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Ari Fleischer: First presidential debate was a 'trainwreck'

2020-09-30 | 🔗
Former White House press secretary joins 'Hannity' for analysis and reaction to Cleveland confrontation
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Them have at it and let the american people decide well. First of all, I thought that the president had the best line of the night when he said ive done more in forty seven months than youve done in forty seven years. That was a pretty good way to sum everything up, and I still think that Joe Bidens leaving himself very vulnerable because he just refuses to take the stand out of weakness. I wont give you an answer on court packing her filibuster, because I want my answer to be the issue. What kind of leader or statesman answers a question like that the president has got to continue to hone in on that and what I would do Us President essay. I will veto it. Will you veto it, but Sean? I should say we are not elected gladiators and they shouldnt be a food fight. I think this is a train wreck. Both candidates too much interruption too much back and forth and thats just not good for the country, and so there might be people who like to have this kind of thing for the entertainment value im, just not one of them. I just think when you come to a
debate, you should air. The differences come occasionally interrupt, poke your opponent, but this was way over the top tonight by both candidates and the president started it. But Joe Biden returned Fire Biden called him a clown. He called.
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