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Eric Trump slams Democrats' failure to condemn rising violence in America

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization, joins Sean Hannity on 'Hannity.'
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What office am I running for? You may need a teleprompter here with reaction. I call it the candidate protection program for a reason he talked about police becoming the economy, a guy I led on Covid 19, but he was afraid China might get mad at us because he said it was fear mongering with the travel ban. Ten days after I dont know how many hundreds of thousands of lives were saved. He didnt lead on covid. Now he is saying to people. I never said I was against fracking. Yes, he said it twice in debates. He said he would end all fossil fuels. Yes, the fact he didnt know where he was the next day is baffling was the next day is baffling.
I will be in Georgia tomorrow, North Carolina and Minnesota and Michigan, and my father left Nevada and California. This guy hasnt gone pass the Mississippi in the last thirty days, its not like the guy has a jam packed schedule. He didnt leave his basement. This climate change position at leaves. I give Gavin Newsom credit. He said you have done a wonderful job for California. Mr Trump Biden is talking about a state burning, but there are suburbs burning you have Portland Burning and Seattle, burning and Minneapolis is burning and Chicago burning. The Democrats have not done a damn thing about it. Those suburbs are burning, they are defunding the police and going after the police and not condemning the violence. They burn churches,
Blm and other Antifa groups burn churches in Washington, D, dot c you didnt, see Kamala Harris or Joe Biden come out against them. They came out against cops and want to defund law enforcement. They are responsible for the burning of the suburbs. To make this into a climate change thing is an utter joke, Barack Obamas, hometown of Chicago 2009, 2016, four thousand homicides. Almost twenty thousand people shot in the city of Chicago President and vice president. They barely mentioned it. They want to defund the police or redirect funds to the police police become the enemy. At what point does their rettic cause them to be aiding and abetting
rhetoric? You wont turn criminals over to ice because you believe in sanctuary cities thats the difference between my father and these politicians. They are all talk and no action. My father is the exact opposite. Tremendous action, Chicago Obama, didnt even go back to Chicago. He literally was never there and never mentioned the violence and never tried to help never offered federal assistant or send in the military. The guy was not present anymore. He abandoned his city. Four thousand people died. You look at the state of so many of these cities look at homelessness in San Francisco and drug abuse and the needles all over the streets. Kamala Harris was not doing anything either.
Where was Joe Biden, these politicians are full of wind. They get into office and promise great things and dont do anything if they did a phenomenal job. My father would not have been elected now he is elected because he stands up and the man has tremendous backbone. He is willing to fight and support what is right, Donald Trump fights I would say guilty as charge fights for better trade deals that Joe and Barack Obobama didn fight for fought for police reform and set record after record and fought to get the border wall money fights against institutions that dont pay their fair share like NATO. Yes, your dad is a fighter. I like a fighter. He is in the candidate protection program by the media. They protect him. Twenty four slash, seven Joe.
He answered a question from a young girl and needed a teleprompter to answer a question: what will he do when he is talking to the leaders of China and Putin? They will eat his lunch. He cant answer a basic question from a young student without a teleprompter, its unbelievable its. Why my father will win. I hope. So. There are a lot of forces again him.
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