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Geraldo Rivera slams Joe Biden's claim that Trump is first 'racist' president

2020-07-22 | 🔗
Fox News correspondent at large Geraldo Rivera says Joe Biden's charge is 'unhinged from reality.'
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To any of these questions, we are going to play his very latest struggles in a moment, not good joining us now, with Reaction Fox NEWS, contributor, Dan Bongino, Fox NEWS, correspondent, Geraldo, Rivera Civil Rights leader LEO Terrel LEO two LEO lets play a game here, except its not a game p because lives matter right, lets not play games. Donald Trump set record low after record low unemployment and the largest and most expensive of long term commitment to historically black colleges in America, Joe didnt hear that criminal justice reform Joe and brought did not do that Joe and brought did not do that. If Donald Trump said the things I just laid out, that Biden said how would African Americans and how would the media treat Donald Trump? They would simply annihilate him. Let me be very clear to every Democrat on the planet. Donnell Jay Trump has done more
for Black America. In three years, then the Obama, Slash Biden, administration and the reason im here right now. The reason im voting for Donald Trump is because Joe Biden went on national radio and said it. If you vote for Trump, you aint black pair, that is insulting, that is racist Biden is racist. What is amazing, you have another dinosaur, Jim Clyburn, who uses terms like Gestapo. He needs to retire. That is insulting to the people who suffer during the holocaust. So you have these old, outdated Democrats who are still trying to pander to blacks, blacks, reject this and with the crime going on in these democratic cities, it is insulting. Donald Trump is the only person who can resurrect these democratic cities and save them from lawlessness lets be very clear. Joe Biden is a racist, not Donald, Trump,
okay, Geraldo Rivera. I know how you feel about underprivileged in America, kids of all races. You have a heart of gold. One thing I will say about Geraldo Dan Bongino knows it LEO Nozick. I know it heart of gold. Donald Trump said those things Geraldo. How different would it be in the media today? Oh, please, they would blow him up. It would be impossible for him to continue it hes, not a racist, ive, known him. Forty five years. Having said that, I dont like that kung fu thing. I wish he would stop that. I think he has. I think there is some sloppy stuff in recent years that I dont like, but I know him I know ive been in and out of that Trump Tower fifty times it is as integrated as any building in this country. He gives opportunity on the basis of competence, not skin color and for Biden to say he is the first racist ever elected. That
shows how disconnected Joe Bidens Twelve United States presidents were. Slaveholders Joe should do a little research before he makes flamboyant charge like that, so unhinged from reality, so unhinged from reality, Nixon LG, Lg Lbj used what is ST racist. This man is a good hearted man and I really do believe that, in terms of the economic opportunity zones and the criminal justice reform, he really has done more than any recent president for integration and the advancement of everybody, regardless of their race, color religion. You know that Dan. This is what it comes down too slogan, stickers, symbolism. I will take the substance. I will take the jobs. I will take the opportunity zones. I will take the money for historically black colleges.
I will take the results over the red rake every two years, every four years, Dan Bongino, the racist, sexist. My whole list. You want a talker or you want a do. Were you want to guide that built up for a guy that talks about building stuff? You know Sean the greatest political scam in the last fifty years has been the media perpetrating the myth and falsehood that the Democratic Partydemocraticparty minority. This is ridiculous. You know how many people Op Ed columns, whispering in the presidents ear. Man leave Chicago alone, leave it alone. Let them suffer the ramifications of their own bad decision making with the leaders. You know how easy of a decision that would be, and he didnt I was proud of him today. He came in there and said no, not on my watch as I was preparing for the segment earlier Sean, not a joke. I wanted to follow up on a
3 year old girl shot in the face in Chicago, so I googled it its on my phone, its right there. It turns out you have to go through which 3 year old girl, because theres not just one Sean. If this was happening in store for we would have the embassy working twenty four hours a day, 3 year olds shot in the face. I not kidding Google 3 year old, shot in Chicago and you have to find the right one. Thank God, President Trump has the cojones to go in there and do the right thing and say no on my watch protecting federal buildings and one hundred federal officers unless the governors and mayors do their job or at least request the help needed the president cant take responsibility for their failures. Last word, one other comment. One other comment comment: the present wants to do more for people of Color Justice reform bill. Guess what to black Democrats Booker and
Hira stopped it. The Democrats are blocking justice in this country, so they dont want Trump to succeed. It is crazy. Last word: Quick, Geraldo Sean. I dont understand why there are more arrests and it is criminal. It is literally polonius assault. You shine a laser in the eyes of a cop and his eyes permanently damaged as a result, that is in the salt, felonious assault. These people should be arrested and may and Mayor Wheeler and those other local attacks be if a crime is committed in front of them, grab those people in charge them with arson charge them with whatever the crime is, they were being caught on tape.
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