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Who is America’s "god" now? | Easter Special | 4/17/22

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America is abandoning the God of our founding--the God who gave each of us our inalienable rights. Who gives us our rights now? In a rapidly changing world, where do we go to answer questions about right and wrong, life and death, meaning, and values? As we enter this new era, an era rife with ethical debates, a crisis of meaning, and the last-ditch efforts to maintain our place in the world, the real question is, Who is America’s "god" now?

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All of history strongest empires, are no more: the Mongols empire. The Roma empire fell, the Ottoman Empire that's finished and the british empire. From rising sun, the setting sun dissolved America well she's not down yet why technically, were not an empire shut up Karen the point is that every society that is ever led the world has diminished or collapsed, and in those times it's scary and exciting time to be alive as Dickens. It was the best of times it was the worst of times?
America is not the unsinkable ship. We thought she was in the spurred is not. this clause we ve already hid it. If you think the currency is unstable. Have you looked at our kids? child suicide doubled between two thousand seven and twenty seventeen no harm among preteen. Girls is up one hundred and eighty nine percent a merry can't afford family vacations, but it's time fine, because the family fell apart. A long time ago we live in a time where every woman of the year this year is a man. Then every man is told he's an oppressor Ivy league students want more censorship and our government once more surveillance. All while we grow more and more isolated, depressed and unstable. lost our way America
our own, and nobody really knows how to get it back while all this is going on. The brave new world is accelerating towards us at an incredible speed, futurists dreamers and innovators foretell a future where man and machine become one a word more virtual than physical, a world where technology extends life beyond death and intel it. it's beyond our universe. Some say will colonise Mars between the before twenty thirty other say. We have to do that because we gotta get off this. Planet before we link to computers one thing is certain: lie as we know it, changing forever. Are we ready.
if we don't enter into this brave new technological era, with some collective moral agreements than our advancements will overtake And do much ass if can't find the difference between a man and a woman. Can we know the difference between man and machine, What are the ethics of this new world? What is life? How do you, in a virtual world what gives us meaning are? We giant pieces of meat being driven around by machine brains. Are we dwelling place for God, Are we just some of what we have experienced or do we have a mortal souls trapped in mortal bodies? If all of this data of who I am can be downloaded. Does that mean I live forever? that even me
or is there something more to me, something that could Ever be downloaded, reproduced or preserved. If a machine can deduce communicate, Abstract Out ideas imitate infer patterns if they can write, poetry and ART thus they love us, that real, Are they human if they receive and a touch and seem to make friends. if they say I'm lonely, are they different than us? The car is driving itself and there's no time for that car to stop. Elon musk is on the right and the president is on the left and my Teresa is in front of us who should the car hit. We ass humans won't be able to decide, but MIT is already working on that, because the
Our will be fast enough to decide who lives and who dies my quest. is what moral standard, or they using hours. Because I dont know what our moral standard is anymore. according to the NIH Official intelligence will be used more extensively in healthcare in ten years, but don't fear the machine fear a programmer someone somewhere in the world. A big tec is developing the technology that literally will be making life and death decisions. Deity that guy. Do you know who that guy even is because soon it just becomes an algorithm. Where did that program or get his values are the same as mine or yours. Also, in the end, I h website is a report that scientists now are using crisper technology ff. Human enhancement,
Your genetically modifying babies in test tubes, and they see it's working genetically tailored humans. It could possibly go wrong Owen Pentagon. When I headed emitted, we I have seen: U F, O's. Nobody really paid any attention, but can I just ask the question if aliens come down with a higher level of intelligence? They are masters We like animals to them. Or are we all created equal? Who decides what? God does But do we believe in God, anymore and and Could we even make this case to the aliens or a machine if we're not live, it now. We I believe in God, as much as we used to courting, do Pew Research Centre, these
colorization. The shift is now evident in the american society. So far in the twenty first century. We showed no signs of slowing pews, religious landscape study breaks the data down by age group. They found that each new generation cares about God less and less the general all declines, belief in God, frequency of prayer importance, religion in one's life and even frequency of feeling spiritual peace and well built being. Our nation is abandoning the God of our founding, so we We go to answer huge questions about right and wrong life and death, meaning and values. Without God to order our society, a god that empowers you, not the government, not special interests, but you whose step in to fill that gap and will, that person in power or enslave as
Erica shakes offer religious foundation in the name of freedom. We not freed ourselves from dogma or religious strictures. Far from it, we've just introduced new dogmas, new strictures, There is a new religious cult in America, its Woke ism. Is this our new God? It is separated wisdom that you cannot serve to masters, but it should. Equally regarded that everyone serves someone or something. so one God must perish and in its death, all of its traditions, histories and decency will buried along with it. Is this: what we want, because says the choice in front of us now: the elephant in the room, the root of our problems and solutions not to just question and think.
but come up with an answer, and if, Thank you don't have to answer this question. No answer is an answer News is, this is all happened before and if we know the results pray We can change our thinking to change our course. so today, as we enter in this new era and era rife with ethical debates, crisis of meaning and the last ditch efforts to remain functioning in the world we have to The question who is America's gone now? We aren't the first country to attempt. nationally to reinstate God, ride out of our hair,
nothing new under the sun and although we sometimes remember the problems of the past, we then go on to tell ourselves. It's not gonna happen here or this time it's it's different So in doing that, we rarely remember any of the solutions, and in that way we doom ourselves to repeat our failures over and over throughout history, our country, our freedom, our children's future, we should all have to give informed consent. Do we want this new world order, the great reset or any of its other names or profit c r t be alarming, woke ism, We can stop the cycle, but we have to recognize the pattern first. So let me take you to the french revolution in this anti nineties.
The french revolution was the result of many things, but religious unrest was undeniably one of them. When the cathedral of Notre Dame was stormed by angry revolutionaries day decapitated, twenty statues, because I thought they were beheading french kings, but there actually statues of kings of Judah. But clever irony, the cathedral of Notre Dame represent, everything the revolutionaries hated not was it religiously significant, but the cathedral was the symbol of the monarchy. Henry the sixth of England was crowned king of France. There really in politics had corrupted each other in the pursuit of power, and people could hardly tell the two apart. in the revolutionaries, rage against the establishment. They were eager to destroy all connections not just to the church, but God himself. This
would prove to be a real challenge. Considering most french citizens were a Catholic Catholicism was the state religion and the church. and owned a lot of property. Yet people grown, tired of the church and its guiding hand in the nation. Vision of a de christianize. France captured the minds of the revolutionaries. They met it's occurred and jailed priests made public worship illegal and rushed to destroy every symbol of religion left standing Israel itself became the the out of the anti religious festival the Festival of reason which mark Catholicism and suggested persuasions worship the principles of the enlightenment instead. This festival was the opening ceremony for the first state sponsored atheistic religion. The cult of reason. The new atheistic religion held. There are a large party at the cathedral descended
a clear message that reason would replace Traditional religion, any means necessary. The bishop of Paris and the clergy were forced to attend the festival and POP quickly renounced their religion and promised to henceforth only recognise the public worship of liberty, equality and fraternity. What TK seventeen had done in the name of Christianity. The fray I did in the name of reason. But the great irony in the fall out of the french Revolution was that the revolutionaries thought they were freeing themselves from religion, but in reality they just swapped oppressors, absence the cat, absent the catholic church. new and still quite demanding, secular religions stepped in to fill the gaps Maximilian Robespierre, a prominent leader of the French Revolution, who was wholly unimpressed with a cult of reason and proposed,
instead the cult of Supreme being where the key the reason insisted on a world, without God, the cult of supreme being accepted the existence of a supernatural deity but profess that This deity didn't interfere with many lives There was a god to stir the people, but only men could tell them what to do. How convenient for Robespierre this called organised, the ordinary people and instilled them instilled in them proper morals and patriotism. It was there. Transitory ideology between the worship of God and the worship of the country or worse the worship of countries, leadership, robes fear doubted the cult of reason could actually handle the work of an organizing society. So he peppered this new cult with recognisable religious undertones in the hopes of inspiring the masses. This new
Religion came with rituals, virtues, commandments and holidays, including the first of all of the supreme being where Robespierre Guy currently climbed up a paper machine, mountain and sang rebel canary songs, while the ordinary people looked on from below one? rob spears, critics actually said it is not enough for him to be in charge. He now has to be God. So why did the french Leap from one religious order to the next? Is it possible that, in their zeal to get rid of anything resembling church they took for granted the role religion plays in ordering society. They remove the iron fist of the catholic church, but it appears they had no plans of what to replace it with them. miss the do unto others forgive others.
and serve part of the faith. so the opportunistic ideologies of men stepped in as an alternative. They replace the idea of forgiveness with the guillotine. Are we not doing the same thing today. Are we not experiencing a digital be heading for those who betray the gods of our new society, its ironic that we look now at what's happening in Paris again. There was a fire in the great cathedral of Notre Dam. and it destroyed, we think that had been rebuilt after thee.
Temple of reason a fire destroyed at this time and its being rebuilt. And it once again has become a new temple not to God. but a temple to Social Justice, a temple to equity. A temple to earth. Have we not just done exactly the same thing that the revolutionaries did when they Hilda. God wanted. Rid themselves for something that would be better. A. U turn Pierre, where everyone would be free.
