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Biden speaks on death of Justice Ginsburg: 'She was a beloved figure'

2020-09-18 | 🔗
Democratic nominee reacts to passing of Supreme Court justice
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Saying on her death bed, she wished that they lets go to Joe Biden. Excuse me for interrupting hes about to make a statement shes not only a giant in the legal profession, but a beloved figure. My heart goes out to all of those that cared for her and care about her. She practiced the highest american ideals as a justice, quality and justice under the law, Ruth Bader Ginsberg stood for all of us. As I said, she was a beloved figure as a young attorney. You know the story. She persisted overcoming a lot of obstacles for a woman who practiced law in those days as well as she continued until
she moved herself in a position where she could end up changing the law of the land, leading the effort to provide equality for women and every field. She led in the advance of equal rights for women, its hard to believe that, as my honor to preside over her confirmation hearing, I got to meet her at the time she and her ascension to the Supreme Court. The decades since shes been absolutely consistent and reliable in her voice for freedom and opportunity for everyone. You know she never failed. She was fierce, unflinching in her pursuit of civil and legal rights of civil rights of everyone. Her opinions and her dissent will continue to shape the basis
for law for generations. You know tonight and in the coming days we should focus on the loss of the justice and her enduring legacy, but there is no doubt. Let me be clear that the voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider this was the position of Republican Senate took in twenty sixteen when there were almost ten months to go before the election thats the position the United States Senate must take today, and the election is only forty six days off. I think the fastest justice ever confirmed was forty seven days and the average is closer to seventy days, so we should do with this full consideration.
That is my hope and expectation. What will happen? Thank you all and im. Sorry. We had to learn it on a plane, ride.
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