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DHS chief Chad Wolf on lawlessness in Portland: It's time that we take a stand

2020-07-16 | 🔗
Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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In the meantime, ask them to clean up the graffiti on local facilities wow tonight the acting DHS secretary is condemning the violence refusing to stand down. He joins us, live on the ground in Portland. Thank you for being with us. I guess the first question is okay in every case, where the president has offered and given Help Minneapolis D, DOT C, for example, things have gotten under Control Seattle. We had reports and then confirmed by the president. He said yeah we said we are going to go in which precipitated finally, the end of the chop zone where innocent people died. Now it has happened in other cities. You see the violence in Chicago New York other places. So now you are going to get lectured by a mayor who is doing nothing to stop the violence or protect businesses in that city. Thank you for having me, and that is exactly right. Earlier this week I called not only the mayor but the governor.
I offered DHS support to help them locally address the situation and their only response was please pack up and go home. That is just not going to happen on my watch, so we need to make sure we are supporting our law enforcement officers here and making sure that they are going to continue to protect the courthouse. That is what the DHS does. That is our mission. We are not going to advocate our mission responsibilities, however, with the local leadership is telling us were going to do our job. We are going to do it professionally, but we are not going to have these violent anarchists who show up about the same time every night for a series of hours and having that federal destruction to property. I was able to tour the courthouse. I saw the graffiti the broken windows, the broken doors. There is a facility right across the street from the courthouse that has forty seven coats of paint on it. You have to the facility every night after he gets graffiti
its time. We take a stand its time. The local leaders here publicly condemn with the violent anarchists are doing, and only them, I think, will local police get this under control. Ive been saying if you like what is happening in Seattle. New York and other places cities run by liberal Democrats for decades. That would be a preview of coming attractions. If Joe Biden is elected, im trying to wrap my mind around this youre offering to help create safety and security for the people of Portland, the president has offered all of these cities. Now he can constitutionally use the one thousand eight hundred and seven insurrection act, but the president has also said that he is going to go in and he is going to restore order in these war zones. What will that entail? We are going to hear apparently very soon, absolutely and again, we continue to offer that support, specifically here in Portland,
wanting to make sure that they have enough assets, whether its personnel capabilities- and that was my direct, ask and offer to the mayor and again, the only response was please pack up and go home again. I ask the mayor and I ask others: what do you think is going to occur? We are going to have a courthouse federal facilities overrun by these violent anarchists. What im asking you all state and local leaders here in Portland in Oregon, is come out specifically and publicly condemn these violent anarchists, because otherwise youre creating an environment. You are fostering an that continues to breed this type of lawlessness. We sell this back in twenty eighteen, unfortunately, here in Portland, where they set siege to a I dot ce facility for over twenty eight days. This is the type of environment again that is fostered here. Weve had enough of it were going to continue to protect the courthouse and you are do our MI the end of the day.
That is mind numbing to me. Protecting a business.
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