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Chaffetz: Hold state legislatures accountable for fair elections

2021-01-06 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz and Former Acting DNI Ric Grenell discuss election integrity on 'Hannity'
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Got to keep that in mind developing tonight, Facebook and Twitter blocked president trumps account down twitter signed a violation of civic integrity rules and further violations will result in a permanent suspension. Rick lets go back to the argument. These are things that you looked into when you were acting director as it relates to abuse of power and corruption and FISA applications based on a phoney dossier, even when they knew it was phoney. Nobody was held accountable for the peaceful protestors today. You want to understand why they are there.
You have these issues that contribute to this. First, let me just say Sean thank you for having tonights show without a commercial break. I will get yelled at after the show thanks a lot. Thank you for that commitment. Second lets start by say week ago, have to condemn this violence its a sad day. We had the moral high ground condemning all of the violence last summer and into the fall. We have to condemn this violence. The other side didnt do that they pick and choose when they condemn it. We have to be consistent. I am proud of the fact we have a bunch of conservatives that have been loud and critical of this terrible violence. Every person should be prosecuted. I think transparency has to be our friend.
We have to figure out who these people are and get to the bottom of it: Washington, D, DOT, C doesnt, like transparency, they like to pretend they have a little information, and you have partisans on both sides that spin that information. We must demand transparency. Transparency in the election will be helpful to help the public understand what is at stake and whether or not the vote was real. You have to come clean and give us the information that people are asking when we see dead people are voting. We know that was a fact, and yet we were dismissed the frustration these peaceful protestors have are focused in the right direction. They are complaining about the process. The bad apples must be found
out prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Jason. You followed a lot of the issues that we never got: equal application under the law. No, we got millions of Americans who feel disenfranchised. They never saw lady justice equally apply the law. I concur with Dan and Rick. It was wrong when they were trying to tear down our. U dot s courthouses I saw Kamala Harris out there fighting to raise money to get those people back out on the streets. I saw Kamala Harris fighting for cashless bail. I wonder how the Democrats feel about it today. What happened at the capitol today is wrong. Its more american than anything
to protest, but to smash into the capitol is wrong. Those people should be prosecuted. The last time I heard there were only thirteen arrests there better be a whole lot more until you put people in jail for the violence on both sides of the aisle, no matter what their political persuasion people are going to react. The last thing I have to point out, if you want to have action, dont fall into the trap of Chuck, Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and think we have to federalize this. You have to work on the state legislatures and the state houses thats, where you hold people accountable, thats, why we need to focus to Institute change Rick. The lack of curiosity on this campaign, Wisconsin and Michigan LAW ignored,
Pennsylvanias constitution, ignored eyewitnesses. Nobody wanted to hear from the whistleblowers no partisan observers. You know my list, no concern at all from Democrats. No concern about Hillary Clintons, dirty dossier or Joes quid pro quo. No Democrat spoke out against the deep state and FISA abuse and the dirty dossier and the election issues they dont say a word. No, that build into frustration, overseeing Nevada, threw out one hundred and fifty eight thousand votes and a week later to reinstate it, nothing changed and there was no coverage nationally,
just a little coverage locally. This is the problem when you are faced with an injustice and you call it out and the institutions that you believe are supposed to do something ignore you. You create a real credibility crisis and we have to confront that. I want to say that Jason is right. We have to do this on a state level. Each state has to challenge on.
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