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Who Wants to Be President? | 1/14/19

2019-01-14 | 🔗
Hour 1 Partying on the beach in Puerto Rico?...watching Hamilton, along with 109 lobbyists?...Meanwhile, it's Day 24 of the Government Shutdown ...Yawn: Democrat congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard announces her bid for President 2020 oh and so did Julian Castro? ...Cyber-Crime job market...is alive and well, but is it legal? ...New CA Governor Gavin Newsom to Tax drinking water? ...Some Say We are Just better 'sorted' now?...the military unveils it's  New F-35 Stealth Fighter, able to 'flat spin' = Amazing...Government money well spent?    Hour 2  Who Is the New Democrat Party for 2020?...Sorting thru the New faces, representation...45% (Moderates) are leaving the Democrat Party...the Left vs.  Moderates?...All of the Democrats battles 'within' Only benefit Donald Trump in 2020?...is Joe Biden far enough (to the Left) to win? ...Two Years Later? Philly residents defy the city's controversial 'soda (sin) Tax'...Basic 'Minimum' Income = Failures of the Future?    Hour 3 Running to Socialist properties?...Who can beat Trump in 2020?...IF there's no 'economic troubles'?...almost impossible?...However, if the economy tanks, a Socialist like Ocasio-Cortez, Could Beat they guy at the end of the bar (Trump)? ...Who could actually stand up to Trump?...Biden, Beto, Harris? ...Glenn's New Fat Loss Challenge...30 days of raw Salad and Fruit ...the Penn Gillette potato Diet...down 100 pounds in just weeks...losing your sense of taste Diet?...Ironing out our taste buds, Ouch!? ...Dem Senator: "Border wall is not Immoral"?

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First, can we spent a minute or so talking about liberty, safe and liberties, outcome, we love liberty, safe, because that we're moving around for a while now and I feel like they were another woman over such a small company. We ve started talking about them and they get bigger and bigger and it's because of their quality. These are things that you put be put liberty safe in your house. It's that's low class, your house and I'm gonna classy person. I would not be able to do that without the liberty safe, but these are the made safes in the world these earth it's that. Are you drop? What is a ton concrete block? On top of em and they will They will survive it, where they'll put it against the competitors and did the whole thing is just a giant thing of dust like and whatever is inside your safe is destroyed. Liberty, safe, is is a great deal, is a great safe and it's the best you can get, and you can get it right now. Twenty nineteen give yourself in your family peace of mind. With liberty. Safe you can secure, you're, belongings and documents, jewellery, everything and without
wildfires going on. This is another reason, because there's pictures of wild forest waiting, an entire towns, nothing left is a liver, say: hey. I've got a prediction for you: it's about California, energy and wildfires, or give them to you in just a second. You can put that in your liberty, safe and seal it and opened it and each year and it will be true liberty, safe dot, com, liberty, safe dot com is supposed to go to liberty, safe dot com. Oh my yahoo, mail and enlightenment is that Glinda programme. I love Monday's goose with me doing. This is all I said. I love Monday's with me. Looks like somebody's got. The case of a Monday at man ever gets old. Welcome to the programme. We have more democratic candidates, all everybody so excited they want, and I want to be president.
Do you remember how how serious Nancy Pelosi injects? Humor were the other day when they gave their rebuttals president trumps address they made. It seem like the government shut down is absolutely apocalyptic you I mean people are suffering. Mr President, a lot of the Democrats have done the same social, media and CNN. They are telling of the Americans about the suffering and how nobody in the Republican Party even cares about this
Well, there is something else that is going on with the Democrats, and that is apparently a pretty big party on the beach in border. Ready. Go, doesn't really look good if you're, a federal worker and you're not getting a page AG and yes see the Democrats partying on the beach. We begin their again one minute. This is that the land back programme new year time, for you know a new look at new, feel on everything. By the way we have to talk about my fat challenge, oh yeah cause, I guess it matter. I can do, and I think I mean I'm. I've been progressing well go in that way and I think tat the other way, because I know I can do this. I know I can get fat or can we actually not get fat and pass We get a little skinnier, we'll talk about that.
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They ve been doing this when Al Gore was still calling the internet the the information superhighway, so they it down its blind. Dot com, that's blinds dotcom, go there at blinds, dot com, slash back and you can receive a discount on the thing that will really change the look of your home. It's blinds dot com, slash back, so they manipulate on some sponge cake and watching the sudden bake and its back great. For Democrats importer Rico until the camera showed up and they, my camera, showed up got ugly, and I mean that in every possible way. I don't love you see in the picture the fat cats on the beach bud I'm going to say the same thing that I would say if I were on the b, I don't go to the beach, because I know that cameras exist and
being cameras like in the press. I mean home cameras, my camera pictures of me on the beach. Nobody wants to see it May I say it's pretty much true for all political all. Politicians and I want to see in your swimsuit Chris Christie- looked pretty hot on the Jersey Shore. That time you hear rise over, but at least he was sitting down all the fun Look I'm here and now he did have assured. I seen some of these guys stand up. I'm sitting down is the worst possible You can do as a fat man have you seen Bob Mendez on the beach without a shirt, I have not, nor do I want to, but you can imagine it and I'm sorry to make you do. That now mean I'm not making you do that, but once it is a problem and ended without adjourned on the beat you can't get that picture out now. Ok, did they produce clear the island of under age girls? Before then was the first thing that I thought I thought you know him on the beach
talking to a woman in a bikini is not, flattering in any way whatsoever, so the devil rats have have you, no vacation, now add the seaside resort and they were to a ridiculously overpriced version of Hamilton Ticket star. It is ten dollars went. His high is five thousand dollars which was, I dont, think I dont think Menendez and in the rest of the Democrats you know, the ten dollar ticket they were in the rafters, nor are they weren't? No, they weren't. So they were at the hispanic. Carcass bow. Pack they said this year's winter retreat promises to be our most wildly attended with over two hundred and twenty guess, including thirty nine members of Congress O Array, golly. So while people are struggling, people are drug dealing, and this president doesn't get there on the beach
Porter Rico watching Hamilton, by the way there was also in attendance, a hundred nine different lobbyists, R J Reynolds was their facebook. They Comcast, Amazon, Pharma, Microsoft Intel Verizon and Of course, all the union's, like the National Educational Association visit, how everything that it gets done that easy tobacconists cash? Why would they even do that doesn't make any sense of because it may probably were there? Some fat guy was on the beach with a became, clad model Annie It's really em up all either. I did see the picture that didn't work out either for her, but then did the congressman was five drinks in and maybe a little too friendly in someone took a picture and MIKE it's all house of cards, I got there. They threw Dick through Kevin Space you out of there. They should put him in Congress. Better role. You should actually go into the real. The real Washington just take a role there. He'd fitted perfectly
I also do so. Do you think the Shirley any difference came really actually would fit in perfectly. He probably really successful yeah he would but he's very convincing. He can pull off the speeches a lot better than some yet old congressmen yeah they aren't. You should try it. And I dont think any of us would have a problem with them. Then they can propagated Congress to pay for all the lawsuits too. This is his future career path right here. This is this: is the path for cabin seriously? Think you're right, I think you're right. He already knows how to act. Like a politician, no one obviously cares about. Opinions are policy anymore. You just gotta act like politician, and and be able to handle those big moments when near when you got your when your stress light could do that. That's a gig has Spartacus announced yet, but his candidacy, no pat his weird COS There is a an argument to be made. You need to get out there early. If you're a like that's why they think Elizabeth worn Elizabeth Warrens Goal was apparently to beat Bernie Sanders to announcing us
She can be the main socialist candidate. Do we still have that? Do we still have the audio of her getting getting herself? I'm gonna get me a a beer. Do we because, as just it's just horrible horror, oh she's, every worse than Hillary Clinton. When it comes to deliver, really is really hard to say: that's uh, there's nobody there's nobody. They could have beaten and Hillary Clinton until Elizabeth Warren comes onto the stage hears it. The video ok forget it We have to have that handy because it's just so, Dickie Leslie bad anyway. Yet some other announcements that happened? Yes, Tulsa Gabert running for president from Hawaii from Hawaii. She is very left wing and in fact, kind of running in that of that area where she wants to kind of you to the left of of Bernie Sanders. She is in every policy, can think of Abkhazia,
testing a cause. You essentially who she is. She was a cause you Cortez before cause you Cortez was cause Cortez. She was Cortez when, when cause you Cortez was serving drinks at a mexican restaurant in Union Square, like three years ago, you know more about that long. And so she is having some issues because she's in hounds when you announced to be to run for president People generally will look into your background. Even apparently your Democrat, which I didn't, I didn't know that have you never by no, they check in case in case. You want to do something important, like you know, hosts the Oscars, then have to know every tweet that has ever come right, however, running for president. As a Democrat I didn't know, you had any background Chang, but they had looked at. Who her background and discovered there she apparently had some very, very strong and tie Belge B, T Q, I a plus points. That's, not a joke by the way. What
but she didn't have those viewpoints. Are the analogy. Vittie I've tried to get all of you. I know I know, and then I just want to point out that that's that's, not a joke, a quill bag is also not a joke. I know, and quilt back to is not a joke. I know quilt bag to electric bookoo Isabel. We that's not actually true, but I feel like if we get ahead with Electric balloon get all the groups that are coming in the few Georgia's kind of fit into those letters aright. So she as an anti quilt bag to kind of staff. She die history. She does. She was she her father. I guess was a big antigay marriage activist back in the day they they will try to push three m. On amendment two been a gay marriage. I think I think they were successful even in Hawaii shows how fast this has changed over the past ten or fifteen years, but he worked. Her fathers group was a promoting and gay conversion therapy. Oh just something you're not I mean this is not even a again like forget what think about that, it's like that is not a position you can have as yet
