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Biden delivers ‘weak performance again’ at CNN town hall: Ari Fleischer

2020-09-17 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer on presidential candidate Joe Biden’s approach to the coronavirus and fracking.
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Its the one president, mentioning about football and while hes on that topic, I want to get a quick analysis. Joe Biden did his drive up town hall tonight, ARI Fleischer lets bring you in for the analysis. One question about the month saying its hysterical, xenophobia and fearmongering is that in the tank for Biden they cant even ask that question no question on that. No question on. Why did you say in the oval office of January? Two thousand and seventeen at the Logan ACT should be invoked against Michael Flynn. He was asked about fracking by a voter, and the border said to him. Are you against fracking, and he said no, then Anderson Cooper followed up and said, wait a minute. You previously said he want to get rid of it. So basically Joe Biden in the space of 52Nd set im not against it now, but I will be against it. I want to get rid of it. He still all over the map when
it comes to that american Energy independence brought to us via fracking, really in Pennsylvania and mandatory masks. He flipped and flopped back and forth again on the issue of masks, but in this critical time, where the president, ten days after the first case of coronavirus, implemented the travel ban ten days the first case in the U Dot S, then the quarantine. First, in fifty years he spent months calling it hysterical, xenophobia and fearmongering one of the questions id like to know. Did he do it because he wanted Hunter to get another one dollar and fifty cents billion deal from the Bank of China legitimate question again that he has not been asked and in that issue the Democrats have been all over the map as well. Remember: Nancy Pelosi and Mayor De Blasio, urging people to go out to China town because they wanted to make the case that Republicans were bigots.
So they encouraged get out. That was the end of February the revision isnt. The Democrats want to tell how much confusion.
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