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Father of teen killed in Seattle's 'CHOP' zone speaks out

2020-07-01 | 🔗
19-year-old Horace Lorenzo Anderson was killed in Seattle's Capitol Hill Organized Protest zone.
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They risked their lives, they knew it senator. Thank you joining us now, hes, the father of a young man we mentioned earlier Horace Lorenzo Anderson. He was murdered in Seattles, Chop Zone Autonomous Zone or summer free love zone on June 20th. Horse. Lorenzo Anderson SR is with us, along with a family representative who is the executive director of not this time. Andre Taylor is with us, sir. I speak for everyone. I know watching this program tonight. We are so sorry for the loss of your son. I dont know how I am a father, a sound that is twenty one and a daughter, thats eighteen right around the age of your son, and this happened ten days ago and the city still didnt do anything to protect its citizenry. Your thoughts, sir.
I think they shouldve just been. I mean its incredible. My son is nineteen. They should have been doing something about this a long time ago, like I said, I understand black lives matter and everything whats going on in everything, but thats, not my movement right now. My movement is to let them know that that was my son. You know what im saying Horace Lorenzo Anderson was my son. I dont know I am not with all this whatevers going on politics. None of that. I dont know nothing about that. All I know is this is my son and I love him. This is incredible. That shouldve been gone a long time ago. The concern about the fact that he was never no one ever came and spoke to him. I never talked to that day. After
the only way I found out. I see my son the night before he passed away. He was on the couch. I seen him. He looked like he was about to go to sleep. I seen him, I laughed with him, he stays with me. We laughed and I said, im going to sleep and I went to sleep. The only way I found out was just two of his friends just two friends that just happened to be up there and they came and told me they werent even from Seattle, mind you. I havent heard the police department, they never came. My sons address his, I dot d him personally him as a person. He still had somebody shouldve came and knocked on my door and still to this day, shouldve been like coming to talk to me. Let me know about my son to this day. I dont know nothing. I am just still sitting here. I havent heard nothing from nobody. Aint, nobody contacted me, you havent heard
from the mayor or the governor. You didnt hear from anybody. I havent heard from the mayor havent heard from the police department recently because we went on tv they reached out to me. Let me know what they are doing now. My son has been deceased now for two weeks somewhere in there. I dont even remember my days is like every day is like every day is just the same day, its like im confused, but I understand that whatevers going on, but even at the time, even with my son passing away when I went to the hospital there was no detectives there. There is no. There was nobody there, no media, nothing. He was nobody. He was just like. We was just there and we just sat there, and I said man. Why are we sitting here theres? Nobody else here, its like they didnt care, it didnt matter, havent heard from the mayor, the police department, no city, nobody, nobody. The only thing I heard from is
what you are hearing now thats it I saw this picture. I looked for the video, its a picture of you that im holding up that was in the daily wire. What I see in this picture, if we can pan and close, if can I saw a fellow father with a son or on the same age as my son and about the same age as my daughter and then I read the article and a read what you said. You actually said: youre, not sleeping you can see. My eyes have been crying im, trying not to cry on tv and then you went on and you explain how you could not understand how they allow this lawlessness to go on now, youre, taking it to an entirely new level. Nobody had the decency to call you. I assume that you heard the mayor calling this the summer of love and the media reporting it
as a festive zone. One big block party to this day. They still havent called me right now, ive been on tv, they still have them call me. Nobody has called me they havent reached out to be like my condolences, nothing I dont understand. I never understood. All I know is now they are acting now. This is today, three weeks later, if I wouldve never even came on tv, it would still be going on right now. Let me just say Hannity. I dont want to make this no kind of political statement. You can say anything you want, Sir Sir, you can say anything you want on my show. You can criticize me. I dont care. I want this to stop. I dont need to criticize you. He was very gracious, very gracious in offering your condolences when nobody else has you offered yours its, not a political statement. You compared his situation to your own with your daughter, thats big.
