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WHY ARE YOU SO ON EDGE? ft. Eric Neumann

2022-07-15 | 🔗

Corinne and Krystyna ponder how men and women view age differences while dating and help console a listener who broke up with her BF over his dog. Today’s Guys We Fcked guest is stand-up comedian, ERIC NEUMANN. The group discusses getting caught sexting with someone else while you’re in a relationship, how to get over people pleasing tendencies, and being hit on by Madison Beer (and blowing it). Sext Positive commentary from Mike Coscarelli. 


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Anti flushing podcast We go on instagram, twitter, tik tok among christina hutch on all those things and you can follow us sums that keep taking leipsic item. I am sorry that my mouth at us, that's what you get in the video version that unites them before and I was on our social media. At guys. We fought without the. U n foxtrot especially concentrate
hidden, follow on that tik tok and the youtube china, which is youtube dot com. Slash guys, we fact without the you in fact, subscribing to that is super great and you'll get all the content that were leasing there. immediately Besides the weak, the pike, s opposites, why really switches we started doing that last week and it will, then again this week in the week after something gets fucked up, and then you go around, it up, and I are just a couple of us run in the ship in there and then you go, but you should have it more well, Well then, I got a little human. You know. Sometimes we get and that's that being criticized itself on. We are right, if you want to send us an email it sorry about last night, show at gmail dot com this writer says I broke up with my boyfriend because of his jha deals
rapporteur, guys I'd love to hear your opinions on this situation. I've been a listener since the start, and I feel very in most situations at this point, but in this my truly feel like I could be the worse person and I'm carrying a lot of guilt and confusion. I figured korean would have some thoughts about this as a dog lover, Christine is jokes about this very thing. In the special sparked, my want to email, you are watching the special I broke up with him a couple of weeks ago after almost a year, because I feel like it was very difficult to see my life with him in the future and currently because of how his dog acts, I mean the first and is enough yeah who also holding you, who knows for contact it's a one year old, corgi that he bought capital eyes which, still to this day, bothers with all of the dogs available in shelters. I really am or time moving past us and we talked about it, and he knows it was wrong, but still had the balls to defend a nice back
or breeders to me? I actually strongly agree with you, but at this is like one of those things that just annoys people. I also don't think people should have children now, south korea, during covert loneliness times. He moved to a new place and had no friends then had to korean, and so I understand the want for a pet friend, but the dog is now an incredibly codependent and wildly untrained. This is a lot of people's dogs. He was I think any tiny apartment with this dog, and he rarely and for a walk or less those awful took him outside and the apartment yard is a corgi not that they have barely any legs lower than Dawkins yeah, so the door I never really learned to walk well and with distractions and corgis are herding dogs and chase small animals like crazy. It was a high the controlled environment and a tiny apartments. I guess he didn't feel the need to train, he creates him all day while he works, and he works fifty to sixty hours a week consistently on top of the other times he's just not home. It really feels like
and will be used to me, but maybe I'm wrong. Why does he have to keep the door craig, I don't understand, yeah crazy. Jean louis train is like even if you dont train a dog. dogs under the more they should just be able to hang out and like even if you could just like pad train them a fee He does yeah or hire a walker to come in the middle of the day. There's so many easy ways to resolve this, because the dog will chew: because a double choose things otherwise yoke of the dog has excited you, that's what you're doing but he was also sleeping with the dog and didn't have another room to put him in when I was there, so sometimes people say what their dogs there's nothing wrong. With that you have at this stage they couldn't fuck that when I came over, if I touch my boyfriend I wrote him. The dog would jump all over me. Scratching me: ok, you're, boyfriends, boundary. I couldn't live on the couch with him or cuddle, because a dog would jump into the couch and land on my head and walk over us until he watches my boyfriend, shoulders and licked, and let this court ease our small but heavy
We couldn't have sex without the dog freaking out by being shut out of the room, and I couldn't sleep over with my boyfriend, because the dog was trained to sleep with him and not in the crate. So when he created the dog at night, he would whine and cry all night when he moved to a bigger house which I was going to move in with him golden dog prevented me from doing so. It's only that I've had tons of room in a yard to himself the lack of training really showed up. He is us dog and incredibly stubborn and would do things to purposely attention like running into the garage he wasn't allowed and then, when we got It's a come inside for a treat he would grab it really quick and sprint back into the garage and had dogs are so funny that dog is owning your eyes. I also couldn't walk I got my own because he would pull lay down so many times. I know core user small, but their strong monkey dogs and I have tiny lineaments and I'm extremely short, though,
Sure you can handle a cordial, though girl. The least gave me blisters from ok. Now are all getting our all being put on gardening like it. In the least gave me blisters from him tugging so much, I have two cats and I did extensive research about how to get them to live harmoniously and the dog just consistently went nuts every time the cats were in the house. and locked away, exposed hee, hee, do anything in his power to attack my cats. I tried for weeks on end really train them to live with each other, and the dog forgot all training every time the cats were around. I never have them in the same room, but the dog would scratch the door with the cats behind it and literally jump over all the baby gates. We had everywhere that's impressive for a corgi yeah. I think what bothers, more than a fact that I can't come over without getting scratched all over by the dog jumping on me, and we can't go anywhere without having to spend fifteen minutes to get him into. The great is the principle that- and here you go- he that he didn't train is
dog for the first a year, and it was me who put in hours and hours of training to get the dog to leave it stay and walk while beginning basics. Your dog should be taught immediately when I was gone for if you're still, my boyfriend didn't really seem to keep up with the training, and so it felt like going back to square one. He always was very understanding and apologetic, but if your girlfriend can't coexist with you because of your dog, why would you personally and my boyfriend is very wealthy- not invest in training for him or do it yourself other than a dog treated me so so. Well, it made me sad that something as as silly as a dog which girls usually love when guys have. As what my mimi lose interest in the relationship. Every other ass I have the relationship felt like a dream to me, but I just finally lost my interest in trying any more because it stress me out too much, and I also lost my dad and stepdad recently, and I need to do everything I can to remain not stress because of my own failing health, I love animals, but this dog made me feel so angry and stress, even after all the training I implemented, I genuinely was fearing, for my cats lives even nora,
never fear for cats lives. No one knows if anything that corgi was in danger. Cats would have survived the holocaust that you're fucking closest. I genuinely was fearing for my cat's lives, even with all the escape routes we created for them. Of course, every time he came to my place to spend the night he had to bring the dog too. He started walking him twice a day and it helped a bit with his energy. Levels, but not really. I guess I just can't get over how I actually feel bad for the dog for being trapped in a crime. all day and amiss behaving, because I'm not having enough stimuli and training as very unattractive. I've done so much research, employment it's so much. Training and I've always communicated my struggles with my boyfriend, but he won't not trap him in they all day even drink our work days. The dog even has own room in a new house which we picked out together, so he wouldn't be trapped in a crate, but my boyfriend is still nervous of him tearing up carpet or some shit. What are your thoughts? I talk to me? therapist pests, my friends and family and other people's dogs and tons of form forums about cornelius, but the repeated
answer over and over again was either get another dog to tire him out or invest in training or just live separately. Thanks guys, love the new youtube comment. Contents, I will you already broke up with them yeah, so there's no need to feel guilty. I mean this could have been the shore that broke the camel's back that his like that. What the what his lack of training his dog said about him, just really disgusted you That means that you, you didn't like you said, is at the very top of the email. There was two reasons why you broke up with them. And afterwards it is very difficult to see my my life with him in the future. I mean that's not just because of the dog, It could be, though it could be like after she saw him parent a dog. She couldn't see him parenting, a child which is which I understand that yeah, ok, which I think is like note, deeply important. That was one of the questions I was going to ask. You is like a yeah: do you are you someone who wants to have a child? because, if you are, this person obviously is going to not hold up their end of the parenting.