leftwing candidate in the Democrat Party or ever right- and I give if, if Kevin Heart, four aim: a nothing joke. Ten years ago we can't hosts the Oscars Europe, the debt, president lack elected congresswoman, who was before gay conversion therapy in the two thousands in the two, thousands like theirs no way, I would think, put her she's trying to now back off of that. Of course, she's now says she totally disagrees with it, and you should understand that she she was won over to the viewpoint and based on the same point. Seven heart was making that no give him any benefit of the doubt for she's try a minority who is doing for a joke. She, of course, was doing it for real should activist on the cause. I know, but she G Darwin supposition yourself as a vice presidential candidate right. Would great diversity lives. I guess, and there it that that is a point we made there's three. She does. Then thinks she can be present in states. I think she thinks, can I be Bernie Sanders. Vp
I be, you know. Let's say Bernie Sanders wins Catwoman, Chelsea Gabert. Could that be the bp? That's the sort of thing she's look for K may looking for running me? That's possible we can ask about the same thing with the Julian Castro right. Like does anyone think you're going from the hut secretary to the present states, and we look We ve crazier things have happened, however, really be crazy. Things have happened, however. Anybody believe Julian Castro, is a dynamic enough personality to pull that went off now. My guess is now so another person who's in their like. If Elizabeth Warren were to win, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro, maybe joke I'm Joe. Right. Maybe you know like these there's a there's, a certain amount of people whose three different categories here I feel like you, have the people who actually think they can win people. What kind of going for VP and then there's the people. Who are just trying to introduce themselves to you, so that in future they can run for something big, an icy gathered and Castro are probably more and that third category than even the second, but
it's gonna be hard. I it's gotta, be an interesting wrote to see her try to explain that to democratic activists, all as the country hey. I know I know when your life, you know like waiting in your kids that are now eighteen when they were ten. I was working really hard against gay marriage and for gay conversion therapy, but believe me, I'm now a left wing candidate, it's gonna be interests, the I'm not even a democratic, and here I am a heart. The core leftwing carried it. That's gonna be an interesting pitchy, as this is where we get down. This is just this is a parfait. We the two year, Buffy of twenty democratic candidates,
all try to kill each other move further to the left, is gonna, be on low laureates buffy of candy every single day, even a wake up with another one story that two years where he work. We, where we're things like the parting on the beach half naked deathlike, that small but annals, have you heard who else is running, are clean out a lot of the commercials and try to streamline the show for you. So we're back into the show within a minute in this half hour, and we want to thank our sponsor lifelong lifelike, dot com, There are so many things that are going on today with intrusions into your privacy and people taking information from you there story today on the front page of the blaze and how
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it's so important, because every day there's a new crazy hack from Nunneley for government or to some criminal group. There letters? Did you? The actual add, whereas the story of a story today where there was an act, add. Four somebody saying hey, you know where we're a hacker group and we're looking for some people were self starters. I saw that dark overlord here it is listen to this. Overlord, cyber crime, collective known for blackmailing big tv studios, an insurance companies is hiring specifically its hiring software designers and systems. Engineers would at least ten years of experience, experience of doing what to bring innovative approaches to operations and think outside the box. This is corporate job posting,
that was found by the cyber threat, intelligence, company, digital shadows, so dark overlord is looking to fill at least four vacant positions with a candidate that quote as a winning attitude. We people who are hackers there there advertised. Now I dont know if their providing any benefits, I will tell you this: is our organised it's getting so you need life lock. Use. Opera a code back right now: lifelong Dotcom, promo code, back tens station? I need my gun. You know the annual salary is. I mean I'm like the guy might upon the seven hundred and sixty two thousand dollars a year. You have.
I need a probationary period- are good an expected increase to one point zero. Six, eight million after two years wow I So you know it's one of those things like it. They'll pay you a lot to go work on an oil Derek in the middle of the sea, but like a lot of people, I want to do that this Hopefully, some systems engineers that dont want to cross the line and blatantly illegal activities he cut have to pay crazy They are. They posted for open rolls on something called the kick ass forum. Fan my only it's a cyber crime, job market place and the charges. Finder's fee? and their tagline is life's too short, not to be rich at a fair price I am really easy. Yeah, it's pretty creating. Obviously they what's their justified
asian for being an existence? This is like a silk road thing: that's gonna get shut down at some point. It was soon as it becomes a new story, yet it's all over he cast website. I have no idea I don't know, I mean look at me. I mean Google search, see kick ass forum safe let me get on the government watch list read your right list. Will kick your there's one for Kick ass forum capitally. Capital carrying Capitola had so that they might be moving around Nobody around a little that, because the one of the first this. Does someone have a new kickass link and it must be moving the site around Why do you say shockingly does seem like it might be blatantly illegal in the blood of places would want to shut down, gave my down the dark whereby dont idea- and I wondered if you like- click on the wrong thing here in the Hague on the world's most expensive, paging service, J, in the writers room deceive you. Can
go on the union, what has it done your router and go into the dark web and see if you can find kick. As forum in principle, the stuff off it. Let's see white what what else there advertising for now is I mean everyone there. May be secondary a job here and there sure you know, maybe your you work from home. All you have to do is just like. Nothing makes a growing industry yeah yeah by way of king of Spain, I can mailing people if you would, to continue to live in California, there's a there's, a new system of there's a new system of squeezing all of the blood out of you. Have you heard Gavin Newsome. Recommendation on taxing water tat. Clean drinking water He says there are too many people in California, the just can't even drink the water. It's it's
oh bad in California, since when Did California become India now I know there is ever The last thing, because they're trying to say that I looked out there like look, there's been problems with drinking water in in California. One of the places- is the Mojave desert. My dear boy lawyers. There is always a problem of drinking water in the ivory desert sites. Like those gotta see my death valley, there's no drinking, but they did when I get more money and and charge people because people in California do not pay of taxes. I think we can all agree on that. Oh yeah, now people who are posing as you're saying you guys have a fifteen billion dollar surplus right now because of all the other taxes, your taxing b So if you have an issue, but you could probably pull from that due to pay for it? which does seem relatively sane ever, why stop they get all these things through you know: California, they just
making this worse and worse for the people living there and that's why so many places are running Gavin running given Newsome said we ve met with residents who can even drink or by eve in the water in their homes. Since, when The water in California gets so bad that you couldn't bathe. In your own home and is that a problem for all of California is or the problem really lies with minor? Now the state is. A kind of one year basic things you should have gone down A hundred years ago, with the rest of the nation year, lessening TAT Glenn back, I've gotta make a prediction on California, where we come back to by the way I want to tell you hear about really factor relief factor. If you are in pain, this
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if there is any part of the show you can get the whole thing without commercials available on podcast every single day, go subscribe wherever free, podcast or sold gray joins us on the Glen by Programme, Pat. What is the stew, and I can't come up with the right word when a stayed would take over something. It's not too nationalize. Something is state eyes lead when its culture, state. If I stay here, he said: if there is, I think they're gonna stay defy power in California. Have your oh yeah, the biggest provider of electricity and get? What is it s power, light in Lithuania is declared bankruptcy. You watch pigeon well. Is it because if you think it is gas, an electorate, yeah and they're gonna stay defied are their early, not
That's my plans. You predict they're gonna stay defy it. Ok I mean. Is that not the perfect opportunity? Yeah you might as well go for, while demagogic going further and further to laugh, rightly has taken these candidates coming out. Just tell me cause. You Cortez, like the celebrity of all celebrities, for some reason which, by the way the grace there has ever happened, applicants harmonious glory. She I'm as that Are you afraid of her? Are we gonna want if we're so afraid you should totally put her on tv more totally liberate idea. Please wait. Let's change that constitutes a judging. Can wrong ass had presented today more than war that just a special exception for her and for her and entails? Gabert, like I mean, is this. This is really the Democrats are putting out while she you know she's getting she's really getting some serious flack now, because she announced over the weekend that she's in for the four running for and so they, as you guys mentioned a few minutes ago, they ve, checked into her past, and
her best includes supporting and I'm sure you guess it was she was. It was an antigay thing, the One thing that I can find from her is kind of oh traditional marriage, stuff, ok, can't be world traditional marriage out when she was there. She heard her dad was and what he worked. She was working for. The organization cell was an she said, some things in support of her mom, who is being attacked by a gay activists right. So she sort of attacked people who were attacking her mom. There's an outrageous out at air. Let's creed of horrific person are you, but she can't she cannot run if she is saying hey. My parents have a different position than me and they said they have a right to have it. For the opposition to them than I do on ongoing marriage, etc. I can't run when seventy percent of your job as a Democrat is to call Republicans homophobic, a racist or whatever for whatever.
