstream press as Google and all the rest of his gray unleash. You can hear pad every morning, hon pat gray, unleashed it is here at the blaze and then you can find it later in the afternoon. Wherever you find your podcast,
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When you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment is programme,
at first. They came for the january sixth protesters, even the peaceful ones- and I didn't speak out because I mean I wasn't at the capitol on January six. Then you know some of that was kind of bad and I mean I don't want to stick out. Then they came for the guns, gun rights, supporters and I didn't speak out because I'm not a gun owner or I'm a gun owner. But I don't want to draw attention to myself or I don't want to lose my job. Then they came for the pro life activists and I didn't speak out because I'm pro life but I've never really been an activist and those people are kind of weird. So I'm not really sure. If I can speak out on that and then it's so divisive who they come in for next and we'll build. Will there be anyone left to stand for you? I give you the amazing stories that have come out this weekend of who's being round up next who's. Next, on the f b, I he hit list sixty seconds. We begin used to have a hard time getting sleep at night, then, back in the old days before MIKE lindell got me hooked. On his I mean the guy is he's a pillow pusher. He is, you know, he's also America's most wanted pillow manufacturer which
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money back guarantee my pillow dot com. First, came for the pillow guy and I didn't sailing goes. I dont see but his pillows. I what story came out friday mark hawk. Along with ryan marie hot. seven children. mark, say well known pro life author. So walk counselor, father of seven and think witness. The swat team came into his house. Yes, yes, Came into his house broke the door down scared, the hell out of the family, He is in jail.
Apparently he violated the face act. Now I wanted to understand exactly what the face act is so I looked it up. Let me see if I can find here face act. No, it was moved, that's helpful So the face act, basically what what face act to his unaware it was moved to, but basically The face act is some that the the local governments and even the federal government. Can bring up charges on. If you are trying to block somebody from going into an abortion clinic the freedom of access to clinic entrances. Okay, thank you. Thank you. The freedom, yeah! Ok, I was like what is that I can we stop naming names so say domain, and we certainly what dumb we need to like. Summarize e r R. Ok, so you you can't
Somebody from having access En block anybody from having access, there was another street Performer somebody else who was screaming at the other side and he and his son were there and they were praying. and this act two is not going in to the plan. Parenthood wasn't escorting anybody. He starts screaming at mark and his son, and not sure exactly what happened, but it got to a place to wear this. Guy had cornered mark sun and mark said back off back off. guy doesn't back off, so he shoves mark now word: is this guy's? What do they call him? A tumbler, I think
he's a guy who, if you touch him, he falls down my eyes a flop or he's like the lebron james of abortion, clinical, apparently, apparently, allegedly allegedly, this. Thank you. So the police com and they arrest the father of seven four pushing this man to the ground plan, parenthood. It's got it all on tape. They got it on tape, so it goes to trial and the case Peace is dismissed. Wait a minute. I haven't heard that part of the story. The case was dismissed. I thought the fbi o. Yet oh, oh yeah, the the just disappear meant heard about this case it was so egregious that if the law oh police and state police won't do anything about it. We Certainly will so they went in.
Kicking and screaming into this house of this family. They twenty five or thirty fbi agents swarm the property fifty In vehicles it seven o clock, in the morning they surround the house with rifles in firing position and they pounding on the door yelling for the family to open up the door and he approaches kids are upstairs there, everybody screaming and crying, and he's down, calm down and he's trying to calm the fbi down as well. He says please, I I'm going to open the door, but please my children are in the home. I have seven babies in the house and they just kept Pounding and screaming the f b, I did when he when the door courting. Damn they had big huge rifles pointed
at him and pointed at mom and then they went in the house nor pointing them throughout the house when they came, and they came in the ordered the kids to stay stay upstairs the staircases open so that it's were all at the top of the stairs would faces the front door. I was on the stairs as well coming down kids world screaming. It was very scary and dramatic. You're asking why they were at the house, the agency that there had been there to arrest mark. when mom ass for their warrant. They said that they were gonna. Take him whether they had a warrant or not. When she said that's kidnapping, you can't just come into a person's house and kidnap them at gunpoint. They agreed to get the war and from for her from one of the vehicles out at this point, more
asked her to get em sweatshirt and is rosary beads when she returned they had already loaded him up into the vehicle. Now. What is this guy do again? They warranted this. Our friends who voted for democrats is this the america you want. any friend who vote. Differently, any American citizen that votes differently. do you want a guy getting his door kicked in after the chart is were dismissed in court. do you want the fbi? king down his door for push a guy who was yelling at his son. pushing him down to the ground
not for violence, he's not for violence, he's never and violent before it was a dad. Responding the court dismisses it this, the america you want Once you get out of line, one You decide If we don't all stand together now, you're not not going to make it. You'll be the one finishing the poem when came for me. There was No one left. you will be the one finishing the poem you have to stand up. Now we have to stand up. Together and say the depart. Of justice, and the fbi is completely out of control. I don't think the Postal service should be
spying on american people,. Another whistle blower has come out from the fbi to warn about the political political association of the fbi, saying Bureau is spying on law abiding citizens and that many its domestic counter. Terrorism cases are tantamount to entrapment. Another fbi agent is coming out and saying this. Now Interview with a washing in times quote my gmos deployed twenty or twenty five different high profile national terrorism organizations in two gating. What I saw is, the ve counter terrorism? Investigations is
always and unequivocally, morally equivalent to a tree entrapment, even if there is legal definition that allows them to skirt that they are using every tool. Isn't this what people did to Martin Luther king Isn't this what people dead when the governor, It was completely out of control in the past and isn't it exactly what others did To their political enemies, in every cow tree that has ever been run by thugs. I still believe in america I still believe in my neighbour, I still believe in the neighbor who votes differently than me. I think that there are a lot of people that
our feeling it now, but they don't know what to do. They don't know if they want to lose all their friends their status, because they're not really sure reassure them, that you're not the crazy one reassuring. don't try to change their mind. Just. Ask them questions. There are you really you You really for the transgendered here, really you really. Okay with her middles mutilating young children when there is no scientific proof that this is good. In fact, if you're trying to stop suicides, this suicides worse. You really. I don't Understand and even if your for that me out on the trans library
three parties, I'm not for banning, books? I don't want to ban books, it libraries books where children section at a school yeah, there are books, I'm not gonna put a playboy there. You wouldn't play playboy there. Then. Why would you put this? It's much more explicit then play ball. And it is its, it should when kids, how to engage in all kinds of different sex for first great third grade. Really your for that now. wake your friends up, wake them up because first they came for this january six protesters, even the peaceful ones and they charge them with parading. And I, and speak out. Then they can for the guns, gun, right supporters and I didn't speak out cause I wasn't a gun owner, then they for the pro life activists and I didn't.
