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Dr. Nesheiwat: COVID-19 vaccine weeks away, 'understand your risk'

2020-11-26 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor joins Mike Huckabee and Leo Terrell to discuss coronavirus hypocrisy on 'Hannity'
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Welcome back to this Hannah D special interest when you thought the hypocrisy on the left on Covid and Thanksgiving could get no worse. It did after wanting citizens to avoid trouble for the holiday Denver mayor, Michael Hancock Flu, im, pretty sure that means traveled to Mississippi to visit family. He later gave a half hearted apology for his decision and in the LOS Angeles, the Department of Public Health just admitted there is no scientific link between dining outdoors and the recent Covid 19 spike, so much for we will follow the science thing and now, after facing backlash, Andrew Cuomo canceled his Thanksgiving Day plans with family, including his 89 year old mother, and remember the judge in San Diego who allowed strip clubs to temporarily reopen despite a ban on indoor church services. Well, last week, Governor MIKE Huckabee made a humorous suggestion for
California churches to remain open, despite covert restrictions. One pastor followed the governors advice watch this here. I would think it is ridiculous to say that people are safer in a strip club. Then they are at church but churches across California, or going to announce that their pastor would remove his tide during the sermons, and he will take out an article of clothing, making a temporary stripper, so people can go to church lets. Go lets go by the way Governor Huckabee said he would bail me out if I got arrested for that. We went joining us now with more former Arkansas governor and Fox NEWS contributor of MIKE Huckabee Fox NEWS, contributor, Janette, Nesheiwat and civil rights attorney LEO Terrell. Welcome to all of you, doctor im going to start with
you and try to get that out of my mind, Thanksgiving families trying to make the hard decisions on what to do tomorrow, give them some advice and then tell us about the Good NEWS, the light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines. Yes, first of all, tomorrow is a day of things. So lets give thanks to all the good we have, even though suffering through the pandemic. The good news is, we have a vaccine that is weeks away, but you want to protect yourself until then. What you want to do is stick within your bubble: stick within your household and try not to travel per the CDC recommendations stay with your own, immediate family. If you are going to travel and enter other households which you shouldnt, according to the CDC, wear a mask practice: social distancing, ten feet away and open a window. Those are little things to help protect yourself, of course, get tested, because we have a quarter of a million deaths. So far in this country
we are having two thousand deaths a day day. Eighty eight thousand Americans currently, and so now the behavior now Trey will impact the number of cases we see two or three weeks from now and the trajectory of where we are going in the future future Governor Huckabee. You are familiar with my beloved home state of South Carolina, sometimes, depending on what church you go to, you could say it was emotionally peaceful protest. You could get away with it by doing that and its states other than South Carolina. How do you address the hypocrisy of sating? You can gamble go to and since my mom is watching dance clubs- and I will not use another word- but how do you wage through the hypocrisy to say you cant go to church, but you can do all that. That is the problem trey. You cannot wait through the hypocrisy, but you have to laugh at it and frankly ignore it and challenge it. One of the reasons that a lot of
Americans have had it up to here is because they feel, like the public officials who tell them to be careful. They are not being careful who tell them. Dont go eat out, but they go weed out, while Gavin Newsom with seven hundred dollars person, french laundry, restaurant, didnt, wear a mask and the Denver mayor. You add all of this up and I think sometimes people are afraid. The public officials are not trying to control the disease as much as they are trying to control them and the people we do need to be careful. We need to socially distance where the mask and do all of those things for everyones, safe and well being, but the hypocrisy that is unhealthy as covid, and that is why a lot of people are sating enough. If you will not follow the directions and advice, then dont give it. Mr Terrel, the governor, says lots of people are saying it is enough, but Gavin NE set of rules for his kids. I can
eat out that you cant, and I know California is different, but even after a while they get tired of the hypocrisy dont. You think. Let me say this without hyperbole. This is the first time Trey come. I want to leave the state O California, why the hypocrisy, insulting the intelligence of every citizen in California, we have a county health director who is not elected and makes five hundred thousand dollars. Who is not even a medical doctor and she shouts down the restaurants from outdoor dining. As you said, the Democrats always say we follow science. There is no science one additional fact. There are more people infected and government buildings than outdoor restaurants. When I say to you hypocrisy, it is too much for me im, hoping maybe I can find a place either in South Carolina or next door to Governor Huckabee, but it is just ridiculous out here, because it is too much democratic control and it doesnt justify the
shutting down of this entire estate, Dr Nisha, what it will assume that, despite the hypocrisy, they were certain things that we ought to do to keep others. We care about safe, despite the fact that elected officials are not doing it themselves, so, in other words, dont, let all the hypocrisy jeopardize health. Am I right about that? Absolutely know your wrists and take personal responsibility and understand. For example, if you are over the age of sixty five with underlying medical conditions, you are high risk of complications, so understand your risk and take common sense precautions. It is simple to wear a mask that can prevent thousands of cases and thousands of deaths here at. Of course, we know and have heard it before social distance, 6 10 feet away to help, protect ourselves, help protect our loved ones and go a long way. We are at the home stretch, we truly are trey.
We are literally weeks away from a vaccine and by the end of this year, thirty million doses and by spring slash summer, the rest of Americans will be able to have their vaccine as well. This year they will focus on giving it to high risk people in the nursing homes and those with underlying medical problems, and then, by March April, everyone will be vaccinated. We are almost there stay positive, stay, healthy and focused on protecting yourself and others, and we will get there. Thank you for reminding all of us. We have a lot to be thankful for.
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