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Big-city Democrats downplay surging violence

2020-07-24 | 🔗
Joe Biden refuses to condemn liberal city lawlessness; reaction from civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones and nationally syndicated radio host Larry Elder.
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You Monday welcome to the special edition of Hannity the road at twenty two thousand and twenty just one hundred and two days left to election night, im, Jason, Chaffetz and tonight for Sean and in the hour we will tell you how the Democratic Party to plans to radically transform this country into a far left utopia. We start in Portland Oregon where city leaders hate Trump so much that they are willing to let their own city burn in order to prove just how woke they really are. The Portland riots are now on night. Fifty eight with no end in sight, but Mayor TED Wheeler seems to cherish the anarchists who are destroying his city because, of course, things are going so well. He wants federal law enforcement officers to leave town leave. Town
and Joe Biden is accusing federal officers of using egregious tactics. These officers are protecting a federal courthouse which has been firebombed vandalized covered in graffiti and broken into in multiple locations. Do you want to live in TED Wheelers? America? Do you want to be governed by mob rule? Do you want to bend it to the knee of violent extremist because thats what you will get nationwide if Joe Biden is elected joining us now with more is civil rights attorney LEO Correll and Fox NEWS contributor Lawrence Jones Lawrence Jones has a special one nation and that Sunday night at 1000, p, DOT M gentlemen. Thank you so much
nationally, syndicated radio host Larry Elder will be joining us momentarily. Hes got a radio program and hes jumping upstairs to come, join us, but LEO. Let me start with you. This is fifty eight nights of riots. These images are going out to America. I dont get it. Joe Biden says that these are egregious tactics by the feds. Are you kidding me? You know what I wish. Every democratic mayor and democratic governor take constitutional law law and to prosecute people who commit federal crimes. The defacing of federal buildings is a crime and whats amazing. Is these democratic cities are being burned
and lets not call these people protesters these other two democratic, cable networks. They wont show this the extreme maker of these groups. They are not protesters, they are criminals. Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself, but guess what police officers are backing? Donald Donald, J, TRU, thats chaos and lawlessness in the Democratic party? I dont know how a national party thinks they can win an election by being so anti law enforcement. They want to abolish. I dot ce and you look at these scenes right now and the mayor and the Democrats, including Joe Biden himself, is saying the feds are using egregious tactics. I just dont get that,
as you know, Jason ive been on the ground reporting all these liberal cities for a while. I spent the better part of last year going to every single city talking about the death and poverty and destruction in these communities, its not just a law enforcement rhetoric, but the fact that they are willing to let the city burn average Americans who dont want to even care about the politics of a democrat or republican Party. They are fearful right now and the most disgusting part about this is this started being about George Floyd, and you have a bunch of paid anarchists who are now trying to use George Floyds death as a issue that has nothing to do with them: the lack of accountability, the people that are elected in office. They pass all these other laws, but as of elected
officials, your first duty is to keep your residence safe and keep your residence safe and they failed on this front. It should be hard to defeat these guys and I hope they prevent an alternative present, an alternative message and give these liberal cities and voters a fighting chance. I think you are absolutely right. I have to tell you the President said hes going to solve this problem in the president. Has thousands of hours and a family couldnt go walk around that courthouse? This should be a place of peace. This should be a place of peace and tranquility.
You have a lot of left wing mayors that believe the lie even Mark Lemmon Hill can see an interview with Candace Owens. The whole reason that people are out in the streets come up the whole notion that people are killing black people are just because they are black is false. Just three days before George Floyd died, a black Mississippi cop was choking a young black suspect. It didnt kill him, but my goodness, at this been a white cop choking a young black suspect. We know both the cops name and the suspects name, which shows you. The media is selective about the cases that they care about. The bottom line is the real problem facing young black men is other young black men. Half the homicides in this country are black victims and the cops are not doing this. The whole premise is false: they
are trashing neighborhoods, based on the false premise and causing job creation all based on a false notion. I want to transition just slightly. I worry about the puppeteers that are controlling and feeding the information to Joe Biden, because his quote was that the feds are using the egregious tactics. I watched that video I watch whats going on there and thats. Not what im seeing does Joe Biden even have a plan to address this and quell this violence? Let me think about that its a very tough question, no, not at all he is being run by extremists. Let me be very clear. This is why im here this is: why im on Fox campaigning against Democrats, the Democratic Party has been hijacked by black lives matter. What Larry said is well taken. You have democratic mayors of running the cities and guess
what they yell systematic discrimination. They are minorities running the system and they are punishing their own people, and yet they play the pandering game. They play the race car. They have the audacity to call Donald Trump, a racist. He needs to look at his record. His offensive comment. That was the number one reason that drove me to a Republican. That is the most racist offensive statement hes ever made in his life, and it is ridiculous Lawrence. You made a really good point that run successful campaign against Mayor Wheeler, but President Trump, if you were advising the president, what would you say to President Trump? What would you do to quell the violence and make the case of the next several months?
I think he should hold the Republican Committee accountable. These are american citizens. If you realize that one side of the aisle has filled these citizens, it is our duty to fight for life from the woman to the tomb. The only way we can win is changing whats happening in those communities. You cant change it. If you are not, there talked to Chicago Philly Baltimore, I travel every week talking to people. Do you think they care if a r or d are there? Do you think that Black America wants to defund the police thats, not what they are saying? They want equal justice under the law and they want those people taken care of, but by and large the community is saying, protect us when the state abuses this power, they should be prosecuted, but when citizens terrorize their own communities, they
should be prosecuted as well, and we will talk about that in my special one nation on Sunday at 1000, p, DOT M Eastern, very good. I want to give you that same question. What advice would you give to the president? I love that hes taking a pro law enforcement stance, but what can the president do? The first is when cops are unfairly aligned as racists. They pulled back in the bad guys, know it and the very people that the black lives matter and these other activists claim they care about, are the ones who are hurt. I have would also talk about Joe Biden, who consistently lied about his civil rights record. No evidence whatsoever. He claims hes got support from the NAACP. The NAACP is a 501c3 corporation and they cant do it it. They said he lied and got arrested and Joe Biden thinks
of them as props or ponds its ninety five percent for people like me, and I think its very offensive black people are angry at Rachel Dolezal for lying. Why arent you angry at Joe Biden for all of his lies im angry at Joe Biden right now, which is why im here Joe Biden is the racist if they didnt to get it done done. Larry LEO and Lawrence dont forget to check out.
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