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Gaetz: Left using 'national security authorities' to target Trump backers

2021-01-15 | 🔗
House Judiciary Committee member and Dan Bongino discuss the censorship of conservatives on 'Hannity'
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Part of our society by the way, sadly, I predicted its only going to get worse here with more Fox NEWS, contributor Dan Bongino, Matt Gaetz Good, to see you both Congressman Gaetz. I understand MR firebrand your best selling book. They are targeting you there targeting Dan Bongino hes, a tiny owner of parler. He invested in it because he believes in free speech. I know what he did it. I would be a risky investment for anybody. He wants it to succeed and I support him in that effort it now they want to go after you, too. You are absolutely right. We should take note of the language. The left is using chemical warfare- insurrection, domestic terrorism thats not by accident. If there are exquisite authorities, international laws that allow our government to do things to terrorists that we wouldd never allow against our own people in the incoming Biden in to
administration, they want to use those authorities against maggot if they are targeting Paul Gosar. It Andy Bigs, Madison, Cawthorn and myself, because we had the nerve to actually stand and point out the need for election integrity, and we also pointed out their hypocrisy for all of the criticism. They have leveled against it, Donald Trump. They were the cheerleaders fund, raisers and apologists for the people who burned our cities, attacked our police and were on offense against the very notion of America for months the summer they dont want to account for that Joe Biden doesnt want to answer for it, theyre going to go after the president and his allies, and they are going to use national security authorities that you should never use against our fellow Americans Dan Bongino its not
enough. We saw the video of Mr Jack Dorsey, the twitter guy, its not enough that he is silencing the president and shadow banning and all these other practices to shut you and parlor to shut you and parlor down, because you are providing competition. He wants to be a liberal radical, do whatever he wants, but you shouldnt have section 230 protection pad hes, going to align with these powerful companies, not only to withhold information about Hunter Bidens laptop. Now they want to shut you down, I mean they want to shut us all down. We all have to be canceled will wipe us clean. I want to be crystal clear as an investor in parler I havent had a good nights sleep in weeks, maybe one day I got six hours or so im on the phone with lawyers and people of parler all the time
he had the scenes its ten times worse than you. Even how can it be worse? You are being attacked by Apple Amazon and Google. Three dollars trillion companies its worse. I dont think you understand not you specifically, but really how malicious and evil the left is. They want us wiped from the face of of their attitude. Is this at the beatings will continue until morale improves go on twitter? We will harass you on Twitter. We will ban you from writing ads on Twitter. Like I was, we will shadow banning your accounts. We will ban the President of the United States. We will start a competitor. No, we will wipe that clean too, where in history, liberals never read history, but where in history has ever trying to push the beach ball under the water and silence free speech from people ever work? One more point on this: let me ask you a
question im on parler, I dont even know my password. I have no control over that. I dont even have an email im off the grid on parlor youre, an investor. I will gladly donate to a defense fund in the name of free speech. I will gladly help you. I want nothing in return on Twitter. They kicked the out of all three of us. It never would dawn on me to ever say ban that person. Now I assume on parlor. They. Probably there are people who beat the out of you. Is that true or false im, probably the most parodied account on parler and I own a portion of the country. I told you Dan Bonginos Hairline, we dont kick them off. As a matter of fact, we did this bounty thing in the beginning, where we offered ten thousand dollars to prominent liberals with the following to come over.
In other words, our commitment to free speech is for them. I never recall you ever ive known you a long time ever saying that twitter should be deep platform to. We believe in this crazy idea. Like free speech and open dialogue, liberals dont feel the same way. The one I remember you told me: what do you do when someone is racist or anti semitic? You have standards, you may not get it the second its put up, but you have people monitoring it right. We are not a surveillance platform because we are not a publisher, the New York Times. They read it, they censor it. We are a platform. It takes time once we report it, you would never take down a New York Times. Article, even if you thought it was big news, a lot of people want to silence a guy on here, Matt Gaetz. He gave a speech the other day
and I thought heads were going to explode if they didnt. Like your speech, I liked it. I thought it was powerful. I appreciate that Dan and you are fellow conservatives. We take a high view of the american people. We think we are actually resilient and capable enough to confront ideas or speech that might not be comfortable, but that we can resolve through research and critical thinking the left take such a low view of all of us. They think they have to control what we see and what we hear so that they can manage how we behave its like the Woke Tobia is no fun for intellectual. I think this country is great because we believe in our people and our ability to decipher from what we can incorporate to the value system of the greatest country on earth, silencing and cancel culture is the left in America. Conservatives are the champions.
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