It means something, and I appreciate you for that, for what I dont want to do is get into. Who is this and who was at fault? We dont really know chop. I believe shouldve been dismantled at least a week before when the first violence happened. We shouldve looked at it a little differently and that wasnt done, because I understand navigating in a time in our country that, for the George Floyd situation, people were a little bit hesitant on how to act and not to be the ones to feel like they are trying to put down young peoples voices. I understand I want to let you know personally beyond the politics that I appreciate how you reached out to Horace, and you said how you understood his condition. I think thats real big of you, thats, probably the only thing ive heard from anybody. I havent heard that from
anybody else, thats heartbreaking. We are on tv and ive never been on tv, so I dont know how to be on tv, but my son was a child with special needs. He was born at twenty five weeks, so they compare him. They try to put him. He was a child. He had developmental delays. You know what im saying easily manipulated. You could tell him something come on. He is that type of child very influenced by others, easily influenced you know what im saying come easily. He was sitting on my couch. I went to bed, I seen my son when I left. I seen him. I came home and I seen him and I said I love you, man im going to sleep. Everything else just seems like like a blur limestone knob. I have to bury my son tomorrow, my son tomorrow
theres a lot going on my whole life, its incredible to this day I spent almost two weeks I havent heard from nobody hasnt. Nobody called nobody called me or tried to find me his I dot d is my I dot d and his number is my number so its easy to come for the detectives to say. Excuse me, let me tell you what happened about your son. I dont know nothing. I had to find my son, they wouldnt. Even let me see my son. It took me a whole week before I could see my son. Mr Anderson, hang on Mr Anderson. You werent allowed to see your son for a week. Please. I went to the hospital and they said that we couldnt see him. They said we couldnt see him when I would go there, im going
there and im. Looking for a detective. Somebody tell me something when I get there theres nobody, the hospital is blank, its silence im going whats going on, so I go ask the lady and she tells me hold on so I wait. I couldnt go in im waiting for a long time and then I finally she tells me to come in and then the doctor tells me he tells me my son is deceased im like can I see him? Is it my son youve got to realize that this time im going isnt really my son, you know I want to know. Is it my son? This could be somebody elses child in my head im going hes mine, because everybody is saying this, but in my heart im going I just need. I need to see him. I need to see him one time just so I can see him. I couldnt seem that day. That was Saturday. It took all the way until Thursday.
I just seen him just last week, just Thursday, whatever they did to him, making it presentable whatever it was. I got to finally see him and then in my heart I knew it was my son. This is my son because I wouldnt want nobody, elses son there, its incredible the kids that pass whatever what happened the other day. This is incredible. These are kids. I am fifty years old. These are kids, they should have been stopping this a long time ago. Excuse me they are getting to a point. You know where know where im so sorry im. So sorry, Mr Anderson,
I can only say this as a dad. You want to break Sean Hannity im, a pretty tough guy that will break me. Somebody needs to come talk to me and somebody needs to come. Tell me something because I still dont know nothing, and somebody needs to come to my house and knock on my door and tell me something I dont know nothing. All I know is that my son got killed out there a 19 year old, thatS, Horace, Lorenzo Anderson, my son, and I love him. That was my son, everybody. I can tell you, Sir and Andre. I didnt want to cut you off earlier on the show we have done something we have every weekend, hundreds of kids shot people shot in Chicago killed. Every weekend we get a death toll,
nobody knows their names. These are american, kids, grandfathers, grandmothers, moms and dads. We are the United States of America. We can fix this. We dont fix this. You do it by right, policing, training, police, nonlethal weapons. You do with the police presence, not demonizing. Everyone agreed what happened to George Floyd cant ever happen again. It was not a political issue. How do we? How do we function as a society? If we dont protect our children? I feel for his family too. No disrespect. Of course you do its personal, my son, somebody shouldve helped my son. He did help he needed paramedics. He needed the police to come. Somebody was supposed to go in there and help my son. Can I play you something, sir? They shouldve came there and helped my son. Even after that. Still let me know
I should know. I shouldnt know from some little kids im fifty years old, the police somebody shouldve knocked on my door and said man. We need to sit down and talk to you, but you know whats going on. I still dont know whats going on im. Hearing from you to I dont know nothing. All I know is my son is dead. I dont know nothing im still trying to figure out answers, so I can sleep. I dont sleep, my kids dont sleep. I cant even stay at home. My kids, they feel like they are unsafe at home, ive been buying hotel rooms and I dont have that type of money. I wasnt prepared for this. You know what im saying I am blessed that my son, my auntie, she blessed me his mom. We all came together and we got to bury him other than that. I dont have answers. You know what im saying
this is my son. Somebody needs to come talk to me. I understand black lives matter, thats, not what was going on here. He is somebody he is somebody im his dad. I need answers and I demanded I refuse. I will not lay down, I am hurt, but I am trying I am trying trying to pull myself together and I apologize for crying. You know I dont know I am trying to pull myself together. Tv is not my thing, sir. You have nothing. Somebody needs to answer to this somebody. Yes, Sir Andre Mr Taylor, you wanted to say I was asking: did you say something? He said he wanted to play something.