Out or stand up because yeah pro life, but I'm not I'm not an activist. Now they for people who voted for trump, but I didn't vote for trump, I got news for you, that's fifty percent of the nation You add in the hatred of white people, asians system, Under and gaze that support trans shown in libraries. An awful lot of people who. we'll be left to defend, you village rodion about our experience with relief factor. I had backpack warms my whole life, but I've never felt so comfortable, as I do now now that I have really factor before just sitting still for a few minutes would make me feel stiff is aboard now I can garden do everything I love without being terrified of how much will be hurt in later life, tell you how much relief factor has improved my life. Thank you. Fellas relief.
Actor is not a drug. It was developed for people like you that don't wanna be spaced out all day and maybe be profound: just doesn't do it the three we Quick start develop freely is nineteen. Ninety five, it's a dollar a day like a trial pack hundred thousands of people have ordered really factor and about seventy percent of them go onto order more. Its relief factor, dot com or call one eight hundred the number for relief, one, eight hundred for relief. Yet the ninety nine Five, three, we quick start develop for you relief factor, dot com, eight hundred the number for relief relief factor feel the difference. Tens station. I d So do you want to live in a country, because this is what this election is really all about. want to live in a country where we're
further ring the hatred of one another. Were codifying it we're making? It part of our law. Its of the mantra. You know people didn't like Donald, because they settings and cause violence what is already happening you, do not know it if you just listen or watch the mainstream media It's already happening, you look it what happened over the over last week? Eighteen, old kid run for by a car. Why the guy's a maniac most like italy and alcoholic they were, a political argument. He gets into car. He leaves all in a huff he saw. The boy call somebody he immediately thinks he's a republic and extremist. and he's calling to get his extreme is friends to come? Kill me. So he runs him over and
call the police himself. He leaves the courtesy scene of the crime and, calls, the police himself and said, I just I just hit in passing He killed a extremist republican this, the kind of country you want to live in. there was an eighty three year old women, a woman going ordered or passing out, pamphlets and talking about proposition three in michigan, which seeks to enshrine abortion rights in the states constitution she was shot eighty three years old, she was in a conversation- I guess a heated conversation at a residence in our neighbourhood, The man who shot her was not involved in the conversation, the tim doesn't know who his identity or motive, but she
dr herself too hospital, she two drivers, she's an eighty three year old woman. She leaves your door somebody in your neighborhood shield, sir. and there's no one to take her to the hospital she has take herself is this: I don't care- Who that is, I don't care, who comes to your door, you don't shoot people. Let alone and eighty three year old woman. Is this the america. You want. hillary Clinton this weekend Impaired trumps supporters to nazis, we didn't have such a bad
school system. There is a reason why they buried the nazis. They buried them in education. because we brought a lot of nazis over here. After the war we brought all the top scientists over. Well what you know, we're afraid of nazis banal. That afraid of nazis and they Aid nazis into the big. Boogie man, because the laughed furs, communism It's the same thing, except once a public private partnership It is exactly what the world economic forum and Joe Biden are pushing for. When they say democracy, demur, accuracy is it stay. They mean democracy, I mean the republic. They want one man, one vote and
That's the way fascism always starts you can vote, and they all vote in who they want and then there's no more vote. That's why we have a republic. I wish people. I pray that people will wake up. I pray that they will do their own homework people are rediscovering the constitution and the declaration and the A really good thing discover your faith, who really know what's true you really have to start at the beginning, and if you don't have a faith, I urge you to find one, but if it's just not for you. Ok,
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The this is the Glenn Beck program I reached out to broody at tala, who is the nazarenes fund chief operating officer, and I reach out to them, because I saw this this video from IRAN that purported to be the iranian christian women warning the west, and rudy speaks a billion different languages, and so I called him and he's also from the middle EAST. I said you know you can translate farsi and He said yeah. We translated it and if you ve seen that video a route is convinced that is not iranian christians and rudy? You said because women would christians would never say those things in iran is right. Yes, that's correct its. Could boys got me. I could hear from you
What what do you mean? What do you mean that they wouldn't say that? Why, wouldn't I I because it its counter productive to them out lab christians are persecuted all the time. the underground churches persecuted all the time in IRAN. We have In the past a lot of iranian christians, so I took I took them: oh, just ran it by some of my iranian christian friends as well and they said that the last thing they were there would want. Is that much attention how to crack down on them. in the country younger. Are raped at a very young age. There there tortured or beat so many of them have a high time escaping and most to stay in the ground and they practise their faith quietly I tell you. I think christians in america have no idea
they soon will probably what right Persecution is like around the world what most christians go through around the world I want to talk to you a little bit of a get just get an update on the nazareth fund, and where we, where do we stand with those people that we had over in the lily pad country. I dunno if we can even say what what country that is now look here. We can young soldier so's, the, u n e and where they were those people stand? Are they still there yacht show for the last for the lot past years. Since we did the evacuation we removed personally over nine thousand five hundred people plus we helped other ngos move another three thousand so a little over one thousand people
from a nine thousand five hundred that we were per personally responsible for what down now to less than two thousand that our in you, and a terrier city, we ve had teams on the ground, working with them every single day, we'd never left them. We probably help them websites with medical issues, food issues and in each individual we have forty page. for you to help them article background with you know everything that required reprocessing too two final destination countries like canada, the united states germany wherever they were going, australia and what not so why and we get them out of their as still our state department? Oh yes, so sleep! I mean it's been a nightmare to work with are often times they'll swing by then it'll go into humanitarians to you know, pull people without