bargain yeah. My thing is: if this person was your person, you would have. I think you would- unlike hey this, really bothers me. The way you are with your dog and love, should I do you and I want to make this work, but I have to let you know, like its appointment, jeopardizing my ability to be attracted to you or to see you as a partner as like a as a as a as good partner for the future, as a good place to like you know my eggs in the basket the to put my eggs in or whatever, I mean I don't I don't really like. I choose him openly of like animal abuse, but, like yes, I would say from the basin the information you have given us. I would say yes, this is about if so, the animal, because he's in a cage too long number one legged too, that's too long for dog to go without even just like p yeah plenty of most I walked, are people who you give a key to an they come during the diamond. That's why like they're in business, because people do have to work out
and so to have someone com. You know six hours into it. The halfway mark two of your dog and our work walk, makes all the difference in the world, even if if you are recreating them and like you know, it could also be a really big crate like for a corgi, especially like you would get a crate. That is large enough. That feels like, I think, a lot less like a prison too. Yeah, but also you can tell from the dogs behaviour that it gives up its cooped up all day, of course it's going to be anxious and fuckin a little twat, because you caged it yeah you, but your boyfriend and like kind of like this co dependency, this anxiety that this dog experiences like it's a huge his job, to make sure these things don't happen so like that, training. The dog like dogs need to know like what what what to do there having things to do and they like having a purpose so All these things, like he just seems like a kind like a new, maybe he's like this is his first time having a dog and he doesn't know what to do, but he should be open to learning
a little bit more. It seems like maybe you're like little obsessive about it and like a little controlling cause any like any other still is his dog and even though, yes, I agree with you that a lot of things he's doing our input like wrong or like not the way you would do things out the way. I would do things you still like. You know mason well you're walking down the street every dit moment. I see someone raising a child. The way I wouldn't raise a child, but that doesn't mean like I'm allowed to step it, and you see what I'm saying you know it's like and also it's just like the different levels of abuse. This is not a level of abuse where I think like. If the call somebody but like yeah do, I think, like this is not the best way to raise a dog, also that you know, yeah and and so and ultimately kind of the the problem is. He was like putting the dog were you, and even though I do put my dog before? Obviously any one idea, that seems like not what you're look for in a relationship with that, and
and- and you also said, like the dog, that the dog- oh, what a silly little thing to like break us up. I don't think it's a silly little thing at all: it's another living creature that is involved in the relationship. It's a very big thing. When I adopted Alfred. Huge point of contention between in the dog, and I was like it's my fucking dog, I'm paying for it. It's mine. Even though, like we agreed that we were I share some of the responsibility is like ultimately, it's I get the final say in the assange's, and I basically told him if you don't want learn to fucking get along with this dog and a puppy at the time like for the one who's, galway- and I made that very clear- and he was like okay and like he liked asked to have like kind of a day alone. hanging out with a dog and then they became best friends. You just need to lay down the fucking law and he laid down the fucking law and stop and stop doing all the extra work instead of laying down the law. What you did was you just did what women straight women usually do, which is you did a bunch of extra work, yeah
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so its are available on youtube at youtube, dot, com, slash guys, we fucked without the human factor and those video episodes will, he available every week or the day episode goes wide release. Guess: okay, very all right how you do I not ok, I'm gonna. U know crying and fly and that's my mother, my motto that I have been there is the issue, using, I think, about a lot of people have to me recently about like being too obsessed with self help, and to that. I say there are, we as something that likely. You see people a lot of times. I just read book after book and they're, just just frantically searching and not really absorbing anything. For me, I really like listening to to self help books books
bettering yourself to just see. Most of the shit goes in one ear and out the other for me, but when something sticks- and I resonate with it- it's awesome eyes. I I use self help to get to know myself really, so I just say if you're into self help and people are accusing you of being obsessed with it, a value that honestly, it's really a lot of people as in who professionals are just dm everywhere else. Am I, my friends, I've had professional sell me this just like just send watch it, which is the only to the warning, but but I feel it is always good to kind of analyze. Like am I taken too much of this because thinking about yourself, all time is fucking, exhausting and its tiring, and you did you're gonna stay in the bottom of the well. If you do but one thing that I see about lately because they're still like a hole in my heart from this.
Childhood stuff- I guess I don't know. I guess I like it. I have some bad news for you. It's never gonna go I've heard of the whole just be bigger, yeah, bigger you're like it I like. Should we tell her. I refuse to accept that, but the thing is that the whole I hope when I say that I think I saw me, I've never felt good enough. I've never felt good enough, and I kind of chase these situations. Ever since I was a kid when I started getting boy crazy. I was so boy crazy, read any of my diary for middle school in high school, I had all my god. I like Paul or my soul, into my diaries during times. I just it's about boys. I was obsessed. I was obsessed with who didn't like me and why I was in love with his english teacher. First of all, I was fucking thirteen. So that's something annabelle- and I realise not that's, and that I think that's very normal though it was the it is normal. However, the level of my obsession with him was not a little kay
be, and I crept him out, and people around me. Swim fan over here are higher why I will write like kay em h, my initials loves and then his initials on all my notebooks, hoping you would see it. I would I would always. I would do it sure criminal activities are less crystalline mccormick, whereas if it doesn't work out with your beautiful wife, don't call me now but because what that in my life cause, I'm a better better person now, but yeah I've just noticed like wow there's this day I there was an incident that happened at the top of the or at the end of the last week that was just another incident involving my parents. Where I am I am glad I did what I did and got a conductor myself with like with like carrying I'm very caring person and a very sensitive with its really fuckin annoying, but showing
showing how much I care, despite being treated like shit when it's your parents, I'm like. I don't want to just give up on that relationship. However, you know I welcome opera. It is for them to prove to me that has just knock. I work out which is been doing, but I keep going down these roads of like in rejecting, and I am basically I just reopening an old wound. I mean it's the patterns of fucking, obvious, and so at the core of that it is not. in good enough. I dont know how you fix that, because you can ask me, like you, feel good enough christine, and I would say yes but like emotionally. I get stuck in these. Feelings that are, I know, they're old, and they have nothing to do with what happened in present day, but I feel as if a World casino is just crying in her room and she's scared. Kippah am I can't fucking it out of it. It's really it's really really. It's really. weighing, but one of the things that I was like you know what I want to focus on the the human body. I'm so fascinated,
by the human body, and how brilliant of design the human body is, I always have been, and so I've been reading this book, that I cannot recommend enough. We every being on this planet has has a couple things in common, Ichabod hole? You know, I guess some of us don't have bottles, but that's a medical issue regardless of your gender, regardless of your race, regardless of where you are work country. You live in regardless of your political beliefs. Any of that because there's one things that divide humanity were divided over over rachel. It's over what gender we are over, who we voted for over just a countless, countless, countless things that were always being pushed to fight each other. On one thing we have in common is we all come from a woman, We all came out of a woman's body and a woman's body. I've been learning by this book called a woman code and the the tagline of the book is perfect. Your cycle, amplifier fertility, supercharge your sex drive, come a power source sources by elisa, I vitti
says I am very diligently studying this book. This is like my new, like kind of or with the amber heard stuff, and you gave a dissertation like I'm doing up. For that. I reach out to the author. I think to get her aunt. She lives in new york and it's all about hormones. Every person on this planet has hormones. We all have estrogen we all have testosterone, it is so it is. I cannot tell you what a fucking confidence boost. It is to educate your on your hormonal systems. She one of the things you says the author says is we women. I ask the who comes in my office. I asked them. Do you know where your at in your mental slight cycle you're either in one of four stages? And she said not one woman, I've ever seen in the hills, If me doing, this has known and you realize we are not fucking educated. On on our bodies were. Just not we get the fuckin either.
absence only sex education or apparent give us a half, assed sex talk or were told we're just told about you know: high protect from stds how to protect from pregnancy, but women in america. Miscarriages are incredibly common, they don't have to be, but it's not the woman's fault. It's there are so many endocrine disruptors is what the the other clause, but this would doctors call them things that fuck up your harmony when you're hormones are out of sync, you can feel lethargic. You can feel nauseous. You can feel the press. You can feel anxious. You can have bad period. You can have acne one of the things that I've the assembly that I've periods. My whole life is acne and unlike an eye in its in its when I'm in these places, where I don't feel good enough, whether it's the old fuckin wounds getting picked and then I'm always. Oh, is breaking out at the same time, and, unlike you know what I want to follow this coup and actually like get out already about my body. If, if you have, what's the other one, that's really really
that means something's fucked up with your liver, something's wrong with your liver, but it's like these are really exciting clues, because they're going to lead you to an answer guaranteed He talks about and I'll kind of, like the gave like a couple, not this episode but, like you know, in episodes, in the future like something that I'm learning from this book, like I'll, read a little excerpt of the book for you guys cause it's super fucking fascinating. There are so many foods that fuck us that fuck our hormones up. Our blood sugar, managing your blood sugar is one of the most important things a woman could possibly do for herself. deny reserves, as I know that exactly now, I'm it made me think of you a lot because it's like, while you have to be it, is it's a science figuring out your blood sugar, but some general rules, but our hormones control. one of the things she said- and I was like kind of sad because in the mornings ever since I was a little girl, I would wake up and I I it would take so much to get me out of bed even as a child and it would take.
