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Biden Cabinet picks want reversal of Trump's 'America First' policies

2020-11-24 | 🔗
Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and Rep. Devin Nunes offer analysis and reaction on 'Hannity'
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A Fox news alert President Trump plans to pardon Michael Flynn. We will follow this story. First, Joe Biden tonight is signaling a return of the Washington Swamp, picking a wave of establishment figures to staff his administration, for example, national Security Advisor Pick, Jake Sullivan, defend, defended the Steele dossier as perfectly appropriate, and the Secretary of State Pick Blinken opposed a terrorist label for Irans Revolutionary Guard and according to New State department documents. After joining a company Hunter Biden in a twenty fifteen request, wanted
a one on one meeting with Blinken highlighting another potential conflict of interest. Democrats and the media cant help but swoon over the return of the swamp, comparing bidens picks to super heroes. I was talking to a Democrat who said this felt like the avenger. We are being rescued from the adviseness of the last craziyness of the last four years, craziyness of the last four years: Jason and Bidens Department and Bidens Department of Homeland Security, pick
Alejandro Mayorkas and John Kerry. Did the Democrat bench that thin that Joe Biden has to reach into the recycling bin and pick from the same failed group of establishment leftists to fill out his administration? What is clear is Joe Biden and company are commited to selling out to the swamp and abandoning the presidents american first foreign policy. Perhaps no one sums it up better. Perhaps no one sums it up better than Senator Marco Rubio, who tweeted joining me now for reaction, Fox NEWS, legal analyst, Greg Jarrett
and the author of countdown to social socialism, Devin Nunes congressman. There is a consequence to America not having a debate on foreign policy, its a strong point for Donald Trump. There is no better difference or bigger split between Joe Biden and Donald Trump than foreign policy. When you see this cast of characters coming into play, how do you look at that? A couple of things strike me Jason. I would say these guys really spend too much time watching Hollywood movies, the last four years, its like a weird star wars, freak now they are calling themselves the avengers. The reality is, these are people that are so dirty that they
likely were involved in the dirty dossier itself. We interviewed Jake Sullivan in our committee. We will have to go back and look at his testimony. I sometimes wonder, is this a pick, because this is somebody who knows where all of the bodies are buried or was he picked because he went to the right conferences either way? We are looking at turning back the advances that Donald Trump made to the surprise of everyone, including myself, in terms of getting NATO to pay up and moving the embassy to Jerusalem and ensuring our troops come home. That was done over the last four years. I am not sure what their plans are, because Joe Biden never came out of the basement to answer these questions. No, he didnt you studied it. This
go through this and what the implications will be well, they are all Obama Biden and Hillary Clinton retreads its America last leading from behind. I expect an apology tour. They want to rely on multi, lateral institutions like the United Nations and the dysfunctional NATO and alliances, as the Wall Street Journal says, only hurt America and empower our enemies, Jake Sullivan pedalled, the phoney dossier and the Trump russian collusion lie invented by his boss, Hillary Clinton. He was knee deep in the email scandal. He was sending top secret classified documents to Hillary Clintons private server.
He should have been prosecuted thanks to the misfits like James Comey and Peter Strzok. He was never prosecuted, Blinken meeting with Hunter Biden and two days later Joe Biden makes a threat to the Ukraine. You would. I think that Joe Biden would be smart enough to steer clear of people tainted by scandal, but he stepped right into it. I dont think he cares about that congressman. There are a number of investigations. I look at the report from the inspector general and the inspector general and the investigations you have been involved with there wont be any justice for those who misused their surveillance powers. What will happen thats the concern we have
now we understood where Durham did not do anything before the election. I think he should have. We should have known what happened in the twenty sixteen election before we voted for the twenty twenty election, because it was Clinton and the Dnc that were involved a long term. Doj official would not want to make that decision and bring indictments before the election. What is concerning me now is, I would expect the day after the election for there to be indictments and a report. The fact this is not coming as me very concerned. I called for a special prosecutor to this. We will need a special prosecutor into Hunter Biden. I dont think we have a choice because Biden is knee deep in both of these things. You talked about General Flynn. Biden was in the room. He brought up prosecuting Flynn
using the Logan ACT. This was Biden who has his own office of President Elect. He is talking from in his basement. I believe these people are back, because these are the people that know where the bodies are buried. They will be in these positions to not only protect themselves, but protect Biden and Obama and everybody else thats an interesting take Greg. What is your read on it? Well, I was interested to hear the report that the President is considering pardoning Michael Flynn. He should Flynn didnt want a pardon, but this federal Judge Sullivan was trying to run out the clock.
Opening that Biden would win. Flynn is innocent. The two FBI agents wrote he didnt lie. This is a tremendous miscarriage of justice. I wish the case had been dismissed, Sullivan disgracefully to the bench tried to run out of the clock and ignored the court. That said, moved with dispatch. The president should issue a pardon, because that is the only way out now for Michael Flynn. It makes sense if the president would pardon him. I think he deserves to be pardoned. Thanks have a wonderful thanksgiving with you and your families coming up. We will get an update on where things stand, with the Trump campaigns, losses and all
eyes on Georgia and the key run.
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