Calling out should appalling, so we had to go by in our database. We developed a database very detailed with each other. did you use that we took care of and- and we had to figure out exactly who was taken and was not it's been it. a challenge, but we ve been working through it and with tremendous success. In fact, we are one of them all the ngos on the ground in the eu either has not left wide have worked very closely with the host nation to make sure refugees are refugees, are taking care of, and are settled final destination countries week we gave our worst. We told them but we were bad luck. Right, our duty and don't say anything obviously you're you're, smarter than that you don't have to pay. If preface it with that, the safe houses in afghanistan still up and running
there are. There are many people left behind and we still support it's all. I can say: m in it sure anything that you can tell the audience, because I see these and if you care to tell any of the medical things that have happened. Can you talk about any of that sure I mean during the evacuation? Do you know for the audience to know that in a way we literally ramp up, we want from zero to two miles an hour overnight. We didn't have a longer time to prepare for this event, Nation. It came as a big surprise to all of us so in the process of evacuating alot of people we have, A guy to fix or help a lot of individual
with gunshot wounds from the taliban? I mean hang on, say I'm I mean specifically after the event thing said happen at two o clock in the morning. Phone calls. Yeah we ve. Had we ve had some attempted suicides, and that were completely depressed because of the situation there were in that we had to take care of we. You know. After the fact we had there's the lever in and then outside the countries that we took care of you know, after the fact or all kinds of medical issues that that pop up there that we had to deal with directly. And you know, thank god, please, god so far with we ve met. to literally take care of every single image had any type of medical issue that does not require our attention. So so
rudy who we have spent, how much of the money, because week were keeping all of the rest of the money too, finish the mission. and fly these other two thousand, and make sure that we have enough money. So how much money have we spent of that? What was it? Thirty, five million yeah? So so we flew at thirty five or thirty five flights which caused somewhere between six hundred and two seven hundred fifty thousand per flight, so we went over nineteen million in aircraft alone, during the evacuation phase, we spent another eight million in humanitarian efforts, safe house. This transportation food medical care and what not? and then we've also been in the six high six figures. the single month, with all the work that we're doing currently on the ground, not only in the eu but also in other kind,
trees where we moved individuals, I what resettlement so it's been a significant amount of money. We ve gone through a good, a good chunk of it. And there were still were still using as much as we can to make sure that keep on our to our work to help every single person? We are responsible for good. Do you have where, where we involved in a carry member which organization was nazareth fund and oh, you are, or just oh, you are that was over in ukraine. so it was now serene fund oh, you are or you are, it's gotta good presence there I'm in a fund started in the beginning, but we're primarily more focused on Afghanistan and working on, and what were you we shall do it. Is it's a frightening time or people mean now there's a kind
a crisis of men leaving russia and do you leave all this. I mean I ask you cause you, you know you were on the security council and everything else. You have me all of all of them. ground to be able to answer this? What's up with nuclear talk. Rudy is this just We're all sabre rattling or is it something we it actually be concerned about with russia. We should we should be concerned about it, of course, in all. I think I think it at present it sabre rattling by of there's one year. One attentions is high, there's always chance One side or the other to make a mistake and then and then we go down down, pass show You know we just need leaders with with coal mines and in our focus resolve on the issue,
right now, while you know clearly, Putin has a has a lot of problems, but You know when you put somebody like that back against the wall, You know you don't know what you're gonna get here smart man: he is, he survived over twenty two years, empowered, not just because you dumb or he those things haphazard Lee, but because he's very carefully leading, and he knows what he's trying to achieve fourchan he's been dealt a very bad blow ukraine. He thought he would when it quickly, and he did not so now is escalating because he does want to when you ve got two options: one and ass to go online and double down or the other, option is to find you know, of course, that would work for everybody and let him see faced by see him doubling down right now, and this is why so dangerous and we shouldn't see anything real from him until spring. Right I mean
because of the snows and the reins in the mud and everything else correct, except for you now, I would put it passed on to. Ah you know to to cupola rabbit out of a hat and do something something very nice. but here you are correct in your assessment. rudy, as always, really good talk to you. Thank you for how prayer fully you approach each and every mission you are the reason for real A truly you are the reason that so many people got out of Afghan and thank you very much for the update, appreciated thanks, glad you don't let's go vice, ITALY's nazareth, fun c, o o air one year anniversary of getting people and tar max and still we still have among the tarmac in one country about two thousand of the. What did he say? Thirteen thousand
Twelve thousand that were moved, we're still taken care of those and we will move them. That was our word that I get if to the u n e, to get them to open up their airport. I can just a minute, let me tell you about my patriots applying bet, you never thought. You know you but food away for emergencies and it could be delicious well, it can. my patriot supply has done it. If you don't have emergency food stalked away against disaster, you should start right now today is worse than yesterday, but still it's better tomorrow. It's kind like planning a tree when when's the best I am to have you know us. Food storage. Emergency storage on our today today would be the great day my patriot supply the nations largest preparedness company company and they have millions of customers, I'm one of them, they are offering it.