First of all, all of the violence in all of these cities. I have been scrolling names that people dont hear of in Chicago four thousand, two thousand and nine to twenty. Sixteen four thousand, almost four thousand dead, thousands and thousands more shot. They are statistics. I scroll the names, sometimes im doing it right now, and I watch this video, Mr Anderson, the night that your son was shot. I cant believe they didnt tell you. I cant believe Nobodys called you. I am stunned by it. You have a funeral tomorrow for your son. Yes, the funeral is tomorrow. If I can do anything for you and your family, I will do whatever you need. I will donate whatever amount of money you need for all of this,
its outrageous to me. I will gladly I appreciate all the donations, but my thing it isnt about the money. You lost your son, I wake up in the morning. They look for my son in the morning. Hes. Not there are no more. You know im saying its like: I go in there im kissing a picture hes not there. I understand it aint, even about the money its like somebody, somebody something needs to happen. Lets change something. Let me play the tape dont wait until tomorrow or the next day. This is the night that your son was shot. The police had to beg the paramedics had to beg somebody shot. Somebody has a heart attack or stroke seconds matter to save lives. They had to actually bag to get into the summer of love zone that the mayor out there because
it to offer and provide assistance. I want your reaction to this. Please move out of the way so we can get to the victim while we are trying to do, is get to the victim and provide them aid. Please allow us to get by into the area to provide aid. They had to beg to go in as police and medics to offer aid to somebody who is shot turns out in the end to be your child. By the way you never have to apologize, every single parent watching the show right now I promise you they identify. I dont know the pain, but I know if you want to break need, you hurt your kids, you have nothing to apologize, for. Let me say this Sean. Let me just say this. Let me just say this that video you played is very ive, never seen it
me. Neither the fact that you are hearing officers bleeding with people at the chop area, which is why Horace spoke to that the first time he did any media at all said that his beliefs were as mine were, that place needed to come to an end chop had an incredible opportunity to do something really great and and to see how ended with violence. Two people being killed a 16 year old, a 14 year old, the 14 year old, fighting for his life right now, thats the saddest story of all of what happened with chop im, hoping that we all can learn from what has happened here. I think our country still has an incredible opportunity to do something: real real big at this time with policing with bringing all of our people together, as we have done in Washington, state and the first, and only stayed with the police accountability. We have an incredible
opportunity to unify in some capacity. Lets hope that George Floyds death will be the unifying factor thats. What im hoping for for all Americans across the board, whether we be Republicans and Democrats im not really concerned about that im, really addressing the american Spirit, things that we have overcome as a country before and things that we will likely overcome. As long as we have some unification again, I do believe we are the greatest country that has ever existed, and I would like to make sure that we are continuing to show that by the work and not by our words. Both of you are saying its beyond powerful. I happen to be a Christian. I could be a better christian. I know all my faults and failures in life. Christians can say they want to be forgiven, its a misnomer among people, but if you believe it- and you believe we are all children of
god- and I believe that too- and yet we are on a very fundamental level if we dont create safety and security and we dont give kids a proper education, we spend more. The third highest per capita spending city in America is Baltimore for kids in school. They have thirteen high schools and not one kid, not one is proficient in math and then I look at the violence every weekend in Chicago and then I look at whats happening in New York City tonight as we speak, and then I look at what happened to your precious son, Mr Anderson and im. Listening to what Andre is saying. Mr Taylor is saying very closely: we can we can protect people. New York City showed us how to go from two thousand five hundred murders a year to five hundred thats. Five hundred to many, but there are things that we can do to make this a safer country. I dont think all cops are bad, actually believe. Ninety nine percent are good
and you get the one bad cop ive got a friend thats a police officer. One of my friends is a police officer here right in Seattle. He works for the Seattle Police Department. He is a good friend of mine. He played basketball with me and everything. He knows me when he sees my face hes going to recognize me when I see them. I know hes doing his job. This doesnt have to do with just specifics. It has to do with my son needed help. I dont feel like they helped my son didnt. Nobody help my son, nobody still they havent reached out. I feel like. Without this, he would be nobody. It doesnt matter just another guy, another child swept up under a rug and thats it and forgotten about Sean. Can I say something- and I know this is your show, but I recognize something that maybe I havent given you credit for before