probably about an hour of waking me up to get me out of bed. I always woke up super depressed. I woke up and even as like a fuckin five year old, I woke up too as I will cry in the mornings I know it always go trimly nauseous, when your hormones are operating a healthy level, and this goes for any gender. You wake up in the morning and you get a burst of energy. That is what your hormones are designed to give you. Your hormones are designed to help you out and one of the one or two things. One of the tell tale signs of like all you ve elders early, something going a little bit In the morning energy and you poop within an hour. Waking Up- and I was like I have never in my fucking life, had that proved within one hour, waking up or had a burst of energy above relay yeah. I love a morning poops us today Have you got a deal, I've I've, it doesn't come. I just eat an apple,
get a like. No one ever taught me this stuff, and I how you would you know unless someone teaches you so so I've been doing well, the diet, stuff that she recommends and it's mice basically eating whole foods, but she's like if you, if you mind what you eat eighty percent of the time, then your body will have enough force enough. Chutzpah, to take care of the twenty percent of the time where you like shit or you go out drinking or whatever yeah, but, like you really got up, I I used to really detest when a health professional would tell me like you can only have five drew are like yeah five drinks a week like total mike pitching I drink five drinks in one night, but it really fucks with your hormones like going out drinking having like benders and stuff and there's ways to make up for that, and it's really like a build up over time. So man I've. Doing just some of the diet, stuff and already noticed waking up in the morning. I get a burst of energy and I've shit within an hour waking up like that
is so cool. It's like doing science experiment, but on yours What did she say? Anything about coffee and caffeine? She did say stuff about. She said: don't drink caffeine on an empty stomach, because that'll make your hormones go berserk and I'm like. Oh that's so interesting, because the only time coffee gives me a fucking panic attack is when I drink it on an empty stomach. I just don't. I didn't realize that that's what was way too much for you. Yeah yeah and everyone not use specific yeah yeah and to only consume like like a eight ounces of coffee during the beginning of the day black, but like that, how dairy fucks you up, and also how face creams and makeup and environment like It is so hard to get it right, but like there's, there is a lot of things that you can do to really kind of munich led the charge for your healthy body, but she talks about endometriosis. Getting hysterectomy hysterectomy is one of the most popular The most common surgery performed on women in the united states that is fucked up and the amount miscarriages that our
but if we say that miscarriages our normal, but they actually shouldn't be its goes over the food that were putting in our body in the environmental factors and the she talks. Like eighty eight h, a h, a r ingredients where, if you see them on the label of a face cream of a lotion of a shampoo or whatever don't buy it, it's an endocrine disruptor in and it'll fuck up your estrogen a lot of times these cream. we'll make it so that there is not enough estrogen then a build up and that so, when you have a break out or when you're feeling a sergeant, when you're consistently depress like look too. Your hormones there's a lot of good. That can be learned, why? What is so says, Alyssa of a very h, h c, what what does that stand for cause? I'm looking it up online and medically. It's just telling me something about hand, hygiene, compliance, but that's obviously not what it means. Oh, I dunno as elite like what is esquire it's like some kind of a doctor. I just don't know holistic health counts. Okay, that's why okay, american association of drug lists practitioners got it got it. Oh, no! It's getting home yeah, so She talks about how, like I'm on the chapter right now,
supplementary chapter about sex drive and how she said there is a study released that, with you show a woman video of animals A video of two women fucking of wary of two men fucking a man and a woman, it sex, a woman. body start showing signs of arousal. So it's sex is like the like the ons, It's like seeing sex, even if it's not someone you want to fuck, is going to get you're going to get like your body going and a lot of people. she's, like I'm so sick of women, saying that people telling women that it's all in your head, your sex drive is on your head. It's actually not there. There you know of your harm, it's are functioning well and at level you should be able to have a healthy sex drive and you don't have to fuckin. You know, stop thinking of your to do list
where the fuck oh- and she also says one of you know stress- is such a stress, fucks up your hormones, so much and stress is one of a lot of reasons why women will come to her and say I can't get pregnant because the stress is just getting in the way. So it's really interesting, it's very empowering and it's it makes me. I love give me something to do. tell me exactly what to do I'm going to do it, and then I see the results that is there in this career. There's not a lot of that. So with help and with your body and with figuring out your dot, the science of your own diet. It's it's cool to see. The results are already feel like my skins. Getting better so yeah it is. also, I want to recommend that book woman code and I also to recommend it? I highly highly encouraged. There is a lot of men who are sceptical the luminaries straight dues. You message me you made yourself known. Thank you appreciate. You see you. I think it's we worse, I mean I'm going to educate you about this stuff in the coming in the coming weeks, but I think it's worth every person. If you have sex with women, if you're bisexual,
or straight or you're. Gay woman fuckin read this book. It will really help put things in perspective because she's. She gets down to such a specific signs with where you're at in your cycle, to the point where it's like. You can make decisions during the b in you know the best way in this part in your cycle. You should eat this. In this part of your cycle like it's really, you can get really nerdy about it women's health in general, So I think I was just doing research and kind of like I go down like rabbit holes of how like these, when celebrity affects people, and especially like the culture of influencers, our in right now, because very fascinated by it both the positive aspects and the harm it does, and something led me to an article about an inch look at cut she's a youtube, so I would say her name is Eugenia Cooney
She is for lack of at our word dying before us. As a result. in eating disorder and my came across this article had never heard of her before I was not familiar with her work. My sort of knowing her she's twenty seven in an american, and I started following her immediately just because the key, recession was basically about how, Our fans are like kind of like. In any way supporting her or trying to help it was kind of just like there all kinds of watching as she wait so why, and I mean this, is she? Is you there's a bread it threads about how she still I that's how bad it is and it's It's like the government, stopping in her parents, and I saw her mom. Do you like a youtube video with her from what I've gathered? seem to be like doing-
nothing about her stay, and I don't know again. I have to look into more like the legality of stepping in when someone is like actively dying of an eating disorder and because I don't know how you can like what you can do to force someone and I was just kind of starting with like looking up- how to speak to someone when they have in disorder, because that's actually not something that I really experienced first hand a time, and you know just how sometimes just having a blue check mark next year, name on twitter. Sometimes you will read or comments first, I would like just trying to like be like hey like were concerned about you. Are you ok, you're getting behind you talk to me. It's like once. You know something like this once you know that someone like, actively struggling, not getting the help they need their almost like monetizing, their imminent death. What lake How can you not step in and say something but also like? I don't have direct access to all these people, so I kinda just wanna
bring it up number one. If anyone's been falling, her can educate me like a little bit faster on it because you know obviously with a influence or you have to kind of like watch the videos go down. He is like red it holes and then also like if there are using that we could. who has as a group, because I mean she has she's a large falling, but it's not so large that guy's, we fucked can't kind of match it here. I just seems like it seems like one of those It's like we're, just after you find out. How can we not like do everything you can because it's like I mean we there's like I it's like a. Be a matter of days like honestly, and I don't exactly know what there is to do an mp and people have kind of like what reply to me being like you know, no one she's not doing, We thinks she's not getting any help, and I guess ultimately that is her choice by. I don't think that I wouldn't imagine that that's the
if she would actually want to go, I'm guessing something as like pretty wrong but anyway. So I just wanted to bring that up, because it's something I've been thinking about this week so that fuckin chick is still in russia oh yeah, yeah, really runner, brittany grandma. I wish I think the european day was kind of doing about it, because there was part of the dialogue at one point, because we talk about this a lot on without, country. Part of the dialogue was for a moment that we should stop talking about it, because that was russia know how much like how valuable she was to us and that only made them want to keep her more gay, actually just tweeted the other day that we should keep her in the station, which was kind of my an assassin if the situation, and that we should keep loud about it and she's like had no contact, I believe what they friends or family. I think she's only like off. Maybe again, don't you don't call me as for the last article, I read, I think she was only able to contact her legal professionals by email me or or let like something like
tat, it was very. She has very, very limited contact with people, and so her friends and family dont exact even know what's going on, and the government has finally been real russian liberating shush about ass. She, both the american government and the russian government, yeah yeah But on a lighter note, I did try to master where the other day and I went through a catalogue in my mind. I had a little. He took me thirty minutes to even think of something that I can masturbates you, because I fucking hate every one. I've ever had sex with so much at this plan. Yeah yeah, it's just like honestly, like social media. In this way as the downfall, you don't need to see every thought that someone's that been inside you as ever thought unnecessary and enemy hate them. While you look look ray it just comes up and like everyone gets upset like upset. I may I tried him you'd everyone, but just like you just come up ross things- and you just be like you forget about some of them too
there. I thought I had you muted ass, yet yeah. So it literally to me thirty minutes to think of one guy, but I wasn't like disgusted with as a human. I actually talked in there we thus wake up. I was just like I am. I am like having a hard time being attractive attracted to man, and I I think a weird like oligarchy, liquor ella will angry feminist. It's like yeah things like I don't know what made me not attracted to you. So go fuck yourself, yeah yeah, when you're constantly disappointed by a gender it's really hard to, even though you know that not everybody in one gender acts a certain way when you've just been bombarded with one certain way, it's hard to fucking get horny for that yeah I think it's like. No no coincidence that a lot of my female friends have tried to fuck women recently I want to ongoing events and also to I'm like me, I fuckin this wasn't even in consciousness after college. I d, the czechs like I had dating profiles forward. And then I went out on dates with women. I would just like so fuckin oversight and not do because I didn't,