But how can you do that when your mom and your dad, unless you're calling them? Are you willing to call your mom, your dad homophobic and while she can't write me, she's going to what she should like consistency would indicate you should be able to buy them homophobic silly, where I live forget it. I used to be homophobic too. I guess is what she could say and she could say it because she's only thirty even now living, so she was nineteen years old when this can go without up with anxiety. And oh, it's so crazy. Is it we're talking about this and I dont know if you seen in Chechnya, there is the real issue with the the Russians in Chechnya, rounding up and disappearing, torturing and killing homosexuals, and the
El Gb T regulated anything, that's antigay they now he did nothing tat. Well! So sorry, this is what we should be talking about here in the United States. We want to talk about gay issues. That's what we be talking about, not this stupid thing in, and why you well on EC state throwing them off the top of building this one is brand new. Now thou, be that's big! on four, while this job now in Chechnya is new, going on for a while, but there's new evidence that has just come out stuff. We never hear about either never did did they don't Emily, even care about the idea that it's all it's always the the This is always on somebody's tweet piano. There is a real things happening right now shows that they d never actually cared about it right I mean this is if they were all saying that oh it's a foundation, no part of my belief system that gate they gay marriage is wrong a few years ago and assume
the Poles cross the right way and now it's favoured by the american people there, everyone doesn't believe as they do is immoral and homophobic. I get that none of the positions are actually their positions there, just saying whatever benefits them at the moment. So I listen to them and eaten on Friday. And his podcast with this guy this author scientists, that did a study on how we are not more polarized as a nation, we think we are but we're actually, not more polarized, he said were better sorted and That's why you see the independence growing their more independence, and there are Democrats and Republicans. So we, just that we're more sorted and most people are not all one hundred per they're, just not ideologues that are like, I believe, and everything that that Democrats, as I believe in everything that Republican says they dare not like that, and what
benzes when we get to the election, where forced to one of these two things it's either eight or be aired he choose or I blow your head off, and so Americans have to go that way, but what's happened, is it started in Congress to wear Congress became because of this the districts they became so radicalized, and then the party said you have to believe this or you're out, and so really not changed? What's Jane these days you're better sorted now the parties have ostracised every one who disagrees with anything but the party line and so Dave, extreme, but the Americans we'll, have not and will as such at the end of the year. Thirty Democrats that are going to be running for president in two thousand twenty, because he even go all the way from socialism,
communism for Spectrum whole spectrum. John, that signing the hurt us wide open ass. Would they gonna been attained, similar opinions that we? That is one of the things that were trying to do at the blaze, and one of the reasons why I was so disappointed that with a given Mcguinness, who, by the way is gonna be on one of my pod casts the man you are persecuted, hunted down in trying to kill, invented and with it. While I did try to kill him, but I didn't have a higher anyway. That's one of the things that I am so proud of with the blaze. Is you go from but he who is eight on the edge of anarchy, but still has conservative kind of principles. Libertarianism libertarian union- oh yeah rotarian to the extreme or,
You can go to the GEO P guy, that's like no! I love Linda Gram NGO. And that is a spectrum that is wrong, and that is from that we have to keep together, because if we don't then we are part of the extremists. Movement in the parties have to be able to go yeah. I disagree with that guy on this, but here are the big prince so we do agree on and we can come together on it and I like hearing across that spectrum, because it's where you get challenge right, like I dont get challenged by watching CNN and watching some crazy leftist come up and say something that I you know I know of is nowhere close to my value system, but ever hear something from. Another conservative that has a different taken, something I find that to me. More interesting so proud of one of the researchers on the economy that is is informing me now and some things and he wrote this morning and he said a Glenn you and I both believe depressed.
Is coming out of recession, depression, but here the two best arguments against. Why This is not coming, and you know we were full of exchanging emails is one that how important it is, when you really truly believe something that you find, continually? Look not for confirmation by a stuff, but for the stuff that is, constantly informing you on the other side, going well wait a minute, not so fast I'd like to make it out to best reasons it it's not coming might be a little comfort when the lotteries someone was learning. By doing. Let me say this: let me show you this video and you have to do a Google search, do a Google search for F thirty five flat spin gay This is something that is on the aviation IST, which is being obviously up. You know I've kind of I let no end up in a plane, freaks headquarters, watch
this is the new f. Thirty, five, that everybody says. I is a waste of money. I just want you to to watch this they. It's gonna go into a flat spin. You know bananas Ok, so when a plain, just kind stops and then is, is staying vertical or snow staying horizontal, but then, this kind of spinning down right towards the ground K watch watch what happens as their like words of flats been arches. Ikatehouse, going almost straight up gates, gonna make a loop then it's gonna go into a flat span, but then it's gonna do something amazing! Gay loop is a pilot. We'll be conscious. While he was doing this, I mean I know it's amazing. What We can see this as watch stop it
covering, and then it turns Ngos and other direction Why is that the most incredible thing you ve ever seen school? It's just like it falling from the sky. It just stops in mid air like it's like it's on a string and then the nose of it just turns around as like, hey fine rain and takes off the other direction. It is this, Nothing, while less persuasive to me of these arguments alike were wasting money on new military technology. Now a lifetime's libertarians bring it up and let bake they make point that we do waste money. We absolutely do. We owe money money. However, there are certain things that I dont mind. Throwing money at and blowing, and it's like try with the new mega super play in that's gonna outdo every one of our foes, as is a good goal. That thing that I have not seen anywhere, that I would love to see and somebody in a movie is gonna make this maybe the Newt, I've got a movie, will do this by
Now there s one by the way. What that is real by the way is a new topic, so the F thirty five, the most incredible thing I think of- is its invisible to the pilot. You know this No, so you know how in top gun, there like: where is he where rosy and are trying to turn around and look? The shield that they put is virtual and it now's their cameras all over the plain and so, when you're flying it, you look down, You see through your legs, you see through the floor you're seeing to the ground you, to the side? There is no plane, you don't see anything except the controls in front of you were so it's you're just flying in wonder, woman splain, there's nothing blocking your vision anywhere in the plane, that's for sure tat! Raising pretty can you
Jim driving down the highway and be like man. This is a bumpy road and looking down toward your lap and being able to see, what's underneath your car, I'm not sure I want to No, I don't, I'm still dragging their great Ipad great repair. Graham least, they expand our limited, zip, recruiter, zip recruiter is the way to hire somebody fast. Now, it's not the dark, Webb S, weak, so he told you a few minutes ago there actually on the dark web they're. Looking for seven hundred and sixty five thousand dollars you can in the and hacking those businesses that not something that Ziprecruiter is gonna help you with. You are looking for your looking for a job or you're looking to hire somebody zipper quarter is the fastest way in the industry to get somebody with envy our that is qualify,
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testing, and we just move just like you to keep. Or in your prayers. At the same time, my this daughter is also in the hospital should be in the next forty ten days undergoing testing for ability of brain surgery She has seizures and they just keep getting worse. Person she just you know, makes it impossible for her to work and makes it possible for her to dry Four have a life in she's, just dumb Skynet at the end of rope there on that kind of stuff, end so she's having testing done here and in Dallas and actually proper, praying that she can have brain surgery, not that they are not that she can't, but that she can so whatever the outcome is pray that are fair. He is able to deal with with all of the outcomes, so
It makes my eagles loss into perspective a little that feeling. I will tell you my son and I were having an interesting if he'd call but a conversation about his homework on Saturday, that's why I didn't go in with Cheyenne with urgent care and then, when she was taken to the children's hospital is strange. How fast that conversation of homework just ended, like dad, I got it, I got it, I mean it. It puts things into perspective with so much time on nonsense. We do when we really do. We really do but the Good NEWS is we're back with another two hours of nonsense. Just a second standby talk a little bit about home title lock. Her sponsor on title lock is something that else do and I have, and we all got its path has two: we all got it separately,
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the fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that going back programme there? Is it amazing story about a newly elected democratic congresswoman? Her name is Rashid Tully. She has hosted an unabashed anti semitic terrorist supporter. Is this problem for the New Democratic Party. Well, there's a new study out that shows the who the New Democratic Party is now. This is different than that our credit voter, who is the new Democratic Party, its fascinating. We get into but in one minute this is the land back programme I too, it's in this half hour, where we stop down to tell you about a sponsor. This is one of them right back into programming. Its blind start com. I know not obliged it is liberty, safe liberties
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Abbas has said things like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. Congratulate and celebrate the heroic operations carried out by Hezbollah, a terrorist organisation Boeing, Jewish, groups whining about removal of Hamas from the EU terrorist list. Socket up. Then Yahoo is comparing Hamas, a palestinian Palestinian National Liberation Movement to ices hello I happy they too, the most honourable arab muslim leader in our lifetime Non Roma. So this guy is, you know I know of out there on the edge and everybody's kicking up there. You know dust about. It but is this really any surprise? Coming from the new democratic Party? The democratic already is about as far left as you can possibly get an out of
and here's here's where I really gonna want to focus on this for a while, the the parties have jobs. Become organizations for people's pet projects so another it's you might you might agree with abortion. And you don't want to fund plan parenthood, where There's one organization that you can go to that's going to fight, they say to stop it, and that is the Republican Party. If you are for abortion, all the way up until birth or beyond, you NGO, go, the Democratic Party, but that doesn't mean wherein lockstep with everything else. Those are the. Edges of the party, but those are the only things the parties are talking about because their super serving these high. Per political edges and there
the edges that the Democrats have gone too. I think, if the American Democrat the voter in America. Roy We would look at what their party has welcomed in and become would realize they are way out of step with them. As voters. We ve been saying for years and years and years and years- and I know the audiences felt this as well- and the devil Party has become more and more extreme. More and more liberal. In all those times we ve been saying that we now know we were right. As there is extensive studies on this now, and there is a new one out talking about the split between liberals. Moderates and conservatives within the Democratic Party, a lot of times we say likely, remember back Reno Clinton days and Bill Clinton, meaning like these four different like they were. They would make these
