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Georgia GOP officials refuse to call for ballot signature audit

2020-12-04 | 🔗
Sean Hannity says Gov. Brian Kemp taking correct 'baby steps' while rest of administration does nothing
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Welcome to Hannity this busy news breaking Friday. We continue to track multiple, serious and credible allegations of election irregularities, ballot improprieties even outright illegal voting. Coming up. We will bring you the latest allegations. Mayor Giuliani will be here. We have more whistle blowers being literally ignored by the mob, the media they will join us. Also. I will issue a dire warning about the Democrats, threats for and more analyst investigation of the President and his family, never ending harassment, but for us tonight, like ive, been saying here on the program, we will continue to follow facts. We forge our own path where independent as weve always been. We will continue to that. Every Anan all allegations to bring YO the truth and do the job that
the mod in the media and big tech will never do. We will never censor that evidence. We wont hide the story and not listen to real witnesses. We will expose whats now a growing pile of affidavits, real eyewitnesses evidence, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them now, along with surveillance, videos in two states, all this now casted. What is real, significant doubts on the integrity of the twenty twenty election brave Americans now coming forward publicly many of them, as you know, under the penalty of perjury, they deserve to be heard of. If I think we should call the patriotic end brave, we should believe what happened to them tonight. We start in the great state of Georgia, where the purest Governor Bryan Camp may have finally taken the baby step in the right direction, while he still has steadfastly refused to still has steadfastly refused to
Cali Legislature of session, two do the right thing and do a full signature. Audit, heres, what the governor of Georgia told Laura Ingraham last night, take a look your not calling early on for a signature on it. Obviously, secretary of state for the law in the constitution would have to order that hes not done that. It should be done. I think, especially with what we saw today. It raises more questions and there needs to be transparency on that. I would again call for that and I think in the next twenty four hours, we will hopefully see a lot more from the hearings in the legislature had today and we will be able to look and see what the next steps are, despite all the evidence of really serious flaws in the entire signature matching process and suspicious surveillance videos on election night by the way, Governor Cali Legislature in the special
session fix it before January, fifth, Georgia, secretary of State, still recertifying the election results, despite all of these serious unanswered questions about what happened in Fulton County. Despite two separate signature verification systems, it gets worse because George, because Georges election Implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling dismissing the new explosive new video evidence, trying to claim that there was nothing audit all now, but the video we showed you last night showing that shortly after observers and about one hundred of them all said they were asked to leave the room on election night in Fulton County, several large mysterious suitcases believed to be filled with ballots. We are told by people they were filled with ballots rolled out from under a table in the state farm arena. At the same election official claims that poll workers were not sent home at all.
That directly contradicts the affidavits under the penalty of perjury and video evidence and reports from election night itself. If, for example, look at the tweet from ABC News on election night reading, the election department said the ballot counters at the state farm arena in Atlanta home at 1030 p, dot m. In response, the chairman of the Republican Party, tweeted out the crack team of are visibly a left back investigating if the election is in dispute. If the election is in dispute, hes right its not in dispute, do you trust your Secretary of state? I dont wheres the sense of fairness and urgency, the rule of law? Where are they actions restore election integrity where the actions to have one signature, verification system in the state not to go
one easy one for mailing ballots, one stringent one for a day of voting, keep in mind less than fifteen thousand votes separate president Trump and Joe Biden in Georgia. Look at this new poll from the Trafalgar Group, Robert cut Haley in the program finding majority of the elections were compromised enough to change the outcome. Not just Georgia is, you know, look out Nevada Marge and his razor thin. The Nevada judge denying the campaigns request a block certification in the campaign he vowing to legal remedies. We will have an exclusive reaction tonight from the lead attorney in Nevada straight ahead. Look at your screen. The campaign admitted twenty binders with eight thousand pages of evidence in just just in Nevada alone. Thats, one hundred and thirty illegal ballots that they are saying was caused. They are saying, was caused
a potentially twenty three thousand, that mailed out of state and ballots cast from nonexistent or commercial addresses. If one thousand five hundred votes from people who we dead, Hereshe Trump lawyer come on dressy yesterday, explaining just whats at stake here. Just whats at stake here. Take a look every one of these instances that weve identified has resulted in disenfranchisement. What we can do is turn a blind eye if we to keep being the Beacon o representative democracy in the world. We just cant turn a blind eye to it. Thats, not what we do in America, we make it right were asking the court to make it right
in the way to do that is to make sure they dont represent all week on the show. So many in the mob in the media, most of the mob in the media, ignoring and bringing in the evidence first hand, accounts from real whistle blowers all over the country telling their stories of suspicious activity that they witnessed. Heres, just a small sample, take a look. I have never seen such poor handling of not only the machinery but the chain of custody. From the very beginning, I voted in person. Everything was fine after that, the next day my mom called the voter center and told somebody voted absentee in my name on October. Seventh, there was a double counting on the jambs. Ive saw it several times.
They picked up ballots that were just scanned and just rescan them again something profoundly wrong occurred in Wisconsin. During the presidential election, the american people have the right to know about it. Weve interviewed most of those people on the show truck driver, hundreds of thousands of ballots drove from Long Island into Pennsylvania, the last guy you saw yeah hes, a postal service contractor and they are being told to back postmark lie on the postmark November, fourth and Sates November. Third, why you make it illegal ballots tonight, bringing you more stories from very brave, whistle blowers, like Susie a longtime poll worker who said she observed a box of eight hundred ballots in the Georgia audits that were in pristine condition, calling them starkly different than the rest, another election worker, Dana Smith. She is telling the
Georgia legislator that the voting machines were stored in a way, thats inconsistent with election law, and she will be here to explain in just moments with Democrats and their allies the media mob. They dont want to hear about any of this. They want to believe that there are lines that every one of the people with the penalty of perjury are lying and theres, no evidence whatsoever illegal election activity and instead they want to focus more on endless investigations, more smears and the president and his family take a look today for the president tweeting the only thing more rig than the twenty twenty presidential election is the fake news suppressed media. If no matter how big or important the story it slightly positive for us or negative for them, it will never be reported. The mod has been caught again tonight, pushing yet another anti trump hoax, this time about Ivanka Trump, who was this week abusively deposed in a
lawsuit filed by the District of Columbia against the Trump Inaugural Comm that suit alleging that the inaugural committee spent one dollar million to rent than space at the Trump Hotel, and the deal was way before he considered running for president, which they claim was above the market rate, guess what Ivanka Trump released an email from December of twenty? Sixteen she sent explicit instructions to the hotel to charge a fair market rate. Thats called exculpatory evidence they had the email on the record before she was harassed for five hours in the democratic processors still brought her in and did it anyway. The far left lawyers Andrew Weissmann. He wants the witch hunt to never end spent three years doing this
look at the op and he wrote reads. I believe the next attorney general should investigate Mr Trump and warranted prosecute to him for potential federal crimes. He investigated hes talking about Russia and, of course, obstruction associated with the phony dossier. He spent three years and found nothing its psychotic insane madness.
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