like what world because, although the same gender, so I don't know who should lead, discuss somebody's gonna, fuckin leader in right now and we are both like the two girls at I like dated briefly this one girl, brittany whence college with I was just like. I know what to do here. So I just stopped, but I was so young that I'm like hm. You know what I kind of want to do it again. So if they're yeah, there's a a nice bachelorette, who, I know your and did I flood my dmz or asked me out. If you want to ask me out, but like be cool, I'm great, and if I like you all fucking, who cares we'll go on a date? Don't well, maybe I should have said that but ill, whatever whatever you know, if you catch my eye, why I you know I do I do it all the time mikey spoken dams are flooded, want to act. I want to act like that. I want to act like a straight man in america. I wonder and I want it. I want to
you know what my dams are open. I dont want to see a photo of you naked. I won't I just wanted to know You are to take me out and as a well, we do at christina hutch cause. I really I really do want to find somebody that I vibe with I just such a sounds so nice getting her lesbian already it's the wise words of Israel, the guys we fucked effect on the whole. Many like everyone like why wooes aka like how how flooded aria it depends. I think that there's you know, there's an other inbox right, yes, I think that that has a usually I usually let that one go that
one. Can I see you could be missing out on some love you, I've looked I've seen signed there they're. Usually there very nice other areas fascinating to blue tax, not even the blue jacket, it just kind of lake. You know, there's there's a there's, a handful of girls that are like very consistent, that that, like me, have a kind of cancer or replied. I like constantly and stuff like that. Do you reply to them? there's some girls that I kind of like I flirt with and then there's some girls that, like I follow it was so. What can? I say something that you said this: the jury. It was a private conversation, wasn't on air, but earlier today about your age range, oh yeah. I had this things. I'm like I'm not gonna, go back on the dating up. That's why I'm soliciting your dams, because I almost wish noses. Gonna get in the murky territory would like our kelly shit, but that age was listed on it because we met and women and in between form, judge, based on age that just have nothing to fucking do with the person like you got to get to know somebody I judged
Are you based off of how old you are, and it's not fair, because it prevents me from actually getting to know you so, and so I was asking MIKE I'm like. What's your age, range any goes. You know what I actually just my room. I just extended and I thought he was going to say to older. He goes to younger like off what here, but I didn't dial might just went by twenty two to twenty one out of you said younger women aren't is jaded and I was like you're right but like, but like I work that that's going to get held against me in his dating app atmosphere of saying how old I am and that and I'm like that's, why, honestly, one of the many reasons that dating a chick, sounds so exciting is because they don't fucking, judge you like that
like says, women should be all younger women are, is jaded the way. I would say that if I was writing a book, was older women aren't as naive about thats what I said when I talk to christina my dream: less woman there there s the strength of the heart. The part that christie desire is that I said I correct did when I said that all older women are jaded and so that older people are jaded as haiti bull that get into their thirties and are still on dating absent date. Like the day, I've just like dating ups are not for thirty. Something's checks are now. I don't know. I just think you ve gone through so much more, that you ve had a relationship that you thought was going to be the one that failed or year or maybe you're still single, because who are men and women like a serious work, a hawk and euro and actually know how to make space for somebody else. There there's a lot of reasons why I think somebody ends up being in their thirties and still on a dating up, and I don't think it. I think
that's the jaded, oh, I know its not, but it still just sort of lake there's there is your more romantic about love when you were a younger. That's how I don't need you dumb. Maybe not me, We have an article about love till the day. I die baby lesson and now give me that love japan cause. I was also like when I think back. I was also pretty disinterested in dating in retrospect in my twenties I just like so like thought. Maybe I would get over at the you know. So I was like. Oh, this is probably just a phase I'm going through, but then it turns out, I'm just actually disinterested in dating right, but that's different. I when I was twenty is even though I was like like single for most of it till I had that one like serious relationship. I was still romantic about the fact that, like I was we have that one relationship fucked, you are really the line it the right it will. You have exhort you. These are really that's I'm driving on like how many have really is like we're, really ships that I go thrill and
look that long till I really like be like. Maybe it's for me one one bad one and you tat tat right what and that's the thing it's like. If so, who is now tables a time- and I am even I'm on my third in my thirties onto dating as this is the whole point. Yet this is proving the theory I'm one of the jaded. I'm not saying that. I regret I noted in bosnia. The trick is to like to recognise, if you're here, it, recognises em, you got work through. That the trial of trial and once you and it's at its an effort- man, that's a writ this, the it's a real effort, you really gotta work hard and you gotta put your happy. You gotta be ball. You are boldly attack going after unhappiness Why would you want trying to deal you can't bring you? Can you also can't, like harbour the disappointment that you have from other relationships yeah and then, like an answer bill them on new people. Right has like that's once it like thing we ve talked about on the shoulder is that I would always get mad at people for me, angry at me for something some other woman did to them. Yeah know like jeb project
because my heart that I have towards men is is, is more of a this. It's larger societal treatment of women, the things that happen in sm on a small level in a relationship. That's mira- possibility to find a singular. I all I need is why, like a singular person who is not doing those things and that is, is doable if I put work into it realized. I was like I'd just rather do other things: yeah yeah, yeah yeah, I dunno, so we're all trying guys we're all fuckin, yeah figuring it out Mary. Go you dont asses, trying s guests guys he has a crowd work special out on youtube right now. It is called enough about me he's a stand. A comedian, longtime friend of us and the show please give a warm welcome to our canoe man
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arms are appealing that would give a sign but you're not hand that sell that doesn't help, and I just peal of just blow the appeal and that that I feel is being pale. I also you have two you have. I dont by trying to get to the level of killings is very dangerous for your skin, but I will then I have to go to the hospital immediately and we give real areas having designed learn like yeah, really like intensifies or risk of skin cancer, and I know you and I know you're a fucking neurotic open with that on your boy, you're just going to save your life and space it up. But what am I lived young can be saved in the newspaper and just where sanskrit from now nothing you can do but yeah you're right right now, but yeah. You have to be more careful about that. That's crazy others! Little much of it!.
if there's so much to worry about is in itself saucepan crazy, but you know what I've been so bored lately. I've just been peeling it off, but why did your fingers and elmer's gloom peel? It offered a normal person. I've used almost blue and bright twenty years. That's good you're, an adult now have you have crafting on the weekend? The other being. I may not be fine, but here I get one using at my god newer. If you saw me at a cafe your passing by need, you saw me like squeezing will out of a thing as a thirty for you man, yeah honestly, with the times we're living in I'm like numbing sense. We would get a jersey, certainly like painting or drawing and you're like that seems so. Fuckin relaxing, Oh, my god, I haven't experienced that level of relaxation as well. paper away. You know yes, you're not doing anything to react with terminally can help yourself relax cause you do you, like you run on edge. That's one thing. The first thing I know it's about a year,
economic, seemingly normal guy, and then you had a common line with him at the cheese played at broadway calmly club and you go on, the horizon was arranged favorite story. To tell him this happened at maroon, we did those rooftop set at new york, roger and the judgment of the pandemic. No idea there was a period of time or the world know, but so corinthe goes in front of like twenty people. By the way she did the bigger the crowd, the better for this message: yeah the distress you goes, you know when I
firstmet Eric newman. I was really attracted and you know right away right away. I'm like the end of this sentence is to fuck and murder me grandma, and then I talked to him for a minute and I was done for life. That's essentially it wasn't that hard pill for whatever a regular guy who wasn't a comedian. We have the context that this is the way comedians speak with each other amazing guy, isolated information that takes to say you're, not an ally, yeah. I mean yes, but I mean yes, I did say that, but also with the way comics speak to each other offstage way. kill, most audience members who are already complaining. Oh by the way I found it, fucking hilarious, gun running on edge way, so on edge buddy, I'm actually starting. I was talking to my therapist, who I see twice
weak. To give you an idea. Wow you've been there my friend who I should be doing twice a week now, but yes, I have how? How long did you run the streak? I guess I'm better month. Okay, I've been doing it for a year. Wow, something happened, swell frank about nothing happened, I'd be very alarmed. I went through a break up, so was a kind of a crash ally, orbiting, They have triggered something that was deeper inside of uranium hoping triggers, but but but it was six, it was six year. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah I'll, see you in a pretty rent, serious relations. I had a mental breakdown after my seventy relationship he don't you. I was that when you did the one month, two days a week, it was a little bit after that, okay, yeah yeah cause. I was still running from it for a while for about a year after I was like I'm great and then know I never even had that. I'm great moment like or was like terrible shape, it- was more than like. I learned a lot about myself in a relationship that that that I just didn't.
Oh yeah relationships are honestly some some of our greatest teachers and a lot of the flaws or false belief that we carry out. Our selves is so fucking annoying that The case they are magnified in our relationship and you want to be vulnerable. You want to be honest, you want to be, and then it's just so scary to do so, because you're seeing parts of yourself that you don't like yeah and and and the thing was just like. I like. I had no idea my parents' divorce affected me at all, like people do in movies, they'll be like. Oh, my god, the worst day of my life, my parents got divorced like they're, like income tolable anomaly, ass, not being a pussy, lay like a paragon of oars religionist org up. I was like joking through the whole thing seemingly didn't, get affected at all and then, when my girlfriend wanted to get married, I was like oh shit like that. It hit sort of hit me all at once as what the breakup was about. The fact that you didn't want to get married. I didn't I wasn't ready to commit. I just wasn't ready to do it, we're ready to it, even though you already spent six years with a person which one could argue is a commitment. It is a commitment, but I wasn't like a four
like, I wasn't like peace with the decision. like never. The decision was never fully made. It was like. I think, I'm going to do what I think. I'm gonna do it, but like I'm having these doubts, but I think I'm gonna do what I should which is great, but I should should, is a risky word to incorporate with a relationship yeah the way men look at marriage, it's so interesting because all the conversations I've had with my male friends fuel, you know end up proposing or now married. It's very much the seem. Like word used, edge, which is so different from how women it's like. I should she's wonderful as if it is like a kind of yourselves or if it's like a generic, it could have been anyone who was great. Basically, it's like. where, as I think, a lot of women see things as like he's the one who's this.
