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Capitol rioting: Trump, McEnany condemn storming of Congress

2021-01-07 | 🔗
FOX News contributors Dan Bongino and Sarah Sanders react to the day's events on 'Hannity'
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President Trump, our incredible journey is only just beginning, thats true here, with reaction, Fox NEWS, contributor, Dan Bongino, former White House, press secretary and Fox NEWS contributor soon to be governor. Sarah sanders welcome both of you to the program just a little slip. Maybe one day I can always hope I want to get dans take from the law enforcement perspective. They were able to make this breach. I dont even think it was a couple of minutes, and that is the high side. Certainly that is a terrifying act. What took place yesterday that this happened so quickly with seemingly little pushback, certainly not enough otherwise at one to have taken place, lets be very clear. What happened yesterday was absolutely unacceptable. Just like it was unacceptable for the radical left to kill police officers and burn our cities to the ground. We are a country of law and
order, and we cannot have senseless violence running rampant and making decisions in our community and ruling our communities. The reason America is so great is because we are a free country and we cannot remain a free country if we dont remain a country of law and order and a country that respects that what we saw yesterday in those moments was not bad. What we saw this summer was not that that is not who we are as Americans. We are better than that and I hope to see the goodness of America that we did get glimpses of many times yesterday and throughout the past year, when our country was in crisis thats, who we are and thats what I want cecum of the America. I love the America that is free, and that is what makes us special ive got to give you kudos and credits. You saw a long time ago, youve disclosed publicly that you own part of parlor, which is an alternative twitter. I saw the president joined her us. At
least there is a place its like Twitter, its called parler parler. I have an account there im telling everybody there good for you, the president joined they are censoring him and Dans Camino and everybody else, but lets look at this from a law enforcement standpoint. Your background thoughts, I debated what to say coming on tonight, was I going to talk about the technical components of the security plan at the capital that went wrong. I dont want to do that because a lot went wrong. I think we all get that. I want to talk about something more important and its the worst kept secret in law enforcement, its a dirty secret, but its the worst kept one. Fifty percent of security in public safety is political. What do I mean by that youre? Never going to secure location, a city, the capital? If you dont have the backing of political leaders and the problem we have and what you saw yesterday at the capital. They have two thousand three hundred police officers and half a billion dollar budget.
The capital in a two point, three square mile area, has the a bigger police bud than the city of Detroit. What went wrong the answer? Is they just dont, like the cops people in big cities run by liberals in the city of d, dot c is run by liberals. They cant stand the police. They havent made a secret about it. Theyve actually run some of them on defunding the police. I love these thought experiments because they make liberals and media people outside this network. Think I can prove this to you. Did you see the rioting today at the capital? No, you didnt. This tragic incident yesterday was done thankfully, and concluded, and you saw nothing today yet. The siege at the White House, in Washington D, DOT C with Blm, lasted for what a week whats the difference, its the same area of d, DOT, C, the same d, DOT C Metro, police department, the same federal entities involved. Why did one stop in the other didnt?
The answer is because yesterday was a disfavored group, Trump supporters, so there was unified political support to stop it. In the siege at the White House, was a favored group attacking the White House, Trump was em. Nobody did anything about it. You think im making this up what happened in New York City? Why are homicides in New York City exploding, despite the fact that nobody is moving around due to a lockdown? How is that happening? We are mutant criminals from another planet, randomly drop, the New York City, end crime, exploded what changed in New York city? The answer is Bill De Blasio change, the political leadership changed. You think the cops dont know how to handle crime. They have shown the world how to handle crime. For two decades the political leaders are ruining policing and youre, never going to get security and public safety. Until we get better political leaders, Matt fulls the period of, let me go to the media, they are going to have one hundred days of socialism. They are
trying to instill in the country. I making the prediction that the ever weak, frail cognitively struggling Joe implementing socialism is not going to be particularly interesting. Am I wrong in my prediction? The media mob will say we arent going to cover Donald Trump and after Joe results in the lowest ratings, and is it dull and boring on top of his bad policies that want and not particularly well, I predict they are going to want to know what Donald Trump has to think your thoughts. They cant help themselves. They cant help themselves but to want to know just because they find it far more entertaining and certainly more newsworthy than what Joe Biden would think. He still remains one of the biggest voices in the country for whether you are republican or Democrat. He is one of the biggest voices in american politics, regardless of where you fall on the spectrum.
They cannot ignore that he still has a massive amount of support from coast to coast, north and south in this country, and I dont think theres any way the media can ignore him over the course of the next year or four years. The idea on parler, you have friends that are involved in great people. I know one of them beside yourself. Maybe you want to put a miss me yet hashtag Trump, two thousand and twenty four im leaving Twitter permanently. I will make my last post tomorrow. They locked me out for daring to post the speech of the President of the United States. This is cable you tomorrow, I will post tomorrow on Twitter, but im out before you leave put in their Sarah Sanders, governor Hashtag, two thousand and twenty two, a final endorsement.
I like it when we come back Joe Biden said today: black lives matter protesters the group pigs in a blanket fry them, like bacon. They talked about how they wouldve been treated hes, not the only one saying it.
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