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Armed St. Louis homeowner says members of angry mob that besieged his house had guns

2020-07-30 | 🔗
Mark McCloskey joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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Out of misery, the attorney for Mark and Patricia Mccloskey, the St Louis couple, charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon why they defended their property from angry protesters. They broke down a gate and went into their community and threatened them. Now a motion to disqualify the St Louis Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner and her office for pursuing the case saying there is at least the appearance of impropriety. You think is now reported. Gardner used the case to fund raise for her reelection campaign campaign. Emails sent out July. 17Th includes request for donation and reads President Trump and the governor are fighting for the two pointed the guns at peaceful citizens during the black lives matter protest here with reaction Mark Mccloskey mark. When I interviewed you the
last time it didnt sound, peaceful. I guess, if you break down a gate to a community, if I recall they threatened to kill your dog and were telling you what rooms your house that they were going to be taking over, is that true, yeah and not just taking over taking over after they had killed us. So the interesting thing is the media is reporting. This as a peaceful protest and everybody keeps playing the same 322nd clip where a little tiny bits of a 322nd clip of an event that went on for twelve or fifteen minutes. It was peaceful all right later that same night, the same crowd out in front of the Mayors House, one produced an AK 47 and actually challenge the Channel five reporter she and the armed Guard had to flee. That is how peaceful that protest was. You know, by the way, Sean ever since then commits come out that the police were aware and had video
of people in the crowd in front of my house armed with guns that just got rebuilt yesterday, I think, did you see the guns at that time? We saw the weapons at the time, as I told you once before, in particular pointed out two loaded magazines and showed me, so I could see the shells in the magazines clipped them together and said you are next body armor. I mean why hasnt that been released publicly, yet I havent seen it yet. I dont know I just saw them and there was apparently twelve pages of notes leaked. My lawyer, doesnt even have them yet where the prosecutor assistant prosecutor, Chris Hinckley, is talking with the police officer that has to sign off on the probable cause document, the basis for the charges against us, and they were disagreements on at least twelve different points of fact, including that the crowd was allegedly peaceful. I support your motion today. Obviously she has fund raising
off of your case. We did have the governor on and pledged quite openly that he will pardon you. Does that give you some comfort. You know it does, but pardon is down the road and pardon is after I have to already fight the battle, then only if we are convicted, but I still have to incur the legal fees in the meantime and put up with all the lies and slander in the press, and you will like this. I got Lynwood on my side today and hes agreed to represent us this plan. What yes Lynwood by the way I just retained.
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