Guy, I'm marrying him, be synergy as if in a civically hand, rather than because he is good inflict checks all my box. Yes, but I think like that, even as a little grey, because, like I actually look at my acts as the one, just maybe perhaps at the wrong time in my life like MIKE, it's nothing really nothing do about her it just like was. She should have came along at a time when I was a real leap, developing as he's a young boy, but but yet. But I think that I think that, like added to a lot of like I dont look it like if I get married one day, which I hope to leg
I don't think I'm going to be like. Oh, this girl was better than her. I just think like I was more settled and there's nothing you could do to resuscitate that the relationship with your ex. At this point I think she's dating somebody, I'm not one hundred percent sure on blocked on everything parts of it ended well yeah. It was weird I was like, but we were like hanging out and still like getting dinner and like hold hands hooking up and not hugging yeah and it was a brutal aired line time for both of us Leah brutal. For me, like I would like you know, I was single technically so like I was like dating the abbot like going on dates, nothing serious, but there was no chance of me having feelings for anybody else. While I was still I felt like they were still grieving. This loss, and also while you weren't, allowing yourself to grieve yet cause you're still hanging out. Would you say was that more accurate? There was absolutely no space in between the hanging out and the breakup at that time. No, no. There was
there was like, maybe a month or two where we didn't talk at all. He called and came back together because she hated me. I also got caught doing something bad at the end. While I was at sexting, were you still together, yeah, that's what azalea park. Your body or your dick. Maybe he's going like we're out of this buddy. You might not be ready to be out of this, but whereof as I did. I do a lot of the last the last the last day of my seven relations about sex. what else wow there, but I really knew ass. It were done. I, my brain and heart, couldn't make the decision, so my body was like alright we'll do it for you and then I was like. I can't live with myself, so warped broken up, and I naturally believe that unless you're, like a horrible person, which I I'd like to believe, the people were surround myself with. Aren't
I don't think you wanna cheat at all yeah, I think you'd like to I think. Ideally ever I mean there are people who have like different levels of like what they need and what they want, but, like I do think like. Ideally, everybody wants, in theory that one person who could keep them satisfied enough to like not fuck, and you know yeah, but then is that other person's responsibility to keep you satisfied enough. So you don't fuck around no, it's your responsibility to appreciate that other person and you don't fuck around yeah also, I feel like the sexting at the end of the relationship or any other kind of digging around at the end of a relationship that it's like almost like a little self sabotage, because breaking up with someone is difficult sort of thing so yeah I'd say you wanna, do it. So it's like ok! Well, if I suck up then come back with christmas, have no choice but to deal right because your I didn't, like you feel guilty your extra morality comes into play in the thing was it was a crazy. Like I tell my services today is a weak soon to be three may
my gosh three that's it gets over. Don't I told my therapist on a daily basis that knowledge amenities keep adding days on the chemical back. I have organised a week, paragraph twenty wailing. Add you eleven aims. It will go on to react and I go there's actually yeah we're. She lives with me and I got into my mom is by miss my there and you see how, with you, I gotta admit current dim in a moment, but but no, I think like like with her, for example, like that. I really like I'm, not ok with cheating at all, like that. I mean you could like either end yeah. I think I think it's really a bad But out of that come up did someone. She don't someone in the relationships: sex, sixteen out, so just so, just that yeah I mean if it sweet, because I mean there how many relationships do I wish sexting was the only other thing going. I know I know
and I said, but I think that that really speak so like your character, that you were like a shame to say that at the end of the relationship, you were sex thing and it was was it was only the relationship because they got caught sexting. So she we're line and I got caught she what the relationship was on the out. It has to be if she was looking for it. How did she had so? How did she doesn't know unless she says that it is look the fuckin girl centre a screen shot of the message so We are also told you. It was a waitress. I literally have predecessor ain't, you never fucked a comic I've never had section That's not that's not
that's what I was doing, the noble thing and you guys we're like you're, a piece of shit for fake rule with yourselves at a faint, your abilities about. Oh, but you wouldn't you wanted you because you want to do it, not because it's gonna make you look a certain type of why I don't have a kind of actually. I totally he's looking a certain nobody feeling what I don't want to get to the comedy club and be led- and that's my fucking weird so that real time, but I must say, I'm not open minded to it. Yes, we could all forget the universe, but have almost no, but the thing is is like I realize so so whatever so I did that, and then it was a waitress in philly or whatever. So we didn't even have sanctuary to do anything we just like sex did and then she got mad at finding lie though I said I was single year that it sets out. The law should be honest here, so I fucked up, and then it came back in may and june. Since greece has to my ex It's interesting because we usually don't recommend that the girl, when the girl finds that out like that she does, that
but she did that and your relationship ended, and would you say that was the better choice? I think that I needed to figure out was going on and the ilo, so I think we could have worked on it given that year that we're still hang out and irrational dry reasoning. Dinner and stuffed well also speaks volumes about your about about your girl, your ex girlfriend, because many times the reason we don't recommend. That is also because the one in the relationships often overlooks or doesn't believe the other woman. So it's just and if I am asked for it's a mess for ladys over all those green shy, carefully fuck with your girlfriend of eight but be no. So your girlfriend obviously like respects the opinions of other women, I don't know, she goes. The other girl goes. Oh I'm happy to discuss over the phone. If you want any, have any questions at all Please feel free to contact me
will, definitely use this number and she called her and they like talked about everything like wow. How did your girlfriend at the time? Let you know that she knew? I was in a park, is on rosh Hashana, yeah. Why, of course, that the biggest she was always gonna be ruined for me, for you something I know you, I would sum for her some free trade, these on she had like she had like cook dislike amazing. I know the night before for, like my my uncle, who flew in from Israel fucking. That was a real piece of shit Y and and this no, this had happened like previously. It wasn't then, but then I was like walking in the park. She went back to her mom's house for, like I dunno, to spend the day or something see her nieces and I got a. I got a screenshot and I got a text and she cynthia she text, because what the fuck is. This now is like well
Here goes the next few months for me right there you see it and you go the next few months for me are going to be fuck. a free. When were you at all worried that that this was gonna get back to your girlfriend or do? Did you feel confident that the during the sexting that this was never going back to her? I do think we re about her, but I also didn't like how did you find out you to go for it? and sweet recipe interest interest, and it also just sucks to yeah. It sucks because you're being a moral, you're, fucking lying to someone, you love it's just bad all around or lying to yourself and how much I heard her from it and how much I got her in turn. I was like this is just to spend our money gallic just be single
you're, gonna fuck around you spoken, we single ryanair and even get sex out of an era that got that dangled in your fucking masturbated and I caught my book. In my view, a jerk off and ruin my relations yeah. You could just gone only fans uniting and pay for it so stupid or you and your girlfriend having sex with the times we were yeah. I always like. We always had amazing side like I really enjoy like. I was what makes them release you paypal, alas, that law had sex. I like and truly like I love this girl, like I will, first my life I was asking my uncle the other day I was like. Do you think I'm going to ultimately think like like looking back ten years from now? Am I going to think like? Oh, I did the right thing or I regretted I miss her and he's like why not both I'm like yang
ambiguity. People are uncomfortable, the ambiguity is very, but we are very so black or white. Thinking like something is either good or bad. We are either evil or good, and it's like. No. That is not the case. People are layered situation, shades of grey the entire fucking way through. I don't think a single thing in my life has been black and white at this point they never It never is, but what does it mean? You did the right thing because it basically you just you just didn't sex and got caught, so it wasn't like if you didn't actively join You passively did something. If anything I could, if I think- and this is what caused more fortune was like- she, I think was able to probably eventually work on it like like. If the word a step up to the plate and be like I made the worst is. How can I lay doktor like let's get married its work on it like you like? I think I think it's something that is that we could have worked towards and made healthy again or what I I was more concern why I was doing it yeah, which is what you should be because people you know when you most people coming
into a romantic relationship, especially like straight couples. I feel like with with some holes to patch up and when you patch up your holes with another person, it's it's arrested, for disaster, because the second one of you guys betrays you whether you're like Oh. I don't want this because I want you to be my sustenance for, like my own self confidence and my own, whenever my own source of love or whatever the fuck, it is so you got a bit solid foundation within yourself first to be a good partner yeah. No, I I exactly. I met him became sort of like clear to me and then, like people do like just like relationship hopper, and were they just relationship, but don't want to be lonely like I've been single for now, like technically single, officially saying for like a year and a half I mean, I guess weird. For most of that year we were hanging out the latter I've really on our own up, but but I've definitely been single for six months. Lay out with no, you know and like I'm fine, being like. Have you learned about yourself that I actually and be fine on my own and I've been on
relationship a lot about that in your act, but I wanted a relation it's like the whole time like like? I just I don't know because now looking back, maybe at the reason I went for all the wrong girls was because I knew that, like it wouldn't result in a relationship and that's not really what I wanted. I wasn't sure what are the wrong girls, what he means just like the girls that I knew like I wouldn't we would never happen with or like be compatible. You know whatever, like just somebody just fucking, not date or just like even before that, like more innocent than that like just like, maybe like I knew deep down that like the girl I had a crush on was never going to like want me, so I wouldn't have to ever deal with actually getting close to someone or whatever. I was always my whole life like I was always like very popular as far as like everybody knew I was, and I had like nice relationships with people, but I never got like really really close lake
to any like happens when you're nice to everyone you're close to no one exact, ouch There's a final lies to it like as a long I get a younger, and so I think, are you appeal only I do I personally not me. I I really think like just slake being focused on stand up, has really grounded me MIKE. It's made me more like its helps with like it's almost like it somewhere, like a substitute for meditation like being on mindfulness, and it's really helped me become more positive and like not go so hard on myself and and that I'm not going to re extremely hard on myself, like like unforgivably hard on myself and that's something that I've been working on in therapy. the answer. We were very sad fact that you are very mean to ourselves attire, and so I needed to lake I needed to realize. I think I always put women as the number one most important thing in my life legging without question.