arguments about the era of small government is over. There was something than to bill. Clinton said that a democratic president said the art, the government, as a small, obediently area era. Arabic government is over. So look back. Back noted that era back to eighteen. Ninety four! You see this let between liberals, conservatives and moderates in the dim my party and ninety ninety four: it was twenty Five percent conservative take twenty five percent. The democratic party consider themselves: conservative Democrats for it. Eight percent consider themselves moderate Democrats and twice five percent consider themselves. Liberal democrats stop and think about. Just for a second, an equal pay. Writers of Democrats Consider themselves. Liberal asked surfeit of LEO. There were back, then was progressive. Yeah, so you know progressive
what they meant back then by saying liberal. So only twenty five percent of the Democratic Party would have kids themselves, a progressive anything about that. That's the hard core right. Those are the people who would say You know what I am all for: government health care, I'm all four Bernie Sanders. F, the were exactly the money centres groups. That was only twenty five percent of the Democratic Party, but there is twenty five percent that work can to consider themselves to be conservative right I'd be someone who is Jaipur and we have Jolly Burma right, somebody who was a hawk on defence. Was a hawk on kind of spending for the Democrats. Sometimes they be pro life, even though they agree with big power. Grams in Sudan. There was a group there at one point, and that was- A quarter of the party those things have changed our how much so conservatives who were twenty five percent of the Democratic Party now are twelve away so more at that aim. Inaudibly frame- that's that's I mean if you look at the Democrats too, about twelve percent approve of trump
I guess about that era area, so there are some people who consider themselves Democrats whether this is an old family sort of like brand that they had, back in the day and they I consider that themselves conserved now. Isn't that hearty way way way is this in the party? Yes, these at the party does it, as is the party. This is not the voter. These are the people in Washington now this is that this is everyone was in the parts of Europe, a democratic you. All of you declare a Democrat that, yes, who you are you? Ok? So you not an independent, leans, democratic, democratic, pertinent and that's it I'll get a job. I believe I have a country from cancer turned twenty five twelve, that's something to not just brush over you ve caught the people who consider themselves conservative party in, more than in how so, is moderate. Now moderate was forty. Eight percent of the party of full half of the Party, considerable sums, moderate Democrats. Today, it's only a third from forty eight thirty, three percent, while a significant drop you now
Two things would indicate to you that perhaps liberals have gone up and going be surprised to hear that that's true liberals which work Twenty five percent of the party back in the mid nineties are now fifty one percent. Of the party, while more than half of the party, now consider themselves to be liberal and now obviously too, serve. It is probably every Democrat seems liberal to you, but there's a different choice of saying Ici about yourself right, like your eye, and to find out their right, I'm I miss far left, as you can get your saying, I am going for the universal health care? I am going for all these giant programmes in all the tax increases, and this is a Cassio quartet's. Have the parties now to identify themselves and it's interesting to see how that happens. Happened two different ways: one is the liberal point is winning out among the democratic people There are sitting there there looking well, you know what we used to be sure we used to be we
the triangulate and we used to try to move to the middle and when voters. But I don't like that that didn't work, we gotta go more liberal. That could be part of it right the other part of it, is though the voters. We're, conservative and who were moderate, are leaving and are becoming independent, you're forty five percent is on the occasion Cortez Forty five percent of that party or not on that train them be here and there on certain programmes in separate, but they don't consider themselves, that's huge number inside of the party and again I think that goes to sorting stew. This is why the the parties- have become more extreme, but the american people, necessarily well. No, I mean this is the american people. It is the Twenty five percent are leaving the Democratic Party or would like another choice, because they're not a cosy, okay
I think that the the interesting thing to look out here and will know this Morris as this this time goes on. There are these people who I think, it's both I think, people who were moderate Democrats before and were in the Democratic Party, been there for a long time have decided We want essentially Bernie Sanders, but probably younger, more trunion package rang like they're saying in a lot. I just don't want to deal with it. I don't believe this moderate thing works or they become liberals and conservatives maybe have become moderate or liberal in that party. The other thing those can people who were, conservatives is no longer a place to stand. If you are conservative Democrat, how can you possibly belong to that organization anymore. How can you possibly be surrounded by people like Abkhazia, Cortez people who, like I'm her eyes were saying: hey of Cortez is the future of our party and, if you pro life. We want you I'll write like so people.
Are leaving and are becoming moderates- and they may still vote for Democrats but are becoming less and less attached to Democrats because what they see there is a a growing group of the furthest, left vote of voters and people and control getting the absolute grasp on the party and when Fifty one percent that our liberal, that's why you're seeing these candidates, like Tulsa, gathered, think that they can come out and be competitive soul, so I want you to look at something for our. I want to show you some numbers here. And show the breakdown of Trump, The loss of Hilary and see if you can actually make the case with numbers, you're a number sky but see are you can make this case this, I think, clarifies a lot the last election. Just that pole. If you look at,
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dot com break for tens accusation. I d: normally. This would be the time that I would say stew while we're in a commercial break. Let me run this theory by you, so I don't come back and looked like an inn. Nincompoop but we don't have a commercial break here anymore. So let me just run this by you and please those in the audience ago, no die just gimme a break here for a second If you have fifty one percent that are on the Cassio Cortez TRAIN, ok the Bernie Sanders, I'm pretty much a socialist kind of person Yang unabashedly, thirty, three percent that say their moderate, their leaning one way or another, but you know they might be more socialist. They might be more conservative, ok and then twelve percent conservative correctly
Would you forty five percent? That's in the middle to the right he s, got it and fifty one percent who's on the definite die, hard laughed and gay. Twenty percent of Democrats voted for Donald Trump, percent of those who say I am a Democrat, that's who voted for Trump correct about twenty percent Democrat. I have to check these. Acts that on that I know there is a large percentage, though, of of dunk rats that I could be wrong that I've heard it was about twenty percent, and you heard this before that. It's the Obama Trump voter. Latvia is used. They voted for Roma. They came over and voted for. Trapper act there. There are large large group of those, and I think I should say I should say the Democrats. It should say so percent of those people who voted for Obama voted for Tromp act.
Has that break down, but it something like that are indicative of the specifics. We know there's a large group there, though. So if you voted for o bomber, I would say that you're, probably. And the the moderate too liberal group. You think so you think so right I mean it was. It was ass. It was the first one was a strange election because it was historic and everything else, yet the second a second one Romney it was yet, and I think it was- and I think it was twenty percent that voted for both or fifteen percent, that voted for o bomb both times that voted for Trump. So if that's true, let us say it's out of that fact forty five that voted But that says I'm a moderate, too conservative that forty five percent, let's eat, a twenty five percent of that of forty five or take twenty percent of it
That leaves you again if you take twenty percent, that leaves you a twenty five percent that says no. I I'm more of a conservative, so I want Hilary I want the old school bill, ain't in kind of democratic right thinking it from a democratic perspective, you're not, but we would consider conservatism, gray with like they were conservative Democrat right. Ok, I just want that tried and true democratic party that I grew up with that. I understand what the Bill Clinton stuff. You know, I'm not through with Hillary Clinton, but I certainly like Bernie Anders I'm not part of that guy so twenty five twenty five percent of that middle forty five goes off: a vote for or Hilary. Then you are left with five and twenty percent go and vote for Trump. Then you are left with the fifty one percent liberal well the liberals. What.
Twenty percent of those could not stomach. Hillary Clinton now of him didn't show up over them, went to jail, Stein Right, mean he saw at least twenty percent of em said they couldn't stomach. How many actually did, but it was enough for her to lose. That's that's why? Because the democratic party- is polarized itself, and they had a see these thirty candidates come out running against each other tripping over each other to get further left to please these activists, because we also The latter can everything else caress, so they have a disgraceful ignore them, though because, if you voted as a Democrat for Donald Trump you aren't being listened to anyone whose, anyway, who through surveying those people whose king of those people whose talking about those people in the press. The Democrats are as don't even want to bring up that Tina twenty twenty five,
and of the democratic people who voted for a brok. Obama voted for I'll drop. They don't want anything to do with that. Just that crazy, far right wing stuff. It's hard, if not it's hard to win them back when you're, calling them homophobic, homophobic and racist and harassed and rhetoric and everything else caress. So they have a disgraceful ignore them. Those at this, this that forty five percent is at some degree or some level attracted to the guy. At the end of the bar stool. That says, you know: can we just stop all this racist stuff? Can we just stop all of this socialist Marx's bull crap, and that two Donald Trump is and Donald Trump was able to pull people from the Democratic Party because of his history. He had enough in his history to make, though voters in the Democratic Party go in
I don't think you really can't please all that stuff. I mean he's for he's for trade wars that traditionally that's what I remember grown up here and in bad union position for union thing last century right, sponsored coverage, they're gonna keep going further and further because It is interesting how you keep this coalition together for twenty twenty. If your democrat right, because to win this primary you're going to have to be essentially a Cassio Cortez right at least to be competitive, you can't you can't dismiss Medicare for all, for example, to win that power You might say: look I think, there's this little modification nodded here and there, but there are going to be going in saying more and more and more and more and more. When someone comes up the care for all someone's gotta come out for something even further than that. We need get people offer these private insurance cup programmes. We need single pay for the entire country. No more employer employee employer sponsored coverage, they're gonna keep going for
there are further and further, and then it's gonna be someone who's going to have to bring it back, to a place where they can capture those conservative immoderate democratic voters there playing to the hard core left throughout the primary and an to figure out a way to bring it back, tromp was able to do that. I think because, because what you're talking about sort of plain spoken. Like look you now. This is obviously nonsense and it wasn't specific on policy everybody. So far. In this democratic primary aroun. We expect to get in. All politicians, but all talk of policy Mcveigh, To do that you need to be a dynamic personality. Think Tulsa Gabert can we will be pull that often know now. I can't think of any body that can pull that off. The only one that could pull off bringing back to the centre is Joe Biden, but he may not, be far enough. Laughed too and this is what we are right and he maybe one of them in this way.
