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Curfew in effect in Philadelphia following widespread looting

2020-10-28 | 🔗
Fox News correspondent Aishah Hasnie joins 'Hannity' with the latest on aftermath of deadly police shooting
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People were running out of businesses can clothing and electronics joins us on the ground in Philadelphia. What does it look like tonight? We are forty minutes into this curfew in Philadelphia, its not enforced. We are seeing people walking around and driving around lets. Look around West Philadelphia. This is 52nd and market. This is one hundred police officers at this intersection. They have riot gear ready too go. They are here to prevent riots or looting. This area was ripped apart by looters on Monday talking about local minority, owned businesses ransacked and destroyed, keep in mind this is Walter Wallaces Neighborhood
its hard to understand why these looters are attacking their own. We have seen violent clashes with police and thirty cops injured. The governor called out the Army National Guard. They are supposed to arrive Friday or Saturday. Hundreds will be deployed to help the local police here to protect property and prevent any looting from happening. They will provide assistance because the police have been the target of a lot of violence as of right now, nothing like what we have seen in the last two days. We heard gunfire nonstop last night.
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