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Deep State actors cash in on corruption

2020-07-28 | 🔗
Peter Strzok lands book deal after FBI firing; reaction from Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino.
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Also, breaking today also breaking today, former FBI agent, one of the architects of the russian conspiracy Hoax Peter Strzok, announced he would be releasing a new book two months before the election, but he is far from the only deep state actor to profit. From what I view as abuse of power and corruption, a former FBI attorney LISA Page was hired by Msdn, see as an analyst and yes Andrew Weissmann, also hired by Ms Dnc. As a legal analyst wrote, a book also set to be released. In September, a former Obama director of National intelligence, clapper hired by fake news CNN, published his book in two thousand and eighteen former CIA director hired by Msdn, see senior of national security. James Comey has already written one book. Apparently now is the inspiration for a miniseries and in the process of writing a second book set to release. In
January, a former deputy director of the FBI, Andrew Mccabe, also hired by fake news CNN. As a contributor, they were referrals for lying crimes that put Paul Manafort in Stone and Michael Cohen, in jail, Stone and Michael Cohen, in jail, thats going to publish in twenty nineteen, how theyve profited from their lies: great piece, Foxnews, dot com and Fox NEWS contributor, Dan Bongino. First thing I got up this morning. I read this. I said to text, you show you some of the next thing is, I said, please get me all the information on all the profits that these deep state actors are going to make its pretty despicable that these disgraced corrupt lying people are profiting financially from their pathology of lies.
Peter Strzok is the latest. His book is, perversely, ironic, that I cant think of a more compromised person in America, a guy carrying on an extramarital affair and trading, stunningly hostile text messages about the very man he is investigating Andrew Mccabe, whose dishonesty was epic fired for lying and not once but four times he penned a book called threat. He cant think of a guy who was more of a threat to the FBI than Andrew Mccabe and, of course, youve got the ever vain glory. Egocentric James Comey, who penned a book about lies and lying people, talk about blatant hypocrisy and now a drama miniseries about the ultimate drama queen James Comey. All of these guys embrace the mantle of morality and purity in order to cover up their own abuse of power, deceit and corruption, and Americans should reject it. Dan Bongino, the
thing that I take away from this there such an arrogance that you begin to wonder, do they just think theyre getting away with all of this. My sources have told me a number of them that they all have high powered d, dot c attorneys representing them, so they are preparing for the worst, but going out and profiting of the most they can from all of this, and what we know on the record to me is damning enough to get most, if not all of them indicted and the key take away here. Is they all know each other? That may not seem profound like they worked in d dot c. Of course they know each other, but they all appeared in the same cases. I never would miss anything. I dont care, if you call it the deep state, the silly state, whatever you call it but suggesting to me it doesnt exist after these connections will blow your mind. You can go. Take a vacation because youre crazy, the same people involved in
Spygate, the Doj official who supervised David Loughman, was the attorney who sat in when the interview at the primary sub source. He also appears in the Brett Kavanaugh case. He went to work for Adam Schiff in the impeachment case, national security staffer. Remember him two of his coworkers. There went to go work for who Adam Schiff, that same fake, whistle blower met with ukrainian parliamentarian, who met with the chill loop, a woman who was working. The metaphoric case for the Democrats Heres one more for you that same who worked for the Doj who worked for John Carlin, who was his chief of staff, hired Andy Wiseman, who worked with Obamas lawyer and LISA Monica counterterrorism official. They all know each other youre telling me of all the lawyers in America. They are all
involved in the same three scandals. The deep state doesnt exist, its all a hoax, no youre, a hoax. If you dont, believe it. This isnt by chance. Americans have a right to know what happened in two thousand and sixteen before they vote and early voting starts in September in some states. Four years later, one programming note: you see Gregg Jarrett there we are going to have a role reversal. He is going to beat me up. I want our foxnation dot com special interviewing me about live free or die, and he is already told me im putting you on notice, going out you hard so anyway. I look forward to the role reversal. Im interviewing him too. It is a wonderful book. I appreciate you, dear friends, without this ensemble cast the country. Wouldnt know any of it without a small group of congressmen and people dedicated to the truth. None of this.
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