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and this is sort of going on the same thing. We ve seen this movement over the past four years about taxing soda, it's a syntax rights, so it is bad for you, you shouldn't drink it, of course. I totally disagree with that analysis, but it's bad for you and you shouldn't drink it so therefore run attacks at Philadelphia. Did this. The first academic study about this is out now and the results are pretty amazing. First of all, in Philadelphia, people it not cut calories as a result of the tax on Sweden drinks, they didn't shift their drinking to end thing more healthy and said what, did, is they got in their cars and they drew because the city line and they bought all their soda there and, of course, when you're buying all your soda. You're also buying your groceries there. So this is what a boon to Thee Economies outside the border. Which we dealt with us when we were in Philadelphia, there's a wage tax on in Philadelphia, but
in this run a community. So every wonders as one protocol City line Avenue and everyone build their businesses on the other side of city, Light avenue to avoid Philadelphia, stupid wage tack and the Riis Whites called city line. It's where the lie and of the city it. Yet I mean the city officially ends in the centre that street and it is the most incredible thing. It will show you the difference between free markets and state run heavy run heavy tax because you Go down that street and you're driving around and you're. Looking to your right, which is surprisingly free market, here driving around the circle to your right and Europe. Looking and you're seeing prosperity, you look the other way into the city on your left and It is this blight. There is it's crazy. It is crazy. It's crazy! It is the is the best example of what
big, progressive, high tech city does, community because it is literally in the center of the road it. It's blue its end poverty. Sex. Fifth avenue on the other side, amazing at were to get back into this Democratic republic and figure in a second produced. To give you the final. Take on the study a we find no signal, reduction in calorie and sugar and take. This is what your has hold on right, like that. This can help people not be his fat and not be as on homely. The tax does. Not lead to a shift towards healthier products, and most import again like the Democrats or the working man, people write it affects low. Income households more severely because they It is also limited in his ability to raise revenue. So obviously people are but in the tax was not raising revenue and the people hit despite are the people who don't have the cars? Who don't have the ability to go out of town to buy or sell off, so they get hit with a tie.
Over and over and over and over again the poor people who can't leave if you're going to work on a bus amazing if you're gonna work you're paying for the tax and unfortunately you don't have the money to pay for the tax, and so you just stop drinking soda, maybe Are you just shift your funds someplace else, and you have less money. In fact, they actually showed that people did not switch. They just want up having to pay for it had less money for other things erect. In fact, what they showed is there was eight decrease in soda sales inside of cities Philadelphia, however the increase in social sales and the surrounding communities actually made all of it back and more. So, overall, there is an increase in soda because people pregnant staying like I wanted for the sort of tax article load up while em out there, so they bought more soda and they brought it back. Drink, more soda. So if you really believe, soda so evil. You actually had people consuming more of it in your city I mean, work on any level, and yet there are still trying to pop this up all over the counter.
I am telling you this is what we're gonna have the problem with the Basic minimum income means men come. It fails every real time it stride they keep trying it when the first experiment was Richard Nixon. Actually here he tried in the United States and it failed me bandit theirs. They just did it in Finland they had his grey experiment propounded by liberals and progressives all over the world. I think they did it with Berkeley till they did it ended. They do not only limber we had started, I don't know, I haven't seen the outcome and that one year I e by Finland I know fail. The cafe programme can, I think, it's. I think it failed in California as well. You ve just revamped at all now it's gonna work, it doesn't work, it doesn't work and that I think that is the next. The next stage is basic minimum income it socialism it does, is it just kills the spirit you can't you can, and change
you, sick human nature and that's the deal prince between the free market and progressive values. Free market says your people are people there, just there gonna do what people do. So, let's help there do what they want to do. Air progressives say: well, we can change basic human dry, because we know better what people should be doing right. You know. So we know we just give them a basic minimum income know what will I do Everybody is pretty much the same. I mean there are those who are who are we, I can do believe said. I guess that she wanted to bring in and she said there's this guy, who was, what three hundred pounds if we do just knew he was gonna die, so wanted to lose weight. So we joins the Marine corps and completely goes like
to the wall and gonna live every second of my life. There are those people, but that's who most people are now you give them the opportunity to slide. They slide. We found out last week even a I does this you guys a task, the even a I well. I you take some shortcuts, not I mean it may. If men come can provide An income is basically you get money for nothing. You do have to go to work if you dont, this concept and it's a real thing that throwing around for multiple reasons, technology being one of them socialism being another. But the idea that you can basically get money ever every day. Every week you don't have to go to work at all. We implemented thing here. We are Wally in a second like I am if I can get a decent standard of living by not doing anything, I M just going to be of a slot am already fat of power. Slovenly guy
Vienna shares, went off to walk I will. I will just be slobbering over whatever foolish I'm shovelling into my mouth within six weeks. That's my I'm I'm advocating for that as a policy area seriously. How many people that win, the you probably know would know this number know how to home people who win the lottery act we go into work the next day or the next month. Interesting. I I don't know the number there, those if you win the lottery. You have no real reason to work, so you might go do something that you want to do you know, but As you see, most lottery winners lose all but money. An incredible amount of em It's very how I than you never believe right. They lose the money. Why? Because they got it for free. They don't know what to do if they dont know how to you know, affect their lifestyle that way, and then they, if, if there were king there probably working nodded a job. They don't
wanna have their problems. Like you know what I've always wanted to be. I voice gonna be a race car driver, no money in a race car driving, for you cannot have been right. I think that's what men come we'll do the people it if you, if you will, unto work You will do something that you ve always wanted to do, which is great in theory, but most people you know follow your heart is not always the best adviser Howard is dumb. Yeah Jeffreys heart was attacking him. You know, you know what it better advice follow up people's heart, and I you mean like, or what do they have their hearts at on? I should that I mean what do your people's heart tell them. They need tell them. They want to do follow Their heart make them happy, sir, them make their life easier. That's capitalism,
at least how you gonna be monetarily successful. It's not exactly everybody's go right. Not your goal. Nancy Plus. He was talking about some of these topics. She said: well, we need to let musicians and artists perform their art instead of having to go to work and all the time. That's ridiculous. They should be able to perform their art as I go if they're artist marketable sure. If it's not the know, they can do that other free time making go to a job. Maybe they don't like Keziah what most people don't like their jobs, but if the, if their past actually is to be a musician and they can't make money doing it. They're gonna have to suffer. Their life by going to an actual job and then at the end they can play their guitar, That's why I shouldn't be crazy concept in the United States and we shouldn't be subsidizing. The fact that somebody who can't really play guitar wants to play guitar, and especially since so much of that comes through experience in pain, so much art, comedies you know what we're gonna make sure every comedian is always happy Will there be funding?
farming arriving in Europe, sperience of life. That's the problem with basic minimum income. In a nutshell, is it doesn't, you bet your life, any meaning I think, a sad thing to say, because within were tying what we do as a job as our meaning. I find it shouldn't be that, because most of us tie or not and not to our job, but to our stuff time, meaning to our stuff, to our title, to our success. That, I think, is the difference between my generation and the millennium generation. They don't worry. To tie their meaning in life and be my age and go There is really no meaning to all this stuff they want. They want to do something that makes a difference. That's why I really think it is follow. Someone else's art may, difference in other people's lives, you'll find meaning in there and that's what kg
Capitalism should be. We don't get every day and say you know what I want to talk about, I wanted to because I would not be talking about ninety percent of the stuff that I talk about on the show, up to me today. I'd be I can about art to our eye. Talking about you know of You know I I don't I do talk about both of those things, but I'm trying to serve you try figure out. I spend most of my time trying to figure out what's happening in their life. What's happened, in the person who listens to the show, what's happening in their life. What are they struggling with? What are they going to be struggling with? You know. He said to me, while you ve really found like this new, this new pay, this new thing that
warning people about. That's that's coming! I like you. I warned about the caliphate in the coming collapse. Back in two thousand six and seven before collapsed and I said yeah really have they said I must be really satisfying. I said no snot no start because I know it. I got it. I understand I much rather be off. Prepare in doing something else and doing the things that I, like than sitting here, trying to explain it to people who really is any cases for a very full at the very beginning- each time do not want to hear it. I don't want to do that but because I also want to be successful have to find a way to do that, to wear the audience will consume it. So I have to figure out what are you worried about? What are you, what are you want in life. How do I serve you? It's a I'm telling you it's it's making friends and influencing people now hits the book that we came out the thirties that if
just start thinking not about ourselves, but about others will be successful- and will be fulfilled. Right, because no, it's gonna stop you. If you are not Mercifully, successful and radio known to stop you from posting on real twitter all your viewpoint just note gonna, you know that's the thing like you brought your ear. He could still express yourself just like you could still play guitar right. However, subsidizing the idea that people who can't play guitar schreyer the Qatar and still earn money for not being able to play it right hours. A terrible idea- and I dont make the case that when people didn't want to hear my point of view on the collapse in two thousand six and seven remember how much he had we got really subsidized or in the caliphate. I'm not saying somebody should pay for me and force people to listen, no, I'm not saying that my view is out of step. It's my job to figure out how to make that something, People were
tor need and if I can't I lose and I'm out, but you know what that I'm proud. Billy wrong. You know because I make my case. Two people are right. One avenue bitcoin this weekend. Do you have any idea? it went down a little bit, what it is worth three hundred bucks or so oh down three hundred algae and end three didn't ended. We heard that would be very badly. I got you should know that early. I don't think it was a bad stew. Yeah knows, and it was. It was a drop me now, but it's it's been bouncing around the same area. For this. They ve been saying that they think that it might hit a new low because something is something's going on, and you could make the case that These are the whales that are getting out. These of the industries that are saying you know at us on the sidelines before they go in and gobbler up. I don't know, I don't know
but the one thing I do know is Chris currency is here to stay in what form I dont know: Bitcoin and Blockchain here to stay, please now all you can do about it, because it is part of your future saw not saying invested it. I'm saying learn about right now. Smart grid no course, dotcom call eight seven, seven p, B, L back and get more information, AIDS, Evans, when P B, L Back Smart Crypto course dot com so who could win? this election for the Democrats, because the devil, rats. Are there they're putting in the most extreme candidates and because that's the Democratic Party is stupid, pointed out earlier in the hour that, to the Democratic Party really is, is
Fifty one percent are progressives yeah and now that's doubled in the last twenty years, doubled the percentage that think that their liberals and progressive slash socialists in some cases, but was opposed. The moderates and conservatives letter what these political players in the world- and I mean the media and the Democrats and Republicans the end the two options, They see that as the countries becoming more socialist, but it's not it's actually, you know, but it's more progressive, it's more if it did once a hundred different categories for male and female, no, no Your overall number is getting smaller and you you're, starting to focus more and more in a track that kind of person so
as they start to reach out to the upper laughed? Can anyone turn that corner and come back and win a democratic election? We're gonna look if the candidates who have announced- and we think are going do when we come back first, we take. Relief factor. Relief factory is something that has really truly given me. Relief in my life, I feel like I've. I've got my mom, a life back. But I'm not the only person that uses relief factor around here that we know one of the things we did as a couple was to wait can have to kids would have an early. We had them late, so I have four five and seven year old and like, as you might know, in seven urals run around it. Make me do a lot of things that I don't really want to duke some faith. Its activity wait till they turn fifteen.