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A senator MR fed, men who has had a stroke, and I feel for him, but you know he should probably take a seat, until we can in a really repair some of the m but some some of the ways is his. He thinks he knows. Pathways had been broken. Language should listen to him now we can saying or do not always at coming from there, Ok, I think you're thinking or and apply the audio here, but this is a vast. Just actually saw languages where he got from the control does are so much better than the old He met That's pretty much a quote. Pittsburgh I think he met the steel. I can't even get, which way. Audience. He was trying to kiss up too was of the pittsburgh audience or the philly audience. I don't even know that
and eagles after so maybe he wasn't philly, but this is not a good look. This prove once and for all that voters literally don't care about these elections and have no interest as to who is leading their state them. and is a walking corpse he is. But sickly a english corpse? He won the guy, can't speak. He kids, big, I feel the same amount of of empathy for him as a person going through severe medical trauma. Yet is what has occurred it s. I feel that same level of sympathy for him as a person will not be senator because he's a socialist. But it's something totally set Rome is medical condition, How can a democratic vote for this guy? He could we can't get ro a sentence. He isn't your mike up to that real quick. I mean you have to listen to this is this? Is it
edible land area or so is wow the ego he makes after saying this, the aim of any like eyes looking over, he came and he is not seemingly at all aware that he's made this mistake. They said the EU. Are better than the eagles now an eagles fan. I I appreciate that. I'm glad the eagles are better than the eagles I've seen preview. Have you ever seen the eagles play the eagles, and I know it's a it's a close game by luck lay the eagles are better than the they are better than does this year. That's for sure, but I mean this guy, I look. He can't do the most basic things that he would needed is a deliberative body senate is a deliberative by in theory in theory, your job is to make arguments about policy and convince others, and it just a
it make any sense. Obviously No one cares if, skype julia ahead in the balls, no, Who cares? Which one cares about our republic, which one can about our republic, the Democrats to put a guy into office that is barely functional. Already, as the head of state now as a senator one of our hundred they want to send a guy in that can't function, can function hook. There's about the republic, I'm sorry who is putting democracy at risk. I would say that Democrats just based on those two candidates, the Glenn Beck program or want to talk to you a little bit about taking care of your dog's health and it can get
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glenn, thirty, three, eight three, three gland thirty, three rough greenstein com, slashed back the it's you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. the program.
And hit a sick twisted freak welcome to the program. Oh man, you know what I you know. There is nothing better than a flashmob where we all call each other. We're like hey we're going to go to the convenience store. I just take everything it gathered ariel. Is that all of us, oh, I had so much fun up in philadelphia over the weekend at a walmart store. Oh, that wasn't me no know. I just saw that video things are a little out of control, but the sorrows back DA there is not a crime, a great job runner for a job there, as that could be true, it's hard to go up from one hundred percent, but we we have now people running for the house and the Senate and gosh darn it all of them are saying no. I was never for that. Getting rid of the police, I love of bullies. I I wanted to be bullied by my kids. I wish I had some that were going to go into the police department, because man do we love the police? Ah ha! That's. Why they're thirty points? Thirty points behind the republicans. Now, when it comes to crime, what does that mean for the election?
