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Democrats divided over Joe Biden's key picks for his Cabinet

2020-12-18 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., weigh in on the transition on 'Hannity'
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Welcome back to this welcome back to this Hannity Special Joe Biden is having a rough start to his transition, with some in his own party openly criticizing his decision. For example, many progressives have publicly complained about the numerous Obama era: holdovers tapped to fill bidens cabinet, the lack of pushback from Biden and his team has projected an image of weakness. Dont take my word for it with politico writing. That Biden has often seemed as if someone fixed a kick me sign to the back of his suit jacket. Progressive anger at Joe Biden is not the only fissure within the party days after Congresswoman Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez supported calls for Pelosi and Schumer to give up their leadership roles. A democratic steering committee snubbed the outspoken congresswoman from New York by not appointing her to the Energy and Commerce Committee, which would oversee issues like the green New Deal and
Medicare for all Alexandria. Ocasio Cortez also made waves, backing Biden, deputy chief of staff, Jen Omalley, Dillon, obviously reaching her hand out across the aisle calling Republicans a bunch of F ers and a dot oc doubled down, saying yeah. That is the right word joining with us. The reaction is Arizona, congressman, Andy Biggs and Fox NEWS. Contributor, Charlie hurt gentlemen. Thank you for joining US congressman. I want to start with you. It really was amazing. In the election, not a single Republican running for re election in the House of Representatives lost not a single one of them. Yet Pelosi said there would be more than a dozen you know victories that never materialized, creating one of the closest splits in the House of representatives we ever had. You have a fissure with Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez, evidently a weak Joe Biden not able to come in what is going on over there if house of Representatives, not that I miss it. But what is going on
good to see you Jason? I will tell you you are not missing much. What you are missing is a front row seat to the remaking of the Democrat Party. This is Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez and the squad they dont want to just remake the party they belong to. They want to remake America, destroy the America we know and replace it with a marxian economy and government. They always wanted to use Joe Biden as Trojan horse to manipulate him in to that the problem with that they have picked fight with virtually every other Democrat, like Henry Cuellar old line. Democrats running people against them, while doing that they have made themselves outcasts within that caucus itself, while using social media to try to influence the rest of America. So youve got this hard leftist, like a dot oc trying to take over the party and remake the country and the party, those that dont want that are clinging to it. You know Pelosi is going to. It looks like she will try to
isolate a dot oc and the squad. This time lets see how it goes im interested to see how it develops yeah. I think this is intertwined with what is going on with Joe Biden Charlie. You know, Donald Trump was a leader. You could call him a lot of things. The guy was a leader. He was taking charge and saying hey. We are going to go over and take that point right m right there. I understand that Biden and Obama were leading from behind, but I cant imagine Donald Trump taking a story that says he wears a jacket that says Quicksayskick me on the back like they are writing about Biden there couldnt a weaker image than that. No doubt we are seeing the effects of that President Trump remade. I argue not only remade the Republican Party and in a lot of ways we will see he remade the Democratic Party as well. One of his most effective tools has always been to put his enemy to put his opponents in untenable
positions. That is what the Democrats have done. I dont blame anybody for people like a dot oc. No one is to blame more than people like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. They are the ones who refuse to stand up to these people before then. Of course, Joe Biden didnt have the decency to actually run a campaign. Didnt have the decency to ask people for their vote on policy positions or campaign where he laid out his vision. His only vision was Donald Trump im, a nice person or something like that. The problem with that is now there is this huge vacuum, its an issue: vacuum mandate, vacuum where Joe Biden has no mandate and everybody in the Democratic Party, its like a feeding frenzy among sharks, where everybody is running in trying to fill the void with the crazy agenda. The problem with that is that the agenda that the people are bringing are insane, whether its taxing guns, taking peoples, guns away,
raising taxes getting back to bed with IRAN or giving the rest of the store away to China whatever it is, they want to do. They are trying to foist all of this on to Joe Biden and, while part of me says this is going to be a lot of down, sit back and watch, the people will tear each other to pieces. The problem is that America is in the balance, and this country could go down the drain based on what a lot of the people are trying to espouse yeah. This is the problem, the challenge real quickly, Congressman Biggs. I have to ask you with the margin so tight and so close. Can Nancy Pelosi run the gauntlet and actually garner? Two hundred and eighteen votes to be the speaker of the house. It will be really close. It looks like she is trying to isolate the a dot oc dot S of the world. That makes it very very close. I dont think her margin will be more than what seven eight maybe MAX ten tight.
She cant lose more than five votes in the scenario. What she is doing with the Congress Races in Iowa and New York is a travdy.
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