When churches become political and the government uses that, when political meant becomes the church and the church becomes the government. We make bad mistakes. And sometimes we throw the baby out with the bathwater and we swing as they did. Their fervour in France too far in the opposite direction,. when we come back, why Nietzsche was right, but
For that reason, everybody else says he was right to climb back programme today part one of eighty five series where we ask what God is it that we are worshipping now because show Michelle Obama said: Barrack knows that we have to change our traditions. Our language teaching everything and we have, but can we just stop and pause for a minute, and ask: is this dirty
the direction we want to go and are we worshipping anew? God. absent. The discussion of whether or not God is real. Is The discussion of whether or not cultures need some sort of faith to bind them together morally, and Do the people find that themselves or is it inflicted upon them? this of a person's believe in God. If you ask them, if there are things that they could do to make their life worse, everybody could rattle off a few things I mean Murdering someone would come to mind that would make life much worse. You know abandoning a child or abusing an elderly person These are the kinds of actions we almost universally agree would make life worse and we shouldn't do them but on the reverse there.
To be things that we can do to make life better and Those things must be universal conform to as our founders put it. some sort of natural law already know these things? Because those The actions we point to win we say- and we all agree- that a good person. But where do we derive good from it's something that born with I used to think these rights are self evident, but I'm not sure any more. I think maybe we have to be taught what is good. Why is murder wrong. Why isn't it murder? When I put my dog down why did everybody knows how hard that is, but they don't question your right to put your dog down bud
now. Putting your mom down would be different. Why are humans, more valuable than a dog think we still have some national morals that bind us together but prioritize human life, but those are quickly: dwindling quickly. Last month we may have universally agreed that teaching kindergartners about sex and Trans sexual is wrong Shouldn't do that not a good idea, but this Month I dont know we use to agree that a man shouldn't be allowed bunk with a woman in a women's prison Baker, as sex will happen, but California, they Figure out why the Trans women, the Well, who were? Men still are men somehow or another they ve been introduced into the prison, but
the women suspiciously strangely almost miraculously or finding themselves pregnant, in all women's prison cholera oh just passed a law saying that unborne babies have no rights and can be aborted at any time without restrictions. We are so far away from safe, legal and rare, which should show was that the slippery slope is real. My question is: have we hit bottom yet. we have taken moral agreements for granted. We have not, paid attention to our national values or tended them. We expected just naturally sustain themselves that hasn't worked. Can we count on knowing right and wrong innately.
Or do we need something that guides us is right and wrong decided individually, or do we have to agree on it, for example, If I only believe that murder is wrong, but my neighbor, who wants to kill me, does not I think we're gonna struggle living in a neighborhood together Nation requires at least a minimum level of moral order or the system. Collapses, look what's happening in our cities. The question of our time is actually how much order do we need, Terrible things yes had been done in the name of God in religion, but let's not forget them, worried things done under the umbrella of a godless system like Nazi ism? Communism, communism alone is estimate. to kill up to over one hundred million people last century. The only thing that
beat communism at death, was disease. yet I argue that ideas, morality or not conceived of independently morale Woody is received from the wisdom of others throughout history Erika or morality has judicial judeo christian framework of framework. Many of us have just taken for granted. This morality is baked into our system of government through the protection of natural rights. The freedom of religion, the valley Placed on human life, equal justice and so on, there is a God shaped hole in all of us. As Aristotle said, nature abhors a vacuum. Here This is a physical principle, but
It is aged into an idiom that base Equally means, if there's a whole gonna be filled. We see this in. practice. When somebody tries to quit smoking, the smoker doesn't usually quit the habit without forming a new habit that because we humans are more motivated by positive actions than negative ones. What I want to smoke I'll chewing gum instead more powerful than what I want to smoke. I just I'm not gonna. Do it s our Religious circles there's a concept that inside every person there is a God, shaped, hole and if God and feel that whole Something else will And it's usually not something real good in Theo. Forty three Jesus warned of this in his cautionary tale. He told his disciples, he said Anne.
Clean Spirit came out of a man and then traveled around looking for someone else to live it didn't find anywhere. So I went back to the ban and found that the whole he was living in before was still totally empty, so we rob seven more unclean spirits and they all moved back in together. and the man was worse off than it was before man in the parable neglected to fill his whole and is. I was much worse because of it. It's conall what happened during the french revolution. french revolutionaries destroyed institutions without understanding the role of those institutions and the importance that they, played in holding their nation together, in the end they weren't better off. They were far worse off Friedrich Nietzsche. Yeah. The man who wrote the Anti Christ. That's a surprise on Easter week,
the man who railed against Christianity. he's remembered for his work, the madman in which he wrote, God is dead, God remains dead and we have killed him. How we can soul ourselves them, the errors of all murderers, and most of us know that line time magazine in the nineteen sixty came out and they liberated they made it. Just God is dead. But the sins that he followed. The murderer of all murderers with is important. Who will wipe this blood off of us What watery is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement. What sacred games shall we have to invent. Is it is not the greatness of this deed. It is the greatness of this deed. That is too. great for us.
Must we not become gods simply to appear worthy of this. Nietzsche in that sentence, asked the question that were we be wrestling with today apps God. How do we atone for our sins? we have to become gods. Ourselves in our society. We are already answering that question, but too many people are are not realising it. There is Oh God, in town, who can take our guilt away. The cult of woke ism. We now have people going to the mob on Twitter to absolve their guilt when they sin against its religion? Worse, yet Is there even forgiveness in this new religion, the hype,
beasts of woke ISM? What's his name. ex candy? They will. they will tell you if you are why'd, you will always be guilty does, religion have forgiveness and who grants that forgiveness. If you look at modern culture, you see we are trying in, Every way we can to absolve ourselves of guilt. Do we give acknowledgements to every native american tribe. being that we feel better about us existing. We apologise for assuming that someone who looks like a man, is a man. We started say things like I as assists. Why male. I feel it, best for me to keep my mouth shut, to make space for other.
marginalized voices. We try to atone for our skin color, but you can't our sex, but you can't our families, our friends, our ancestors, even our old facebook photos or posts. We will confirm even the most outrageous ideologies if it means We can separate ourselves from guilt. When Nietzsche, said God is dead, don't interpret that is God is dead and all is well known. to give them any more thought were good. what he meant that belief in God was dead and it was our fault and that without everything about humanity must change. Brok knows. Throughout our history,
we have organised ourselves around the belief in God. belief, comfort, us in death. It gave us hope, despite depression, It inspired us in battle. Most importantly, the battles that were being fired within side, our own self, God, Gave us the ideal model for our lives the model The judeo christian World was Moses and Jesus but most people, even people, that clear, that is their faith. Don't really, and understand who those people really were. More and more Americans Don know anything about them. Who is our role model. As we ve reason got out of our lives. We have instead
Thirdly, diminished a crucial part of what holds us together as human beings, the part that looks upward. to align itself with something better with holiness, see what Nietzsche wrote as a warning to us about the vacuum left when we were, we remove God from a God, shape toll gang. I have news for you. We ve already removed him. What are we replacing him with do we still hold any truths to be self evident. Amerika was never special, because every single American believed, in God, although many did made a special was Americans agreed to participate in a culture that was formed by those who did leave in God and expected us to be here
if as if there was a god, I'm no me, people who don't believe in God, they're good people, those people, Haiti, when the government encroaches on their personal, every government doesn't have em right says who there is no quality. The justification and for individual liberty, without God in America atheists are equally protected by because God, somebody a bigger than the government provided those rights, equally to all of us. before we lose our freedom are worse, our souls, America, needs to consider again the role of God and moral order in our nation this week Easter week and the week of pass over. We, Look at
our new God and our old God. And ask which, of these will empower us tomorrow. It's not about some mass conversion to a single faith, faith, but We have to look at our old system. Its higher aids America always had God at the top. Tomorrow we look at science yesterday part one of this series. We looked at what seems to be missing moral code, a code that we we all have. Dad our society no longer seems to function crime it's suicide rates among our children and basic, indecency seem to be in rapid decline, as is common sense. Babies
because we're finding ourselves with less and less in common Is it all really about politics? Is it really just we have to elect the Right party and then they'll fix? It Can a society once based on the individual survive the policies that protect the collective over? the individual and the individual survive the vicious mob mentality of that same collective? Yes, our! politics have changed. Our ability to muster a mob literally within a minute through social media has game changing effects on all of us. I think, there's something more that is missing this week. I'm searching for America's God
past it wasn't that all Americans agreed or believed in God, and certainly we never were in lockstep on religion. However, as we talked about yesterday, Erica's moral code, which help the individual self regulate, came from an utter standing of a universal right and wrong Judy Oh christian ethics. So if we no longer have that moral code what's filling that space who or what he is our God. I want to look at our relationship with science, before we begin its important point out that we are looking at science, not thus science. We can and should embrace the scientific method. But there is no thing? Is the science as it would have one believe that science and its conclusions are final and they are almost always not final.
