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The Power of Delight

2015-12-02 | 🔗

We spend so much time trying to "acquire" people and things.

In business, we talk about "acquiring a customer," like they're a commodity we're buying at the corner store and we even associate a price with each new person.

In our personal lives, we often do the same, thinking about the effort it takes to find and start a relationship with a new friend, lover or partner, yet it feels wrong to call that friend or lover or partner an "acquisition," so we come up with gentler words to remind ourselves no human actually gets to acquire or possess another human.

We use that word, acquisition, by the way, because it deludes us into believing "once we've got it, it's ours for life." Hahaha! So, silly!

We all know, that's not even close to reality. We don't own anyone. Not for life, not for a year, a month, an hour or a moment. We are gifted with their presence, their investment of love and energy and time and more. And that gift is something that must be nurtured, grown, tended over time or else it goes away, and so do they.

We have an opportunity to continue to invest in not only the process of discovery, but the continuing process of deepening and delight. Delight, in fact, is where the greatest magic happens and it's all too often completely ignored once you're past the courting stages.

What if, instead of focusing maniacally on finding and starting relationships, then letting them coast into oblivion, we spent equal if not more energy on delighting those we bring into our orbit once they're here.

That's what we're talking about on this week's short and sweet GLP Riff.

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The product ref, is on the power of delight. So here's my question for you: what? If businesses are going about growth, all wrong? That includes you, if you're a private practice professional or somebody who just wants to build something cool. there is that happens with a lot of organizations. They spend every waking hour and simple engine line items of their budgets on quote customer acquisition. And then once a could prospect, becomes a customer they all but forget about them, the common ethic and fair is to do the minimum necessary to keep an existing customer from leaving. That's where the sad state of Affairs bar has pretty much set in a lot of the business world it's pretty messed up. To be honest, it is not just from a feeling,
What about what you're doing and how you're treating other standpoint, but also it's pretty horrible. Bottom line too. When you really look at things over time and watching large amounts of data. A friend of mine, a couple years back, was able to determine that seventy to eighty percent of new customers were generated not by formal acquisition and marketing initiatives, but by word of mouth from the fifty four of existing customers who were the most delighted with the product or service that was being offered so news flash when you blow people's minds and unexpected ways on a consistent basis give them more than they expected and check this out, actually treat them like you'd on your mom treated assuming he love your mom's guess what happens? They can't shut up about you. They can shut up about what you do, what your crew
eating and when they tell someone exactly what you'd say in an advertisement, it carries about a thousand percent more credibility. I've tried to take this approach in the world built, my living my career and a number of companies a number of times over, and it's amazing how well it works and how much more fun. It is building businesses based not just on the drive to acquire Natasha when on the drive to make it all about how much money, how can it optimize revenue but on the quest to delight so in a recently launched venture that you guys are listening to right now, it's fun. I consider the still recent events in good life project. We literally have baked delight in two are core set ethics and guidelines. Here we have a director of delight
serve serve, solve and delight. These are at the heartbeat of the culture that were trying to cultivate. It's also one of the ten commandments that started this entire business. So but here's the thing this is not just about business. Delight is about life, it's about your life. So when we look at the key relationships in our lives right, we often do the exact in theory, we spent all our time all our energy, all our money on quote acquisition had to eat, get them. How do we find them? How we get these people into our lives and then once we've quote converted someone right now: they're here, We shift into minutes maintenance mode. and then we wonder why everything falls apart.
About it. When you're single, you really take care of yourself. You go to the Jimmy exercise eat. You know you dress better. You engage in Ituri, it is that make it come alive. You leave little notes texts, sweet messages, create surprise meet up, Sir, in a trice things never try in the name of finding new ways to connect, you make ties for dates and walks, and and you hold hands and all sorts of other stuff here here in full metal relationship acquisition mode and you do everything you can to create the best quote: marketing impression possible. So you start attracting interesting process it's, an eventual you convert one to a boyfriend or girlfriend or partner lover, spouse. You keep that same high level of engagement of her bed, but the an would start to happen. You start to feel a little too secure. You take the relationship for granted. You stop thinking about how to attract
delight that person anymore and just worked on? something that everything's pretty much locked and loaded, except we all know it ain't nobody likes being treated like a foregone. In conclusion, we thrive on knowing that the person with whom we've chosen to dance wants, in their lives, thinks about us All the time loves to be with us cares about us Seeing us delighted to and not because demanded, but because yeah the light inside at the thought of making us light up inside is radiant. So what happen if you knew repositioned relationship acquisition not as an end but as an invitation, opportunity to consistently surprise and delight the person with whom you ve connected in ways they never even see Comey, even the smallest ones. Just enough to let.
No hey! I'm thinking about you, you matter to me. I appreciate you Business, your marketing sales and acquisition cost would plummet in life the quality, the depth. Duration of your relationships would take off. And rather than spending all your time trying to figure out how to get people's attention. You get us and all your time plotting and scheming ways to blow their minds. Spying, your team, in your child's in your family, your friends and those you surrender self with all to do the same thing. So what do you think would happen You in the business context, employee turnover when The single overriding purpose of every person on your team is to serve solve and delight, and then what about your own life sounds pretty cool. I mean that as an awesome way to spend your day.
there is an interesting question, though, that this can come up with me around this idea of delight and that system called habituation. So what is that had been patient we have. This stunning ability to absorb both good and bad and turn them into this new equilibrium? So it's like they're, not really having that much of effect on us. You so picture this. It's a Friday night and the partner brings home some flowers. Unexpectedly, wow awesome delight you know, In the same thing happens next week on Q and how lovely and then then send the next week what nice, color and then the same thing next week and pretty soon you start to just assume that that's just the way it is and what began, as a delight has been demoted. Into an expectation, human. we have this remarkable ability to habituate both up and down and what else
certain beginning becomes kind of a baseline over time. So if were striving to always delight, doesn't this creed a bit of a he Donna delight, tread nowhere? We ve gotta, keep raising the bar higher and higher to deliver the same hit, and if so, how do we stop that from happening, and we stop it from happening. Or do we just have to work with that funny little quirk of human nature? How can we make this all work in business and life As always have some thoughts about this, my sense is that if you continue explore and delight in novel ways, not just by doing the same thing over and over and over on an identical schedule, but to mix things up add novelty into the experience of delight novelty in terms of timing and novelty. In terms of experience, it goes a long way towards keeping the impact really high. So I think,
something to really play with, but the bigger idea here is when you think about how you want to spend your energy and life both personal, and business and it career and living move beyond. How can I acquire x? How can I build or start this relationship Aconite and move into how can I massively the light, the people that I engage with on a regular basis, because I found that if you exalt that to the level of commandant pretty much everything takes care of itself, something to think as I explore how I want to build the next evolution of my life and my career, and maybe something for you guys to think about you thanks so much. I hope you enjoy this If you found something valuable, entertaining engaging or just plain fun, I'd be so appreciative
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