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how is that possible saturday have that clip or so much better. oh my gosh! This I can't function now. Look I mean I'm I'm wondering whose really running the show who is running the democratic party because You have Joe Biden who is right he's there. Occasionally, you know what I mean mentally he's mentally there occasionally other times idea commonly harris now. She's, not she just blathers, honest says nothing. We have an entire thing at reap thoughts, dotcom of oliver eighty right, it rightly Russia's obliterate, a bit she continually tries to talk but can't standing right of fine sign david. We basically admitted that she's not even doing the job anymore. Look at all of the people that are causing policies hammered hammer
I'm, allegedly when she's making any speech that our she's, just she just doesn't know what she's talking about, but I think it's hammered and federations a great when remedies we will constantly be done joe by in and his ability to get through speeches he's rooms arguably better than john futterman at this hour it now at john fishermen can't speak so is a deliberative body. Can I ask you a question. in an n. No no offense mean that met here by P. Well, who are in this, but I don't to a special ed class running my country, and that's pretty much what we have in the democratic party right now, people it can no longer think clearly for one reason or another. There all different reason there all different reasons, but we we the
You can't run a country like this. You can't run a country like the and we see what happens when you try it right. see the last two years, we ve seen the results of what happens when you attempt to do it. This way does not work. You have to ask yourself whose making the policies whose main king. The policies I mean. I am asking that rhetorically by this, that the taiwan policy is a good example this whose making the tyrant policy. Joe Biden keeps coming out and saying over and over again but we are, our troops are going to go defend time, wanted china tax, it that's Joe Biden policy and then five minutes later, the white house and five other organizations within our government come out and say: that's actually, not our policy. It's not. We swear, we swear and then Joe Biden comes out and doesn't know it or interview. It says it again and then he does it again and again he's four or five times well, lindsey mean lindsey grandma abortion bill, which will get into some other day
This lindsey gram, abortion bill biting, came out said it stricter than my churches. Abortion, what's now now the cow? How could that be stricter than the catholic is no abortion? How can you be stricter death? for abortion, what I mean movie stricter than that? No, no. This is just crazy so they're going where we're going, I mean they're trying everything they can to throw you off of the scent of what you should actually be phone. There know prying, they are not trying. They are lying to you. That's all that this is. They are lying to you, strict it's, a fifteen weak and on abortions. After fifteen weeks, you can't have abortions that's more lenient than france, gay france, thirteen weeks this is, fifteen. So to get people of
for these clowns, they just have to lie to you. How many times do have to lie to you before you wake up, while in some countries that doesn't they never wake up, and I got you should the abortion policy? So let me just it logic, because this is about. I bought a big election issue here. There's a big story: that's happening in arizona right now, which is one of the of the biggest states. We comes to the senate and, of course, the governor as well in arizona, and there's an there's a law from eighteen, sixty four. I think it was then pass that basically said no bullshit for any reasons, except, I think, there's a life of the mother exception and can be penalised with something horse whip me? It's not horse with the border patrol comes in with few with their art is, while she still lying in bed, so they, like I think it's three to five years in prison for someone who facilitates one of these abortions. Now, of course,
we got into the rovers wait: arab. This law was stone, the books never got repealed I never did anything about it, and now we're on the other side of this rovers would gets overturned and they go do the you know, they've got it through the courts and the courts say. Yes, this is still law. If you want to change the law, you can change the law, but currently this is the law of the land. You must apply it right that that's how the law works right like we wanted you the repeal of new, can pass a new law that overrides that law. Now, since then, in arizona has tried to go through the fifteen weak ban, but as right now, it looks like the law of the land is still this. Eighteen, sixty four law, so So rightly eighty Sixty four, the arizona was, the state was not a state when this is pass I'll tear it was a territorial okay. So we go back to literally that cowboy in indian times so that, but this is the law in their eyes the way the law works, and you will not tie your horse up on the door of a saloon, eight or nine. Now, of course, what worked
talking about here is you'd have to go to california somewhere else nearby, where you could get your abortion if you needed to get an abortion. If this law were to stay in place, so this is a back and forth, The left is trying so hard to make abortion the the the entire election here because, of course they see this, as some of the polling shows that the majority of people are again the supreme court decision blah blah blah blah blah they only have a couple of issues they can run on what is they think they can run on donald trump, because if the country doesn't like him, They want to run abortion that's about all they have written, so they're trying to make it seem like now. No one will be lock down. When the Democrats have any lines on abortion, they never have to express their lines on it. Only republicans have to come up with their lines on abortion. Democrats never have to see They want it all the way until birth. They never have you any of that right. Only peter deuces, the only one who has about it because they don't
a lie have no, why it's not up to birth and it's not up to burn their opinions are far more unpopular than the Republican put its positions on this, but the media is assisting them on this, and so there is a a slew of republicans that are trying to find this middle ground quota. Unquote, grain linsey, grand being one of them, hey, let's passive, fifteen fifteen of abortion Ben I'm sorry did we just spend the last fifty years. Fighting over rovers is weighed so that we can eliminate eight per bent of abortions. Is that what we did the whole I wanna make sure I understand this whole rovers is weighed fight. All these years was hey if it works in the entire country. We can eliminate eight percent of a work of me. I just ask you a question, though, the this supreme court said the federal government has no role in this so as to those states. So what why wouldn't this be overturned as well as unconstitutional, think it probably would essentially with the supreme court but again, why
is the point of winning elections? If what is that point of winning an election. If you win election after election after election and get all the supreme court justices in and then they overturn rovers is weighed and then you're a big idea. Is we hey what if we mess around at the very edge of the fringe and a limit. a few super late term abortions it's great it's better than nothing but collect. Clearly, can't be the reason why you spend a half century battle to overturn rovers his weight. Obviously that by the end of this right now, because it fifteen weeks we will get better with technology will be able to sell a save children before fifteen, we will eventually be able to grow them in a jar. Ok whether you can see them in a jar or not. They. It's still life right, growing up, but as it gets caught answering closer to being we'll just take that embryo put it in a jar and growth and ajar. We know it's life, it's like you,
it's hard hard, twenty one weeks now its fifteen. What's it going to be in the future, this doesn't make any sense horse. They all know this anyway. Let's let's go. Let's go back to the two this to the senate race and I dont want to cut you off So let me just do a quick one. in commercial and then back into looking at the numbers of the race real estate agents. I trust dot com. Is my company and it's really hard to get good help these days right. You want some, done and done right. You have to go out well, I go out and I for my own company to to make it happen. It's kind of, though you know my thinking years ago, when we finally cease got fed my brother and I fed up with real. State agents How do you even find a good real estate agent? I didn't know I happened to working with the five hundred best real estate agents in the country. According to the wall street journal- and I worked with him for two or three years and got to know them.