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Looking at the Democrats, gonna run on twenty twenty, who is going to run who's gonna. Do this I mean everybody else is, I guess is concentrating probably on the FBI. The FBI, SAD Donald Trump was investigated, really mean like Hillary Clinton. Why is there such a big deal that he was investigated by the FBI when Union vigorous a big deal it? Hillary Clinton was being investigated by the FBI. So there's no politics of meaning here. What is in our future? Not political games for political game sake, but thing This is important because the Democrats are getting so far left. We can become a socialist country and all that that entails and and causing a gorgeous sort of way quickly. If we don't have our act together, because that's where fifty one percent of Democrats now
want to go. We begin there in one minute. This is the Glen Back Programme are right once this half hour, we are thrilled to have relief factor as our sponsor relief factor. Gave me an awful lot of help, starting back in December of last year and the year before last, I had really gonna gotten to the end of my robe and don't let me forget, please write this down. I want to talk about something that I'm reading about health in, and also my that challenge coming up in in about twenty five minutes, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I just couldn't live this weighty more and I don't want to be on prescription drugs, so you kill the pain. If nothing else works. Well, my wife said please just try really factor. I did. I tried everything weeks, just as I say, and it worked for me, it dramatically changed my pain, I'm not
the pain all the time, but I have fought, are more better days. By far than I, ever have at least the last five years. Relief factor, please try it. It worked for seventy percent of the people, it could work for you and if it does, you get your life back. Gotta relief, factor, dot, com, relief, factor, dot com or You can call them at eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four relief factor dot com, so the next election is really important, because if the economy goes down Donald Trump Gonna, have a really hard time winning the election and unfortunately, somebody who will have an easy time. Winning the democratic primary will be assessed the list p,
will run toward socialistic properties and values. If the economy is really really hurting so who are they going to run and whose actually dangerous if they would win in the socialist front, but also who could beat Trump if there is no economic disturbance, that's the hard won and that's one of the issues with thinking of elections as a binary topic, where there is just to people mostly, the only two people could ever consider It is a problem because it will it worked. Well, I think, for Trump into. Doesn't sixteen right, like people who warrant necessarily thrilled about Trump saw? Hillary Clinton relate now. However, the same thing, might happen in twenty twenty. This is the risk if things go poorly because of it, point two choices and the economy were to collapse or something went wrong: unforeseen
then, you have people saying well, I dont like trumps all go without other person and that other person, my be it actual socialist. What if they can hide it well enough from the american people, do not turn them off, become the only other place to go the only other game in town. The question is, though, it is take out the economy, stuff, religious leave that off the table deal with that way. If that happened yet guy let's say that boom goes in is healthy, as he is right now things are setting things at the same. How who do you run? That is, laughed enough for the left has fifty. One percent of Democrats now consider themselves left liberal progressive, who do you run? That is left enough for all of the ones that are going to get out everybody and devote, but then come back and bees. Tender enough for the rest of America right and
I add a third thing: you have to do survive Donald Trump, yes, because there are certain people that I don't have the personality type to be able to survive, Donald Trump I'll, give you a great example Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Whore and we'll get slaughtered that'll, be it say again if things if Donald Trump is about worry is now which is like load amid forties approval rating he's he's kept his basis kept Republicans onboard he's got summoned, attendance here, overly spina thrillingly popular, but he he's got his base. If that we go but next election as the as the primary shifts in a consistent way out, there's gonna be one on one and Trop is going to the will to go after that other person and do what he does best right. You can put pressure on them all the time he's in there answer rename rename them he's? Gonna he's gonna go after them in every speech and there's a certain
type of person. Elizabeth worn is this type of person that cannot handle it. She can't seem authentic. She can't fake it here, Clayton had the exact same problem in this is when a healer he was in the Middle EAST and, like all in all, I know, Pokemon go to poles like that was her recent like this is how she dealt with it? Just terrible- and you know what I'm gonna get me a beer, it has to be setting off alarm bells all over the Democratic Party, because we're he's coming after her with all these attacks and in the way he's gonna come after her name or in and take reposition, she's had and make it into this big thing and an immediate gonna follow it. That way. All he has to do is say me smokin, wampum too. He says that not everyone is able to don. She will not she. Just shut down and become a robot. This one's already played out right. He did say those things
say Pocahontas. He did color all that and what did she do? She thought it was a good idea to do a dna test approves she was one one thousand and twenty fourth of native American. That was her way of handling it. She has no capability to deal with the pressure of Donald Trump, now oh bite and, on the other hand, is a guy who's been waters for a long time, he's more, not policy but he's more trump. Then your average politician Pekin insults outta here I'm back was now become backs. He's kind of likeable ended the guy, the bar some kind of- and I say this- I say this with as much endearment as as I possibly can. When everybody said I like the guy like the guy down the the the end of the bar. Basically, somebody who's, just saying crazy things, but you know you're all think it at your old thinking in the bar, buddies, essays, lordy say he's he's got to out crazy, crazy he's. We already have the guy at the end of the bar and that's what people liked about Donald Trump was
he was just saying it. He wasn't afraid of people like Elizabeth Warren, who would say How dare you right? Do you know that the the number Indians, they died and I and one of them, and how dare you even with their sick or that they want somebody at the end of the bar, whose like shut up. Oh God S, yes, gay, that's what they want, and I think this is the most basic hurdle to clear, for and he twenty twenty candidate, you have Do you know? Who else can't do it? Corey Booker oh mockery. Booker. I am Spartacus that guy cannot handle the pressure of double too. I think that better can either. I think better that really interesting, I'm not I'm not sure either, but first there's theirs I don't know, there's too much stage craft in him. They again I felt there was each crafting Obama and it worked it were it. Work, although Obama never had to face Trump, I mean it's Obama had a
away about him, maybe he would have been able to deal with it in a different sort: fashion- that I think Joe Biden would mean Joe Biden we'll just start. I asked that guy's a moron only we worry about it. Like that's the type of thing about you have to report which put yourself back, if Obama, the conservative and Obama running the first time and he was mister arugula maybe that gelatine Barbara. That's all the Donald Trump had oh yeah. He would do him the irregular guy and he's done during its where there is I think talk, show listeners like Donald Trump. So much because a lot of these sounds a guitar chose he's that sounds like a guy. You listen to and conservative talk radio who, just like all these, please people are bunch of morons, totally incompetent and they can't do anything. That's that's
There was also talk with you. It's right a lot of times. You can get a lot more death in that would mean that isn't basically like why what what we're talking and certainly the average person, it's speaking, the average persons languid at taking a five thousand page policy proposal and turning into something that you don't hang yourself after listening right too. So I think that's he'd hurdle so that It is an interesting. I think the audience was we kind of informally polling them over the past couple weeks of who you think and pulled off lotta people. You bite and as the person who can do it so tat, he can say. Maybe maybe maybe I'll be nobody's done it yet enough, but he can say to the left during the primary. It was with Brok, Obama, man, you know who I am I can I can do all these creating remotely lured man- and I use that word man, so just what he does right and he will go out there and say: look I passed out. You'd have health care. We gotta go further on that they'll be able to. Vince them that he's left then he'll be. Come back to the middle and at least attempt to get back? That's it
Ross built vote that Hilary less will be able to say hey. I wanta Katie's dire. That place has been closed for thirty years and great and I blue card guy, everyone causing middle class joe I'm not saying convincing on it, but he at least attempts at where Hilary even attempted, he can get away with and sit with bikers right and an end and be comfortable. The bikers aren't comfort him now that he's comfortable feel very with one of his out and the famous picture of Joe Biden creepy like hugging, unlike some what a meat biker of woman, whose sitting there there's an guy in the picture and his his face is like God. What am I looking out he's pissed off, but I never just before he could it's a like this is this is not right, things like thinking. I guess he's also royalties. I, how dare you do that right and then you notice his name. I don't remember
troll. True, even if it ain't gonna guys the thrall he was president troll on Leather JAG off did say, president and underneath it said, trot he pissed off protectorate, president Droll right so modest creepy, but Joe Biden feels comfortable. Remember, Hillary Clinton got out of her van she id in may need Van right. Car more was not. She that's not her. So she went on her her listening to her in they are trying to pretend she liked. Did she never embrace she's the God and said I dont, understand fair food but dig in it. I mean it's not my scene, but I've dig in it. She she could not do that. Instead, she was like what I'm perfect we find with you know, deep Friday night the bars on many occasions that it I just in authentic Hillary Clinton is enough. Diggs way able reorganising is,
then, to take politics out of it by it and is like the guy who live sold you you're you're forklift He comes to the holiday parties, any fun and you're, like he's a salesman, but I like the guy right, take politics. Out of it, kind of who the guy is and he's able. But persona off Corey Booker's not doing that Florence, not doing that battle. I think better comes off you mean better, essentially, is the guy who ran against Frank, Underwood and season for a house of cards were he's like good. Looking guy and he's he's, he's live streaming, his dental appointments and, and all that stage craft, he's a century trying to replicate that campaign which remedy the loud that went on what I want, but didn't really worry for multiple reason. The point being, though you you can't if you can't clearly of surviving trump. You! You can't be Trump. Unless something dramatic happens with the economy or something now, here's the problem as well.
