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Ari Fleischer: Why Republicans should be nervous about Georgia runoffs

2020-12-21 | 🔗
Fleischer, Charlie Hurt and former RNC chairman Reince Priebus join 'Hannity' to discuss Jan. 5 elections
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Men and women in uniform and got it merry Christmas Merry Christmas. Thank you congressman. The intakes we see from Democrats on the hill is just another stark reminder of just how critical the Georgette Senate runoffs are to preserving american prosperity and preserving president trumps agenda, because Reelecting senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler is almost standing in the way of this progressive power grab and preventing these far left fantasies from becoming reality. Lake abolishing the filibuster packing and expanding the Supreme Court deep funding police abolishing ice, adding two new states, along with four new democratic senators and much much more Rafael Warnick, and have made it clear. They are ready, willing and able to be a rubberstamp for Chuck Schumer and carry out this socialist wish list. We are also learning tonight that one fifth of Georgia voters
have already cast their ballot ahead of the January fifth races amid continuing concerns about election integrity safeguards in the peach state. Now earlier today, the Georgia Secretary of States Office announced that they sent letters to individuals who had moved out of Georgia, but had requested absentee ballots for the runoff elections here to break down the state of the race, former White House chief of staff, along with Fox NEWS, contributor, Charlie, Hurt and Fox NEWS contributor, ARI Fleischer. Thank you so much for joining has I want to go to the former chairman of the Rnc, explain to us from your perspective, what needs to happen in Georgia, whats going on in Georgia and really weve only got days until this election is concluded. Merry Christmas to you and everyone out there. Thank you Jason. First of all, there is two things that have to happen in Georgia and I think they are happening
number one. Voters in Georgia, especially the Republicans, obviously have to be convinced that the Republicans are taking ballot security seriously, because there is a lot of people there that are still extraordinarily frustrated and they should be over how that election was run. So they have a signature match in place right now they have about seven thousand eight hundred poll watchers ready to go. So that is the first piece we can spend a segment on that this second piece for the party infrastructure. There is no reason for the Republicans to lose early vote or absentee ballot voting in Georgia. You can download every day from the Secretary of State who voted who did integrate. You know who your targets are. You can hire almost unlimited amount of help on the ground to identify those voters that have been voted, bring them to the polls and cannibalize every single election voter. You can
single election voter you can between now and election day. What is going on in Georgia, this pivotal election look its bad enough that we have Nancy Pelosi with the gavel. I cant imagine Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer with a gavel in their hand, but what is going on with Georgia, but how does this whole covid relief plan, which is passing in the house and will pass in the Senate later tonight? How does that play in Georgia? How do you read those two together to get first off? If the Democrats take races, we go back to where we were in two hundred and eighty eight, and when the Democrats held control of the House Senate and White House, we havent been in that position. Thats when tax hikes got past and Americas saw an apology.
Tour in the people in charge of Congress are fine with it. There is a lot at stake in terms of who controls the Senate and thats on the line in terms of the election itself. Im nervous, I have to tell you that great. I think the stimulus is not going to change anything significantly in Georgia, im nervous, because Georgia is a changing state. Georgia is not as red as it used to be. The fact that Stacy Abrams came is close, as you did in twenty eighteen should scare Republicans in the fact that Joe Biden should scare Republicans for it. Republicans have got to assume that the historical pattern in Georgia were Republicans when specials after presidential elections may not hold up now. The good news is that both republican candidates were actually ahead on election day of twenty twenty. They defeated their opponents. They just didnt get to fifty percent, which is Georgias, peculiar rule pedal to the metal. Every Republican has to show up and vote
theres an awful lot at stake. Charlie. How do you read this situation, Georgia and also whats, being passed tonight, any correlation between the two? How will that impact the election moving forward? I agree. I dont know that this stimulus package will do much to change the race in Georgia. I think that it does underscore just the profound importance, because the big difference between today and say two thousand and nine when Barack Obama was in the White House is. I think this current crop of Democrats are far more dangerous than anything we saw even with Barack Obama bringing an Obama care. There is no telling what these people are going to try to do if they get control of all lovers of the government. Joe Biden didnt even run a campaign. He didnt even ask people for their vote. He didnt
people for their vote. He didnt even lay out even lay out an agenda for what even lay out an agenda for what he wanted to do. What does that tell you? It tells you that he has some secret moderate agenda that mainstream agenda that he wants to purport. I think not. I think that the degree of radical crazy that we are apt to see if they get full control of the entire shop will be something we have never seen before, and I think another reason- and I agree also about obviously changing the dynamics of the state of Georgia. But a big thing: there has to be the profound frustrations that good citizens feel about their government, their government doesnt work for them and they get frustrated if you want to be even more frustrated give up on this stuff. Now the entire trump agenda goes up out. The window ever Republicans lose the Senate, commit there are over one hundred thousand
libertarians that voted and their candidate is illuminated from this runoff. So how would that flow with that flow? To the Republicans, or do Democrats pick up some of those? That is one of the first things that the campaign does on the ground. You can pretty much identify about seventy percent of who those one hundred thousand people are, and you target those people with door knocks with people that are e mailing. You commit you by those e mail lists. Everything about almost every potential voter in Georgia is known its not even a joke. They know what beer they drink, what car they drive, how many kids they have and all that data is used to target every single voter in Georgia when you have hundreds of millions of dollars that are being spent now in Georgia, for these two races because, as they just said, commit the entire agenda of this country is at
stake, so the interest in this race obviously is off the charts. Gentlemen. Thank you so much for joining us. I wish I had more.
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