I dont like politics, whether its Democrats or Republicans, I have seen you before youre very popular figure. I have seen that ive seen you on your show, take command of your own show when you have a right to do that, but to be as gracious since you have been today, makes me feel, like you are being a better christian. It makes me feel like it gives me different type of hope, just to really showcase whats inside of you. What I want to believe is inside of you again. I dont want to just say things just to be saying it, but I also want to give credit where credit is due. No matter on what side I just wanted to thank you for that. I dont ever want to have to interview another, Mr Mr Anderson or you again on this issue. This is not politics to me. Forget
lets, look at the fundamentals, putting Rampd liberal conservative aside. How about we protect Americas treasure, Horace, Lorenzo Anderson Jr is: was nineteen years old, hes Americas treasure we didnt protect him, we didnt even offer him aid, and then you have the double whammy. Nobody even called you. I am stunned. There is no future without the kids without kids, there is no future future youre right. Somebodys kids did this to my son. I still look in the camera and I wouldnt wish this on you. Nobody, elses, kids. This is incredible. I am being a Christian now and my heart thats. What im trying to be? I have been more christian in my heart. Lord bless me, so I can be strong with my family, my kids,
whoever is looking in this camera. They see me and they see my face. If your kid is involved, you figure it out. Take him in you. Do that thats in gods, hands everything is in gods, hands and God is going to take care of it. God is going to take care of me hes, going to take care of my son and Everythings been good. I just want to just be lay my son to rest and give me some rest and lay down and just be like just try to figure everything out. Maybe it will happen later on. Maybe I will get answers later on right now, all my questions, no answers thats, where im at right now, you said something tonight as a dad. Again I take really it hit me deeply. You kiss a picture. You dont get to hug your son. Ever again, you dont get to hold him and
tell them you love him. Ever again I mean I dont know how I dont have advice for anybody to get over that. I guess my question. We havent asked to talk to him again. I cant talk to him. I cant just tell them. I love him. One thing about me: I raised all my kids in one household, all of my kids. I have the privilege to raise all my kids, the rest of my kids. They still stay with me. I got a chance to raise them. God gave my son to me at two years old and ive been raising him since two years old. The best I can you know, kids, they do what they do. My thing was, all I can do is teach you how to live. I couldnt teach them how to dive, because I aint never died before. I dont know how to teach my kids how to die.
I teach them how to live so when you say that and respect that, because when I wake up in the morning im trying to walk in the room- and I want to see him all ive got- is a picture now and im going. I love you and im hoping ive never been dead before I cant tell you, you know hes dead and he can hear you and we say this and we believe in things because thats what we are supposed to believe in God and we believe in everything but ive never been dead. I hoping he hears me even before he passed away. One thing I would always tell everybody come. I would tell my kids every day I love you, I would kiss them, they are old, they would say dad they would get mad. Dad would kiss them dad quit kissing it. Dont matter, I love you, that is my love. ThatS shared its one thing that I can say he knows that I loved him. You know im saying because I always hes got a sister. Hes got family behind him. That really loves him.
They really loved him. He was the blessing. It was incredible. He was an incredible blessing, everybody loved him. That was my son. I cant tell him no more, but he did get to hear me now. I love you son with all my heart I talked to in the morning and I would say man. I wish you wouldve stayed home that night, you rewind stuff, you cant rewind. This is something that I never thought I seen George Floyd and I seen needs other kids and I said its terrible its terrible. Even what happened just recently its terrible. You look at something. You never think it would be you one day, the cameras looking at you and the cameras. Looking at me, its like unbelievable. This is me I tell my kids, I love them. I raise them right. Hes been playing football since hes six years old,
I coached football. He turned my life around. I cook home, cooked meals for my kids, every night ive been knowing him since we were younger, we aint saints. I come from a checkered past. He comes from a checkered past, but we changed our lives for the good. For my son, for all, my kids changed our lives and to encourage other youngsters that we mightve been in the same situation that you dont have to be defined by your mistakes and your past I mentor other kids ive been a mentor at other schools. I coached football for eight years. I work with the community within my community. I dont go to too many communities because I dont go that far, but I would work with the kids. They know who I am this hit kind of hard. What about me, like everybody, forgets about you.
