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Donald Trump Jr. says there's nothing moderate about Joe Biden

2020-08-17 | 🔗
Donald Trump Jr., author of 'Liberal Privilege,' joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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He has no clue what is happening happening more on my monologue in just a moment joining us now, the author of the book, liberal privilege, congrats on your first number, one best seller. Thank you, Sean Donald Trump Jr, one thousand eight hundred questions versus thirty four 1803f im going to be exact. Based on my count, I might be a little off little off. I dont have the exact number hes running against a ghost one hundred percent Sean and thats. The reason I wrote the book liberal privilege, because that is the perfect example. You can have a candidate that wants to replace the president of the United States. He refuses to speak to anyone in the press hes incapable of getting through a press conference when he speaks to a group of ten
people. He needs a teleprompter and he still messes. That appeared by the way. No one in the press says anything, oh its perfectly normal when you have clear cognitive decline like this. This guy is somehow a moderate, but you are not a moderate if you are opposing Beto Orourke, you are not a moderate if you are with Kamala Harris who has the most liberal record in the Senate, you are not a moderate if you are on Bernie Sanders unity platform on your website, its the communist manifesto of the new age Sean. There is nothing moderate about Biden Sean, because the media is going to give him billions of dollars worth of free coverage, hiding the fifty years of bad decisions that he has made in Washington D dot c. That is not me saying it.
ThatS Robert Gates, Obamas own Secretary of Defense, who literally said that he has been on the wrong side of every decision in his political career. That is literally saying something. Thats impressive, a monkey guessing at random could have performed better than Joe Biden in terms of major decisions for America. I havent even started talking about how he built up China. Sometimes he confuses the day of the week. The office hes running for seems to forget that we are actually endowed by not the thing. Where was he with coronavirus? Ten days after the first known case in America, he was calling a travel ban, the first quarantine in sixty years, and then the largest in history, hysterical, xenophobic and fearmongering. Where has he been its hard to watch?
We have more coming up. This guy beat nearly to death. Where is Joe, where is Joe? The solution for that is to defund the police reallocate social workers. Blm is destroying Democrat run cities. These are cities who have been controlled by Democrats for up to a century. This is the quintessential example of liberal privilege. It should not be happening. It cannot be going on in America. Guess what it is not just happening in these big cities, its only a matter of time until the Democrats, who are literally siding with criminals. Until this comes into your backyard, Sean its inevitable, they are incapable of pushing back against the bad guys. I cannot believe he is allowed to stay silent,
the media they have smeared slandered. They are involved in conspiracy theories and hoaxes after not only that, but as much collateral damage as they can take. They ruined Carter pages life. For four years also General Flynns Life, Brett, Kavanaugh, yeah and im wondering there is no one. They wont destroy to get their way Sean. There is no one, they wont destroy to get their way look at what they did to make sand men who was a 15 year old kid, his crime, being a male conservative from the south who supports Trump and happens to be a christian thoughts, an offense today, in the eyes of the Democrats, its no longer okay to certainly be apolitical. You must be woke. The problem is that, if you are woke today by tomorrow, you are no longer walk, they dont know what is going on.
They are run by lunatics the left, the most lunatic of the lunatics. They are the thought leaders of the Democratic Party, those of the people who are going to be pulling Joe Bidens purse strings. He has been a puppet for a long time, but if you dont think that he is, if you think, hes the same guy, all you need to do is get on Youtube and watch a video of him fifteen years ago. Look at that and look at the guy today and tell me they are the same people. The only difference is that they can try to sell America to Joe Biden as being moderate hes, not its a lie. You need to educate yourself before you go vote because the media is in this game. They dont even pretend anymore to be objective. They are liberal activists and thats it all right. Donald Trump Jr appeared by the way. It may not be a good week for you and your family to watch just saying theres only so much. I have to Sean
its comical relief. Its comical relief at this point, its comical, but ive got to be honest. If their stated policies, Donald Trump Jr, ever implemented its over one hundred percent. You you, the american taxpayer, have the privilege of spending four dollars trillion. You dont get that for your own family, but you can pay for theirs education. How is it for criminals coming out of prison? You can pay for that, but you dont get it for yourself and.
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