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Eric Trump slams Joe Biden's 'zero energy' press conference: The man has no fight in him

2020-06-30 | 🔗
Trump Organization executive vice president Eric Trump joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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By the way, the future of this country is at stake, a lot to get to here with reaction, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, when you really think about it. The green new deal is no energy, no gas everythings, free and America. We are going to tax you to death, and these are promises that will never be fulfilled, and then weve got freedom, capitalism and every single economic record for every demographic group shattered by your father, the largest and fastest and biggest medical mobilization in history. Does your dad get credit on election day and one hundred and twenty six days? I think he will actually. I think the american people see through it. The NASDAQ was up. Thirty point: six percent. Over the last ninety days, my father has dealt with. One of
the great crisis is in american history. Look at whats happened to the market. You know the media, you did such a beautiful job talking about the media in the intro. They say absolutely nothing, they ignore it and they do lobbed Joe Biden, softball questions and its disgusting. Yesterday you had Kayleigh Mcenany shes doing a beautiful job they asked. Is President Trump upset that the south lost the civil war it the kind of question that my father is getting shouted at every single day, getting lambasted by these people. Softballs Joe Biden is going to this list interesting, another preselected journalist. There is no question. He had the interview questions every single time he looked down and read his notes, its a double standard people see through it. They see. The media is ninety nine percent in that camp and they see how unfair the system is.
They also see a man who often times has to fight by himself. He really put up a great tweet today, the lone survivor, a lone fighter and thats, often true what hes done the weight that hes carried on his shoulders for this country is nothing short of spectacular, and I can tell you this country appreciates it. Three years of Russia collusion lies, but there was Russia collusion, the dirty dossier. The media lied, they never retracted, never corrected, never apologized. In fact, they won full of surprises. All these other people that I had on the air that got it right- and this show was alone for many years to be honest, Joe Biden, your thoughts on today, I thought today. First of all, he had zero energy. I have to watch this stuff. I had a tough time watching it. He didnt make any sense. He was
stumbling through it. Some of the questions were, sir. We are roughly the same age and once in a while, I make mistakes, and if you dont remember the time that the media was lambasting, the medical doctors, Ronnie Jackson, all these guys in the White House, remember them going after him is the president capable of surveying. Is he on hard drugs? And then you see these questions? Yes, the three thousand. We have it last week we are roughly the same age, and I understand it can happen its insane. He didnt answer anything everything he said was very generic. The man has no fight in him. Can you imagine him? This sounds like Joe Biden every second of the day. Im just saying, could you imagine him going against China going against Russia? My father has taken on the entire world taken on all of
Europe, taken on the: U Dot n taken on China, Mexico hes taken on everybody, because they were all totally ripping apart our country and using and abusing us us. Everybody says Donald Trump fights he fights with the media. He fights with.
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