Women over everything. But women in general are romantic relationship, romantic relationships, just the idea of women like I asked like. If I like, really likes you like me, you became one porn than me in my life. I like it was like that at one point in my life, and now I've seen it shifts to comedy is the most important thing in my life yeah and everything else is like second, so, like I'm, fine, focusing on my career and wherever- and I do want to get married and have kids one day and all that stuff- and I am getting- and the other thing I realize is like I actually dont lake random sex as much yeah? Like I mean I like it, maintains road how good guy, like you would do that
but I'm not like it really like. I look at a point now, I'm like okay, I'm going to wake up in some strangers, but first of all, I'm probably not making into the morning. I'm probably leaving before that right is a fucking, dick move, which I feel bad doing like can't handle even like staying in somebody's been gagged area like form like I want to leave, and I dont like doing I like it. I feel a lot of like two things that you're saying like Daniel present, like it it man pursue a lot, but people see you as a nice guy and see him yeah on less so than before, right but yeah, but but I do like the thing is I yeah yeah, I think you're right when people tell me I don't, but instead of like okay, so like okay, it's not like, we will kind of like saying it's, not black and white. It's like so the opposite of not everyone's, not seeing you as like Eric the nice guy is not them hating, you know it's just actually getting to know you and having their own opinion about you and one hundred percent, and also I've gotten better. Like I don't care it used to bother me so much of a crowd. Member didn't think I was funny like
genuine. I find one crowd member That's it sylvia your comic song about that so off to some one else, You want, in the audience enamoured with yeah yeah really happen ever and also. I don't look at every, but you get everybody in the ground now much anymore, I'm more address on me, but I used to be like I actually like. If people hate me a little now because yeah come on, our has had the worst is indifference. He: was there Why does ok like be like all that gaza, a fucking asshole beautiful, yeah you mean you gotta because at least at least you're a listening, some sort of emotional response. You know they are, it is so you I'm this concern with any more but people in my life like I don't want to hurt anybody. Feelings like that. That's been a very important thing for me like, but how does it feel when? Are you hurt someone's feelings? A feels bad because, like idea,
Sensitive, but you're, sensitive to reputation, not we represent and I dont want somebody utter just don't want someone to feel bad. Ok, painless! you're gonna have to sometimes for sometimes to set your own boundaries you're going to have to make people. I know it's like an that's why I'm choosing to lake like the parrot was even sex now in a month. and sony hero, which is what I love about. You committed to that fucking straight stone face when you said a christian. Can we just give me a quick applause for not having sex for a month? Is that thank you? I saw Christine. I don't see you thank you. Stina get on board, get on board with this year and don't feel bad roy Eric narrow. But the point is is like I don't like that was rare for me. Yeah I used to just, but now I'm like, am I going to lead somebody on and walk out on them in the middle of the night, obviously he'll say but
parliament's amendments. They might not give a shit that you do that. My name is everybody's different exact year, so it so you have to be like, especially when you're, when dealing with like romania, shit and sleeping with people? They haven't a mighty, more sensitive, tours, confederates going much. Why? Because we ve all been on the city under that success. yeah has offered to how are you mean if I may be borne apps? I can't imagine everyone on digging up. Ok, So let me just out in the wilds stage on comedy people hit paleo chose to get him here. My medicine beer store sure. Yes, ok, you know Well, yes, I do know her mouth and beer singer influence her here. I'd want to let the cruet no created wealth, I'm you think he was by the back and forth. I can never remember, but goes I also justin bieber was they haven't. You got so just be barrier of like founded her whatever like retweeted or something she got to use them. she caused a lot of trouble online to does she yet another, so she's a uniformly
there are sometimes in a way that I got by what we all again yap rather hate than indifferently. I get actually arm. So I was doing this private jewish gig in long island. two weeks ago or whatever it was. It actually wasn't that much money but, like I was told like alright there's going to be like a you know, you know this one of your life where you and we were talking about you didn't vegas again and I am. I am mammoth equipment offering where it's like gay a words like some gigs at this point right where were were established working comedian, some gigs are for the money and others for the opportunity. Re Einstein you get an the jackpot is one. Both collide lies, of course, which often or those but anyway. So I did this one where I was like. I am. I pull up it's a country club along alan jewish country club,
all bentleys and cadillacs in the driveway like not even like, like the guy who had the bends, is like the the broke one. Who was like a shame to come out of the house. You know that kind of crowd and I go up to twenty minutes. Awesome crowd felt great about it and got off stage and I'm walking out and dislike. Gorgeous girl comes running up to me and she's. Like hey, I wanted to let you know. You are hilarious and I was like. Oh thanks. I really appreciated. I was like she's like yeah, my dad she's with her dad and her grandma, and somebody else my dad saw you on the tonight show and he loved your set or whatever, and I was like- oh cool. I was like that's so nice, you know whatever and she goes or she goes yeah. I'm a big comedy fan and all this stuff- and I was like okay cause like we- should go for a drink some time and she goes and she she so I I was joking around with a girl in the front row who is single just like flirted for the floating. You know joking around and she goes aren't you with that girl, like her name, is broker some orange with broken. I was like, oh no, we haven't made it official, yet you know so you should like scooped me up before she,
as or whatever just like, yeah and she's laughing whatever. So I go. Oh, I didn't want to make too much noise or like come out in the hallway with me. So we start talking in the hallway for like ten minutes, and I already do she's like I'm a singer, I'm like oh cool. What's your name, she goes madison beer. I was like you're extremely famous and like all banks, I just did a world tour and have my parents, my parents, home into this mere my parents belong to this country club or whatever, shall we so we just came from rough beginnings. Robbery, exactly long island, but yeah. So it was cool and then I go like, and then I I go. Are you dating anybody who says again? I've been in the shoe relationship and I go well. If it doesn't work out, we should go for drinks, what the fuck she was hitting on you and she's dating somebody or what? But the thing is it's so hard to tell if it was hitting on her. She was just like, failing liquid lay firewood, and now I was that's not heading. I don't know, I don't want anything else after you, that catching me before I left the room. You as a comedy fan is that's she, but,
I think maybe like every day when you're famous you have more, you think you have more pull like to compliment another artists, which was also that's exactly what I took it as I was like I was not taken. This is like her hitting on me and I started getting on her for schreyer cabin boy, but I m not you know just esther fur during future shy, but that one, but you know nice, we have like a nicer poor, whatever and she's doing some just fine, and then I posted a photo of her, and I just said like thanks for coming to the show madison beer like whatever and then shia she liked it and her mom who I hadn't met her mom. Wasn't there is apparently parents normal divorced, and it is something that is she's injured to murmur her mom or her. That's hello. Her mom commented sledges put a meeting new friends, and I thank you for coming to the chauvinism. Beer in her mom comments. It she's a great friend to have she's my best. He or whatever else it had ever mom, find out or see it or whatever and rang, right right right, but, but it was nice know was a nice moment was fun date. That was your medicine, okay, okay, just two weeks ago, yeah
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on for less money, you get a next level. All inclusive beats vacation. It breathless resorts inspires by am our collection, but today at cheap, caribbean dot, com. eyes, those nice. You know where it was nice bond like yet definitely if a if she single and she has made we're going go really. You should mom's Oh yeah amounts to that mass has our own career going on, but she campi vigour mom manages her pretty sure yeah, but you can, you could say yeah onager, let us in on the medicines. Only when I'm going from the man is in your step, daughter said: yeah yeah you're, like I'd like a vast I've, ruled out the family other than madison. Well, here, oh you are my rowing. Anxiously common hourly are out of the car. So why? What have you,
I learned about yourself in terms of like what your parents divorce has done to you, and I think it I think I really am good at like I've mastered the art of like distraction, and I think I just distracted myself just with like humor growing up that, like I, I didn't realize how hard it was for me to The comment to the abolition ship to someone who is amazing and militarism, I think wasted because commit you ruin the religion for six years, but I kept seeing it as like. Am I going to do this for the rest of my life or not? Okay, you know that exhausting to think that the whole time you're in a six year relationship wasn't the whole time the first few years. I was just like we're just at a relationship and really good relationship, and- and it was a really fun and everything- and I like really obviously cared for deeply and then once her friends started getting married and
she started putting pressure on me to do it is when I started to be like a sort of freaking out the asking I like old, lay hold of her eyebrows. We were coming back a car, rightfully giorgio until george for the four weaken a high, and we were coming back and she was like ask him. You like, what's goin on like you're running out of time here like an, I got home and half my. I bro was out I my whole eyebrow, ah throwback. They said they don't grow back, but quebec wow if you have good eyebrows while they're drawn on so my mala tremors waxed them off. When I was in eighth grade and they don't come back, not mine, no, they were huge. There are probably as full as yours. Really oh yea. I don't think you need eyebrows. As far as my kia quite well. Thank you very much. I appreciate that points. Points points for it and okay is interesting. Yeah I mean so I mean I have a problem with like cause with like the
out of time thing it also from like a woman woman's perspective. It puts all the ball completely in the guise court. Like I mean you can be like pink and asked and that the singer and propose yourself what What would you have done if she proposed to you? I would have been like. Can I can I promoting a couple. You gotta you wait! Don't trust you into proposing to her said. If I may, I would have set out at the outset of nodes, heard, to try to put the ball back in my courtiers. Why you I've never tire of on rejected. It is anti europe proposal. I don't know she I mean. What's the difference between her asking like if she's being a hard time getting me to propose clearly she's not going to propose I mean that's exactly what pink did then the guy was devoted to carry her, and he said yes and he and the worsening other.
but was it set up? An issue was saying: having unruffled have you heard her yet like? Was he yeah? He wasn't my love. You know your pink. She has a lot of masculine energy and she was just they are not waiting around anymore. The action proposed law, so it's kind of like putting you in the corner and being like is this is happening a little bit. Or worn set now but like I. So why is it like put so why is it romantic when a man proposes and then putting someone in a corner and went along its, I didn't says, is a bit but he's on record when one browsers proposes. I said that if I'm having eyes on a messy and arms, but like maybe she didn't know like did you did you discuss, length why you were having trouble proposing, as I think that would be like some insight into a like. Some guy is just like a kind of maybe a scary thing and like to take the lead and then sometimes you need someone to like. Take your hand yeah no totally, but but I don't think it would have. I think you're just would have cut it quicker,
like I don't think it would have like. I have nobody, I'm not I'm not pro marriage, so your ends emerge and the anti marriage, but I'm not like a woman who's interested in getting married. So I don't have any like. This is not like personal to me, but I do I, but what I do see and have thought a lot over. The years is like in a a society where women are doing so much for themselves. We still really are waiting for men to propose to us. And and making it like your guy's decision, and that I think, is a little bit the way to start a relation you're still your decision at the end of the day, as you say. Yes, yes, I know, even if the guy propose at the waiting like it's like we, we literally, we literally wait for you ask wait, yeah you're right a lot of the time. I I agree with you. I agree with you and by the way, if that had happened, maybe we wouldn't have been it. Maybe we'd have cut two years the relate like who knows, yard I out lake for
for of especially for women who want to have children time, a lot more valuable yeah? You are fighting against europe biological clock. Every birthday she had killed me ah, like like didn't, kill her tail I don't know but like I was like, I was very aware, like alright, you gotta make a decision. Do you can't keep doing this, and I was like toward anybody to ever talk about it with her? I talk added to hear or tortured. Why was I felt comfortable to which wasn't? I was all about in her usual talking about that right. There sounds like that's, probably not the person for you. If you can't even talk about like a serious part of the relationship with them, but I think I was just ashamed and how I was feeling yeah okay, but you didn't open up to her about it. You just kind of inside inside and my therapist about
which is kind of you shouldn't gilpin. Actually tariff is about that. We were you in terror p, while you're in the relation Joe, I was I wish I had seen like like different therapy is, like, I think everybody and I feel very strongly about this- should be in therapy. However, you need to be with you. person he areas like dating yegg. I hadn't lab rat era this and got turned off to therapy. I was like this sucks. I thereby who told me I have to get married, which is like a fine on professionals that, without legal relate it's therapist, so it was like it was like this dude who, like actually used to have a joke about how my mom and I have the same therapist. I thought If the job was like, I was like I was like: who are you working for cause? He would like tell me to get married or whatever, but he he. I remember. He blatantly said that he goes oh yeah you're getting married and I was like. I don't think that's! How the town changes at dover associates he's gotta get married kind of like that to me makes it seem like he thinks it's like a beneficial. Thank you wasn't like you have to get marrow, of course, because I can do I get a big different. I think
it was stressing the importance of a partnership in a day and a committed partnership, maybe, but also, I think, part of therapy that we don't have therapists are also humans and, like you do justice, is therapist has to learn your biases. You have to learn your therapist bias and that there are some things that they're not going be able to kind of Sarah pies in quotes are properly because they do have an inherent bias and- and I I know my therapist bias- I and I just look kind of let those topics roll past and go I'm going to have to deal with those with somebody else like no one can be an expert in much asking for sure, but but if I'm telling you my fears and the things that are like hurting me and scaring me yeah, you can't just say I think that was a bias like that. Your therapist had an enjoyable experience with marriage, or was something that he was little. Forward to and let his bias. keeping lap is seeking to his professionalism, which was right. Look at looking under that ones. I guess like a kind of mixed
totally therapists. Now who I love to death. She she really makes gets me to ask the questions and sort of answer them occasionally I'll be like what do you think I should do occasionally and she'll be like well. I think, but she won't give her opinion that she'll, let me come to my because the thing is it like you or we all kind of know what we should be doing the had. I do and a lot of time is scary to do and yeah you want to have a support programme. Aren't you push you to do it, but we can. I know so I think I've become much more mindful letting her like not tell me what to do as my whole life. Unlike what should I do with this girl? What lay I decided I had lunch. Will make the decision yourself as a failure? I understand it's easier to pawn it off on somebody else to be, like you think, cause everybody's going to have an opinion the second year, anybody.