Science gives us just the best explanation currently available for those questions of the physical world and when those seeking honest answer is not political ones or as in the dark ages, religious answers which technical Religious answers were political, as the church had enormous power in the state apparatus Perhaps our problem, perhaps all of our problems stem from the lack of understanding and pursue of those things that cannot be found under a microscope, I'd, rather only upon reflection of the. Why as well as the how and what we have made that human understanding can account for about five percent of the universe, five percent and that Our estimation, probably a lot less than that,
and within that five percent, is something labelled, dark matter which they. It is just a fancy way of saying I we don't have a clue on what it is there clearly some sort of unknown energy that holds the universe together but we don't know what it is and its much more than breathing else. We can see dark matter ways visible matter six to one which mean most of what we quote. No, we actually dont know. whether we label it Energy or God. We agree that there is some unknown force holding our galaxy together and we can't comprehend what or who or how would even works, but many of us want to desperately Most of the world still is a cosmic mystery to us.
Like it was when the Greeks were writing their myths or the Hebrews when they down the story of creation, each generation It's best to answer these questions. Who am I? Where am I? What should I be do wing, why do I exist. Are, we alone. I believe there's a duality, to reality that material real. Things, have spiritual significance. In reality If a home was the site of aid, horrific event, murder, Sexual assault, torture it's considered a stigmatized property There are, even in some states requirements, to disclose the horrific events to a potential buyer,
Twenty twenty one, realtor dot com, found that eighty percent of Americans would not live in a home. Were a murder took place. Why no material explanation for that. Just because somebody was murdered in the house doesn't mean that houses, a murder house, it's not did once it's been cleaned and cleared, but most people think that's just not the case we don't want to buy. I the murder house There are some unexplainable non material energy. Air some people think. are so many mysteries in this world? That can't be explained by only looking at the things we see, We also have to consider the things that we do not see and how these two realities work together with its rapidly advancing discussions of religion, faith, philosophy,
our meaning, have failed to keep pace. We can calculate light speed, but we can't figure out how to keep our families too. Medicines extend our lives, but we don't really know how to fill the extra time. Yet. I believe If we allow them to work together, science, and face or- Natural allies, at their best they're, both fundamentally based in an honest curiosity about the world. They both in Spain. endless questions in a general sense of awe about how masterfully this universe is put together. When I was young, the biggest, question was. Are we alone every camp fire, maybe We stopped asking us because we don't sit around camp fires enough anymore or we
in cities where we can't see the stars and feel small, but we would sit on the camp fire and everyone would start to talk about the meaning of life, It would always end up with somebody looking up at the Heavens and saying what Waste a space, if we're alone, we used to talk, Those things and people were, they were a little apprehensive of what it would mean if we could prove alien life, because what would that do to our God? What would it do to our religion? In twenty nineteen, the Pentagon began to release information on what I believe is the biggest story in the history of mankind. The physical proof of intelligent life previously unknown to us they they vary fight it through three point: high tech tracking systems that we now have.
We also verified that we have physical, material and technology, that experts say most likely come from outside of our solar system yet that two people and its not? Why spread. Why. Is it because science has become about politics, and has lost its partner of philosophy. Religion which incur just to answer the biggest questions of who am I an? What is the meaning of life in a cold that loves to talk about following the science? I say: don't follow it, treatment. We have made a huge mistake, pitting religion in science against each other, as if
had to choose just one of these lenses to view the whole world through? I guess we the material truth discounted, a spiritual truth or vice versa, but that is not the case. The product cool study of the material world is an amazing and extremely important endeavour is extended our lifespans and taught us what our bodies are literally made up of butts. and doesn't comfort us in death. Science is cold. It doesn't fulfil our need to belong. It does provide us with the. Why just how Really? Religion doesn't teach us how to transplant alone or calculate. osity or even how to get one place to another, it doesn't do that. It's not it's job like science is a knife, and religion is a spoon you don't
steak with a spoon- and you don't have soup with a knife, if you did You would assume the utensils, our separately, irreparably broken. that's where we are You wonder why such useless utensils even exist, if America is facing an energy crisis, we should turn to science and the material world for solutions, but of Amerika. Is facing a crisis of meaning, then You have to find our answer somewhere else. It is truly tragedy when this nation belittles the collective function of faith in our society or when refuse to examine physical realities. It leaves us with only a fork for our soup or a spoon for our stakes, the sign terrific method cannot produce proper values, nor
and the Bible teach you how to split in Adam. Yet we benefit from both of those things. there is archaeological evidence that we may have started believing in the supernatural as early as The paleolithic period over two and a half million years ago, when we buried our dead in what looks like what may have been preparation for something after death course. We know for sure, but from what we can. daddy, it seems like humans have been talking about God or gods forever. A very long time, there are evolutionary anthropologist who argue that human beings evolved for belief in God. Listen to this evolutionary biologist, bridges, Bridget Alex wrote in an article in Discover magazine that there are three distinct human trades that may humans, ideal candidates for belief. In God, we
learn by imitation. We infer intentions and we look for patterns salami break those down patterns we see patterns in the cycle of light from the sun cycles to the seasons, to traffic patterns and those times. We say to our self. Oh, I see where this is going probably do know where it's going, because we recognise is the patterns of how it is gone before in her intentions. Humans can look, what they see and infer what they don't see We rely on juries to do this and murdered trials, for example, it somewhere accurate straight and we do it all. The time not only helps us navigate human relationship. It also. encourages us encourages us to look at the world an infer its intentions which, leads us to consider God, imitation.
if you ve ever had the privilege of raising a child. You know babies, learn to walk, talk and eat just by watching other people and repeating what they do, as get older, we don't stop. Imitating it just gets more complex than is where the images of Moses Jesus come in imitation was an evolutionary beneficial. It was evolution, airily beneficial because it helped us advance. We then After remake the Wheeler Rediscover fire with every new human being, we could just imitate whoever and whatever Somebody else knew and pick it up where they left off and in the same vein, if we All that our ancestors moral code was working. We just imitated them. Today, we are rejecting inherited wisdom in exchange for change and re. Imagining
To just blindly reject our ancestors ideas without thorough examination is not only foolish, it defies the now, natural human trade that got us this far course we don't you imitate each other we so imitate God or we try to. This is where religion comes in, and the important figures, in Islam? Who is Mohammed? he was a man with a sword in jail. the judeo western culture, who is more and who is Jesus, did they come with a sword Jesus at. at worst was just a great man and people throughout our general nations have done their best to imitate the way he lived,
story of his ministry is the perfect imitation. Religious instinct can even be seen now in our brains. There is entire field dedicated to studying this nurse, theology, where the scientific method, is applied to study, spiritually Or brain scans, the science check out the brains of nuns, seeks atheists and it turns out, our brains actually respond to religious rituals like prayer and meditation, it seems through design or evolution, We are They are designed to respond to these things. Would understand that from a secular world view it proposed is that our our brains have adapted to believing, in God over time,
Or is a religious person would make sense of that? If God is real than he designed our brains in a way which we could connect with him, But the neuroscientist Andrew Newberg wrote if you to play God long enough. Something surprisingly happens in the brain neural functioning begins to change. Different circuits become activated while others become deactivated. New dengue rights are formed. new, synaptic connections are made and the brain comes more sensitive to subtle, realms of experience, perceptions, altar boy If we begin to change- and if God Has meaning for you than God becomes neurologically real? listening to him and long form it doesn't seem like he is proposing that faith can be explained away, is a trick of mind. Rather here. Observing that the human brain responds to faith as if it's part of its job,
Doing that tells us something about who we are but amazing, when you think about it, from biology to our brains and believe, in God has played a huge role in shaping the human race for a very long time, but now we are becoming less and less interested in guy Odd or religion. Have we evolved to keep up with a lack of food or are we gonna, be left with biological and neurological processes with no where to channel them King of humans is broader society over a long period of time. Should we be worried about basically quitting God cold Turkey. The answer is yes but is it God or religion that we need and how much religion do we need? And what is religion by the way
we try to answer that next, the Glenn Beck program, the my dad never like to talk to me about God and he D. He would tie to me about first things, not God, God created the earth. Well, that means all kinds of different things to different people. What first, what was first cause what caused it to be created? What cause that to be created Language is really a very Good thing to navigate, especially when you get into religion or God, connotations of the word religion, and most of them are negative. Now, in America, its popular The young hip well connected to shake off
Dusty title of religious, exchange for the less tainted title of spiritual, but the word religious as it was meant in the past, may be the key to understanding the chaos of our modern culture although some may say that America suffers from a lack of religion. I say exactly the opposite: America, today is hyper religious and vat, is our downfall. We all have very different experiences with the word religion, both positive and negative. You have to think of legion as a tool. It can be used for good, as it has. Or can be used for evil, as It also has a meal Durkheim sociologist do- is cited as one of the principal architects of modern Social science defined religion, as quote
a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things that, to say things set apart and things forbidden believe sent practices which unite in one single moral community called church. Now he as church. But he wasn't talking about Christianity. Church is kind of a stand in word for a religious community which is a crucial part, the definition of religion itself, a community? other definitions of religion, but for the sake of argument, let's views this one for to be a religion according to Durkheim has to be Unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, things set apart and forbidden beliefs and practices which unite so to be a religion. You have to have things that are sacred and things that are forget: forbidden,
and things that you do, and both But these things should working conjunction to bind a community together. This will help who understand the entire world today? Now, understand. This is how, even though there is no deity in Buddhism, it. Buddhism is still considered a religion just the same as Islam, Judaism, more Christianity, Buddhists, practice separate out of the of the holy from the profane they create. rituals, based on that separation and unifies a community of followers. Thus we call it a religion, we. That is the definition of religion. I find it. Hard to believe that most Americans are truly, not religious. I think we're Very religious each
that many have not clearly identified what their religion really is. if you want to understand America today, instead of thinking of our culture as nonreligious think of culture as hyper religious, as, if really Just inclinations are seeping into part of our society. In many ways, America's the American suffer from religious. Inclination behind like trains off the track, culture. Hull curtain culture has minimise minimal eyes, the digital religion? Without it hunting for our natural religious instinct. And so that instinct ass to go somewhere where does ago. Politics is now religion. Race is a religion. Gender is a religion, whether you facts or mask, is a religion. It's either sacred. profane real June is everywhere.
