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Do liberals really believe Trump faked his COVID-19 diagnosis?

2020-10-06 | 🔗
2020 election correspondent Lawrence Jones asks New Yorkers what they think.
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Leo Larry, by the way I want to LEO Larry, show LEO two. We do have good news for the president. According to his doctors. Well, he is experiencing zero, Covid 19 symptoms on a speedy road to recovery, and we can hope and pray that continues for everybody that contracts, this invisible enemy. Apparently many new Yorkers, though they have been brainwashed by the media mob and think something conspiratorial is at play joining us now with a full report, Hannity two thousand and twenty election correspondent, our very own Lawrence Jones LJ. What do we gotten a good evening? Sean? As you know, the president is back at the White House recovering from a coronavirus but hes not finished with his agenda. In fact, hes going all in after months of negotiations with the Democrat for Covid relief, he announced today that he would be ending those negotiations until after the election. The president says his focus now will all be on his Supreme Court
nominee and to get that nominee to get confirmed, but some dont believe that the president ever had it. They think it was all a hoax watch. It looked like he is doing pretty well now, though, but he still has Covid im still a little cautious. If I ran into someone who I knew had Covid two days ago and was in the hospital, I would probably want a little separation. Sometimes I wonder if its just a ploy, you think its fake to get people to vote for him to get people to feel sorry for him. You never know universal. Some people said it was a hoax. I do believe that no, I dont believe that they are trying to find every reason they can to pick on him, and this is just another one. Why would he pretend to have covid maybe later on? He will have an expo nation and to put two and two together, he said he had coronavirus. We need to find something to reunite us and if the president is sick, all of the citizens
should be coming together, regardless of whether or not we like his political stances. Healthy president is a healthy country. As you can see, it looked like that brother at the end was the only person that had a bit of common sense. Him as saying need to unify on the president.
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