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Bongino rips Democrats' 'impeachment for idiots' as 'political stunt'

2021-02-04 | 🔗
FOX News contributor tells 'Hannity' there's no evidence Donald Trump incited Capitol riot
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The breach was in fact planned well in advance of the presidents remarks and keep in mind. One of the managers actually, as Jim Jordan had mentioned, challenged a twenty sixteen election results. You cannot make that up and so Democrats dont actually believe that challenging election results is incitement and certainly their rhetoric is quite over the top, as we have been chronicling in the recent days and weeks, a political stunt, a waste of time and money. But while congressional Democrats play their dumb, predictable hate trump Games, the Biden administration is unilaterally enacting an insane climate agenda. All with the stroke of a pen, bypassing an entire branch of Government Biden might cancel all oil and gas pipelines great well end up, setting more piece to thousands and more Americans killing their high paying union career jobs.
Here with more Fox news, contributor Dan Bongino start with the part of this. That Jordan was talking about its ironic isnt it. The guy leading the charge, is the guy that challenged Donald Trump in two thousand and sixteen Dan. Well, you know whats even worse. Let me just say before we start. This is an impeachment for dopey people, so if you are dopey, you believe its a real impeachment. If you are smart, you are laughing at that at the stupidit. He sends a letter and in the letter he says, listen, President Trump former President Trump, you are a failure to respond and to testify we will draw a negative inference from you. Apparently he laughably is a member of Congress and hasnt read the constitution. You know Sean. We got this crazy thing called the fifth amendment where you dont have to testify
against yourself. He doesnt know im really happy David is an actual lawyer and cleared that up for him who eight comically made that dopey mistake, but again the charges and there are utterly absurd. We already have the transcript of what President Trump said. We have repeated it on the air. Now you are inciting violence by asking people to March, and I quote: patriotically excuse me and peacefully. I really dont understand how that it is inciting violence. How does that not implicate people like Maxine Waters, which we heard about again? This is an impeachment for idiots. If you believe this is serious, you should take enhancing supplements. Let me lean on your former law enforcement background here, both in the Nypd. So apparently now we have court documents.
We have investigators, we have capital police department, every indication that this was preplanned. It identifies specific groups even reported by the fake news media. How do you make the argument that the words of Donald Trump that you accurately quoted, which, as many of you will peacefully patriotically march to the capital, so your voices can be heard and it was apparently preplanned by these groups that they are now in the process of identifying? We see pipe bombs being laid out the night before. How do you make the claim that this incitement, based on the words Trump to call for peaceful March, when in fact they were doing it anyway? Welcome im glad you brought that up its a two prong test here? They are trying to prove that President Trump incited it. Yet you actively stated there was some postop intelligence
that came out that this was preplanned, which would take away that first leg of the stool suggesting that President Trump somehow had something to do with the planning thats utter absurdity. There is a clear standard. You have to ask for any lawless action, not that you should im just talking about the law that you should or shouldnt do. You can talk about violence and I thinknot that you should. But can you have to be clear and insight a lawless action, not some obstruction? He didnt even do that. He said go March peacefully and patriotically for an operation that appears to be preplanned again. This is an impeachment for stupid people. If you believe it im. Sorry, you are just really stupid. There is a thing called evidence. You dont have any thats kind of a problem in your case, all right, real, quick, quick any days when we are
going to get parler back up shooting for Monday Monday looks good fingers crossed. We will say our prayers. We will light the candles do whatever we have to do.
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