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Eric Trump: Joe Biden doesn't have the mental capacity to be president

2020-08-06 | 🔗
Eric Trump shares his expectation for debates between his father and Joe Biden on 'Hannity.'
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Me you will go to Uncle Tom dot com. I cant wait to wear my hat on Hannity a lot coming. I would thank you for having me on. You been watching the events of today im just dying to get your response. Listen. What can you say about Biden? No one covers him in the media other than you its an absolute travesty when he says that the black community is not diverse, one dimensional when he comes out with this nonsense, can you imagine if Donald Trump said that the media doesnt even want to cover it? That is how biased that is how in their corner, they are its disgusting. He doesnt have the mental capacity to be commander in chief of this country. Joe Biden is spending more time on tv than her husbands. The guy wont come out of his basement. He wont answer real questions. We are going to have
sixteen states youre going to have eight million votes before the first debate and its disgusting and it shouldnt happen and its a travesty. This guy is afraid of my father and I really believe these debates are going to be an absolute bloodbath. I will tell you this. I really would like to have that debate. I mean I would like to resolve the issues from twenty. Sixteen about the deep state with your dad, and I also think its fair that Joe says hes dying to debate. Donald Trump lets. Have it add the extra debate, Joe Donald Trump, invited you to have an extra debate before one vote is cast. The american people need to see this. Do you think its any coincidence that all the debates are at the end of September and into October? If you look in North Carolina, I will give you a great example. North Carolina starts voting September. Fourth, we look at Florida. Florida starts voting September, 14th right. The debate doesnt happen until September 29th, the first debate and thats, not the last debate.
You are literally going to have a million votes before the first debate and they rake this on purpose. Thats, why you wont get the debate he doesnt want to debate. My father no question about it, thats what he wants to debate as late as possible, because the benefits, and because he does not want to be on the debate stage. When you see the comments he made today about the black community, when you see the comments, the guy makes everything the day. Last week he called Arizona a city a couple weeks ago he said he was running for United States Senate Sean. The guy does not want to debate my father and its a travesty that this debate, commission is probably very, very crooked hes, allowing him to start the debate this far into voting. This is corruption at the highest level. This is not fair to the american voter. He swears he wants to debate. He needs to debate. The country needs to see a debate before a single vote is cast totally agree. Last word: listen. I think we are
looking really good. The polls are looking great. You see it every day. The enthusiasm is tremendous. I can tell you as vocal as a lot of our supporters are whats under the surface is tremendous. I can just see it. I see more enthusiasm going into two thousand and twenty than I did in twenty. Sixteen we are going to win. My father is going to win back. The selection, hes got the whole media mob and the establishment.
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