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Carter Page reacts to Senate Intel Committee finding no collusion between Russia and Trump 2016 campaign

2020-08-18 | 🔗
Former Trump 2016 campaign adviser Carter Page joins Sean Hannity on 'Hannity.'
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Senator thank you, as always for being with us, and we appreciate your commentary. As always, we have more developments tonight and our quest for justice. The Senate Intel Committee released the final installment of their Russia investigation, confirming there was no Trump Russia collusion. Ever the FBI relied on the fake phony bought and paid for russian disinformation dossier bills, wife paid for that Carter, page denying him his civil liberties and constitutional rights, the one and only Carter, page Carter. If there is justice, premeditated fraud on FISA Court, only the tip of the iceberg, youre absolutely right. Sean Sean, as we had two giants talking just now, with Senator Cruz, Senator Kennedy.
It was amazing because they had just really grilled Sally Yates, just really grilled Sally Yates. A couple weeks ago, really Senator Burr, the disgraced former chairman ended up stepping down from that, because there are so many unanswered questions and just an incomplete job. We really need to be much tougher, and I am greatly grateful to the Senate, judiciary and everything theyve done to help reestablish the rule of law in our country, because you know at the bottom of your screen. They had Sally Yates speaking at the Dnc after getting disgraced in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and you know talking about weaponizing the justice system, which is exactly what she did against President Trump. We are going to go to the one minute of Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez.
I will tell everybody about yearbook and a a second. She gets one minute its interesting. They want to hide the one minute I was told we were getting there. What is the title of your book? Click abuse in power. Tell the full title: whats the full title of the book. Laughs. Dont, tell me you.
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