You consider every moment every political belief as a religious struggle. It will help. You understand why we seem to be behaving so irrationally, wife, Acts no longer seem to matter because everything is our religion. Jordan. Peterson said that ideologies function as crippled religions. They have the Kind of power, but not the level of symbolic complexity, the ideas haven't been tested and refined across time, so they usually aren't is good, but they are very powerful. there are ideologies in the United States that have taken a religious place in our culture. So if we are religious. who and what is our God. God could be money, attics, fame, social justice or any?
That consumes your focus whatever wake you up in the morning and keep you awake at night. That's likely your God good or bad. In that way, it is that Modern America is godless. Is that we don't? oh or at least haven't named. which God we serve. If you don't know, which God you serve or which religion you follow, it isn't because you aren't practising in that shouldn't evolved human practice. It means you aren't really in control of it would makes you vulnerable to any one's religion or anyone God a meal Durkheim thought. Religion was eternal, but the form it took. Could change over time that human beings, religious instincts, may channeled in holy new directions from one generation to the next. The old God's would die and the new gods would take their place, and this happens with
Every human being reminder this, is God in air it's God with a lower g, as the object of your worship You can make any person place thing idea of God in Durkheim noted that God changes from generation to generation or could so the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob was America's God during our founding generation and for a very long time As we see the effects Immorality of lack of common sense. Of take it on faith and never argue about it or you're punished. Who is America's God now. in the Bible there's a recurring false god in the Bruce Neighbouring lands called bail.
I think he may be America's God at least in a conceptual away. You may hear the word bail. Actually pronounced by all, explain in a minute, but it is describing an ancient pagan deity. And in many ways you'd be right. If that's what you think, but the word by all or bail is only describing a single god. But a pattern of belief is important. There are multiple documented balls, it's best to think of they'll, or ball as a representation of idolatry, with multiple Sab subcategories falling underneath it ideology just means worshipping the wrong God or I'll be a better way of say it is your divorce to the wrong principles. Your basing your life on a lie or you'd Europe
priorities or out of whack you're going wrong way misses the mark, aiming the wrong direction, got it bow. Is a hebrew word that basically. Means owner or master. I don't know if I can say that no, not a real estate transaction, so I can use the word master here. implies exactly what master might mean? In this case it does mean giving you into a slave. It implies is complete ownership in a very strong sense, I love the oral Tradition of Judaism. I love Hebrew because not only do the words have meanings, but the letters within the words also have meanings and they create a a word picture also very important words have the opposite, meaning if you read them backwards. This is that it.
if g o o d meant good and de oh, oh gee meant evil. But English is not God's language, it's not that complex. So, since the Hebrew alphabet has no values the letter, that comprise the word by all our continent's bat and La Med. We call them Biennale, Sir, the opposite of by all b, L is L B. Which the hebrew word is essentially, all heart the word by all B. L means the exact opposite. It's the opposite of all her. Its value is value, listen, nihilistic. The word
by all, is describing a belief system that says I M the centre of a valueless existence that is, picture? The word is painting and until framework or belief system that is being baked into our culture. I am the centre of a valueless existence. The sad not describe America. our modern pitfall is believing or acting as if we believe that each of us is the God of the world without meaning a word. Where there is no truth beyond our own personal experiences. a world without real value outside where each of us personally a sign that value Each of us is encouraged to be the God. A meaningless reality. We are increasingly embracing a subjective understanding of truth and goodness and beauty. We are
War with each other like the gods of ancient myths, we determine the value of beliefs by force and coercion, because I believe there is no objective truth, no real beauty. No goodness our values are determined by a court of public opinion, rather and given to us by God or even inherited from the wisdom, the past, the court of public opinion is an unbridled and emotionally volatile democracy. It doesn't matter but the facts of the case are truth, is not the point. with its objective, thus dead. But my truth is worth defending to the death. and that's why miss gendering? Someone is described now as violence, because it's an attack on only real meaning left in the world which, according to our culture, now is what I decide is meaningful.
This is how the spirit of idolatry the Spirit of bow, is manifesting today. This new way, we look at the world spiritual it is not material, it is religious or It is insanity Someone is driving alone in their car, with a mask on that. Not a decision based on logic, that's that's base. On faith and following your spiritual leaders, when a man, declares himself, a woman and the cold, clamours clamors to affirm him? That's not science, there is no material. Justification is based on faith of a new religion when it. Widely accepted and repeated that racism is the connective tissue of modern american society without requiring the facts. To back this claim. Up
Then what we are dealing with is a strongly held system of beliefs, a religion. When the abortion debate no longer centres on the question is the baby alive, but in Ed degrades into a discussion of the relative value of that babies life In comparison to the burden of the mother, then we know our culture has given itself over to valueless guy wordless understanding of the world or worse. We see ourselves as God, The battle of our time is spiritual, it's not material it, is a battle of belief,
you start understanding that woke ISM is a religion, Nada political philosophy, a religion, will punish all those that don't believe. you will understand, we are being dragged back to the dark ages and as devolve into a culture that accepts each of us as a demi God of our own reality- how the entire foundation of our nature nation, not fracture at the seams Society is fracturing over the most central problem. Who do we serve? And tomorrow I splore? What and who I believe America's God has become the cult of Woke ISM tomorrow, So we ve gone over the fact that America suffers from a lack
religion, or is it high religion, religiosity, we have too much religion, that's what we're suffering for, because politics Is a religion race is a religion Jen. today is a religion even cove id. It's a religion and the mask. That's just a symbol of your membership to that faith and your piety did you ask the wrong question do question what happened to the B. L am ink millions futile and actually suggests that the hundred by my lap, was worth looking into? Did you do not blindly accept the new normal. if you dont Mass post, the be alarmed black box vote for them politician or worse.
You didn't use the new correct one religious terminology that seemingly was just introduced yesterday, you'll find yourself without a job or a future. Did you grumbled. Did I hear you grumble when Winter you had to attend the company's latest race, the training meeting. Did you speak out at the School board, meeting against see. Or tea or any of its spawn, you not yet confessed your whiteness, your privilege, Or the sins of your race this new religion offers no forgiveness we are living in the age of a new inquisition mob trials Mark trials really run by the mob there, no He'll hearings- it's not an actual trial just mobs
wreaking which, and if they don't Bernie life at the stake You will most certainly be banished to the new leper colony through the press as a being DE platforms defended De family did some what is happening in our nation is way beyond our idea of religion. However, if you look at the facts, what half the country has joined is a religion. It has its own austrian its own practices. its own language and high priests. at this religion, Whipping our nation into a frenzy. really it's our modern understanding of a cult. If you do forensics on it, it is the definition of a cult if we
fail to grasp this, our families and our friends who find themselves under the spell of this cold right now. only run deeper into their arms Once you understand you're dealing with a cult, it requires us change our behaviour or will only help the cult leaders You have to understand what a cult is in order to find the way to free our loved ones. from its deadly grip. The difference between a cult and a religion is pretty unsettled. The word cult, is usually associated with a niche group of freaky people who follow some charismatic man into a bunker and end up sacrificing babies or whatever, but when I first join my church. I talked to Billy Gram about this.
