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Do voter fraud claims cause uncertainty about election integrity?

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus discuss on 'Hannity'
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Joining us now to react to all of Tonights breaking news. The author of firebrand, the perfect title lets be honest, Congressman Matt Gaetz and former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus lets start with. I dont know how, whether your are to talk about it yet, but there are a number of issues being brought up in individual states. Where do you see it right now, thanks congrats as well. First of all its important to know, the sequence of the states that are coming in Georgia has to be done by the 20th of November. Then Pennsylvania on the 23rd, then Wisconsin, then Arizona were going to know a lot about whats happening in Georgia by the time we get to the actual filing for a recount in Wisconsin
all the things you were just talking about with Kayleigh Mcenany, as I was listening to that. What people have to remember is every one of those complaints when she was talking about the fact that some poll workers or election officials were filling in ballots for democratic wards, but they werent filling in the ballots and republican boards, what they are doing now in Michigan. Is they are training these teams of people on that particular issue? On the issue of not properly filling out an absentee ballot, they are training people on that issue on the issue of deceased voters and definitely capacity eating people, people in nursing homes, your training, different teams on each one of these issues, because why, when it comes time the recount to take place, you have to have an actual body in the chair saying I object to this ballot.
For this reason, I object to that ballot. For this reason, and this one and this one so if youre down by twelve thousand in Georgia or nineteen and a half in Wisconsin, you have to make sure that you are flagging and tagging that many ballots with the proper objection in each state whats happening in the states, is that all of these teams are out there getting trained getting in place to actually follow up now on the allegations that Kayleigh Mcenany is bringing forth in these affidavits mapped. Look how well we did learn from two thousand and sixteen your thoughts as you look at this. How does anyone have confidence and faith and trust in this system? When you see the standards everything weve discussed, Heres? What we know the chairman of the Federal Election Commission said there was fraud
in the selection and when you take the mail in ballots and balance them against the registry of people who changed their addresses. You see there are tens of thousands of people, seventeen thousand alone in Georgia, who actually moved and voted in the state that they moved from. He mentioned the nursing home mystery votes coming in, and the state of Pennsylvania, more people over the age of ninety registered to vote in twenty twenty. Then, in the prior four years combined, I call it the Dorothy effect. This notion that there was an immediate interest and surge of voters over the age of ninety. During a pandemic, we have yet to find one nursing home where these democratic registrations were occurring. That seems to suggest those ballots may have been turned in by someone other than the person they were addressed to this isnt impossible to fix. In Florida we have a standards that requires a review of those mail in ballots before election
day that way, youre able to give them proper scrutiny to those dominion. Software systems, change, more boats and Vladimir Putin never did, and we spent four years and tens of millions of dollars over this fiction of russian collusion with a Trump campaign. I think, a few more weeks ensuring we had a fair election in twenty twenty is worth this great nations time. I think we got your.
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