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Flashback: Media mob's unrelenting attacks on President Trump

2020-12-30 | 🔗
Tammy Bruce highlights media bias, contempt for Trump through his presidency
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Happy new year to you and yours, I appreciate it welcome to the special edition of Hannity. I am Kimi Bruce in for Sean Perry tonight, two thousand and twenty is almost in the books. Cnn history on a White House correspondent as very special new years resolution. To the surprise of no one Acosta is bowing to take it easy on Joe Biden during an interview with the Atlantic. He compared the Trump White House to a nonstop national emergency that required a defiant response. He continued being at the White House is not an experience that might merit hazard pay, then perhaps it is going to be approached differently. In other words, Acosta will be rolling out the red carpet for Joe Biden. There will be no Russia, hoax or impeachment hysteria or combative moments like this watch to get the presidents tone towards the press isnt helpful
at Times Jim. Let me ask you a question: Jim. Do you believe Jim Jim Jim? I appreciate your speech. I think we saw the president s true colors today and im not sure they were red, white and blue Acosta is just one small part of a biased, mainstream media mob. That has really almost no one trust them, of course, and for good reason. What we witnessed over the last four years has been an absolute disgrace. Here are just a few examples per take. A look. Is this president, trying to impersonate Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Putin, he said today. America first rate is not just a racial. He is not of sound mind. That is somebody that clinically you look at and say there is something wrong there. He needs to be hospital, aided
in hospitalized for it we can say his words. Have absolutely emboldened white supremacist hes, given oxygen to racist, hes, clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. His minds dark. This is somebody in deep psychological distress right now and thinking V Dell, Castro Julius Caesar. That was not an american president, giving an acceptance speech tonight. As we speak, the same people you just saw are now switching gears. Instead of attacking and investigating and probing the media is now attempting to shield Joe Biden from any and all negative attention. Perry. For example, he wont likely hear any coverage of his near constant confusion. Like yesterday, when Joe called his running mate, Kamala Harris the President Elect watch the Spirit. The president will clearly hurt all Americans to take the
vaccine once its available. I took it to a vote of public confidence in the president. Elect Harris took hers today for the same reason for it, while he Joe is measuring the drapes for his President Elect Kamala Harris the fight for integrity does continue. The term campaign is asking the: U Dot S Supreme Court, to weigh in on the election a case out of Wisconsin. In this case, lawyers for the President say the state counted absentee votes. They did not follow the states own rules in that there are enough examples to make Trump the winner of the badger stage and on Capitol Hill Missouri Senator Josh Holly plans to object to the electoral college of result siding major irregularities in multiple states. According to Gallup President Trump, not Joe Biden has been picked as the Countrys most admired man, as I pointed out in my article in the Washington Times, hes, not just admired but appreciated. Whatever happens come January, Donald Trump will maintain power.
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