I thought it was a cold for years. It was a cult. All really occult is is something that disagrees with the accepted norm, That's the way it used to be defined, and then my church, I guess, would be that, but that's not a freaky follow some guy into the woods. And build an outpost debts. Billy understood that, in my faith, is no longer on his list of cults. before he died, he removed it now occult could us be smaller, newer, less organised religion, but that's not we're talking about here and there. right up about me, a news week this week saying that weakness is occult, which is right and I'm not the first person to say it. Africa Brooks she's a first one- and I saw that had this in an open letter titled, why I'm leaving the cult of weakness in
she said what and truly afraid of its existing in a world that forces me to submit to. ideology without question. otherwise I am to be shamed or pray to shame myself and cast of the community that, tells me that, because I inhabit a black body, I will forever your pressed at the mercy of some omnipresent monster, called whiteness It is because of the color of my skin, I'm a victim of an inn apparently racist system by default, and rejecting the narrative of oppression means that I am in fact in denial. How empowering the dread of the prospect of a world where context new nuance critical thinking, meritocracy Mathematics, science, rationality are just can
tools of white supremacy and the rule is that you're not allowed to question are argue. This senseless statement, especially we have here with white, a world conditioning you and I too believe that we will always be trapped in some weird hierarchy because of our race are genitals. Our physical abilities are now oh diversity or sexuality and our politics, and that if we to agree on every single thing: it's a sign that we are interacting with an enemy or, at the very least, some one to be widely suspicious and judgmental love instead of another complex human being worthy of being seen and heard. This absolutist, authoritarian world is being fiercely crafted under the guise of social justice, and I want no part in this when someone steps at a liner dares to think differently. You will,
Often have the pleasure of being told that you are in denial and you have some kind of internalize disorder in turn, ized racism, internalized, anti blackness, internalize massage, Annie, turn allies, sexism, turn Eliza Homophobia internally, Transphobia, internalized white supremacy, That means nothing can be questioned becoming dangerous and to address reality. is even more so. Because you either agree and comply or shut up. its exhausting she writes and honestly I better things to do with my time, not to mention its killing us. Well, she is right, it is killing us So how do we get out? We will get there, but I fear
I want to make sure you understand what a cult is, how to experts know what a cult is cause you're, not gonna be able to fight Against this cult, if you don't understand what it is. We go there and sixty seconds America's ports Go with nineteen brokers, people who were once reasonable began to call for the banishment of the UN's vaccinated from civil society. Death divided by vaccine status and treated accordingly. information was censored for our own good anyone, We question the leader or fell out Align was deemed as dangerous or literally occur. of murder Stephen S on developed the bite? model b. I t e model, among other things,
studying the brainwashing in Maoist China by stands for behaviour. Information thought and emotional control. identifies the patterns used by colts to me, stipulate their members. There are fifty attributes, watch out for. listen to some of these and compare them to your experience. Just during the covert nineteen pandemic, let alone everything else that is happening here. They are the fifty attributes for a cult. They dictate where, how and with whom the member lives and associates or isolates fight. natural exploitation, manipulation or dependence. They were
strict leisure, entertainment vacation time, I'm thinking of all the felt she talks, permission required for major decisions reward AIDS and punishments used to modify behaviors, both positive and negative discouraged. individualism, encourage group think impasse those rigid rules and regulations. In still, dependency and obedience deliberately Withhold information distort in animation to make it more acceptable. Systematically lie, minimize or discourage access to non cult sources of information, including the internet too. The radio books, articles, newspapers, magazines and media men, eyes, discouraged access to critical information.
minimal eyes, access to former members, keep member Is busy so they don't have the time to think and invent the gate, control all through cell phones with texting, calls internet tracking. compartmentalize information into outsider, vs, insider doctrines. Ensure that information is not freely accessible being. Control the information at different levels and missions within the group see. allow, only leadership to decide who knew Stu, know what and when courage, spying on other members in power. Was a buddy system to monitor and control. Other members report do Vivian thoughts, feelings and actions to leadership, ensure that individuals behaviour is monitored by group.
Extensive use of cult generated information and propaganda, including, Whose letters magazines journals, audio tapes, video tapes, you tube movies, other media. Require members to internalize the group's doctrine as the truth adopting the groups. of reality. As reality, you're, not questioning the science. Are you? Instil black and white thinking decide? The between good versus evil organ eyes people into us versus them. The insiders versus the outsiders, use of loaded language and cliches, which constrict knowledge and stop critical thoughts and reduce complexities into power Tunis buzzwords like follow the science Injection of rational analysis, critical thinking, constructive criticism, forbid, critical
questions about the leader, the doctrine or the policy labour Alternative belief systems as illegitimate, evil or not useful make the purse and feel that problems are always their own fault. Never the leaders, never the group's fault, promote feed things of guilt or unworthiness, such as identity, guilt, you're. Not being up to your potential or family is deficient. Your PA ass is suspect. You filiation are unwise. Your thoughts feelings genes are irrelevant or selfish social guilt and historical guilt. You think we have a cult on our hands yet. you shun those who leave thinking about all my friends? who are now my friends who
they were my enemies and then they left the cult. shunning of those who leave fear of being rigid. Did my friends and family ritual stick and sometimes public confession of sins. We say that one again ritual Stick and sometimes public confession of sins. Phobia indoctrination, creating a rational fears about leaving the group or question. Bring the leaders authority. How many friends do you have that? Are that way no happiness or fulfilment possible outside of this group tear consequences if you leave how Demon, possession incurable diseases accident suicide, insanity, thousand reincarnation, etc. So that,
basically, all of them, except for rape, murder, torture and kidnapping. And I don't I don't think We have that going on. What scarier is that most of us, have gone along with all of this stuff, even just a little while as a nation is a world where still going along with it in many ways, and we haven't yet come to the truth that this is a cult Look at the anti racism, anti racism requires blind obedience to leaders like Ebro MAX Candy, who can arbitrary only a sign or remove guilt based on his own perception, the work of an antiracist, never stops There is always more internalized racism to uncover and implicit bias, to reveal, can you Be forgiven can ever be cleansed now
because the moment you say, you're, not a racist, it's taken is approved Animation of guilt and then the cycle can just begin again colt initiation, one o one, it's reprogramming and its really hard to come back from it, but it can be done. so. How do you some power occult well, There is actually a couple of really great examples until one may in Phelps, Roper choose only five years old when she stood on her first picket line in Kansas, and she had a sign that Red Gay, Are worthy of death now These five: she has no idea what it said. Nonetheless, what it meant
but her mother had brought her there and handed her that sign, so she waved it around happily she's making her family, proud at five years old, that's better than candy. Well, almost. Megan is the grand daughter of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church to remember them: They are the the responsible party for horrific statements like Jew. Killed the Lord Jesus. Now the Jew we are carrying water for the F word: slow, against homosexuals. That's what do best sin, or this Super Classic America lay and of the sodomize damned. well. If you are if you are aware of the news, you know in the early two, thousands You remember the Westboro Baptist church. They have become infant, For their lack of humanity, they used to protest
military funerals, wish death upon others and because they are so convinced that their crusade is wholly They feel empowered to be as rude and inhumane as they want I feel that hate directed at the right people He is wholly work. Megan live for twenty seven years under the Westboro Baptist church. She brandish sign, saying things like, thank God for dead soldiers. God hates you she was actually, the face of the moment she was going to be the net. The leader of the Westboro Baptist church? She believed and she battled it out on Twitter with the naysayers on behalf of the whole congregation. But it was
those twitter battles that ended up being her saving grace now wait a minute, the twitter battles. I know how ugly twitter battles can be. That's gonna, get me out of a cult. no listen. The usual crowd of angry people came out on Twitter and they all All yelled at her criticized her through hate right back at her. That's what she was expecting, but Everyone did that there were a few who never lost their humanity thereof. Siege, was we're all human beings worthy of love and respect including you Megan they did. can donor hate or total around her misunderstandings, but this. beyond them. She, the person who had apt herself in the toxic ideas that she inherited, but most
Importantly, she was a person Two men went above and beyond one named David, who had a blog named Jus list judicious another named Chad who became her husband? What be on Twitter as a verbal rock throwing fight slowly evolved into real conversation, one that appealed to against humanity. All they did was ask her honest not accusatory, honest questions made Megan, feel respected and heard she could letter, are down. Now she may have thought I'm gonna get these guys in, but she under guard down because the people were not there to fight they were there, too their stand and that changed everything
The questions they asked inspired questions in herself because there were There were holes in our thinking that she hadn't considered Given the right environment, she felt safe enough to really wrestle with those questions one David met Megan on the picket line to give us some food from a market in Jerusalem, a Jew, Wish man brought tree, to the woman who held signs. That said, your by is a whore he a person to her. Now he was an person, he was us Mark person who could debate her on the Bible. He would a Jew and there was no way for her to reconcile this whole reality unravelled from their imagine being like her and realizing that you have inherited lies from the people that you thought love most now doing the truth now, men
leaving those people maybe forever? You think I might lose them. Friends she was losing her whole. I identity and our whole world. She was the churches rising star in new after I leave the church I'll just be another one of them, their outsider. Megan and her sister left Westboro Baptist Church in twenty twelve. Since leaving the Westboro Baptist church Megan has said she sees the tactics of her former called all over our public discourse. The cult tell it spreads across social media like a virus, and although its slower in real life. It spreading there too. So she gave us some advice, one don't assume ill intent.
Megan really truly believed she was doing the work of God with Westboro Baptist Church. I can, imagine it I can't imagine you do either, but that's all she knew would be really easy, and I know I did. I assume that the woman tweeting, thank God for AIDS was a horrible iversen who had horrible intentions, but the two men that chose to believe otherwise change Megan's life forever. To ask honest questions: we can't assume. We know why people believe what they do and even and even if we really do know my asking honest questions: we get them ask questions of themselves questions in Kate, sincere interest and respect and in the
ass cases might lead? The other person ask what you think three another hard won stay calm, don't yell oh, don't freak out, don't lose your cool, you don't have to hold. On the truth, but Anger is in the driver's seat, expect Erech for make your case your opinion may not be as self evident as it seems, or even as self evident as it should be, Why should men and not be in women's prison? I don't even have to think about that. But if I'm talking to somebody who absolutely does not understand that, how do I make sense of that for them? First, I have to. Them all kinds of questions. How did you get there? Tell me how you Is that what you believe we,
to make the complete case every single time. No one had made the case to Megan that what she was doing was harmful when she did by sea When she perceived as a non threat, she changed her mind. the Bible says be as wise as serpents, but also as gentle as doves noticed notice. We haven't seen a lot of. Big news from the most homophobic group. I've ever seen the most radicalized group outside of the clan. Haven't seen much from the Westboro Baptist Church. I'm wondering if that's because two men friend. Did somebody honestly love them ass them, honest questions.