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average income lost under Joe biden- is forty two hundred dollars. Prices have risen now this is the sixth day day in a row and none are falling for the Democrats, but is it showing up at the polls, yet we yeah. I think I think some of the early democratic momentum pitch that we heard has started to fade quite a bit. Went through this answer. Does american friday did our first been sort of chalkboard magnet to all the states breakdown the senate? Look so give me quick, picked picture this. The lay of the land before any elections even start is thirty, six democrats and twenty nine republicans. That's because all the seats are up for electric to start with a nice lead here already in the light category, probably not gonna change. There's italy eight races there for the Democrats there,
thirteen races and the republican side that are likely not really gonna, be all that close or competitive, which brings you to forty four forty. Two You meet some leaner races, leaning Democrat right now we have colorado and watch Clinton, which are two states that are the polling, favoring democrats by decent amount republicans, really like the candid in washington for four Also there some some recent washed. Those races, though they are favouring Democrats so new, Hampshire and pennsylvania. We haven't they the leaning democrat now pennsylvania covered is completely insane. If that's the way they they too have a man who can't speak as their candidate, but still showing him five points or more up in most of these poles you have, just finish there, the primary right now maggie Hassan, seems to have about an eight point lead in that race, though, that one I could see, tightening it's been tighter in races before the,
mary so will see how that goes, leading republican five races. Their couple weird just serve weird ones that we have their way. alaska alaska has the the situation with the rank choice voting going on, but all of what is really republican versus Republican there, but then again one of the Republicans italy summer caskey. So do you count that I don't even know where it is? Then I guess it. Lawyers are lava, go dates. I had no democratic right, but she is how she performing in the polls, because the others dropped out too. cole, ass coalesce, around marhaus keys, I of believe him or he gets beaten wench when it actually occurs in the fact that this woman ran a right in campaign for the senate and one she why on a right in campaign for the senate. The name goes a long way in Alaska Murkowski the damp. It's almost all democrats voting for her, I mean this is really
become the Democrats and moderate sort of going that way. Worthy republicans are going towards the trump favoured candidate there in alaska. So if you're going to get a republican out of alaska and for the senate, it just depends on if it's murkowski or not, which is a big I mean she's, but one of the weakest republicans, I bet you could find another weird one. Of course you talked about a lot. Is you talk with MIKE Lee, where is running in a race against an independent. There have been some close pole in this race to leave. I don't believe it. I still think this is a of a strong republican said. I think Lee will win there, but it's closer than certainly I'm sure mike wants MIKE. Mike always I mean even when he's not running for election, he looks like I gotta listen to the people, because the people in all they could throw me out of office at a attire and I think, there's a part of it. I think there's a part of like that in a wooden MIKE when minded. If you know like that, it's over now go make money. Go, do something wrong with your life.
It'd a feeling of a lot of people by I might be you know I, but he he's he takes it seriously, look he should. This is a new tactic. From the Democrats I mean this is what is rewarding in utah. If you vote for Evan mcmullin, it's a it's a new cat, it's a new tactic. Instead of just running a Democrat, I run a guy who says he isn't a Democrat, but just as going to vote like the Democrats every time, so you can eat em and you can have that if you want normally just done under the de banner? It's now done under the eye banner and they didn't run a democratic democrats, dropped the race completely and are letting everyone vote. Gracie it's great and you will see this in every elect if it works this time. Yes, especially in deep red states, they affrighted knock off republic had yet by running me. A fake independence in this case Missouri is out. There is well actually has a pretty solid, sizeable lead. He should win their florida closer than I think it should be with Marco rubio.
You know, oddly he's on most of the poles only have em up by four five points you kidding yeah, and this is in a race where, obviously to santas is likely going to win. Handily val deming says the candidate info but are going up against Rubia, whose was warrant was mentioned as a vp candidate for bide and someone thought highly. They think highly of her on that because you see damage now, I dont know of china. She's probably never gets you never really. Rp you'll never have a leadership role and ohio. We talked to jade events last week, he's open up a lead in mode the pulling their. I think, he'll win that race, but still too close say it's a likely candid likely race mining means sets five. basically we have. There is forty eight democrats Forty seven republicans and include the leaders and ff I've toss ups for that applicants to take control the senate. They would need to and four of these five races, arizona, nevada
wisconsin north carolina and georgia, their best hope right. Probably north carolina where they relatively consent. then put small lead their nevada. To be pretty much toss up, though Adam lacks all seems to be moving ahead slightly. Their ron Johnson had some good poles in wisconsin yeah. Lately he looks like here. I don't like favorite their arizona has narrowed. Those still favours the Democrats. Although a tyrant, I understand the pulling their will. You see, pulling were blakeney mrs down by seven or eight points and carry lake supposed to be the most extreme crazy person in the world. What she's, not without her on the air but she's running for governor with the same The same with it would seem voters in their saying she's only done by one so etc for me to understand how masters would be down eight inch in lake. Would we be down? One will see it is named working.