Life is incredible Hannity. What do you think? What are your last thoughts? Hannity, Mr Taylor, I just heard Mr Anderson describe what I think is the most. None of us are perfect. We are all sinners, weve all sinned and fallen short. I believe that im guilty when I hear when you talked about Mr Anderson, that you hug and you kiss your older children and you coached your son and you brought them up right, youre, not perfect, but you did everything you could come and you hug them and you kiss them and you let them know you love them every day. I hope that my kids feel the way I feel about you. As a father. You sound like an amazing amazing father to me, and that just makes this that much harder
you cant kiss a picture youre right what you said it hurts the worst part is, and I do believe in an afterlife. I really do but the time between now and then you wont, see your son. This doesnt have to happen. We can do better than this. I know some people would turn this into a gun to Bay Door. No, just simply, every city needs to create a zone, call it a safe and secure zone, so every child can have a childhood and have coaching and parents that hug them and love them and dont have to worry about drive by shootings and worry about gangs and worry about drug dealers and worry about all these other things that we should all. As Americans agree on, and I think, with the amount of money we spend on education more than any other country in the industrialized world, we can create a ladder, so every child
can pursue happiness. The latin phrase for education to bring forth from within that means, God put it there and we have to bring it out of every son and daughter we have, and these are our treasures, Americas treasures you were describing, I think, the perfect parent that loves to kiss and love of his children and be there for his children. Thats. What I hear honestly, I tip my hat to you, the fact that you can share all of that. It is beyond powerful to me youre right, Mr Taylor. I talk a lot about politics. I believe it with all my heart, but if our politicians cant agree on one thing and cant fix one thing and that his safety and security they have failed in their job. I dont care what party here in,
if you dont support safety and security and a good education for our children get a hold of the way, because America can do better than that. Let me add one to that. Let me add one to that: safety, security and accountability amen. All those run hand in hand. We cant have one without the other and family. If you dont have family, you have nothing its all based on family. My whole life is based on im fifty years old. So my whole thing is my kids family. I want to do family things, so, in the end, when its all said its family, you know what im saying it doesnt come with politics. It dont come with nothing. You know what im saying its real its family thats it. When you say family, then thats it thats, my family, that is my son
im going to love him forever were going to love him forever. We cant talk to him, but I still talk to him. I do my own talking. We have our own conversation, always thats in my heart. They want the world to know that that was my son and I understand Floyd and everything im with black lives matter. All of that thats cool. I appreciate that, but its just certain things that should matter outside of that. You have to put a stamp on it and say: hey certain things. These are children. These are children of God. These are babies, amen, youre, taking away generations youre, taking away our youth. You are taken away. My son never had a chance to have another child. My grandbaby would never be im supposed to be fruitful and multiply and make my family. So we multiply and we have family thats a generation taken from me.
My son is not able to do that. You know what im saying man, kids. I look at the kids, I say this and I tell you right now: listen to your parents. Listen to your dad. I know you get mad. Sometimes youd be like dad. Dad youd be rebellious. He would be like no stop. They tell you this because they love you. They love you, your friends. If they loved you, they would tell you something your friends dont agree with you all the time. A good friend never agrees with you because he knows you are wrong now, if youre wrong, im wrong as kids. I understand kids, you be like this, your parents. They are the number one thing in your life. Never ever ever go around that talk to your parents. First, your mom and dad knows everything perform anything if you feel like mom aint
right go to dad somebody, its your parents, its their responsibility, to show you as a parent. How to be so. You can grow up and live. You know im saying other than that, its impossible to live. If you dont have family, you need family Hannity. Thank you for having us on your show. You were gracious to us. You were kind appreciate you. I will just say I know I speak for, I would say the overwhelming ninety nine percent of american people in this we cant bring back your son. I have been doing radio thirty one years tv twenty five years. I think that the message that both of you conveyed tonight, probably more powerful than every show ive done. I hope that so called leaders and elected officials listen because every moment dad hears you. I hear you youre in my prayers.
If I can ever do anything, I want to stay in touch with you and continue this discussion off air. Thank you for sharing your time. We pray for you and your family, so sad about your loss. Thank you so much both of you for being with us for all this.
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