Three months ago I was like that with anybody, and I realized in my power away by asking everyone what I should fucking do I should fucking do, is shut the fuck up and sit with myself and make the decision for myself. Also. This is the I asked my their living that I think we ve we ve I mean for me personally, is when I recently started realising the centre. No, when you guys had this realization, you said, but, unlike I'm a veteran now lay yeah, I've been through additionally clubs, I've audition. We eyes had done that, like I don't have to ask everybody their opinion because I've lived through it. I've died, so it like you have clout. You have worked for other people, especially in such a personality, driven career, I like comedy. It's just that we're going to have to kind of there. some things that are true for everyone, but there's a lot of things that are true for some advice on your own.
We're personnel yeah exactly and like I I you know, like a young comic, I'm like kind of like mentoring, a couple of comics. Now I'm like one of them called me the other day, and he asked me my advice on something and I go. I basically my advice is just this like do whatever your feels right for you yeah. It's not not only like a value for everything, every person in every situation, whatever you and we're going to write the area willing when it If you grew up not trusting yourself, where you grew up isolated from yourself because of you know, x Y Z, like a parent, or something like that kind of like pushing you away from your. Often yeah makes sense, but then eventually realise our it's just mean me, throw myself and I that's it yeah
So what do you want out of a relationship right now and I and I've I feel it so I I said I've been like pretty firm on the stance where it's like I'm going to be single. Unless something like really blows me away. Yay- and I think sort of part of that is like complement each other's lives, and I have no time for negativity anymore, I've ve actually chopped like I've. I've I feel like I'm like a ceo of my own life and I'm like chopping out friends like I've? Never even constitutional, pure, you guys, I'm oh yeah and love making cuts, making cuts the Khyber jawbone it's good again and evidence gotta go yeah. I've got the acts that I would have the whole pr debarment, we'd all parties and make cuts, though, if they're, like other comedians or a figure in a world of social media ideology of the letter, lock literally legal leave them. I read well nobody's it's a good at making cuts with people
like in a fight with you want them around. He has done that cuts are not people that I've gotten any kind of fire altercation with it. Just like. I just I don't like them anymore, yeah yeah, there's a comic at at the club, the other night that I I used to be really close with them that I'm not close to there anymore cause. It's just the negativity, exactly what you're saying I'm like. Oh, I don't have to be here, but it wasn't like a fort not worthy of a formal. I don't want to talk to you anymore, as we just faded away, and I saw at the calamity call them like. Oh hey, what's up and she goes hi, I'm like look I see on her like out. That's why not like you. I am very eyes of you're good at my decision and the other fingers is like is like you don't have to. I was always a personages wanted to get along with everybody riot, and that was really important to me for the act of my life and search, a religiously hundreds, positive view near by wild
where would it put? Is that is that a coin I didn't coin it, but like yeah, it's it's like will, but when you, when you said, I'm cutting out all negativity to me that made me think of pox toxic positivity, because but but I'm thinking of like in terms of facing the music and facing like the truth that you don't want to face, but yeah like when people in your life are just fucking downers and they bring you down like look by sia yeah, I used to have like my buddy, my buddy growing up. He was one of my best friends for twenty years. He's just gone. First of all, I think the trump administration I think has like really put a divide on on a socially racially. He became this like trump fan and never the nearby, never talked about politics one times outside a lot more like never had a stand, drop sovereignty. There were spoken new. I do anything do all it was all it was. What I realize is he just give those like dislike
Roupell, followed in the who were unambitious, didn't work, hard, didn't, try, this outbreak, absolutely like that. Can fuck that fuck this and also now you're just saying for fuck everybody rightly is now he could gave them that you know he was their leader for that. So it's like it's like he like he would just like shit on like he started talking about Hillary's emails. Steven Spielberg is washed up If I lost you, two hours washed up fine. So so maybe he had a bunch of films that weren't his greatest oscar winning films or gets. Then he makes a youtube channel, which gets like fifteen views. and was now on the whole. We save thing ever am, I imagine you seem, is exaggerating critique each other's work. Imagine how that would play out the applicable on James olive eagle, the second best player, an mba history sucks gambler broncho, like is, can we just give people credit where they does?
if credit not be fuckin haters, and you don't have to feel your one stop get it trying to get your own self worth through. Taking other people down is never going to be sustainable worst. It might feel immediately gratifying. I guess it must it has to, but it'll never sustain anything. I know I hate the whole like yeah he's doing this, but it's like just he's doing it right. Is it like you know you. Obviously we have critiques and criticism for everything but like if we want to look for it but yeah laughing troublemaker. Anger Does this narrow seas and this false sense of false confidence in in certain percentage of his followers? That has just mind numbing minor majors, it's awful yet I mean the trump supporters. Are we then him now yeah yeah. That's part of the huge reason why I'm not talking my parents anymore, and I probably will never talk to them again. A big reason is because of I deal in these false this. They, they repeat things to me that I've heard him say as if third but they're not trying to quote
and they're just like taking on his mindset- and I'm like you, are so fuckin far gone. You are dead to me. You don't exist, you are not who you were because you've you've you've engulfed yourself into this other, since personalities disgustingly. Yes, I I'm sorry to hear that air, but but yet so here to go, also lazy getting fired from every job? It's in its attitude is fuckin attitude and, like I'm I therefore say sums for everybody's trying to get on and I'd like it just like. The carbon you act or here is you Jani therapist will say that like is just like at a certain point and in an that's kind of what this you know show is about you like us up, answer. If I'm constantly in a relationship, I dont, like old commentaries me like to talk about it. Look you take I could credit for your fault for just like that.
Things like, I was always like so hard on myself turned I live and I've worked on then become less armies of, but I like that, I initially had that instinct. yeah, I'm taking responsibility, balance yeah, you're, honest with yourself above everything, honest hard, because how do you know if honest with yourself something you're, like always go to my eyes, are making me feel what, with yourself right. Like all that's, not honest, fuck. I know I know, and then sometimes it takes a little while there's like a window period, it takes from the realizing that you're, hopefully not being honest yeah bidding that your leg, sometimes takes a little while, I don't think of me, as with myself and your friends like nope you're, not you're. Like I don't know, I won't go that far. Yet I can say, is I'm not ready to see Kansas yeah? So I think so so anyway, I'm cutting all those people out. I'm just trying to you know I'm trying to like be positive and be around people who are like yeah like minded yeah, that's good, okay, so speaking of parents and amy you get into this relationship with your mom,
wow, ok! So I'm issues so yeah you're, very you're, very close with your mom clubs. I've seen you on the phone with her, but she called houses my god is ocean is unclear many times a guy you're on, and I see only you know doing for doing videos about your mom calling you so that you say your mom calling use a big team, your life, so I'm guessing with a divorce. I'm guessing your died laughed and you were at home with your mom or not very close, my dad till the day he died. They just ask them so I dont know that you, my dad my dad was like mental from bipolar, also fuck, that's big ones, ones, a schizophrenic, big! it's hard to bind with somebody like that year and he was like as good of a dad as you could, possibly than in that situation. Leon I wouldn't was able to take care of himself really like he was good dead, end, but my mom and him stayed friends till the end. Let me why they just couldn't my mom couldn't be married, but but
He was good good guy, like the best got off my stepdad, isn't mentally ill way worse, I see so so that santa is cool. I'm Amy we're fine. We're on air. Now I know happens here a lot Well, I got one. Sometimes mental illness like none, I wanna, say humbles people, but it does. It shows them like vulnerable, sunlight they're, trying their like when you would have a pair, that's really trying in trouble intermeddle others it's hard to not have heart for them like to feel further, and it's like when I see these. It's weird like when I seen these ike homeless, guys out, like walking with new shoes on in shit and like talking about If I'm like that, probably was my data yeah yeah yeah yeah, like shot by a truck, oh yeah, he used to. He really thought he was like Jesus for awhile boy and whatever, like a lot. shit yeah. It was a lot, and so that was happening like with was he was he able to live on his own? Was he in a facility? I I grew up going like visiting mental hospitals, to the point that I was,
this place, like I was like here when they got divorced and he immediately going to a mental health facilities. It was my whole life growing up, like even soldiers with nineteen blow us five, so unable to say your mom got married to him knowing these things and that's what we're talking about with the time clock clay with with women like she was. She was thirty and so she met him and she was like I want a nice guy, there's so much comedy here. I know I know I can't do that god damn I should I do. I do jokes about my dad, but but I actually he's funny like Colin quinn like he saw me, do I do schizophrenic, dad joke, which was like one of my favorite jokes of Erin and Colin saw it and he was like the joe's awesome he's like you have to sit. There was a true and I was like yeah he's like you have to sit,
and I m like right, like ten pages of a yak on this and just call yeah yeah. I was a great I'm. Do myself injustice not too, and is one of the things were ya? You like it is so I've already reality that you're, like it's hard for me, to see. What's funny, and sometimes I ve just your mom, your mama, their desperate to get married mechanism and running out that, where kids about their fears about my mom, wanted me more than now know that there are still but you're, very close, your mom. So close, I love my mom to death. She she she's very over the thing that I had. I had to figure out boundaries with her yeah. You know because, like we were like still like, you know, showering together to those two I just can't totally get up, but I had to honestly believe that that's why I had to clear it up cause I feel like you guys would have just went on be likes
how often does your area there was a nun her up, I just had to learn. She would like still call me like she still doesn't go to sleep until I'm home and can abandon it's it's too much, but I just now, I just admit she and his department. I think this leaked so my relationship, where I got ok with light the idea, because I knew that my mom was never. I do there, what your parents showed you it's better to lie to me then tell me the truth, because I can't handle the truth. Sakhalin VOX it up, and I had to reassess all that shit like rewire, my brain tat to be like, and now I tell her like she hates that I united day job for ten years and yet only recently started doing stand a full time and like she now I'm flying everywhere in doing your performance.