Had she might be. She might just be a really good candidates and then ferko walker in georgia as well. The polling has got bounced back and forth. Both very close, really appear toss up race at this part of the love of god. When, for those five them get, every one you know did your father, your mother, bring them out. I mean let them air out democrats. Do it all the time yeah? What's the problem with that, make sure that everyone goes out and votes, the Glenn Beck program has I'll do in these days. a question usually get normal conversation how's your daughter, my dog, no was picky. Finicky a pain in the neck. before we started em on rough greens. The difference between the dog he was in the dog he's become is Oh found, it was incredible how
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get all the election breakdowns up until the election day. Here on the road radio programme and students america available at the least tv dotcom, slash, Glenn, welcome to the Glenn Beck program. It's amazing. The stats on crime, again philadelphia, for instance, where will stand on. Crime is going to decide the election, and just the news did a really great. Exposes a on different politicians who are flip flop and like crazy, the senate nominees, and has walked His apparent call to release all set degree, murderers, widow, I've sentence. oh yeah. What did he walked back to? Well? Hang on E. He,
and he was the chairman of the state's board of pardons. He said This is ridiculous. People was second degree murder. Getting I've sentences Louise free them. So He wanted. He wanted to let twelve hundred people out, and he said that Just never made any sense to me that you would you get so in degree, murder and you'd be you'd. In prison, your whole life, too. Later he said, freeing second degree murderers, serving life sentence. It would provide massive savings to taxpayers, adding Mercy must be a partner to justice and it's meant for the deserving or rehabilitated, ok, our eye, He also cited a call to life sentences for it. vigils who are guilty of second degree murder. However, too, Weeks ago, he said is spokesperson, said it what he said
taken out of context. He said he wanted to free all people Had life census forsake degree murder out what context away that's pretty clear unless the context is who what I'm definitely not saying is. His campaign said the candidate supports common sense, criminal justice reforms that keep in slovenian, safe and protected, while saving taxpayers money in twenty sixteen, he sighed I pledge to ban. fracking in pennsylvania and halt new fossil fuel leasing nationwide He rode on red it that the fossil fuel industry is a stain on pennsylvania, However, now that he's running
he's all for fossil fuels, easy like we gotta save union jobs, jobs, jobs. jobs. So now quote John believes I they nasty candidate who's, he's not answering questions can't speak so behind me. John believes that we have to preserve the union way of life for thousands of workers currently employed and supported by the. also fuel industry in pennsylvania and communities where they live. So it's not because I believe you know we should have fossil fuels. We should frack for natural gas, because we've got a shortage. No, no, no! No, union jobs. on- does not support a fracturing moratorium or ban in throughout his career, John stood up to politicians to fight for you as steals right to build franking wells
in arizona the demo at its running for governor their katy hobbs flip our position on title. Forty two She was all she was against its not working. It's not working so now where we ought to get rid of this. It's just not working in early april, new station in arizona asked if she supports binds effort to lift final Idle forty two and she said yes, it's not working through. weeks later, however, she urge bind to reverse, is quote rash decision to end title. Forty two she said he at a clear plan to secure our border and it would be a disaster moving to the mid west, there's another democrat Senate nominee manner a barnes he
he's come under fire now for walking back a wide range of his left wing positions from abolishing immigration enforcement and defeat the police to crying the american founding Andy, can free market system. So this the main stream wisconsin he's mainstream easier guy once The position is, or for the moment to abolish? U S, immigration and customs enforcement. That's ice, he said. I don't know how I miss the reply, but I need that that is but he tweeted in twenty eighteen, what an activist offered him a red abolish ice shirt in his size from the democratic socialists of amerika. Ministers swayed by we need that now is like what talking about. I love america.
God I love you. Country, you know the rest, Barnes has also expressed support for illegal immigrants receiving driver's license and in state college tuition. This year, however, he's dead dancing himself from the far left immigration agenda, saying quote: I am not part of the abolish ice movement because no one slogan can capture all the work. We have to do you're not far enough. Basically, it's not far enough he's trying to make it sound like we do. I really want to get rid of them, but in reality he wants to go farther than I do. Support comprehensive reform in our integrate immigration agencies, those agents protect our borders. While establishing a pathway to citizenship and ensuring no one coming to this country has access to experience. Traumas like family, separation is
campaign has echoed the same message: broadly. Barnes has a history of expressing far less controversial ideas, for ample he has described the founding of america as awful. He also said national parks weren't made for the enjoyment of people who were white in. I heard that he said that the EU have to be white. The national park, because they're on land, that was indigenous, Barnes also argued, one of the answers to the country's problems is to stymie capitalism. The way it is in america making this the most progressive democratic caucus in history, Why wouldn't bother trying to sway middle of the road republicans? He said we don't have the time despite our wheels with people who have denied climate change, people have denied the impact.
this virus or people have denied election was legitimate. be a losing strategy for us, but as he has with immigration he's distance himself now from the programme, save side, you know he's like I'm We were we're, gonna, listen everybody they're all doing this. At the same time, all doing it better was doing this inherent texas as well. He's now backing off of his big statements that define the police. was the way to go back and twenty twenty now he's, trying to make sure you understand. He super duper with law enforcement, but What he was saying in the middle of the riots- hey, I'm so glad- is in gregg abbot running a spot. The just has he has given to the in their. Not by that I mean yeah that'd a so this is this. Is there attempt they're going to? try to lie their way back into power. This is what they're going to attempt to do and that's the only way I mean to be fair to them for a moment.