Tis Joe Biden can say: hey? I'm the Brok Obama guy Barack Obama, came out this weekend and said time for new blood. Well, unless Jos getting a transfusion, he ain't new blood will go into that here. It is the second is a giant bowl of candy for us to eat out of every single day to the next year. To have it is aren't. Let me tell you, tell you a little bit about car shield when it comes to repairs. You need options, Sometimes you will go in and you're just gonna get a simple repair. You think it's simple repair clause back, it's a thousand bucks my son in law, when infer pair custom, what three or five thousand and they had to pay ex. They didn't have car shield, I'm like a dummy, hey what talk about him on the air. I listen to the frequent show car shield I went in I had and I honestly can't tell you is six to eight thousand where's, repair, the Riis? Why
and tell you how much it was because I didn't pay it in half car shield covered it if you your car has a repair and its covered. Many. It will save your life. Car shield, if you have a car, that's out of warranty at its, you know five thousand out of fifty thousand miles. You call them if the free answer you know roadside assistance free rental car, while yours is in the shop and they pay You don't have to pay and then wait for them to pay you they pay the mechanic cars deal dotcom car, she'll, dotcom call them now. Eight hundred car sixty one hundred use the promo code back and you'll save ten percent its car shield dot com brain for ten seconds, stationary so Joe, I may be that hold style kind of car salesman there, that people are
I'm tired of but Hilary was, I mean She was kind of her own mob. You know what I mean, you kind you everybody knew and everybody in the party was sick of her because they knew that there was. You know if you will political mob that they'll break legs. You're, not gonna cross the Clinton's they'll break legs, and you'll be destroyed and People were sick of that and Morocco by had that, but he never did it. He had code paying and everybody else break the legs. You know and he could say what and we when they go law we go high. All these organisations tied me are going very low, but when, they we go right. Few people know that if you think you know you have media matters and code pink doing that. For you, you don't to ever make a threat in an he. He could he had such credit with the laughed the deep left, he never had to go deep left. He never did
but he never had to say it. We ve all others we dug out. But Obama was stuff he did before he was running and he denied ever saying it. Even though we had video audio I'm doing right, so he never had to say he could pretty much play to the centre and played aspirations. I dont anybody else. They can do that. I mean because he had he had. The history I M so a woman. Maybe Khumalo Harris, but is she gonna have to play so far to the left that she could ever come, As for the rest of the country, I think his pet, her path is different than Biden. Violence path is depends as Obama sort of credibility with the left when the primary and because you all, you have the backing of a big part of the establishment, most likely and then get their thing. Go back to the middle and be able to handle Trump Kemal. Aha, this is not she's running to the left. I mean she she has to.
Herself she didn't have any would allow non. She would be the person that could bring the party together because you don't Biden, a thousand years old and Willie run for two terms. I dont know you know she's really in competition right now, with a good Elizabeth WAR right to take that Sanders, sort of wing of the party she's gonna run, and that socialist sort of left positioning, however, and shine like what like war and she can she's much more well equipped to be able to deal with apple trees, a prosecutor prosecutor, so she could not a united, not in head dead. I mean, I think she do. Better Biden is the one that's winning head to head we should say winning, has a stay above. What no one else has ever one against him, one on one side, he would have a chance of keeping his head above Water think Kemal Harris she would have a slight chance, but only because
he's a prosecutor, but I think that this is so far left that he could just make her look like an extremist quite easily. It will be hard. The but similar to by Danish brown from Ohio. Will people believe or in IRAN. His he's been successful in Ohio. As a Democrat, even women death row highlight what, if Republicans, though, still silky put him in a sort of populists. You know he can be the rumpled coat set kind of guy to come out nets. How they're gonna try to portray him? You know whether he can stay. Tromp, I don't know. Maybe I don't do that early think so Corey Booker no right going to this whole lesser. Norway curse, Ella brand. I don't think she's gonna think she's really illegitimate, contender TIM Kane TIM it is the most forgettable. Vice presidential candidates set TIM Kate. How are you you thought whose TIM Kane he ran for vice president and twenty sixteen, the most recent election? It's amazing, no one remembers we. It was awful awful, a giant, zilch
the added nothing to there came an embarrassment, Amy Cloverton, is one from she's from one candidate from Minnesota and she's been yet there is like a a more on the by and ask wing like I've, heard a lot of talk about Bide enclosure as a potential final where they launch female. Obviously senator from Minnesota she's not seen as super far left as like a come all a Harris, Sorra Elizabeth Warren she's. Be plenty left for Democrats in reality, but that's one there talking as a potential vice presidential candidate. Scrolling toothless. Here we talked about Kemal Harris Bernie Sanders. Will he run? I think the establishment of the Democrats are saying you're done get out. They keep there's a lot of leaks of negative, worries about Bernie Sanders run you thinking
I think he's gonna run because he's gonna wanna too he's gonna want to direct the conversation. So he goes if you think about these candidates in groups right, you have the bite, insured brown group, you have the Elizabeth WAR in Kampala, Harris Bernie Sanders, you know Tulsa gabert. All these there's gonna be autonomous socialist sort of wing. The other wings are gonna, be less represented, I think, but Bernie Sanders is, if he could. If he's there, he's gonna draw a lot of attention for a while. You have a heel, he will, he will force the, Allah, Harris's, and I think this, What he'll want to do here force the others too actually run laughed take Bernie Sanders out. I think, if I'm a leftist, I want Bernie Sanders in because I Bernie Sanders to keep I want him to root out the left- is to earn afraid to say it is yet nothing whose right he's nothing he's. Not a he's, not looking
legacy when it comes to success. He's looking for a legacy is, as the guy who did you know, there was a candidate back then that really immoral. Democrat was actually asked if that's You might think that that's what Sanders credibility is. However, I think with Democrats would love is a guy like better who can have all the same policies as centres but hide them? Size, a socialist I like the every man, to guide him within three points in Texas. Can he win some of these? states I mean the argument would be yes. Certainly his argument will be yes when he runs. I wish, I definitely think is happening, so it His path is using between those two groups and that's why they're so much? You know thrill of the leg go around, for the devil has gosh. If I hear that- and you know what Chris Matthews he's exactly the kind of guy, they would give Grits Matthews adding a law, yes you're, lessening TED Glenn Bank
I am watching the economy. I am DR trying to keep an eye on what's happening over in China. What's happening to Morrow, they vote on breaks it. The stock market is real, rocky a solid awhile ago goes down a hundred and twenty some points with a gun shut down here breaks it tomorrow. The world is on the edge and anything could have If there's any major disruption, the thing could? unravelling quickly. Are you prepared? I will tell you that I took my for one K. I took a look at it recently. I have taken seventy five cents of every dollar, but I've had in my retirement stuff than you might have in your fora. One gay I've gotten out of the stock market. Where do you put? It goes? is the safe haven. Please consider gold or silver coin gold line now and get the information, do your own homework you're smart enough to figure this out. Eight six, six gold line or gold line dot com,
so is a wall immoral Margaret was actually asked. If that's true or not in those answer is up the global programme. Glad you here. This is the Glen Back Programme. Welcome to it. I I mentioned last week that I have a goal of losing fifty pounds this year and man, I'm looking forward it should be better menu. You don't even have a goal of gaining thirty pounds. You picked that pulled out. One off is pretty good, anyway. So so I want to thank Jeffrey for this but it's amazing how friends heart attack affects your life, Oh, I've invited people to join. If you want to join an I'm, I'm going back, but I've been reading. The for our body, by TIM Ferris, if you're that now do, I look
the person whose work I mean for mid at odd. He may be guess what I could go. So he is I just love. His philosophy is like his philosophy is every his body is different. So don't you know, gotta, do your own, you no kind of war, Jeanne your own body and any talks about how you can measure the results of anything that you're trying and you know he went to the to the extent of I mean he had body implants put in to be able to, What're you know his blood in the end, at Berne and everything else. I mean it was taking blood test all the time, because he's the kind of guy he wanted scientifically? I want to know what's right what the right fuel is for my body, but he talks about how you know the after a certain point with exercise its waste. Your now gaining anything of it needs like. So why are you doing it and he's in this you know you gotta, eat every four hours, etc, etc. Oh, I kind of like his
philosophy, so I, our italian, my wife about my if said I've ever heard about tell. And so she read this book called the Mai the cold medium. Now She got this from a good friend of ours. Who is a rational human being, and it has em ass in and is really sick she said my gosh. This has made all the difference in my life, the sky, his his philosophy on diet, so I'm like okay. So what's the medical medium? What does that mean? she's what he's a medium he's. Is what he's a man he's, a medical, medium, spiritual. And I saw I said all of this. You read the for our box. If you read the for our body, she said. Listen now this.