And their leader laughed. How many conversations do you have every day with people you disagree with? If you understand that what they are a party to is a cult and they don't no it. Nor will they believe it when you tell them that and everything that they are told means, if you question them you're the enemy. So I can't listen to you how many com patients. Have you had that if you understand there in a cold- and you understand how to D programme meagre conversations will change. We can't be naive, but we can't give up on people prematurely its tempting look at the person tweeting that the vaccinated. People just deserve death.
It's really tempting to look at that person and say Lauer. They evil in past hope, but are they. What have we done if we just assume that their past hope. What if they aren't, coming up in a few minutes. James Lindsey joins me. He has studied this through and through and we can discuss it. It's one thing to recognise the cult like tendencies that pulse through american politics and work to stop it. But the real question is- what made us vulnerable to cultic authoritarianism in the first place,
Why is it we keep Miss placing our religious instincts because all of us do it, even if, in small ways we are all vulnerable to tribal and yes, even call take inclinations So this whole religion thing just to dangerous to play around with, should we abandoned altogether or is the abandonment of religion? What got us into this May at mass in the first place. it was seventeen? Ninety eight, when John Adams wrote a letter to the Massachusetts militia, he said quote: We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality in religion, our kind detention was made for a moral and religious people, wholly inadequate to the government of any other. Adam, said our representative republic- needed not only moral but religious people to survive because
they're not gonna, be restrained by the government, and people must foster the discipline to restrain them selves and real Legion play that role in our society for a long long time, I'm not suggesting that we all convert to one faith or God forbid, government. Impose faith on us. but we need moral agreements. We need plumb line to guide our nation and we need come to it of our own free will. Generation to generation, we are losing our spiritual well being. our nation is undergoing a cultural revolution, a technological revolution, a sexual revolution. we need is a spiritual revolution, spiritual restoration, a great awakening. But what does it look like well, after God, delivered the hebrew people from slavery in Egypt. They didn't go straight
To the promised land, far from it for forty years, they wandered in the desert, while God prepared their hearts, you see they still had a slave mentality. They had bad habits they needed time to work that out but the new generations forgot, the God who had parted the sea, sent the plagues and pre them from Pharaoh, so they worship new gods gods of meaningless realities. I would always lead to destruction for them men. Then they would beg God, them back any word in a generation later the people would forget again, rinse repeat. Josh. I was one of bibles. Mightiest warriors he spook spoke to the brew people. Any said if you like of God follow him if you love by all or If you love another God follow him back. As for me, in my house
we will serve the Lord. that's really what early American said, Other nations, other people could choose a God for themselves, saw how poorly that went, but Erica said. As for this nation, we will humble ourselves before the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob God, was with our founding generation. We call it divine Providence because it just as makes sense. Without God, how could we have done all of that on our own? We couldn't of. But we are the new generation and we have forgotten the god of our ancestors. We forgot the prayers, the devotion, the miracles and were right, being those consequences, but just me the God of our founders, worshipped believes in free will we Have a choice to make just the Hebrews we can decide doing
like our new gods or Wood Would we like to serve God? We called two found this nation so, halfway through the civil war, we were losing badly. And Abraham Lincoln had a great awakening in himself and proclamation was passed by the? U S Senate, I want to. It to you and tell me it doesn't fit our situation today proclamation by his Excellency Abraham Lincoln President of the United States for a day of humiliation, fasting and prayer whereas the Senate of the United States devoutly recognising the Supreme Authority and just government of Almighty God, in all of the affairs of men and nations. By resolution requested the president designate and set apart a day,
for national prayer and humiliation and whereas it is the duty of nations as well as of men to O. their dependence upon the overruling power of God to confess their sins and their transgressions, in humble sorrow, yet with assured hope that genuine repentance will lead to mercy and pardon to recognise the sublime truths announced in the Holy Scriptures proven by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord We have been the recipients of the choices bounties of heaven, but we have gotten God we have four in the gracious hand, which preserved us in peace, multiple, I'd and enriched and strengthened us?
We have vainly imagined in our deceitfulness of our hearts that all these blessings were produced by some superior wisdom in virtue of our own in toxic It now with unbroken success. We have I'm too self sufficient to feel the necessity of redeeming and preserving grace too proud to pay to the God that made us It behoves us, then too humble ourselves before the offended power too infests our national sins and pray For clemency and forgiveness, Abraham Lincoln I asked the Senate to pass that resolution just what two months into cove it they wouldn't do it
Today, words, like humiliation and repentance are completely misunderstood per some. Their associated with shame, guilt, fire brimstone and for others, is just a guy out of jail free card on your way back to doing whatever it is you wanted the Strip Club, but it is neither one of those things in Hebrew. The word for repentance is Teshuvah which literally means to turn it's about changing what you do just as much as it is about the condition of your heart. When we repent, we turn around and start over in the other direction. The right direction. and that's not easy, I mean it take. Incredible face too humble yourself and turn and start walking in a different direction. It's not easy, but it's!
possible at the beginning of the series. I started it by talking about what was happening in France at the revolution. But now let me take you to the other example where it went wrong where people said God is dead. and filled that void with something else. And it was Nazi, Germany number What you read or what you hear, the law draft has distorted the Nazis, Hitler, was not a christian buddy, no, I couldn't take out the christian church head on, so what do they info, Fraid from the inside, eroding its values and its relevance from within we're an afternoon lunch in his headquarters in nineteen. Forty two Hitler said, and I quote. I do not care in the slightest about the articles of faith
The organised lie has to be broken in such a way. The state becomes the master rush things it has. Right away like a gangrenous limb. We need tat we needed get to the point where only idiots stand behind the pulpits and only Old women sit in front of it and they, The youth are with us end quote. Hitler expected Christianity slowly suffocate and die under the dress of the state and in its own action an irrelevance, but in them In time he would use that institution to spur his propaganda took em about six months before they took the picture, Jesus off of the alters in Germany and replaced the Saviour with the new Savior Hitler. Unfortunately, they spread it mostly,
thanks to the movement called, the german Christians under the influence of the german christians- the church went to work right away to rinse, jus right out of Jesus Hair, spread the Good NEWS of Hitler, german pastor. Herman runner preached Hitler is the way of the Spirit and the will of God for the german people to enter the church of Christ. What's truly shocking, is the german Christians were at work in the church before Hitler took power? were priming. The congregation spice show slowly shifting the focus away from God in the Bible and getting a new area. In God, german crew Djinns insisted that loyalty to the nazi agenda was at its core christian. In a matter of faith, hard Imagine that every behind the pulpit or sitting the pews agreed with this, but so many said nothing.
miraculously some did finally break their silence. It was Nemo were he sat back, actually is Hitler installed his dictatorship he. And intervene until the german Christian started to area eyes. The Bible and purge Bible of all jewish elements, including the Entire old testament see if, sounds familiar. They were Re imagining the bible were re, imagining Jesus, maybe I'm a blonde hair, blue eyed, Anti Semitic, Erin. This is one knee Mahler had enough to organise a moving called the confessing church. We challenge the german Christians and insisted that nazi fascism? Not me, demands of the church itself, although Nemo or was primarily focused on nazi intrusion into the church. Other power
leaders of the movement called for the followers to challenge Nazi ISM on every front. One of those guys was a man named Dietrich Bond offer by offer was the guy who diagnose the german church and said they. offered from a thief. reggie of cheap grace they wanted redemption, but not really repentance they wanted? live in any way they wanted and where the covering of God, like a cheap, ray. poncho there The third Reich collapsed and the gods of the hot copy book headings returned and the I had no idea how to pick up the pieces Reconstruction quickly turn punitive towards Germany. Life for the Germans under Hitler was hell, but the hell. continued after his failure, the german people
Who had been the victims of unprecedented psychological capture? and for those who woke up, they were not only left with the collapse of their nation, but they were shouldering the most unbearable guilt. The international church leaders had a decision to make? Would they ostracize, the Germans as their political Your parts had should the p. Full of God handle these obscene circumstances, the same way or differently. The church like every German needed a new start, so the believers did the only thing they knew would work for the Third Reich collapse. The gathering of Christians took place October nineteenth eighteen, forty one and stood Guard Germany at the gathering Bonhoeffer was praised for his unwavering faith. He wasn't there. He had just months before been executed. In a concentration camp.
stir Nemo or preach that the Nazis alone were not to blame, but the church itself not be they were christian, but because they had abandoned their Christianity would deny Caesar been able to do what they had done if church members had truly been faithful Christians, from this event, sprang. Fourthly, stood guard declaration of guilt on behalf of the church and here's what it said with God Pain, we say by us: Infinite wrong was brought over many peoples and countries we, id fight for long years, in the name of Jesus Christ, against the mentality that found its? Ah for its expression in the national socialist regime of violet, but why, accuse ourselves for not standing to our beliefs more courageously for not praying more faithfully for not believing more joyously and for loving, more ardently file,
the collapse of Hitler's regime, the faithful Germans professed that they had failed as a body of believers. Their failure. Their failure was Was extraordinary. But not so much because this Since time and time again,. We all fail on extreme levels more than we care to face, but what was extraordinary. Was their ability to look at their failure in the face and choose to change? They just did it too late. scenes of Germany were called to repent on their knees and miraculously some answered that call. Here's why to end this series with this. right now we have Basque
dies our faiths. Are faiths are silent. Some have been infiltrated by woken us as we do yesterday woke. This is a cult it. is a religious movement to a false god. God. That puts you at the center of the universe, but the Diverse is meaningless. Your truth, not the truth, your truth, but that truth is worth. Nothing. Are we going to go down in history as a group of people that failed to see the sirs, even though it was staring them in the face. Are we really prepared to write our declaration of guilt in the future? We should start prepare.
