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Biden willing to sacrifice American jobs in attempt to fulfill climate fantasies

2021-01-27 | 🔗
FOX News contributor Dan Bongino joins 'Hannity' to discuss the implications of the Biden administration's climate agenda.
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And everywhere they are nonexistent at this moment here with reaction, Fox NEWS, contributor, Dan Bongino, im tired of this false narrative, they have a monopoly on compassion, they have a monopoly for minorities. No, they dont Donald Trump set those records they never did. Yeah. I mean im, really astonished how many people keep falling for this liberal scam, its obviously a scam, its been a scam forever. You know I read an interesting book once and he talks about the history of the Democrat Party, how they have always aimed to screw over the middle class that has always been their goal: the smelly, Walmart people. The Democrats have always done that and think about it. Sean. There is no better example or worse example. I should say because of the ramifications of it and the Keystone pipeline, they come into the office. Like you said running on this phony
campaign, saying hey, we are all about tolerance, the middle class and the little guy while they ram it up to every youve got one hundred thousand solid middle class jobs wiped out because he wants to kiss the of the climate activists left. Think about that. We say all the time washing of the government and people like Joe Biden Wash and it they take winners or losers, because they are too stupid to pick the winners. When have they ever pick. The winners, the example of government subsidized companies that have gone up and under after the government got involved, is like six thousand pages long. If they were smart enough to build a private business themselves, they wouldnt be in government, they would be in private business and yet these idiots are running their lives. I mean the government cant spend other peoples money on other people because they suck they are too stupid. One more thing you know talk about him, the activist who is a really smart guy.
He said once in a lecture. I heard he said that its not that the government is too big its that they are too stupid. They literally cannot figure these things out and we are letting them run our lives. And when you do this, this is what happens. You have eleven thousand hardworking Americans whose jobs have been flushed on the toilet, because we handed this over to Joe Biden. You know these coldhearted these people, this week, hardworking Americans, they lost career jobs, many of them paying six figures. These are great jobs, they have great benefits, they are gone, but no, we want you to get other good union jobs. Okay, those good union jobs, are nonexistent, its the toughest job market we have faced because of the worst pandemic in one hundred years now. The other thing is how about they ground the private jet fleet, with the taxpayers paid for too yeah. Well Sean. You made a great point in the monologue, but I dont want the audience to miss
number one. You are right: oh just get other jobs, and here again they were too dumb to figure this out by themselves. Oh, I got a six figure job. Maybe I should get another job, but you brought up two great points, number one. You are doing this for the environment, customer that money is just going to come in via rail. What do you think the oil is going to be shut down customer? Are you really that stupid? And secondly, the Russians are laughing right now this is great. So let me get this straight and America, you are self sabotaging your own economy so that we can sell you guys more oil, great job, Fellows Putin thinks this is great right now, im glad you brought that point up yeah and we should grant the Fleet John Kerry. I have a message for you, scrap your plane, dont sell it or somebody else will be leaving a carbon footprint. I want you to take it and have it dismantled and show that you mean it. You are going to sacrifice like you are asking the american worker to sacrifice.
Dont hold your breath, pay your taxes on the phone pay, your taxes on that boat in Rhode, island. Remember that story.
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