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Biden calls for unity, but party's recent past tells different story

2021-01-20 | 🔗
FOX News contributor Dan Bongino joins 'FOX & Friends Weekend' host Pete Hegseth with reaction on 'Hannity'
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Well have that tomorrow we will have an update in a moment on Portland and Seattle. Adjoining is forced Dan Bongino, Fox, amp, friends. Cohost will start with you. I dont mind the people on the left. They have different points of views on us thats, not where my disagreement is today. It is the outright phony duplicity and to the double standard fawning coverage when they trash Donald Trump for years ago tonight, its so obvious, and we wonder if they even recognize it within ourselves. I think they may not. I rarely disagree with you Sean I dont have the answer I mean I cant say this, but I dont think they give
not to the only way you stop a malicious behavior by people of some kind of penalty. What the penalty media for four years they reported about the he hoax whats the penalty. He is a hero on the left. He probably goes into New York, city pubs and people by him. Beers at the guy is a clown. Having said that, getting that part out of the way. Where was the question today about Joe Biden? You brought up the laptop im hearing. The same thing today, im hearing the same thing I dont have it. I dont have the information if I had it and put it on the show. Where was the question today about hey? Listen, your sons, business partner, Tony Bob Linsky, said you were getting kickbacks from a nuclear powered chinese enemy of America kind of a big deal Joe. No. Where is that question today? Did you catch it?
I dont think PETE caught it either because it didnt happen. I may be wrong, but youve just got to wonder that the Democrats love of impeachment and talk consistently of the 25th amendment. I dont know if what im told is on that laptop and everything, Peter Spicer will join us later, that he wrote in his book and everything weve exposed about zero experience, Hunter and Joes knowledge of these business dealings. ThatS, Ukraine, thatS China, a russian oligarch cosmic oligarch, im just imagining. They might have a problem down the road with foreign interference and pay to play schemes he might Sean. I agree with Dan if this is Democrats covering Democrats with no consequence whatsoever with what they say. Of course they are celebrating. These are their bodies.
These are their establishment, friends, their fellow elites who they agree with across the board its like watching your best friend when the Heisman trophy youre, going to gush over it im still waiting. Now that we have a minority female VP. Are we allowed to be proud of? America again? Is that okay, nobody on the dais took a need today it the left, is happy to take advantage of culture, but its ultimately, all about control for them. You mention policy and ultimately thats what youre going to cover on the show Joe Biden masks for all all the time we joined w dot. Ho we are going to rejoin pears. We are going to rescind the one thousand seven hundred and seventy six commission. Then he wants to talk about ethics with the investigation youre talking about youre, going to restore ethics in the White House.
This is a globalist climate worship at sixteen open borders agenda and the media loves it because their bodies are in the White House thats. What we can expect for four years lets go down that list. They are going to stop wall construction. They are paving the way for legal immigrants to get citizenship count noncitizens in the senses, which is not ending the Muslim travel ban. It was not a muslim travel ban, it was a travel ban from countries that have issues with extremists rejoin the Paris Climate agreement that cost us billions of billions of hundreds of billions of dollars, and China is viewed as a developing nation. If you work on the Keystone Xl Pipeline, your job just went away today with the stroke of a pen a mask mandate by Joe Biden, and it goes on from there. The first part, the first one is the definition of insanity. Think about this.
We are in the middle of a pandemic that Biden leveraged to get into the White House, even though President Trump did a pretty decent job. Given the circumstances we are in the middle of a pandemic, and you want to stop construction on a border wall. Im just curious in what universe does not make any sense. It reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where they did everything George did everything backwards like. If you are trying to stop a raging pandemic which are move, then we got an idea of who we have a border wall, so people come into the country legally, and maybe we can check them lets wipe that out and get rid of the border wall and make it open season. Does that make any sense in what world? Only liberals and people at CNN does that make sense to you its that stupid. We tried to warn America. They meant it its the most
radical agenda of every to any major part to party ever presented in american history. How successful were they become with us? Hopefully not successful? We all believe in the american experiment in our Republican Rep. I dont want Joe Biden to succeed. I dont want this agenda to work rejoining the w dot ho to Dans point. We now learned that China lied to us about the beginning of this virus, about how it spread and where it came from yet their first move is to rejoin the w dot ho, which is totally bought and paid for by China, whose interests are out front. China is cheering tonight, and we all talked about this on this channel for months, because we understood what Joe Biden represents its, not America, first, its globalism. First, our sovereignty is completely scratched. You know what elections votes outcomes have consequences
at the left has open season. There is no deep state right now at the deep state has become the state. They are now in control of these bureaucracies and they will drive the agenda of the far left for the next four years, its our job to expose it. Hopefully, people wake up if fully implemented. I dont know how the country recovers. You know im really not sure. Last question Dan Bongino, I dont, want to see a republican factor. I dont think its going to happen. There are some. There is a divide that does exist among the Republicans, the Democrats, which is more where my question is going. The Democrats have lined up completely embracing everything from the green new deal: Everythings free, total redistribution, higher taxes, no energy, no more border wall, amnesty.
My question is, I dont, really think its Biden controlling his party. I dont think he has any choice. He wont be able to deviate from this crazy base of his. He licks his finger and change his position on whatever direction the wind is going. I was filling in for you one time on Fox im not kidding. This was like a year ago when he was still a candidate in the course of the same day he changed his position three times. It was to the point where I think I was talking to one of the associate producers and I was like he changed his position again. We are on the air in ten minutes. He didnt do a one hundred and eighty. He did a five hundred and seventy two point. Six I do expect this guy to have any principles. Are we kidding? Aoc is now de facto president of.
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