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Amb. O'Brien touts 'courage' and 'skill' of Israel-UAE peace deal

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Trump brokers peace agreement between United Arab Emirates and Israel; National Security Adviser Amb. Robert O'Brien says action should earn Trump a Nobel Peace Prize.
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Because all of these countries, they dont, want a rainy and in the region and nuclear armed IRAN five years ago, if you wouldve, told me that this deal would take place, that the Israelis, The- u dot- s, Jordanians, Egyptians, the Saudis and the emirates- would be united and sharing intelligence and a lot more that I know, is going on for my other sources in the world. I wouldnt have believed you. I think the weakness of Biden and Obama, because this action am I wrong. Listen, I think vice President Bidens claim is the sincerest form of flattery. This is a huge accomplishment by the president, and also by the crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed and Prime Minister Prime Prime M Netanyahu in Israel.
What skill it took to bring them together to bring peace to the Middle EAST. The first time in twenty five years that Israel and an arab country have signed a peace accord. They are of Abraham Accord. What a great accomplishment for the President of the United States- I wasnt speaking in just when I say he should be the front runner for the Nobel Prize ive been here for about a year, as you know, and since ive been here, the president negotiated a cease fire between the Kurds and the Turks, but everyone said couldnt be done, brought force the Middle EAST division for Middle EAST peace to get an israeli palestinian peace plan, israeli palestinian peace plan back in play and hes brought peace to Afghanistan, at least between the: U Dot S and the Caliban. We havent lost a soldier since February 29th in combat, and we are going to be
down to five thousand five thousand troops in Afghanistan. Its a pretty remarkable record of achievement. I dont know who else would be in the running for the Nobel Prize. If not President Trump, he took out bagged the Al Qaeda leader in Yemen and many other of these leading terrorists. We went from the worst relationship with Joe and Barack. Israel has never had a better friend, never had a president speak to the national right to life March. This is truly a historic and I think we are going to see what from this. Do you think this is the beginning of more agreements? I think it is. I think we are just getting rolling here in the president has already been in touch with other read leaders in the region, and our team has announced talking to folks Secretary Pompeo is working on this. I think we are going to
see peace breaking out in a number of countries and even some different regions. I think we are going to see something interesting happened. The president is known as a.
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