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Biden administration 'radicals' don't want any part of unity

2021-01-21 | 🔗
Reaction from former House Speaker and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on 'Hannity'
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I fear this radical left wing agenda its only going to get worse. We will monitor it every day and night Fox contributor of Speaker of Th House Newt Gingrich lets. First get your reaction to well TED Cruz TED Cruz, as a patriot, TED Cruz dared to ask for a ten day audit. They werent going to win that battle, but he explained why he thought it was important for the eighty three percent republicans that think that the integrity of the election was in question. Thats, not my poll either you are an enemy or citicseditious caucus. Well, I think you are seeing the hysteria of the Biden system because its not really about Biden himself, its his entire team around him who are radicals who believe that they could exterminate the Republicans.
That would be one way to get the unity. As a columnist wrote this morning. If Biden really wanted unity, he would start by lynching. Vice President Pence, that gives you a sense of the ferocity and the anger and the hatred that underlies the modern left. I think that Senator Cruz showed tremendous courage he always has. He is a very smart, very courageous guy who stood for what he believed in, and I was delighted the other day to see. Mitt Romney actually come to the defense of both Senator Cruz and Hawley and say: look. They are perfectly allowed to have their own views and there should be no act of retribution against them in the Senate. Much like Senator Feinstein. There is going to be a real reaction to the idea that you should start having a Lynch mob going around on the Senate floor seeking out the people it wants
to destroy. You know im watching all of this unfold and im watching the country and im concerned you see, would big tech did before the election. You see what the media does to ninety nine percent of them every day. You see this whole demonization and cancel culture is getting wildly out of control, followed up by a snap impeachment in five minutes by federal investigators, who are more convinced than ever that what they witnessed was planned and plotted and schemed, and they missed the signs and warnings of signs that they shouldnt have missed. I mean look, you should be worried about the country, you know one. President Biden in his inaugural starts talking about extremism and then to not mention Antifa. I actually thought this morning that Seattle and Portland and Denver
may have had their feelings hurt because they think they have earned the right to be considered terrorists, extremist groups, and if you notice now that Trump is gone, we suddenly didnt get peace. They dont regard him as legitimate. I think that people should be worried about America. We are under greater stress right now, the end any time since the precivil war period and the distress is very real and you saw it. You know I just did a newsletter regarding the extension between the Biden Inaugural and the Biden Inauguration Day, because during the inauguration day he methodically went out and he began hunting down and destroying the Trump legacy. But during the inaugural he was this nice president unity bring us all together, which literally within two hours he destroyed by
his own activities. I hope that anybody who cares about America should be worried. This is not an irrational thing. Yeah. You know Bill Clinton. Well, you were his speaker during that you were his speaker during that time and became unknown Biden. Now the entire democratic party has gone so far. Radical socialist left, I dont think Biden is capable of standing up to his radical base. Do you yeah? I mean, I think you have to think in terms of the Biden Machine, not Biden, personally Biden didnt personally sit down and draft seventeen executive orders, but radicals on his staff did and in some ways I thought the most telling was their decision. Think about this on the very day he was sworn in as president, he signed an executive order to destroy the
one thousand seven hundred and seventy six commissioner and all of our viewers tonight ought to ask themselves what is it about this one thousand seven hundred and seventy six commissioner, that made it such a big deal. That Biden went out of his way to destroy it on his first day of office. The answer is, it is a pro american pro history history, which threatens the very essence of the modern left and all of their one thousand six hundred and nineteen project and all of their lies. So what you have is a president smiling present. I thought it was a great speech. I thought it had all the right tone, but I also know that, if lies in Eisenhower had given that speech, he would have meant it. There are methodically trying to destroy conservativism one last question. It seems my source is telling me tonight that the appetite on both the democratic side and republican side on this trial in
the Senate number one democratic senators feel it is going to end up blowing up in their faces. They are afraid of it. That would mean they are going to go along with a snap impeachment and a rush to judgment in the house and the belief among Republicans, that we cant validate that process and by the way what they are trying to do is unconstitutional and we wont be a part of that either thoughts. Let me just offer a piece of practical advice from somebody who has spent a lot of time on elections. Seventy four million people voted for Donald J Trump more than for George W Bush more than for Ronald Reagan. Seventy four million people by a long shot, a record right. You want to destroy the Republican Party, throw away our chances of 23 24 just go along with this. I urge every republican of every
background for the sake of your party do not allow this to come up and put maximum pressure on the democratic senators in swing states to not allow this to come up its a charade and its very.
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