I story goes. I read parliament this weekend, the sky stories, amazing. We have to have him on the air His story is that what he was four years old. He said he saw spirit at four at the table and you know he was his barely talking and stuff and and he's all this old man standing behind his grandmother and nobody else could see the old man and the old man was I can do a many said, say: lung cancer, and he was or he didn't know what he was saying and everybody the team like what Honey Letty Use, what it, what and so he said this guy said. Go stand here. Come here, stand next to your grandmother. Look at your grandmother! Now, sir these words Grandma Gramma, has has Lung lung cancer, cancer. And it turns out she went in and she found out
Lung cancer is a really creepy moment, creepy great thou this guy says that he has had this ability his whole life, and he as its just compassion that he feels the spirit of compassion and he can he feel what people are going through and he can pinpoint things blah blah blah blah blah where I buy this or not. I don't. I wanna talk to this guy, but I read what he said about, because I have adrenal exhaustion. I have adrenal fatigue and The way he describes it is exact the way he's. I mean I've talked to doctors and they ve been like. I don't know what that, but the wet he saying is exactly the way I feel any said you might have one or more of these symptoms and analyse like twenty five. I have twenty eight and twenty five and but he said you have to do,
who to years of totally changing everything, and you have to start by having thirty days of raw. Light salad only and my wife is like so. Well, you know, what's talk about that? Maybe you know it's twenty eight days he said do over twenty eight February two may we serve ever want a bowl of ice cream. And she said, at last night. She said we're starting this before February and unlike oh ok, yes, our I'd, let some while one way to do it. So when a man, you are wow, look at that backbone, impressive
impressive. What are keeping Europe your liberty, safe? I have guns in mind what he keeping investments, investments, invest ice person, best person that yes right, first base. No earlier you are dear, oh, I didn't say I was a man I sent. You run out, really gonna do this hour. I don't know I've already done the right thing. I said donates it. We did the robbing, remember the nightmare. That was wrong raw foods, man, that's that's it! That's a rough one, but this isn't just raw for this is not like raw meat, and you know it's not that it's just what Why do I white? Why do I? Why do I take feel of green did you don't you sally? I hate salad. This is twenty eight days of nothing but salad and fruit. I it's like the entire Glenn is like
briefing that you hate you should have. That's that's gonna, be an interesting thing to go through, because certainly there will be any ramifications on my life from you. Have any raw celery every day for twenty, eight, oh, no! No, no! No so reduce salary July sounds pretty get them yes, you get all of the IMF active celery without actually doing anything crunchy. Have you looked in any the science of us? Are you just jumping on another diet trend, as I was as is? That was how it now it's a it. Yes, yes, she is so I'm gonna wanna go further for our body right, but I'm not gonna win that you doctor when that number. When I read the pendulum presto book do member! Thus Yazzi Ray. I said you're jealous it's called I still how I lost a hundred pounds shutting first of all to great book as its pendule at so it's just funding is investing he's. Always it interesting guy. By the way he did it. He's it admitted extremist right, so he He basically what honest in which I think
was for it was it these two weeks if it wasn't a month, but where the only thing he ate all day every day was potatoes. Now, if you are thinking of the low carb thing or whatever, like its deftly, not back right. It was only potatoes in any quantity that he wanted, but no added sugar or no mean salt, no added butter, nothing and eight. Just and then he slowly introduced new foods like celery and, like you know, let us right. So he was super restrictive, but this is it. Sprint, rather than a marathon right. So the aid it being that he lost a hundred pounds ninety days. I believe it was so think about that but to do it for ninety days and ninety days is kind of hell right when you're done with a ninety hayloft. He kept it off because he wound up. There
idea behind the diet. Is that you, the four especially the first two weeks you get to the point of view. Your kind of sick of potatoes. You really do not try to eat him all the time when you know all he's potatoes, you'll get excited about eating. It also makes your palate credibly bland, so everything he's like the first time I had a bite of our river was of tomato or something he's like it was like the most unmoved evil tasting thing. I've ever had in my life was like really exciting, because I had but whose none stop for two weeks and when put a little like I'll put on tabasco on something it. It's like a flavor explore you shouldn't have any eventually to the point where he no longer craved the bad food see. I think I honestly I don't like ass. I say this knowing you know that the pain involved in it here, but you have
This bell palsy thing that you have gone through our what I was again has yemeni area and you had a flare up when we were in Philadelphia yeah, you lost all takes hastiness smell too now just takes just till it tasted. It started with a one sided my tongue and then started to the others, and then I couldn t see anything for a period of three to six months, but you ever, but you never said anything to any of his friends. My word not a word just like, I didn't know you need to know the details of my senses, whether in who lose its sense of taste and doesn't say to their friends. Do you don't get it? feeling on behalf of my tongue. Is that weird, while it started then it was the whole thing. Yet some months. The only reason why I because I was sitting at a really good restaurant with him and I heard him order, and he said, what's the texture of that just it was something crunchy we ve got. That's cried she'd, unlike orders food like that,
and I ve actually thought it. If you could, if you could lose the sense of take snare, it's the one we don't need, I mean. Where would we need taste for? Yes, it may make we live happier, but it also makes you into a fat so, which is why the reason I am not of the wait I'm supposed to freeze because food tasted- it's not my fault, it's the foods fall. If I didn't have, we can deal with. Our senses whenever it is like an hour that, with all its taste when you need that for all had just taken iron to your tongue, then what you'd feel that's what's touch it feel at for a while. You wouldn't Arkansas was approved. It wouldn t, spat, I don't know I mean I think, there's theirs arguments we made for one of these type of extreme dies? I think most people say there isn't that I think that not necessarily wherein it wouldn't work with everybody again. That's why the four hour I could see us like this This point is you have to do these things for your body and I have been there and I'm that and bow, However, you know each
and I just can't stay in that extreme zone. I just can't stay there. That's what I like it the four hour by diet is, you know, like when we were on Atkins. I was on Atkins for years for years. Didn't have a problem, because Friday night I went out, I had whenever I wanted. And for our body he's like me, no pick a day Every day is even we want, because you'll never stay on anything. If it is all about deprived, your yourself of the stuff. You love just eat it in one day NEA and that's that that's history. That is, a book called the bad food Bible which I have read over vacation, which is awesome, its basely all the actual science between every single house, no health claim. You read out. Pinterest right like these things that, like all, you, can eat this food and cycle. Why can't you that food and look at the science of there's nothing behind ninety five percent of this stuff that freaks everybody out and people avoid the things that would make them?
happy things like a little bit more enjoyable because their terrified they ve read on the internet, and then, when you look at science, it's not there at all for almost all these things. I have to show our work three right to show you have anybody's listening. Where do TIM is my son ally's in I have said bring in his lunch, his wife is making his lunch his wife now my daughter his why you have no response at all, no responsibility for this. When I looked at the other day, do you remember. Did you see Lord of the rings? You can only do this. I dont like those anybody who saw Lord of the Rings remit Berwin, the elves gave them this bread and they wrapped up in the leaf and then tied it around. What his sandwiches look like now. I sent a sandwich of its title II. Thank you. It's not right of yours like tied into a leave. You gotta eat the stupid leave. Even the habit didn't eat the leaf and he asked eagerly it's the leaf. It's like I'm I'm with you man.
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or to Rico, which is now. Good picture. If you, if you haven't seen that, along with the hispanic caucus, things are kind of falling apart, cause they're saying all is shut down itself a horrible for people, and then there are the beach there's something else that is also falling apart, and that is that the border wall is immoral. Cresswells asked Senator Coon's Democrat whether the ball was really immoral. Listen house, Baker. Palazzo says that the border wall is a moral and that she won't give. I guess, you'll get one dollar to pay for it. Do you agree with her I agree with the advice that Lindsey Gram just gave to President Trump, which is that he reopen the government and we, spend several weeks negotiating over what we can all agree on? I personally don't the a border Wally's in and of itself immoral, or walls aren't a moral right there. Just the thing it is an immoral nazi propaganda on the internet internet might be immoral and is immoral, in my view,
just one and all these all white supremacist out their Russia, but I mean again like the wall, like you know immigration. Policy of tromp might be immoral to you, but the walls, on a moral break, the law let's just it's a way to enforce the law. I would just really like to stop stop talking about. We know we should do is opened the government or closing our or whatever and started dialogue. You can see the dialogue with this. Yes, a border wall will be part of part of the negotiations That's that's a stumbling block, Trump, and negotiate with somebody who is saying. No, I'm not going Give you anything. That you want, you saying we can call it a fancy garden wall, but it has to be part of the negotiation when they say no, you got no place to go. Whether the government stays opener Klaus. Why would you open it would only leverage is now I'm not going to open this until you say yeah, ok,
we'll make this part of the deal here. Listening TAT Glenn Bank,
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