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DeSantis: Trump cutting into Democrats' early voting lead in Florida

2020-10-30 | 🔗
Florida governor tells 'Hannity' why Trump's 'optimistic' message has resonated with locals
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Think we will get the outcome. Robert is talking about Florida, a battleground state, a must win state for President Trump. According to a new report, Democrats are turning out at a much lower rate than Republicans in the important county of Miami. Dade Republicans have a nine point: four percent turnout advantage in Miami Dade County, where Biden will need a significant margin of victory to carry the state here with more Florida. Governor RON Desantis tell us about Miami Dade and early voting. How do you match this up to twenty sixteen or your race? When you ran for governor four years ago, there were three hundred and forty thousand more registered Democrats than Republicans.
Now its less than one hundred and forty thousand, we added two hundred thousand republican registrations. We are winning by about five hundred and twenty thousand republican ballots over Democrats for in other than early voting. Democrats are going to the mail, but we are closing the early voting at a much faster rate than in twenty. Sixteen in Miami Dade, the president lost it by thirty points and still won the state. He is now in a situation with the turnout. We are seeing he may be able to cut that margin in half a county as big as Miami Dade. That could be a one hundred thousand vote swing. The cuban american community is fired up and the Venezuela Americans and all of the Hispanics that understand the threat that Marxism poses. They are rally to Donald Trump
thats, something he had to do better and I dont think we could have done any better and I hope it continues Sean. What are the other? What are the other things you hear Aringaring AR hearing from Florida as it relates to Joe Biden, doom and gloom, and not giving answers about packing the court I cant imagine he wont answer that question. I think the answer is he will pack the court. He will be beholden to the left wing. What are they saying about? How Biden has hidden the whole campaign? Well, I think its been absolute joke. He doesnt know who he is running against. He said he is running for the Senate and the other day talked about George W Bush, his lock down mentality doesnt play well in Florida.
We have all sixty seven counties: schools open for in person, five of the ten biggest school districts in the country, and obviously our economy is open. People dont want to be locked down, want parents want to send their kids to school. The message of doom and gloom is not what people want to hear. The president is more optimistic. The president is more optimistic and that resonates more. The doom and gloom about voting shifted Democrats to vote by mail going into election day. We will have two hundred thousand more super voters who will turnout. I think that margin will be bigger this year. Some is for the fear mongering Biden has done. I think it will come back to bite him.
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