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Four major therapeutic innovations helping fight against COVID-19

2020-10-05 | 🔗
'The Dr. Oz Show' host Dr. Mehmet Oz joins 'Hannity' to discuss how COVID-19 acts in a patient's body
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As we continue as we continue, President Trump made a triumphant return to the White House today, where his doctors that he can get all the treatment he needs for his covid 19 diagnosis, including his fifth and final treatment of remdesevir here, to explain the presidents course of treatment hes the host of the hit show just starting his new season. Dr Oz is with us Regeneron Remdesevir steroidal inhalers. Dare I even say the word words Hydroxychloroquine with zinc. I guess the jury is still out in some peoples minds. They seem to be the four major therapeutic breakthroughs. Your thoughts on what the president has done, especially with regeneron and Remdesevir ive, got the chief scientific officer of regeneron on the show tomorrow he is a Columbia alum. We were talking about this 30 year, history, its not an overnight success. Theyve been working on this technology,
basically its a antibody cocktail. I made an animation that I think can explain: regeneron also remdesevir and dexamethasone there. You are those virus particles thats. What the CDC says can be aerosolized there. It is getting into the presidents nose. It happened about a week ago, through his trachea and lungs, the virus particles try to attack ourselves. Regeneron blocks the particles from latching onto those receptors, the antibodies getting the bodys immune system a chance to recover. Survivors, replicates and remdesivir prevents that from happening Heres. The big breakthrough idea dexamethasone your immune system. They cause havoc, but they overreact. Sometimes the purple alveoli. They look like grapes. You want to stop that reaction. Steroids prevent what you are witnessing filling up the lungs with fluid
the combination of preventing the virus particles from getting the Bobby and then preventing them from reproducing when they are in the body with the different drug, providing an overreaction of the body thats. What the doctors used at Walter Reed does the CDC classification of it being airborne impact the debate, my question to any doctor: what would you do whatever you do is what I believe is probably the best course. The CDC announcement today that the virus is spread not just on droplets of saliva, but aerosolized means it can spread a lot further, especially in a nonventilated room thats. Why, especially indoors, I always wear a mask. I would encourage that to anybody social distancing, of course, being the best you can do that much more readily outdoors, but as the weather cools, we are going to have to get comfortable with masks everywhere. We go. We spent much time indoors in terms of treatment,
dexamethasone for sure. Remdesevir has good data. Emergency use. Authorization of the Fdi ive got to hand it to the physicians. Regeneron is a novel idea, its been used in other illnesses. They have medication coming up for Ebola, for example its a wise move, because it is analogous to convalescent plasma which we have talked about on the show its an old idea. Take the plasma people survived the virus, whatever got them to survive it. It might be beneficial to you too, and injected into the patient. The scientists brilliantly have looked at exactly which parts of the plasma work they perfected. What to pull out of it and thats with this drug represents. I have encouraging thoughts about it going forward. The FDA has to do its homework to make sure its safe and effective enough for most patients phase. Two human trial showed us that they have found the optimal dose of the vaccine. Some of these phase three trials began in late July, so the fact that they are ongoing tells me they have the optimal dose. Nobody is dying,
antibodies like in phase two are being created, and people with minimal side effects that all has to be a good sign. Am I missing anything? There is a data safety monitoring board that would shut trials down if they have a lot of side effects. We are waiting for enough information about efficacy. You can only find out if the vaccine works, if you have enough illness around, but you can prevent the last members of these. Thirty thousand people should be enrolling this week next week. Youve got to wait about a month month and I have to make sure you have enough data to ensure its safe. Most complications will happen early and to make sure its working to reduce the chance of infection. As soon as that happens, there will be a russian to getting medications out to first responders doctors and nurses, also the most vulnerable members of population. Once you protect those groups, it.
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