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Biden's Cabinet picks indicate Obama-Clinton axis will be in charge

2020-11-25 | 🔗
Sean Duffy, Sharyl Attkisson and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer weigh in on 'Hannity'
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Out Joe Biden tonight continues to signal a return to the bad old days reaching into the recycling, then of the Obama, Slash Clinton era fixtures to fill out his administration. It is already drawing some irony from the far left, especially as Biden Socialist doors like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren likely wont be joining the cabinet. Take a look. What about formal rifles from your own Party Elizabeth Warren? Have you talked to them about cabinet positions? I said we already have significant representation on progressives and our administration, but there is nothing off the table. One thing is critical: taking someone out of the Senate, taking someone out of the house and particularly a preferred person of consequence, is really a difficult decision that has to be made now. Bidens cabinet picks so
far suggest return to failed policy of the Obama administration that include leaping piles of cash on the tour of iranian Nuclear Deal and soft on China. Soft on Syria and much more meanwhile, Democrats and loyal allies in the media continue to show just how bias they are against Republicans, which calls for endless investigations, even after the president leaves office them. Media never met a republican investigation that should have been gone and a permit. An investigation that should have ended. Take a look. I think it is enough. How much are we going to just let pass by from this presidency, which has come so close to destroying our democracy more than any other president, and I do think there needs to be a degree of investigation
and also a postmortem of what happened and where they softened and didnt hold. Twenty may now, former republican congressman Sean Duffy, along with author, a full measure of investigative journalist, Cheryl, Atkinson and Fox NEWS contributor, ARI Fleischer, welcome to you all. Let me start with you: Wino Sanders Wino Elizabeth Warren. I think actually Joe Biden is getting lucky with this. He doesnt want them in his cabinet if they were in his cap and it would be a bridge too far. I think the turmoil that would be created on the inside would create a lot of strikes for him. So we can say hes got progressives in there, but he really doesnt. He says that to appease the left, but you know the other factor. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders basically come
from northeastern states. So if some governors picked their successors, so hes got some realpolitik reasons not to pick them, but I think he is breathing a sigh of relief. He doesnt have to put Bernie in the Cabinet Cheryl. Vice President Biden set a new day in America, but you cant tell that from some of the cabinet picks. It looks more like a throwback Thursday. What do you make of some of the same names being recycled from the Obama Slash Clinton days? I think that was probably to be expected and we could have predicted it. You know Trey a look at coverage of things and if the tables turned come, I am certain all of so far are getting a soft landing and most of the media I Biden and would B scrutinized with hostile responses in the media. If similar announcements made by Donald Trump Ear. That is what happened when he became president.
I think we will get to see now, as we saw in twenty sixteen, how the media transformed itself to cover the President Lake declared to be uniquely dangerous, so they announced the spending, ethics and standards to do so. Now we get to see how they operate. If Biden becomes president how differently they operate with him in the oval office versus how they gave Donald Trump, the treatment they gave him over the past four years, Sean, you are a formal cross, former prosecutor, but if investigate for a crime dont, you need a statue and lock someone up dont, you actually have to have the jury, trial and a conviction why all the talk about investigating President Trump after he leaves office. I was a better prosecutor, Trey but prosecute Donald Trump for what to make America, energy, independent and rising the american wages
for more opportunities for american workers, rebuilding the american military. It doesnt make sense to me. So I I think these are the socialist, the dictators Prior administration and prior supporters of those administrations and prosecute them all. There is nothing to prosecute Donald Trump over. You are right. There is no statue, no jury trial. Here is what concerns me. Joe Biden should be very concerned about the day he ran for president, because, if Republicans keep the Senate make no mistake, Republicans will continue to investigate the Hunter Biden Laptop as two former prosecutors you dont get a better smoking gun than Hunter Bidens laptop. We see foreign money falling to Hunter Biden and going to the big guy, who we know is Joe Biden and we will know and find out. Joe Biden is compromised from the Chinese and prosecutors and investigators love this kind of evidence and the Senate will have it the one. Let me ask you a
communications question. I think one Democrat voted for Jeff sessions for AG and three Democrats Bill Barr for AG. How should the Republicans handle bidens nominees if they still controlled the Senate Come inauguration day? I am still enough of a traditional and I believe the President entitled to put their team into the cabinet. Now, where you draw a line, in my opinion, congressman if so far to the ideological, if they do more harm to America than it is a principal vote to vote, no, the other litmus test the Senate to pass an adult anybody who he names to play any role whatsoever in boosting the dossier or give credibility to the dossier should not be confirmed. That was such a dirty trick in politics. It let lose three years of tumultuous investigations and pitted one person against another, divided our nation and the worst kind of ways, and it was all bogus.
So if any dividing people put up and play any role in promoting the dossier, I hope a Republican will vote no Sharyl. What do we know about the names being floated CIA director and secretary of state? What was their resume like in the previous administration, with serving with Obama and Clinton? I guess it depends on who you ask, because the fans and the people they worked with, such as secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, would say they have a great track record. I think a neutral look would also find some things if you turned over the rocks here, and so we look at Jake Sullivan in the State Department named by a whistle blower and someone who worked under the Obama, administration and official in the State Department who named Jake Sullivan as being one of the people and the documents shredded in the basement of the State Department, Benghazi- and we
can document sorting session, was never question about that. No law enforcement body ever seemed curious about it. Nothing was ever done about it. These are the types of people involved in the alleged coverups and mischief never handled or no accountability for, and talk about, bringing back into government. I think a neutral media would examine some of this record and be recording on it, but I dont think you will see a whole lot of it overall. No, that is on the Christmas list, but I dont think.
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