For it now, full of God. Do you want to have to apologize for watching evil rise. in our nations all across the world and say nothing. religious leaders can who continue to be silent, as God and goodness is attacked from all angles, Your job really is really what you worship. Or will you do? the things that Nemo or did or the things that bond offer did. America, have we hit rock bottom. Yet, please tell me: we have alcoholic and my mother, my mother, committed suicide. She was also an alcoholic addicted to prescription, drugs as well. Her bottom was death You can't stop anybody from their meaning
you're, suicidal and to your bottom in Europe on drugs or whatever, and that's your bottom. Nobody can stop you I hope our bottom is not that. Are we there yet because It isn't working, and everybody knows what we're doing right now is not working. services are supposed to conserve the best ideas from the past, not all of it just the best parts. Have we done that. If we continue on this pass path of least resistance of non action, shudder. To think what our letter of apology will sound like, I wrote one just to have it handy. I apologise for standing by why millions of unborn babies are slaughtered. I said nothing when active,
tried to re segregate our nation, I even help, sometimes Israel was slandered in attacked and I ignored it. I didn't protein. asked when my shoe church was shut down, but the liquor store was allowed to open? I was, apathetic to the government. Trampling on my congregations rights. I couldn't We be bothered to comment as young people permanent mutilated themselves after being too Did they were born in the wrong body? I outwardly protests. Painted in every destructive social movement to protect myself. I leaned on my own understanding my acted, my own self interest I did what everybody else was doing. I didn't have the faith to resist. I lack. The spiritual spiritual countenance and began of my inaction, the body of God became crippled,
The people lived without love and died without hope. I was not part of the Calvary when it finally came, I Poligized and may God forgive me, Wanna ever ever have to Say those words and mean them. Maybe you should write yours today and then do what Abraham Lincoln said become humble No, who are the real power, comes from repent because That's what Easter is all about this, is the most holy holiday of all holidays for Christians. It's not Christmas. great. The baby was born prophecy fulfilled that's great, but what He did thirty. Three years later in life,
being us the opportunity to begin again, but we as an individual, we as a country cannot begin again unless we are humbled and have hit our bottom and say I surrender. My way has not been the right way. I tell you now. The kingdom of God is at hand. In the end, we all have the right the privilege. and the responsibility to choose our own path. there's not going to be a single person left on the sidelines, as offer said back then not to speak, is to speak. Not to choose, is to choose and as for me and my house,.
We will serve. The Lord David Barney joins us now from Wall builders. He obviously didn't get the memo that its hawaiian shirt day here in the studio Can do he was glad. I want to talk to you a little bit here on good Friday and Easter weekend. We ve been, I don't know if you ve read you ve heard the second I had a week, but we started. Looking at America's God, we're not not that we don't have enough religion, we have more. than enough religion, it's just a false god and weakness. and we ve gotta. We got a change that the big problem here on a great awakening is our churches are asleep degree,
awakenings happen when led by the church or they led by the people. Its generous in their led by individuals usually, and the church is usually the one who opposes the most isn't and so lucky ticket George would feel them, and he is a minister, but he the priest outside primarily first because nobody to let him inside, and so he needed preach outside later, because he had ten twenty thousand of the crowdsale in his Athens, but he it at at the first man. They hated him and they opposed him and the same with Charles Finn in the second great awakening the same of Lorenzo Dal and Charles Clay, and all these awakenings are always the first one led to the American Revolution yeah it led to it and it's really kind of interest in a gave. What it really did was a gay people backbone and they started standing for what was right, and then
The other side responded and came after him right, and so it's not like they started anything. They just finally get some courage and and had some convictions and stood for it is, I think, most people in that The problem, I think with most churches is, do not want a church to tell me who to vote, for I do want information. I do want my church to say: look, here's the scripture say which led you to this value. How You apply that value and rob the board. Is this person, and you know you, to get into the people's names. Are these people while, following these values yeah, you really want the charter as you're saying right there to help. You think through thanks to really give you a thinking process. Now, I'm going as I'm say, I don't have any problem at all of the church wants to tell me who to vote for, and I did that from constitutional standpoint as Onawandah church like an has less rights in the union- and I am saying is my personal view- is, you know,
I just caution. Just don't want everything to be political. However yeah I do Them to do I'm about clarity, I want clarity and boldness fright they getting preached about. Abortion now preached about let me most of the stuff that is in our constitution is due directly from scripture Bore door, actually from preachers that had made that concept popular Because it is in the Bible, IP take, the declaration of independence historians have documented that every single right set forth and declaration, independence had been preached from american pulpit by seventeen sixty three so fifteen years before the deck Laurie, every right in the declaration or did they covered the pulpit and thus John Adams says our pulpits have thundered any. He listed buncher preachers by name who were very, Civic on that, you take any right in the declaration
It was already seen as a biblical right. So is this why we feel like the like? Our churches are so empty or they are empty and arresting. If, if you too- and I am speaking as a christian- and we know lots other face great speaking- as a Christian in nineteen are in the year two thousand eighty Percent of Americans profess to be Christians, desert self identification lie Dear over sixty five percent to twenty percent drop in twenty years, and why You Paul the people who left the church and say why did you leave too the three said because it has no relevancy, I get not right that I can live with on a daily basis. and I totally agree with that. I mean when I look back at what the pastures did. Those Brought in a bunch of stuff on the collection, and these are all service you're all servants- and these are all some and by the way, these are all serve as it were preach in times of what we would call revival, the first to the second great awakening and watch affair. It is what they connected. The dots on was relevancy and you
just almost not find a single subject that they didn't cover from the pulpit. Even if it secret, controversial, and so you know, if I just I'll, try to read through some of these, so I hear history, sermon, which I think is cool. This is a sermon about pilgrims and what the pilgrims contributed we haven't had that we need essence. We get sixteen nineteen, here's a sermon by Charles Chauncey who's, one of John Adams' favorite preachers about the Boston massacre, So this is in the news, and this is just over a couple weeks, Afterwards, He called a century sermon. This is looking at the last history. What's happened that country unless it so we were big in history, so the last century This is a ceremonial and moral view of railroads both a moral view of your railroads because of what what it is. Okay, what are the biblical principles of transportation in the Bible say what the Bible says about transportation? Well, here's the new technology as if it were the principles, so it goes.
In the principles of transportation and then says, are against railroad yeah. Actually, he saw very positive things that could come from railroads. Here's one on science, snow and vapor, which is a bible verse at a job. I here's one on the murderous bloodshed at Lex, this is the a sermon that was preached three years after Lexington Concord and so they're covering new stories. Here's a sermon on the opening of the great bridge over the Connecticut River. So You ve got architecture. here is a sermon on the infirmities and comforts of old age. Now, everybody's gotta deal with growing old, but I haven't heard a sermon on that. What, with what do you do, and where are you headed? Here's a sermon on the policy and the injustice of the slave trade and the slavery of the Africans, so we're right in the middle of cultural issues. At that point in time, here's a sermon on the relation of the medical profession to the ministry, all the health care coach of the Bible and there's a bunch.
that's why the Jews were always blamed. When disease broke out, they didn't get sick, they didn't get Azra because they followed the codes of the Bible. There's a great book. They came out way back in nineteen sixty one by Doktor S, I'm at melon, and he said God gave all this health coach in the Bible. He said the time the Egyptians and they and some Babylonian also look up backward. These people are living their health coat and guy at the time and in excess fifteen? Twenty six Africa Health Cosy said if you ll do the things that I've told you here, put on you, none of the diseases that are put on the Egyptians neither you'll have a whole different health system than what anybody else s and what they that's, what they stuck with, and so that's the kind of sermons we had was. Here's the Bible and health, and I haven't ever her Anything on that in my lifetime here a sermon, Doktor Jonathan. May you he's one of John Antislavery preachers and as the great foreign boss anything that was on the news they cover phone pulpit eyes gave a perspective on it hears.
