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George Floyd's brother addresses the Democratic National Convention

2020-08-17 | 🔗
Moment of silence held for George Floyd at DNC.
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There will be a moment of silence. We will honor that that cant happen again, speak all ages, all genders all backgrounds peacefully protesting in the name of love and unity. George should be alive. Today, Breanna Taylor should be alive today, Aubrey should be alive today, Eric Garner should be alive today, Stephan Clark, Tatyana Jefferson. They should all be alive today. So its up to us to carry on the fight for justice. Our actions will be there legacies. We will always find ourselves in what John Lewis called good trouble. The names we do not know the faces. We will never see those who cant mourn because their mom murdered and it go viral. Please join me in a moment of
silence for the souls we lost to hate and injustice when this moment ends lets make sure we never stop saying make sure we never stop saying their names.
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