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Biden begins to reverse 'America First' agenda with executive orders

2021-01-20 | 🔗
FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell join 'Hannity' with reaction
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Than the media mob would ever give, I guess shes done speaking joining us now: Katie Pavlich Civil rights attorney. This is the thing I never understood about. Never Trumper conservatism is basic to hate Trump, to the degree that youre going to help. Somebody that supporting the most radical socialist agenda ever presented by any major political party is something that im having a hard time, understanding yeah Sean. When you look at how far the left has gone and the way that they are now talking about, punishing anybody with any kind of conservative thought or difference of opinion in terms of deep platforming them. You have people in other networks, saying you they should be prosecuted and unable to speak former prosecutors from Guantanamo Bay or worked in the Department of Justice or the former CIA director John Brennan,
talking about how people like us need to be treated as domestic terrorists, because we have different and conservative viewpoints when it comes to never trumpers, who claimed to have very conservative principal values, siding with the left. Its one thing to say, am not going to vote for Trump its another to go out of your way to support Democrats who are on the side of people who want to destroy the livelihood of people who just think differently or have different values than they do. Katie just watch this. I watch this and im amazed because its the antithesis of everything, I believed my entire career, her thirty three years and audio twenty five years on Fox at the antithesis. Maybe you dont, like the personality, you have stylistic differences. Okay, I can understand this. The policies they were willing to push the policies
aside for radical socialism, a green new deal have redistribution in some, the weakest foreign policy im. Having a hard time with that par of this equation, if youre conservative, you cannot go along with this, because you know it will never work ill. Tell you Sean! I want to be clear about my conversion. Im a Trump Republican. This leadership either needs to step up and defend Donald Trump or step down from leadership. Let me be very clear: if Donald Trump has to lead the Republican Party because he placed Americans first, then I follow Donald Trump. I tell you right now: the Senate, Republicans and house leaders are given cover to the Democrats. Democrats, Joe Biden talked about helping Americans. What did he do on the first day? Did he open up the economy? No, he signed fifteen or sixteen executive orders that benefit people other than Americans to worry about the World Health
Organization, the Paris accord to grant citizenship to illegals whats. The purpose of that Americans are suffering right now. His focus is wrong. Hes playing the democratic table, Donald Trump made American first kept his eye on Americans first thats, not what Joe Bidens doing if thats, not what the current.
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