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Ari Fleischer calls on Trump to make Biden 'take a stand' in debate

2020-09-28 | 🔗
Former White House press secretary joins 'Hannity' to preview Tuesday night's showdown in Cleveland
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Build to mention that she was a Blm protester targeting Trump supporters here with Mark former White House Press Secretary contributor, ARI Fleischer, former acting director, Ric Grenell. If you caught the ball rolling- and we learned that I did just in recent weeks- they would not sign the Pfizer application. We learned that the sub source of the bought and paid for Hillary dossier they have known for a decade as a russian operative. There was an election interference to help the election. Then youve got oligarchs in Ukraine, the Soviet Union and wire transfers. China nationals russian nationals ukrainian nationals. He was all Joe Biden making money and wire transfers to prove it. What else is coming? Look you hit it on the head Sean.
This is the way of Washington and youve got to get your own separate rules. The media plays by the rules and theyve covered it up. As you say, from the beginning, we knew that Russia propaganda was influencing the Steele dossier from the beginning. If not only did we know that career politicians, intelligence officials at the intelligence agencies knew this and they raise their hands and they said that this is a problem not be going down the road it. This is filled with a russian. What did the leaders of the FBI and other agencies do they silenced of those people? They classified their comments? They push them aside. Some documents are still out there and weve been calling for them to come forward and to be declassified. Let the public read them theres a whole group of people in Washington that doesnt want the public to read these because they dont trust the public. They would like to spoon feed
the public and only certain information if we are getting to the point where the public is demanding these and im encouraging everybody to keep talking about the things and I dont care, if its the day before the election or the day after people need to be held accountable and weve got a whole bunch of more information that needs to come out. Transparency is not political. Lindsey, Graham, is hinting at something big, and you know what it is speak out. Theres, multiple reports, Sean that are still classified the agency heads have been told specifically by me specifically by the president, specifically by other people and ill leave it at that to say. Come clean weve heard every excuse in the book about why these reports are coming out. Director Ray. Do your job, all sorts of crazy stuff enough got to tell you. People are getting very impatient and we need transparency in Washington.
The outsiders are disbanding dem transparency from the insider. We have a debate in less than forty hours less than twenty three hours we will be having the debate advised your precedent. You are great debater, most important thing to me: smoke amount force Joe Biden to stay and say positions where Joe Biden does not want to take the stand, abolish the electoral college and its not enough to say that he will be influenced by Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez and Hillary Clinton. He needs to make him take the stance when Chris Wallace asks a question and Biden Ducks and dodges thats. When Trump has the opening and say Joe whats, the matter, can you answer the question im up against packing the court
and are you for or against it smoke him out and force them to take the stance and thats his most important job? Tomorrow night, he got away with saying a couple times now: im not going to be distracted and that I would stack the cord thats, not a hard question. Joe writes its hard to get away with that one when the candidate with that one, when the candidate standing next right next to you thats what the debater can do and you can force the other guy to take a stand or make it so obvious to everybody that the guys not strong enough to take a stand. Therefore, he will be influenced by the left. What other the smoke amount on smoke amount on the far left issues of raising taxes and raise taxes twice as much as Hillary Clinton, and you want the public option and Barack Obama did not go for a public option. How far left are you going to take America force them to unite with the
Bernie Sanders of the domestic policies and thats, where you want to go and youre on deal too when he can show is how weak Joe Biden is across the board so week. He no longer adheres to the positions he wont take. We have to see how strong he is to stand on stage at 900 at night to 1030 at night. He is been readjusting his peak cognitive hour to 900 p dot m, and what do I know, though, right all right, thats great advice, Rick as shocking as the country has had to wait for four years, and we dont have the full story.
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