a sermon on the execution of Henry Blackburn for the mortar George will consent so guy being executed. Let's see what that whether that's right wrong or indifferent. Here's a sermon and the death of General Lafayette, sofa famous person died. We looked at that. Here is a sermon Let's see here is a sermon. The christian patriot, so response there's a garment here's a summer, the christian use of property, Here's a sermon on the divine right of the american government there's one on the Atlanta Transatlantic Telegraph. So us a line that the transatlantic telegraph, here's a sermon on the civil war as seen from the pulpit here's one. immigration and the modern emigrant, imagine going to going to church And hearing a sermon on a I Jeff
you know on the ethical use of ai or quantum computing or the internet that just didn't end in porn. You know what I mean It was like the railroad and things and the bridge in all our age. All these things we are not, and I think this this is my biggest problem with with faith right now. owing to churches, is they're, not with that we have in my lifetime. have never seen a time there are more on answered, even unquestioned, moral, Quandaries we are, we are on the precipice of we. Don't you how to define the life and work. to reinvent life. You know we I don't know the basic. defence or stance on really huge questions. I've Never seen this before in my life, that's
way, churches will become relevant to it's. It's where we are at this point in the country, because of three hundred and eighty four thousand churches and senior pashas America and people like George born polling. Five hundred is a what we find is. Seventy two per cent do not even agree with the scriptures that they don't even think the scriptures are valid or have any influence. So how many seventy two per cent so what that leaves use a hundred and seven thousand pastures. That say We believe the scriptures and we believe that is relevant. So with a hundred seven thousand pashas, twenty eight percent, pulling down with five hundred a day to say, ok, do thank the Bible, addresses all issues that happen around you and dependent gave fourteen issues and what issue was between between ninety one and ninety seven percent. Those pashas said: yes, the Bible, so addresses issues, never said, okay, have you address that issue from the pulpit or do you have any plans to address that issue and
Ninety per cent of absolute, not those political thanks- would cover them pulpit, but women You just told me that was in the scriptures and you're, not gonna, but the scriptures so we find is only two point: eight percent of pastures a day do anything later to relevancy applying the scriptures to what's Goin on the culture, skies by and large, have talked himself into a position of silence and the result is that you see people now with their faith, is completely cop. Compartmentalized. Here's my faith on Sunday right. Here's, not my faith on Wednesday or Tuesday or Thursday afternoon or anything else, and so that is no longer relevant, you don't get this kind irrelevancy anymore. That we had to David. Give me Two minutes on the impact of of ask people who are probably have never voted before, or one church get together in saying outside our the school board? We're gonna stand up, can you give
give you a lot more than one but I'll. Just take your real, quick, lady, young, concise and Virginia three hundred and twelve churches got together last January and said: look we need to have a difference north. What thought them dead? He just passed a bill. The says: if you try to what a child and you dont do it and it lives it's ok to kill it after its born and they gave standing ovation for that measure, and that's just a good measure of industries, bat and so three, twelve churches? Most admiral churches got together and said. This is not good luck. We got an election come in November as about in January, they started looking- and I said: ok, let's find peace but who set and our views and our churches again. These won't large churches and less fund People who have never board for who have an even wretched vote unless get them russian happen both for the first time did and they had seventy seven thousand people out of the three hundred to have churches who had never foreboded who voted for four yanking.
how can one, but sixty six thousand votes, while also right there at a tens of thousands of churches? Virginia three hundred to twelve churches did that they didn't stop there. They said by the way said: First first Timothy were told them. Athlete is not crowned unless you runs according the rules, so one of the rules and they These elections and thirteen hundred people from the church get trained as election judges election officials, they identified five point two percent of the votes cast as fraudulent. Now you take our five wait. Two percent of fraudulent vote there's the election. Again I mean there's just so many things they did to. I guess the the differences I don't ever want to be a church where- and I think some churches have become this on the left, where the God is the government right and and I guess that's why, when I say I don't wanna hear you know, I don't wanna hear who to vote for you, no politics. I guess I just don't want my church to preach that guy, God is the government that we have to have the government to do things the church should be.
a restraint on govern and should be a dish and should be a way to get the people in who understand bill of rights, strains the government, more freedom for people, whether they believe or not. Barton, the founder of Wall Builders and you can follow him at while builders, dot com or twitter, David Barton, double you be David is always thank you, this is really a time of choosing. That's what Ronald Reagan said in nineteen sixty this time for choosing, and it is it's a time to decide who you are, what you believe in You will stand up for not just again, but for is more important
back in we're back in the olden days when we all gathered on the lawn or the the mall in Washington DC at the steps of Abraham Lincoln, we talk to you about the black robe regiment And there is something going on now with a lot of religious people. They are starting to wake up and you do know the National Black Robe regiment dot com is up. And really has a whole bunch of information on it. You can will follow it on Facebook at national, black robe regimen on Facebook. They have things like cover nineteen. Versus religious liberty and liberty. They also Have fun legal resources. There is well, as well as a lot of those sermons, if not all of those in more up. website that David was just talking about? No your rights as a church bells,
ready, council, pastor dues and doubts and it is a way for pastors and It's probably gonna, be a lot of pastors like in the old days, were kicked out of their churches. Fine, do it dear, went because it is important now for people to stand up for the things they truly believe. if you believe, the truth are self evident. the ones that we have always had in this country and built this country on that time to stand up
humbly peacefully part with the strength of proof coursing through your veins back in a minute the rest of the news of the day. This is the line back programme today we're going on a journey. They say that time itself does not exist, as we know it, as we understand it. You'd only really exist and something called space time. It's really only a point on a giant math,
Something we can use to find out where we are where we ve been or where we're going so, let's unfold space time and trace our way back. First, maybe just a couple of years tonight I get aboard three Oregon people and to the United States has conducted an operation that killed Osama Bin Laden leader of Al Qaeda. On my order, United States Military has begun strikes to Al Qaeda terrorist training. Now back even further Princess Diana died. I did not have fish ass right wing conspiracy through the war, but your diet today, You heard everything. I've got
If you go to Canada and Munich during the past, eight or nine terrified living human beings are being held prisoner by the government model has been shocked about them and american level hi began landing guy. That's why they're still even Martin, when the air was signed
that pass the signing of the declaration of independence pass the age of enlightenment before Martin Luther hung his protest on the church doors before Columbus, rediscovered the fact that the world was round. We go past new, Galileo, the dark ages, the Crusades back to a time before books when most of the world good read, write. History was oral. We leave this world now where we can hear and see alone, protesters standing in front of a tank in a country on the other side of the planet, and we can see it live to a world seemingly simple, yet brutal. Beyond our understanding where news was spread from mouth to mouth, we stop here at approximately twenty nine of the common era.
We stopped at a small walled city in the Middle EAST. It's around ten o clock at night, just a couple of days before Passover, The meals are being prepared the night meal had already been eaten and me, in the city or asleep. One man, however, is not its strange he's younger than I am he's about. Thirty he's awake alone in a garden. His friends who have been with him for several years are just a few yards away. They slumber, underneath the star, filled sky, they still don't know that even though they sleep the world is about to wake.
Eleven of twelve men sleep beside a hill one man awake, he couldn't sleep, for he knew he was in garden in prayer, praying so hard about what he knew was about to come? Praying. so hard that blood actually dripped from his pours in place of sweat back at the hill when he returned, he begged his friends to wake and pray with him. They didn't know how serious his request really was. They had The idea was just to come. He pleaded with his friends Why will you not rise and pray with me? He asked this again before. Returning to the garden alone, Now they are on rocky soil, his hand,
clasped his head, bowed twilight, do draped his neck, the horizon. Still in black, he prayed he prayed even harder for the sky, would eventually turn purple than light blue and he knew what awaited him. Back to the hill once more friends asleep- he begged is free- His rise rise and pray with me. I need you now more than ever, they said they would Shortly after he left, they fell asleep again, the dawn was even closer and he knew his time was running out now over the hill. They marched, like flowing lava burning in the night solace deal. We are surely awake now They have sworn their faith to him, but he knows he knew this wasn't true
They'll weaken and healed. He forsaken for shaken by the same men who just swore therein dying devotion. The torchlights grow brighter the or glass running low, the playing of the metal, swords and spears the south, than the vibration of the March deep down from their feet to their spine, creating a shallow vibration, leaving them quiver the soldiers approach, the one is grab and kissed the trade with a kiss, a kiss wearing the mask one of the men led draws his sword cut a gear off one of the soldiers. He raises his hand. No peace. Take me now in peace, for this is my purpose. This is my being this
is the reason I came now, one of them Peter strays, While his friend is being persecuted for crimes he didn't commit, he stands. I have fire denying any relationship he has as he tries to blend. In with the common people. A woman approaches Didn't I see you with him. Peter said surely I dont know him but you're from Galilee. The third time Peter says I do not know This man Oh Jesus is pulled back and forth between the two who will determine his fate can't see in a crime, but they still question scourge and mock him Aren't you the king silence, then here is your crown,
as one is. They give him a crown of thorns and press it into his head. He stands before the judge who could condemn him for no crime, but it is pass over. He says to the crowd you you can Use one I will release him. as the king of the Jews are Jesus, Standing silent his as to the ground is condemned to death. it is now carries- is cross through the stone clad streets to the place known as the skull the place, where he will soon die his back torn his head bleeding beneath his thorny crown, the women cry out loud as he passes he paused is for a moment and comforts them. Do not wait for me. Rather,
Weep for yourselves, his mother looks on its huge nails, are driven through his hands in his feet. They raise the cross and slammed into the ground. It is this point that four writers of the gospel struggled with the dust Corruption of the crucifixion as I have They described with the only words that I two years and They crucified him. He now hung on the cross is the soldiers bid lots on his clothing below next to him. To criminals hang but they are simply tied to the cross One of them says: you're, the Son of God, save us now save all of us.
The man in the middle does nothing for he had a purpose. The afternoon passes. Skin stretched he wept. He begged for war Are, they gave him a sponge on a red filled with vinegar in a moment, where he showed us that he was truly human? He cried out and said my father. My father, why have you forsaken me? the sky began to grow dark. It approaching three o clock on a Friday afternoon, when Jesus the Carpenter from Nazareth spoke once more, and only once last words it
so today, people all over the world do as I do now. I say that alone. The carpenter for dying diet that Friday afternoon, so I may live
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