For the world and so she's like hates like little. But, unlike my chin effect, you you're not me, and also I am a grown ass man who can take care of myself. I was singing the faith of myself. Efficacy is dwindling and I need to go higher exactly and, like I told her that I go mom I go, you had. You called the shots, the first twenty years of my life, whatever lake I'm doing what I have to do for my career and now she just like okay, and so I give him the flight numbers and she tracks the flights. Good compromise, whatever not terrible moms love tracking flights truly, but they are agents machines you she and they should be like should like worried the plane started going up and like I was a moment of great. Like you know, you don't take everything like that. You know what I suppose this guy, who she was really like how. How is it with your romantic life like when you are in a relationship? Did your mama, but in too much she knows how to like. She won't like crossed the lines as far as like trying to get involved in a relationship like that, but she'll like if I
answer the phone for three hours. Shall I text my girl three hours or that's triggering me Did you say don't do that anymore? She was she did it sparingly. She didn't like contact her all the time. Occasionally she would. I tried to tell my mom the thing that that I had to learn. The most is not to be impulsive cause my mom's, a very impulsive person like if she feels an emotion, she's she's. Acting on that emotion, and I had to really really back and like practice, mindfulness and be like yeah and now I've forgotten to like a pretty rock solid place where I'm like, even if, like I feel discomfort, it was tough for me like even like I remember waiting for montreal like jfs, like I did new faces for is the second year
I have nineteen thousand years for it and I remember the halt for three months. This is we're talking about then just for laughs, comedy festival for people laughing as it might sound fancy yeah. Oh yeah yeah. It's just well as comedy festival in Montreal and- and I remember I auditioned and I had a great callback at the stand, and I remember I was waiting for three months and like I was like months, I would ask like have every other comic if they heard when they heard whatever it was like I'm just like. I don't give a fuck man like I'm, not supposed to know what I'm not supposed to know and everything I know is revealed to me a when it's gotta that's my mind. That's like my mind, for that. I say to myself that. Really cures, anxiety tarred when you get wrapped. In the neuroses and you go down the the the slide, the water slide. That is neuroses, it's hard to climb back up or sort, but that's a great
I put it. I think it's just like if I'm not, if I don't know it, I'm not supposed to know it yeah and at least not yet and strengthen being calm, not knowing yes, great great, I think, like I think, like living with some discomfort and not impulsively acting on it is power that is the power
and so does your mom wouldn't really want you to get married. She really really wanted me to marry my ex and all your acts specifically. She know that I, oh my god, the story- god dammit, ok, so I got caught with that sex sex thing in september, okay, my girlfriend- and I still had three months on the lease we were in the apartment till the end of december and time she went to go to her mom's. She hated me we weren't talking for like a month, then she decided to come back and I said I was living there for a month and then I said I'll go to my brother's place used to keep the apartment I'll pay. The rent, like you know. Obviously I fucked up like yeah I'll pay, the rent so gaga, so thanksgiving k her and I hookup for the first time again right,
for thanksgiving and obviously incredible sex ye of it. Like you know the I shouldn't be doing a while, you shouldn't be doing sex off like we shouldn't be doing that we shouldn't be doing doing. Sex sex is the fucking best, so we have is amazing and then two days later I find out I've covered okay. So now I have to tell her she can go home to be with her family on thanksgiving, like How much worse? Can I keep running this girl's? Let me we had very meaning by than he has to lose your doesnt while I'll get around. It was like in my heart when no one knew anything journeying. Excise was like a catholic, fuck soap, yeah reminder, then some living and cannot go around the old people out. So so
so she now says I'll fuck. I got to wait for the results back. I can't go home so she's alone on thanksgiving I'm with my brother, okay, my mom still thinks we're together and living together. My mom ever our lease ends in december. So at this point it's already been decided like we're not going to live together again, whatever we'll see what happens in the future, but right now, let's pray. My mom decides to surprise us with an apple pie on thanksgiving and that she delivers or that a glimmer she delivers for is a problem, though. What was she doing thanksgiving and what she I mean she was probably like. I think they did something in the afternoon, but maybe towards like nighttime or whatever she. She goes upstairs and sees my ex sitting on the floor because there's no furniture there- and I was like what's going on here and she's like
you mean what's goin on here. We leap we broke up. What you said was sexting somebody else and lied, yeah pretty much we're your comrade. I will oppose our relations. I would issue, and then and then my mom called me and, like my mom's, like crying over the phone for so many reasons, you're, not my eye g. I asked you a thereby if she loves her, like my mom became so close with her like yeah those laws for the whole them and and and just and just my mom's, like I'm never
I ask you again: I can't believe he kindly. How could you be such a lie or media that way of getting your mamma? She turned her back on you immediately that I'd order of my mom right, I'm innocent, my mom did not my bag. One second of my religion. I got so not like a jewish mine. Gotta, learn that wasn't nooks. My mom, my mom sees things clear, luxurious to note. She knew it was my fault or she has to tell us should be like you should leave my son. That's when you say she's like that, she's like getting your waiting too long get out of here. You you're beautiful girl, like how does your wages are lacking, and I think that the whole time that's like another year or two. You know she was like leave him. How can we monk, you told us to stop telling you to forgive me. Please. I've mentioned thing, sir, my brother's girlfriends yea. What why? Why would we be straight up from now? We re really like is like I do a lot of crowd whereby sooner was their christianity worthy of my first seller hosting
here. I must own yeah. We I was in the audio those again your years ago. Thank everyone, I'm a virtual, christina knows, yeah, I was in the audience, I'm like oh there's, some there's, some pretty big people in the show that Jesus Christ stack celebrity crowd year. The companies are but but but I do I work and like sometimes like the other night, for example. This can all circle back to what we were saying, but the other night. For example, I was, I did some crap I like to go real deep with the audience so like sometimes we'll get some shit right and so, and so there was a guy who, like he's been with his girl for like five years, and I could tell when I brought. I was like, why aren't you guys married yet and- and I could tell he got like awkward between them like the girl, it seemed like the girl wanted him to propose and he wasn't smiling and and after the show one of the comics was like ooh. I think I heard them like, Ewing downstairs. I think you like cause something. I know I didn't cause anything. What I did was just expedited, whatever magnifier and like, and that's not bad because like if you could give, if you could
save yourself one year yeah. By getting into this argument now, a year from now, it's going to be resolved, the same thing. Do it now I like that you're not giving back through comedy because of your personal experience, mild applause for me, please make here but yeah I dunno. So I said I was going to circle back and then I forgot what I was when were to being here. I m butting in on your your mom finding out that you are broken up so though it that was rough chagos, she was. I am not talking to you again and then two hours later, she's like where are you yeah yeah? I wish you ok, it just give her your fuckin pin like drop or like have it enabled as she could see your location all times, and she never calls you home like no, but then So the blueberry pie every every time she shows up with a different flavor or something better. My life is showing up. I announced as one of my biggest pet peeves for
one time I saw my mom. She showed up on and not just family I've, I've yelled at boyfriends for showing up unannounced. I go. You don't live here. This is your home! Now, no hell! No! Yet what have you have you guys ever lived with oh yeah, for six years I have not, and I love we only seven euro asian japan we lifted over six years, yeah yeah me sex can make your go a lot longer than you should europe, yet Eric. This been been a great conversation. yeah yeah, like to promote what we want to push. Where can we buy more of you? Okay, more me, I have a credible special out called, but enough about me it's on youtube and it came out nine ten days ago rightly is thank you so much and the non instagram and tiktok I'm at I'm Eric newman slovenly amazing. Thank you so much
a pleasure talking to you guys. Thank you. This has been guys. We fucked the anti slut, shaming podcast. Who will talk to you next friday yeah. I guess guys. we fact is presented by luminary created and hosted by corinne fisher and christina hutchinson, editing and music coordination by my costco rally, theme song by rob patterson and jake cozen suck my wet ass, pussy, Christina said: it's a cut that before, but now it's an area, let's keep it. Who cares the same way: The the
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