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Barr: Violent crime in cities can be handled, we need the will

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Attorney General Bill Barr discusses new developments in Operation Legend on 'Hannity.'
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We are late and we have the attorney general standing by good to see you return to this breaking news tonight: major federal law enforcement initiative named operation legend. The program leverages key resources from the: U Dot S government, to track down and arrest. The perpetrator is responsible for unsolved murders. It was named after a 4 year old. It was named after a 4 year old little boy, Legend Taliferro, killed by gunfire while asleep in his bed. His suspected killer has been taken, thankfully, into custody and charged with second degree murder. Here with more the attorney general of the United States. Thank you for being with us. This is huge and, thank God, looks like we got our man thats what we believe and hes been charged with the murder, as you know, with the demonization of the police that
has occurred recently, weve seen an upsurge upsurge in Viole many of our inner cities and our response to that has been to work closely with state and local law enforcement who are willing to work closely with us in a number of cities, including Kansas City, to go after these violent criminals and stop this bloodshed. We called it operation legend in honor of this 4 year old boy who was shot so he became a symbol of the black lives that were being lost in the inner city, the hundreds and hundreds that have been killed with the demonization of the police, and today I think the message is that in this particular case, our system worked what happened as a symbol of the fact that the local law enforcement, the Kansas City police, working closely with the FBI and U Dot s marshals, were able
to find this man and charge him with murder. Whats involved here is the will to deal with this violent crime in the inner cities it can be handled. We need the will ive pay very close attention to your interview, inserted many people highly viewed and you went into detail about a new form of urban guerrilla warfare and how demonstrations and again some are very peaceful protesters, universal outrage and shock and horror of the video of George Floyd. That cant happen, Mr Attorney general in this country- and I know you agree with that, but hijacking the demonstrations away from some peaceful protesters and provoking violence weve seen over two thousand cops. Fourteen
now dead, rocks and bottles and bricks molotov cocktails, knives hockey sticks canes, frozen water bottles, its now warfare against cops in this country in some of the cities, Sir thats absolutely right. The legitimate demonstrations in the wake of Mr Floyds death have long since, given way to violent attacks. Efforts to tear down the system, violent attacks on the police, on federal courts and police precincts by a small group of radical violent extremists whose agenda has nothing to do with the death of George Floyd or protecting black lives and.
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