it's the only thing that you can do in this situation is lie. You can't, possibly run on what you ve accomplished or what you ve done to the country. You have to tell everyone there! imagining things they cannot believe they're lying eyes. That's that's the approach of the Democrats here to try to win this thing. and again I say when really you're too you are trying to minimize the damage are going to lose seats, they're going have all sorts of problems. Unless some dramatic changes in their favour, so their put position here is to try to get their base out to minimize the loss of those blue districts and the house. Maybe save a couple. Purple districts bring up issues are unrelated to the election like donald trump. Belgium has nothing to do this election is not about now. Everybody knows this is even announced, he's I'm an ex ballot yet that he has to do this election, where they're trying to talk about, donald trump as if he is the candidate in every race, in every district across the country, because they think well happen
Andrew hates him and half the country loves him, that's better than the what how they feel about policies right are with us we're at forty sixty or thirty five sixty five. So why not pick up a the fifty option and roll the dice. It's not a bad political play, but it is disingenuous and is based completely on lies, so Let's say I have a gun to your head, which you don't know, fight you're. Not you are of republic at our conservative only has still not for iraq's second amendment. You probably always have guns pointed out man brother. So let's have a gun pointed to your head. The outcome of this election Senate senator gun to my head, I think the republicans we'll get it. I think it is, I think, right now and again, I would not there's still weeks to play out here is not to. This is my final prediction, but I would say right now: election held
the election was held in where, when it's going to be, I think over the next six weeks will see a little movement to the right. I think people will feel the economy a little bit more were under two thousand on the dow, but you are even talking the stuff inflation gas prices are going back up. I think, with the I think, the economy will overwhelm a lot of their lying and I think republicans might squeak it out. But I would not bet money on it So his final answer, and what he bent his life on is republicans now live with that. I would say republicans that when I feel more confident in doubt, Dewey have do. We have enough in the house or the senate. who actually bypass the weasels in there public and party in the how I think, most of the time you'll be ok on that now the house on the
So now I will say a lot of the experts out. There are saying it is trending toward democrats. It's its delete, the projected leadership, weakens will get is smaller, most still agree. Republicans will hold, the house will see animal Nan see. a lot lately, the audio nancy Pelosi she's in california, I think over the weekend and she's at a clue- I'm a change global citizen event, analysing how they welcomed her. My boy, although this is a new york, I thought it was in California. News is new york city not supposed to happen there, booing her there booing The whole time she's onstage, that's that's not good- that sub optimal if you're a demonstration.
No, I don't think people are arguing that that the Democrats doing a good job, there's a pull the came out. I think it was today that said more democrats are upset are we know dont want Joe Joe Biden to be their nominee in twenty twenty four than republicans with trump. Now we're told trump is a fascist hitler. Republicans there like you now I will, you know, he's still the favourite on republicans I'd but on the left. New People who don't want Joe Biden, not necessarily because he's not being liberal enough because they see how badly this is going and of they see him. Try to speak, see him do the most basic freaking things and and and be unable to occur, push them. So think the feeling over Biden is really bad. Everyone reckon since this has not gone well for two years. The right track wrong. Crack. You can see a single digits in this country. That's not so it's supposed to be for a successful camp. If we weren't, if we weren't hypnotized, this would be a blow out
any other time. In my life this would be a blow. Yet the Senate is a little weird because, as I mentioned, you start with a thirty six, twenty nine advantage, so because of the way these running. Now this reverses itself and twenty twenty four, where republicans will have an advantage, but for twenty when he to its democratic playing field. So it's a lot here. To win the senate that it is the house. The house is, be much more based on an essentially the vibe of the country, which I know is going to. I think leaned toward republicans. This is why the Democrats are doing what they're doing, though, if they can can its people to vote on abortion or on on donald trump or some other thing. That's not really fundamental, too, everyday lives of american citizens, then they I may be able to do enough to hold the senate and keep the house really close and the house being this close you're right, you might have enough people who flake off on individual bills you'll still get them,
So there are a dumb. Our buddy Jerome powell raise the fed rates again last week, smashed the market. Has it doing today, have you seen? important or remember their aggressively destroying the economy, because inflation is transitory, though not glad, tat and stabilize that tat anyway, they went on to state that they're going to continue to raise rates until inflation is under control, which means it must be currently out of control, You don't want your nest. Egg wiped out in a recession brought on by a bunch of morons. Do you Have you seen the market? Do you have everything in the market you need. diversify a little bit. Maybe ten percent maybe a little more, maybe a little less is up to you put it and precious metals, gold, Can I help you do that with self directed precious metals irae tons?
people in america don't even know it's an option, but now you do and I highly recommend that you at least look into it? It's gold find out how easy the process is to complete just ask them but the six percent free bonus metals. When you come led an ira this month so go to gold lie. at eight six, six gold line, eight six, six gold line or goldline dot com stay informed sign up for the free newsletter today at Glenn, beck dot com, the the I quoted g k Chesterton earlier today and
quoting the new prime minister in ITALY and The whole thing is even better than what I quoted earlier: The great march of mental destruction will go on and everything will be denied everything will become a creed, It is a reasonable position to deny the stones in the streets. It will become religious dog. To assert them it, the rational thesis that we're all in a dream. It will be. Mystical sanity to say that we're all awake fire will be kindled to testify that too, and to make for swords. We drawn to prove that the leaves are green and summer? We I'll be left defending. Not only incredible virtues, insanities of human life, but something more incur but still this year, impossible universe which stares us in the face, we
a fight for visible prodigies as they were invisible. We shall look on the impossible grass and skies with strange courage we I'll be those who have seen and have yet belief
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