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A closer look at Hunter Biden's nefarious overseas business dealings

2020-10-19 | 🔗
Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson joins 'Hannity' with insight
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Right to know now, while people are voting and before election day here with more Senate Homeland Security Committee, Chairman RON Johnson Senator, let me go through some bullet points, so we can get this down. Pat true or false hunter went on Gma and said he had no experience in oil, gas, energy or Ukraine thats. True, correct, thats, correct, okay, Joe Biden is on tape bragging that he leveraged a billion tax dollars to get a prosecutor that was investigating Hunter Biden, fired and son of a bee. They did it true or false. That is true. Did Hunter Biden get three dollars and fifty cents million from a russian oligarch a dot ka the first lady of Moscow he or his business interests did. Yes, we traced those financial dealings, yes and thats. All in your report do we know that he has any experience in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia or China. That
would qualify him for these really really lucrative deals, certainly not, as you say that would qualify him for four dollars and twenty cents million of payments into his business interests. No did Hunter Biden have money transferred to an entity to benefit him from a Kazakhstan oligarch. We believe that probably went to Devon Archer to buy Michael Car Devon Archer, his business partner, that is awaiting sentencing yeah, now the convicted felon yes, his business partner and the others are business partner is in jail and Peter Schweizer now has access to twenty six thousand of those emails separate and apart from the New York Post article, the next question have you seen any experience that would qualify Hunter Biden to get it? One dollar and fifty cents billion deal started as a billion than five hundred million more with the Bank of China, and are you concerned about the contacts that happened ten days
after a trip that he accompanied his Father on air force? Two with him. We can cut to the chase here. Hunter Biden, together with other Biden, family members profited off the Biden name. What we revealed in our report is a vast web of connections with chinese nationals, people all over the world again trading on the Biden name, but its these business dealings. You know ill report raises formal questions than it actually answered, but it raises so my troubling issues that the mainstream media is simply not looking at. They are suppressing information, which is a scandal in and of itself. Okay. So now the question is: almost thirty million Americans have already voted now. We have an election in fifteen days to the american people, have a right to know or not youre trying to get the FBI director to tell us if he has more information. Has he gotten back to you yet? No. We originally talked to him on the phone as soon as we got
called by the whistle blower. The day after we issued our report took the FBI a couple days to get back to us and tell us nothing so thats why I wrote the director yesterday basically saying listen: there is russian disinformation. The FBI owes us a indiscernible if they are fraudulently peddling information to the Congress. Thats a crime. The FDA ought to brief us on that as well. Certainly in discussions with my colleagues, they are highly concerned that the FBI might have had possession. It looks like they did. A grand jury subpoena picked up this computer from the shop owner in December two thousand and nineteen. This is right during the whole, the middle of the impeachment in the emails that we already know of were completely relevant to that impeachment trial. So here you have the FBI, probably in possession analysis of information incredibly relevant to the impeachment trial of a sitting. President of the United States, and they dont say a word. Ive got a real problem with that. I hope a lot of Americans have problems with that and have mini questions.
Can you get Director Wray to come testify like tomorrow or the day after, because I think there are a lot of questions? What Senate rules you have to notice business meetings take votes its going to be very difficult to get director Wray to testify before the selection, but I have in front of our committee a couple weeks ago with the annual threat hearing the tail end of that I asked him questions and more of the more pointed ones was under your watch. Director Wray. The FBI lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee when they briefed them in March. Two thousand and eighteen a year more than a year after they knew the Steele dossier was peppered for russian disinformation. They lied to the Senate, Intel Committee and said the Steele dossier was reliable and I asked Director Wray. How do you answer that? And there was no answer.
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