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AOC calls for new leadership of Congressional Democrats

2020-12-16 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer and 'Fox & Friends Weekend' host Pete Hegseth react on 'Hannity'
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Now, despite Joe Bidens Phoney, vain calls for unity. Staffers supporters continue to reveal their hate for all thins Trump GOP or we, the people. His pick for deputy chief of staff said the primary people would mock Biden. Do you think he can work with Republicans im, not saying theyre, a bunch of beep, beep, beep and Mitch Mcconnells, terrible so much for unity, togetherness and openness, of course, that never ending stream of vicious rhetoric is not new. Listen to the media mob. Talking about President Trump supporters, we, the people just the last week, take a look. What is it that we saw this weekend in Washington? What was it they werent wearing brown and black uniforms like they would
have in ITALY or in Germany in the 1920s or 1930s, but theyre the same people? These are people who, if Donald Trump, said im going to trash you on twitter. Unless you go smack your mom in the face, they would go smack their moms in the face and try to explain it to them afterwards. Maybe there are sixty million jerks in this country, maybe thats the sad truth. Joe Biden is doing everything right when you see that sign, maybe theres a chunk of us that really suck as human beings, Joe Biden is doing every single thing right and everybody else, a bunch of Nazis and fascists and jerks that suck we shop at WAL Mart. Meanwhile, deep divisions inside the Democratic Party, they are worsening as the real speaker of the House, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez, no longer mincing words saying in a recent podcast: it is time for Schumer and Pelosi to go
Hells kind of frozen over. I agree they pass record shattering military expenditures, but cant get one thousand two hundred bucks to suffering Americans yep. I know youve been on the right side of this, but im can issing. Are you ready to say Pelosi and Schumer need to go? I mean I think, so the answer is yes. The answer is we need to shift power. We need to make sure that we have a transition of power in the leadership of the Democratic Party joining us now, author of a brand new best seller, PETE Hegseth, along with ARI Fleisher. I agree with Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, but its very revealing. When Democrats talk about conservatives, Trump supporters, Republicans isnt it its how they really feel right Sean. I really look at this the same way I do when reporters go on twitter and we can see
what their actual leanings are and the bias comes pouring out im so glad that she said that, because Republicans need to go into the New Biden Administration with eyes wide open, Joe Biden is not a bipartisan leader. He has never been one. He is a very partisan man. He can talk that line. The press will let him get away with talking that line. We need to remember the people surrounding him and he himself, their leanings will be to cut Republicans down at every stretch that they can embarrass. Republicans im glad she said it now. We know who were dealing with. I dont think this is a bold prediction: PETE, but im just saying theyre going to have whatever phoney inauguration. In other words, they wont invite people there, so it will be virtual virtual lets say that happens virtual inauguration. Then they start implementing the radical views that all these
democratic socialists are talking about. Then Bidens going to be hiding. Then you got President Trump in exile, which could turn out to be their worst nightmare. The media im going to suspect after the first one hundred days will be like you miss me, yet I think theyre going to miss the guy. They woke up hating every day, a lot they like their ratings and they like the headline theres. No doubt about that. Listen, the virtual Biden presidency as ARI eluded to is the virtual moderate presidency, of course, theyre captured by the far left. They absolutely hate trump supporters. The calls for unity are fake and false. They will go after just as they did the president for the last four years. Anyone who supports him you talk about the truth of reconciliation commissions thats, where their heart is when it comes to us. So when I look at a Biden, administration and the infighting of Alexandria,
Ocasio Cortez, and all that our dear friend rush Limbaugh wrote an op ed about the Obama administration in two thousand and nine for USA. Today he wrote four words. I hope he fails ultimately because Joe Biden is the Trojan horse for the left. I hope he fails. I hope hes myered in that infighting, that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is going to bring incapable of delivering to the left, incapable of finding the false unity he claims hes, going to bring after what theyve done to trump supporters. That is a forecast, and then you will have Donald Trump with his seventy five million supporters behind him prepared to say this is the America we love, you remember those taxes that were low. Do you remember those borders that were secure, remember China? We were willing to stare down, maybe thats something you didnt give up because the ballot box wasnt secure, but you maybe want to take a second look at that. Be careful when you get your way potentially into the White House thats what he faces,
im looking at it as an intramural battle ari- and that is the radical socialists, theyre going to demand theyre listened to Biden will be beholden to them. On the other hand, then youre going to have Republicans that maybe didnt learn the lessons of Trump. That is a republican party that keeps its word fights for what they believe in and ultimately is a party that is of working people, men and women and minorities, and that believes in freedom and an open economy and America. First Republicans who want to go back to the establishment days are dead in the water. From my perspective, im convinced the politics of the future breaks down the following way. Democrats are a left, far left struggle. I see an ideological split in their party. The Republican is more inside establishment versus outsider. Popular
Donald Trump has won the hearted and soul of the Republican Party thats, the split in the two parties Democrats, a true old fashion, ideological dog fight and its actually, the socialists against the liberals when it comes to Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez and her growing group now in Congress, including Corey Bush of Missouri, who just got added to the list of Socialists in Congress. So growing socialism for the Democrats versus longstanding stagnant liberalism inside the Democratic party theyll also be the party of the coastal elites.
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